Best Paint Sprayer Options for 2021 [Updated]

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We want to help you find the right paint sprayer that will capably handle all your projects. In pursuit of that goal, we scoured the internet in search for the best paint sprayers available and have taken a closer look at each and every one of them to give you detailed reviews that you can in turn use in your decision-making process.

At the end of this article, you should be able to easily identify which among the options is available is the best paint sprayer based on your needs and preferences.

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List of 10 Best Paint Sprayers For 2021 [Reviews] 

1. Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO2 HVLP Spray System Review

Some painting projects require precision. Projects like painting doors, cabinets or furniture requires specific attention. The Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP System offers you the ability to be specific and precise in your painting.

It has a fan control knob that allows adjusting to optimum paint dispersal patterns. This feature enhances the quality of your painting as you can adjust the shape from a small diameter to a desirable size. You can also regulate the concentration of the paint as you spray your surfaces.

This sprayer has a 1200W 2-stage bypass motor that supports thick liquids. You do not need to constantly thin your paint. The 2-stage motor allows for the use of high-viscosity paints such as latex paint.

Professional painters need tools they can easily transport without damaging. The Fuji 2202 has a steel casing that makes it same for transportation. Thus, you do not have to fret over damaging it during transportation.

The sprayer comes with a long hose that allows you freedom as you work on your project. You get to enjoy 25 feet of hose for easier movement without moving the sprayer itself. You can work on big projects, including exterior walls and fences due to the range it provides.

Although it has great features, the Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System has its drawbacks. First, it clogs often, meaning you will constantly have to disassemble it for cleaning. That may disrupt your project. The cleaning process is also not an easy task.

- It has a fully-adjustable pattern control knob for precision and specific needs
- It has a long hose that allows for easier movement during painting
- It has a steel protective case that makes it durable
- It has a non-bleed function that ensures even coating and finish

- It has frequent clogs
- It is difficult to clean
- It can be noisy when using
- It is expensive to acquire

2. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Magnum 262800 - Airless Paint Sprayer

We’re kicking things off with a heavy duty item in the form of Graco’s Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer. This sprayer packs plenty of power, although you can of course moderate how much of it is used depending on the project you are working on.

Once you get the hang of using this airless paint sprayer, you can expect to get your projects completed quickly. It’s remarkably easy to use. Simply aim and activate and you should see an even coating paint end up covering the item in front of you.

You are given a 75-foot paint hose together with this sprayer, so you don’t have to move it around a lot as you work throughout the day. Plus, even if something clogs up the sprayer, the RAC IV SwitchTip will ensure that your work will continue uninterrupted.

Though it’s advertised as an item that can be easily cleaned, you should expect that the clean-up process will take some time. It is also not the most intuitively designed piece of equipment, and you will have to pay close attention if you want to use it properly.

In terms of power and performance, you’ll be satisfied with this sprayer, though some design tweaks could have improved its usability significantly.

- It’s designed with durability in mind
- Included paint hose affords you great range of movement
- Specially designed tip prevents clogging issues
- Top-end power allows for quick completion of work
- Adjustable power means you will always be to use the appropriate amount for specific projects

- Suction tube is unable to completely drain the paint out of the container

3. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer Review

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 - HVLP Paint Sprayer

If you’re just going to apply new coats to pieces of furniture, you don’t need an industrial-grade sprayer to get the job done. An item like the Wagner Spraytech’s HVLP Paint Sprayer is more than capable of handling tasks like that.

This sprayer admittedly lacks the high-end power of the items reviewed above, but in exchange, you are given better precision. Overspraying is a common issue with items like these, but this Wagner Spraytech offering is designed in a way that the aforementioned problem is minimized.

If you find the item overspraying at first, take the time to adjust it and test it out. After a few tries, you should get the exact flow rate you need and overspray should be eliminated.

The hose is 20-feet-long, and it’s more than enough because, again, this sprayer is intended to be used mainly for smaller items.

You could try using this on larger projects by turning the flow rate up to as high as it can go, but even then, it just won’t work as quickly as other sprayers, and you may just end up spending more time painting than you expected.

As you long as you stick to using this HVLP sprayer for small projects, you should be fine.

- Works well to prevent overspray
- Three spray patterns are available for you to choose from
- The hose is long enough and won’t be an impediment while working
- Included air filters allow for a better finish
- It’s the kind of sprayer you can work with all day because of its lightweight design

- Lack of top-end power means this sprayer is unsuitable for larger applications

4. Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer Review

The Graco Magnum X7 sprayer is a quality sprayer fit for professionals. It is ideal for acrylics, stains and heavy latex. It can be used to spray a range of coatings. Technically, it uses technology to ensure quality painting. It has PushPrime, a unique technology for fast priming. It also has an adjustable pressure control to regulate the dispersion of paint.

Portability is not an issue as it has a foldable cart that makes it easy to transport and move about. It is also light in weight. It is therefore convenient for professionals that move from one job site to another.

Its hose is 25 feet long, allowing you to move about while the sprayer is at one point. The sprayer can also work with a 100 feet long hose. The Graco Magnum X7 runs on 120V. It is ideal for big projects since the length of the hose as well as the power of the motor provide the capacity for such projects.

The Magnum X7 is capable of handling low and high viscosity material. Its motor power allows it to handle both interior and exterior projects. It also has a stainless steel piston pump to ensure durability. It has a reverse feature on the tip to allow you clean up in case of a clog.

- It is light weight and has a cart, making it portable
- It is quicker to clean as it has fewer parts
- It can spray a wide range of coatings
- It can use both the 1 gallon and 5 gallons paint buckets

- It clogs when using thicker paint
- It can cause overspray if not handled well
- It cannot handle high-volume output

Note: Check out detail review of Graco Magnum X7 here. 

5. HomeRight Power Flo Airless Paint Sprayer Review

High-volume projects like walls, house exteriors and fences require equipment that can handle the high-volume work. The HomeRight Power Flo Pro Airless Paint Sprayer is ideal for such high-volume tasks. It allows you to spray a lot of paint quickly, making it easy and faster to cover big areas. The sprayer is able to spray a lot of paint quickly because it has a half horsepower motor that makes it efficient and effective.

The HomeRight Power Flo Airless Paint Sprayer also has a long hose that makes it easy to reach to different areas. Its hose is 25 feet long, giving it a great range. The length of the hose and its horsepower give this sprayer a great reach. You can easily paint a one-story house without any struggle. The sprayer also has an adjustable nozzle. That allows you to adjust where you need to be very precise with the painting.

While it clogs often, it has a system that makes this problem less of a bother. It has a reversible tip that helps unclog it. It is also easy to clean. To clean the sprayer, you need to run a cleaning solution through the system. That would get all the paint out.

The sprayer may sometimes experience leaks in the hose and even the gun. That can be a discouraging factor for most professional painters. However, it makes for a good paint sprayer.

- It has a 25-foot long hose that increases its range
- It has a reversible tip that helps solve the clogging problem
- It has an adjustable nozzle for precision in painting

- It clogs often
- It has a leaking problem in the hose and gun

6. Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer 

The Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 is ideal for thick material such as latex or acrylic as it has a large tip. It has a ProXChange Pump Replacement System that makes it easy for you to address repairs of change the pump without the need for other tools. It comes with either a portable cart or a compact stand.

Structurally, the sprayer has a piston made of quality material, enhancing its durability. It has a powerful motor that can support a 150 feet long hose. It also has a reverse tip that allows you to clean the nozzle in case of clogs as you paint. To unclog the nozzle, you need to rotate the cap 180 degrees and squeeze the trigger.

The Graco ProX19 paint sprayer is very portable. It comes with a cart that has wheels to allow for easy movement and transportation. It is also light, making it easy to transport. The sprayer has great performance and is ideal for professional painters and contractors.

Its performance rating is 0.38 gallons per minute. Due to its great efficiency, it is ideal for big projects such as interior walls, fences and exterior walls. The 7/8 horsepower motor and the hose range allow for big projects.

- It is portable, allowing easy transportation
- It does not need a lot of maintenance
- It is easy to clean and repair
- It has high performance
- It can handle different thicknesses of paint

- It can be loud when using
- It takes a lot of time to setup for the first time

7. REXBETI 700 High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun 

The REXBETI 700 watt high power sprayer has a quality design. With a relatively large container, the sprayer allows you to hold more paint. That reduces the number of times you have to refill the cup as you work, thus saving time.

Thus, it is ideal for big projects that require intensive output. The sprayer can be ideal for furniture, fences, crafts, and interior and exterior walls.

This sprayer allows you to spray in various widths, as it comes with four nozzles of different sizes. the spray pattern is also adjustable to fit your painting needs for jobs that need circular, vertical or horizontal patterns.

It also has an adjustable control to minimize blotches and overspray. The adjustable control also allows you to work on jobs that require finer detail.

Although it is best suited for latex paint, it can handle other different types of paint. The sprayer comes with cleaning equipment, making it easier for you to maintain it.

- It comes with four nozzles, allowing for paint pattern adjustments
- It is easy to maintain
- It is easy to assemble and disassemble
- Ideal for indoor and outdoor projects

- It may encounter nozzle leaks
- It is heavy, which may limit portability

8. Earlex HV5500 HVLP Paint Spray Station 

The Earlex HV5500 is a sprayer ideal for small-scale projects. You can use it for cars, furniture and cabinets. The sprayer is easy to use and clean. It has a HVLP turbine that gives it a powerful spray. It also has a front-loading mechanism that makes it easy to refill.

A one-quart container means it carries enough paint to allow you work for long without disruptions to refill. Its size and weight allow for greater portability.

You can use this sprayer for three different paint patterns by adjusting the dial. The horizontal, vertical and circular patterns allow you to work on different jobs that require different paint patterns. The sprayer also has a strong stainless-steel tip and needle. That enhances its durability and you do not have to worry about wear and tear.

The Earlex HV5500 HVLP is ideal for the handyman or semi-professional. Its features provide sufficient power for high quality small-scale jobs. It is versatile and can work for a range of jobs as well as a range of painting materials.

It can also use different pin sizes, increasing its ability to handle different jobs. The design of the pin and needle also help minimize overspray, ensuring greater quality of work.

On the downside, the sprayer has some design faults that can be frustrating. The sprayer’s hose and gun often come lose and can cause disruptions in your work as you fix them. The sprayer is also loud, which can be irritating especially when working indoors.

- It gives a high quality finish to your projects
- It has onboard storage
- It allows for different spray patterns

- It can be noisy
- It has design flaws that can cause frustrating malfunctions
- It has a 13-foot hose, limiting use in big projects that require greater coverage

9. HomeRight Finish Max C800766 and C900076 Sprayer

HomeRight Finish Max C800766 and C900076 - Paint Sprayer

HomeRight’s Finish Max Paint Sprayer is the kind of item people should look for if they have little to no experience with painting.

Using it for the first time is not going to be a problem as the setup process should be one that you can complete in a hurry. Once it’s ready to go, the intuitive design and controls will ensure that you will be able to paint properly right away. This paint sprayer has also been designed to fit well in your hands, enabling you to continue using it for most of the day with no problem.

Spray patterns can be changed by tinkering with the control knob. The spray radius can be as small as one inch or be as large as six inches.

As you might have already guessed, this is yet another paint sprayer that works best for projects involving pieces of furniture and smaller fixtures inside your home. This sprayer actually possesses a decent amount of power (400 watts) but even so, it’s best used for smaller applications because it will struggle to provide a good paint job for larger projects

Cleanup is once again a problem despite what the manufacturers say, but as long as you set aside enough time for that, you should have no issues using this sprayer

- Intuitive design means even newbies can use this sprayer right away
- Light enough that you can continue to use it for long stretches
- Spray range can be adjusted to suit your needs
- Power level can be changed
- Leaks will be non-existent if you set it up properly

- Cleaning this paint sprayer can take a significant amount of time

10. TackLife Electric Spray Gun Plus 3 Patterns

TackLife Electric Spray Gun Plus 3 Patterns

Being adjustable is an important feature for any paint sprayer because you want to be able to use it for just about any piece of furniture or part of your home. Because of that, TackLife’s Electric Spray Gun has to be considered among the finer paint sprayers on the market.

It’s not just the flow rate that is adjustable on this item. What you’ll love more about this item is that can spray the paint in a variety of ways. Adjust the spray pattern depending on the item you are working on, and you’ll make it easier for yourself to apply that even coat of paint. 

The power line included is nearly 6-feet-long and when you combine that with the top-end spray distance of 14 inches, that translates to you being able to get plenty of work done without having to constantly move around. That will come in handy if you are trying to go through numerous projects in a hurry.

This is yet another paint sprayer advertised as one that can be easily cleaned, but that’s not necessarily the case. The idea behind making disassembly of this sprayer easy for cleaning purposes is sound, but having to constantly put it back together just gets tedious after a while.

- Spray patterns included are: horizontal jet, vertical jet, and circular jet
- Choose between a variety of flow rates using the valve knobs included
- Wide spray radius allows for faster painting of furniture and other smaller items
- Refilling the paint container can be done quickly
- Your movements are not restricted by this sprayer

- Sprayer has a tendency to malfunction if it is not thoroughly cleaned

What to Look for Before Buying a Paint Sprayer

The first thing you have to consider when looking for a best paint sprayer is what type of item you going to paint. There are three types of paint sprayers.

The first type is known as an airless paint sprayer. An airless paint sprayer utilizes high pressure to evenly distribute the paint on the target surface. You can get the job done quickly if you decide to use an airless paint sprayer, especially if you’re working on something big.

Next up is the high volume low pressure sprayer. This type of item spreads out the paint using a large volume of air, though the power of the air is maintained. High volume low pressure sprayers are great because they don’t waste the paint you’re putting into them, and they also excel at producing a smooth finish.

A high volume low pressure sprayer is good to use if you’re painting something like a cabinet or a door. It is indeed suitable to use together with chalk paint, though you will need a good amount of money if you want to get your hands on one.

As its name suggests, a compressed air sprayer makes use of compressed air to apply paint to a surface. These are not the most efficient items because they tend to waste paint and they can also a bit hard to control. Still, the finish you can achieve using a compressed air sprayer is quite beautiful.

You should prioritize looking for a high volume low pressure sprayer if you are going to work with woodworking project because it can easily produce an even finish with minimal waste. An airless paint sprayer will work fine together with latex paint as well, but you may have trouble using it for smaller pieces of furniture. 

Compressed air sprayers have the potential to produce great results, but they simply aren’t economical enough with regards to paint consumption to rate better than the other two variants.

Once you’ve settled on the right type of paint sprayer for your project, you can now look for specific features that are going to make working with the aforementioned piece of equipment that much easier.

For instance, you want a paint sprayer that is adjustable. You should be able to control the rate at which the paint is dispensed, and being able to select specific patterns would be a welcome bonus.

Also take the time to pick up the paint sprayer you’re considering purchasing and see how it feels in your hands. You obviously don’t want to strain yourself while using a paint sprayer, so try to get something that has an ergonomically designed handle that is also not too heavy.

Finally, we all understand that working with paint can be a messy affair, and you will likely need to do a lot of cleaning once the project has been completed. The paint sprayer should not make your post-project cleanup any more time-consuming than it needs to be, and you can avoid that by purchasing models that are designed to be easily cleaned.

Now that we are done learning about the basics of paint sprayers, let’s move forward to the reviews of specific products.

Benefits of Using a Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers have several advantages over traditional painting tools such as hand brushes and roller brushes. The benefits of using a paint sprayer include speed and efficiency, uniform coating and lower cost.

Speed and Efficiency

Paint sprayers are fast and efficient. Unlike hand brushes and rollers that require constant dipping into paint, paint sprayers do not need this. You just keep spraying as you move along. That saves time and allows you to cover larger areas in a short time.

The spray also covers more surface unlike brushes and rollers that may not access crevices or potholes on the surfaces. Paint sprayers can also paint corners, whereas brushes and rollers would not do this efficiently. The ability to paint hard-to-reach parts makes paint sprayers a better option than traditional painting equipment.

Uniform coating/Finishing

Some projects require perfect finishing and coating. Brushes and rollers may leave lumps or brush strokes. The precision of paint sprayers ensures there are no such imperfections on your surfaces.

A paint sprayer gives a smooth finish ideal for furniture, doors, window frames and stairs. Paint sprayers therefore give the consistency that is a requirement for professional painting. They result in aesthetically attractive outcomes.

Lower Painting Cost

Traditional painting tools such as brushes and rollers waste a lot of paint. While you may try to limit the amount of paint dropping as you work, it is inevitable that you will still drop paint. Further, when you finish painting, there will be paint left on your brushes and rollers.

That is a lot of waste of paint, which increases the cost of your project. Paint sprayers do not waste so much paint. They are more precise and hence save you money.


Different jobs have different specifications. Thus, you will need to do the painting differently to achieve the desired outcomes. However, brushes and rollers do not give this flexibility to alter the outcome.

On the other hand, paint sprayers come in different sizes and varieties to suit the different project requirements. Each type of sprayer has features that make it ideal for specific jobs. For example, there are airless sprayers and HLVP sprayers.

Some are adjustable to suit your painting needs. The different varieties and sizes make paint sprayers ideal for everyone. Whether you are a homeowner or professional painter, you will be able to efficiently complete your project without hassle.

Setting Up A Paint Sprayer

Having a good paint sprayer does not equate high-quality outcomes for your projects. You have to setup the sprayer properly for it to function as intended. 

Each paint sprayer comes with setup and use instructions to guide you. However, there are general steps that you need to know when setting up your new sprayer. Before you can even start the setup process, you also need to know each part of the sprayer and its function.

That would help you in assembling the different parts. The information will also be crucial when repairing and maintaining the sprayer.

Priming the Pumps

Priming the pumps is the first step in the setup of a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer has two tubes; a suction tube and a prime tube. The suction tube goes into the paint pail while the prime tube goes into a waste pail. You need to turn the prime/spray valve to “prime” setting before you start using it. 

Pressure Relieving

It is important to release pressure from the sprayer every time you need to use it, whether it is the first time or not. De-pressurizing the sprayer ensures it operates at maximum performance and efficiency.

After priming the sprayer, the next step involves filling the hose with the paint. Remove the guard and spray tips and hold the hose over the waste bucket. Switch the valve to spray and pull the trigger. Once paint starts to flow steadily, stop pulling the trigger.

This step is also the method you use when cleaning the paint sprayer. It ensures there is no leftover paint in the sprayer.

Installing and Tightening the Tip

You cannot start working on your project before you install the tip. The tip helps control the dispersion of the paint from the gun. Thus, it is important to install the tip and guard assembly properly. The guard assembly must always be at a 90-degree angle to the surface you are painting while the tip always points to the surface. 

Pressure Adjustments during Use

When working, the valve should be on “spray”. Depending on the type of sprayer, you will be able to adjust your pressure to a convenient level. For some, you may need to use different sizes of tip while others have a pressure control that you can turn up or down. Tails in your paint pattern suggest that the pressure is too low.

You can access some educative videos on YouTube on how to setup your paint sprayer. there are several videos that can guide you in setting up your sprayers. some are specific to a type of sprayers while others are general.

FAQs about Paint Sprayers

Is it better to spray or roll paint?

Roll painting gives a thick coating and is ideal for interior painting. However, spaying is faster and gives an even coat. It also reaches places that a roller may not be able to reach.

Which is better, air or airless paint sprayer?

Airless and air sprayers are ideal for different types of projects. Therefore, each type would be better in one project while it performs less favorably in another. Their performance is dependent on the project.

What is the difference between HVLP and airless sprayers?

HVLP sprayers inject air into the fluid stream to atomize the paint as it leaves the gun. HVLP is ideal for both internal and external projects as it is precise. The airless sprayers force paint through a small opening in the spray gun’s tip in order to atomize the paint. It does not use air to atomize paint. Airless sprayers are ideal for flat surfaces and thick and industrial paints.

How much does a good paint sprayer cost?

Different sprayers have different prices depending on the type. Top quality sprayers will cost between $300 and $700. These give the best service. You can also get good paint sprayers for $100-$250.

Is using a paint sprayer easy?

Once you set up the paint sprayer properly, using it is quite easy. It makes your job easy and faster.

What paint do you use in a paint sprayer?

The type of paint to use in a paint sprayer varies. However, you need to understand the different types of paint to know which one best suits your sprayer and the project you are working on. Some of the types of paint you can choose from include vinyl, alkyd, lacquer, enamel, acrylic, latex, high-heat, oil-based, epoxy, plastic, and rust-preventive paint.

What is the best pressure for spray painting?

Different jobs will require different amounts of pressure. The type of paint will also determine the pressure you use. On average, you can use a pressure of 26-41PSI.


After taking a closer look at the top paint sprayers detailed above, the choice is clear, the Graco Magnum X5 is the wiener and it will work for any project.

That aforementioned sprayer is adjustable enough in terms of power and pattern that you should always be able to end up with the kind of finish you want. The hose and lightweight design of this sprayer also means that you will not experience that much trouble while using it.

What you’ll really love about it though is its ability to be very precise as that is particularly valuable when you’re working on furniture.

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