7 Best Latex Paint Sprayers For 2021

If you are planning to use latex paint for your project, then you need to know the types of sprayers that are available for latex paint. The best type of latex paint sprayer for you will depend on your project.

Latex paint can quickly give you a smooth, beautiful surface, easy cleanup if you make a mistake, fast-drying, which can save you time, and non-toxic, which means it is good for the environment. So, all you have to do is choose a sprayer that is right for your project.

In this article, we’ll try to identify the best latex paint sprayer for your needs. We’ll also look at other things you have to consider before you go out and get one.

Best Latex Paint Sprayer

What Is a Latex Paint Sprayer?

Paint sprayers are designed to be tools that specialize in the faster application of different types of paint. You can use a paint sprayer for quickly applying new coats of paint onto large surfaces and for getting paint into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Generally speaking, there are three different types of paint sprayers – airless, compressed air, and high volume low pressure or HVLP, according to Lowe’s. All three can be used for the purposes of applying latex paint, but depending on your needs, one variant may be more suitable for you.

Later in this article, we will talk more about the different types of paint sprayers and their specific areas of expertise.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Latex Paint Sprayer

Sprayer Type

The very first thing you’ll have to do when shopping for a latex paint sprayer is to determine which one you’ll need. As noted earlier, there are three options, with those being the compressed air sprayer, the HVLP sprayer, and the airless sprayer.

Compressed air sprayers are typically the most affordable option. They produce less of a mess when you’re using them, but that comes at a cost. In terms of performance and efficiency, they are arguably the worst of the options available.

HVLP sprayers are great for interior work and painting small to medium-sized pieces of furniture. They feature a decent amount of power, although that can also lead to them producing overspray. Beginners and veterans alike will find HVLP sprayers to be very helpful.

Airless sprayers are the most powerful options and they are ideally suited for painting outside. Use them to paint walls and other tall and wide surfaces. Cleaning them up can be kind of a hassle, however. They are not difficult to operate, but you could end up leaving a big mess if you’re not familiar with using them.

Tip Size

Some spray guns come with a variety of tips that can be used with different types of paint. Since we’re talking about latex paint sprayers though, the tips have to fall within a certain size range. According to This Old House, tips that are somewhere around .013-inch to .017-inch will work best for you. That’s actually a decent amount of leeway and you should be able to find sprayers that come with tips in that size range.

Hose Length

From my experience with working with different types of paint sprayers, I’ve found that the general rule with hose length is: the longer, the better.

I understand the concern some people might have about the hoses getting in the way, but that’s something proper positioning can fix in a hurry.

Hose length is not that important if all you’re doing is painting stuff inside your workshop, but if you’re going outdoors, this should be of greater importance to you. Lowe’s notes that a hose that is at least 25-feet long is needed if you intend to work outdoors.

Spray Patterns

Painting pieces of furniture can be difficult if the tool you are using only features one spray pattern. Because those items come in all shapes and sizes, your paint sprayer must have the ability to accommodate them.

Try to look for a paint sprayer that allows you to choose from three different patterns. The options are usually horizontal, vertical, and circular. You can imagine just how helpful it is to be able to switch out spray patterns when you go from painting a round table to a wooden chair.

Adjustable Flow Rate

The amount of power you’ll need in your sprayer will vary depending on your target. Because of that, being able to control the flow rate is important.

The good news is that many paint sprayers are equipped with dials that allow you to choose just how powerful the stream of paint coming out of it is.

Review of the 7 Best Models

1. REXBETI Ultimate-750- HVLP Latex Spray Gun

We’re kicking off the reviews section with REXBETI’s Ultimate-750 best HVLP Spray gun for latex paint.

I found myself quickly falling in love with this paint sprayer, mainly because of how easy it is to use. You pick it up, slide your hand over the smartly designed grip, and just proceed with the painting with no issue. It’s not the lightest paint gun you’ll ever see, but you should have no trouble using it for extended sessions. Adding to its user-friendly feature set is a power cord that extends quite a bit, and it’s also firm. That prevents it from being pulled out of the socket when you accidentally tug on it too strongly.

The folks at REXBETI also designed this paint sprayer with the clear goal of making it as versatile as possible. It comes packaged together with three different nozzles that are suitable for different types of substances. Three spray patterns are also available, giving you the chance to properly paint pieces of furniture that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also adjust the rate at which the paint flows out so that you can limit the amount of overspray. That actually winds up being a very useful feature, because this sprayer is not the most accurate one on the market.


  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Three nozzles included
  • Three spray patterns available
  • Very user-friendly
  • Decent amount of power


  • Tends to produce quite a bit of overspray

2. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Latex Paint Sprayer

For most paint jobs, the common type of paint to use is latex-based, which typically is applied by rollers and brushes. Latex paint by design is meant to be easy to clean up from mistakes yet provides a quick smooth finish that is non-toxic and more environmentally friendly.

However, if you are looking for a faster way to apply paint particularly for larger paint jobs, then it’s good to consider a latex paint sprayer. In my mind, the best one of these on the market is the Graco  X7 Cart sprayer. The Graco X7 Cart Airless paint sprayer is one of those products that is not only versatile for all projects but is in my mind the best bang for your buck of all the latex-based paint sprayers. This model is designed to handle up to 125 gallons of paint per year on average and has a lot of customization features that can adapt to any type of project.

What is great about this product is the easy clean-up, where the power adapter can connect to a standard dimension garden hose to pressure wash the paint out of the sprayer upon completion of jobs. After all, part of keeping equipment usable for a long time is the ability to keep it cleaned and maintained.


  • Comes with a stainless steel piston pump to spray un-thinned paint at high pressure
  • Pressure valve is easily adjustable for a coating that you are comfortable with
  • Has a RAC IV switch tip to keep spraying when there is a clog
  • Comes with 100-foot paint hose for multi-story projects


  • Noisier Model than Most• Hose tends to curl up too Easy

3. HomeRight Finish Max HVLP Spray Gun For Latex

Not everyone who is looking for a latex paint sprayer is already experienced with home improvement projects or a veteran hobbyist. Beginners have to start somewhere, and the Finish Max HVLP Spray Gun from HomeRight is a more than a suitable option for them.

Obviously, all kinds of user-friendly features have been included in this sprayer, and you’ll see that right away. The best word to describe its design is intuitive.

The important components are easily seen. The placement of the flow control knob is particularly notable because it allows you to make instant adjustments to the paint output if that is needed.HomeRight also designed a lightweight sprayer to maximize maneuverability. Unfortunately, the short cord cancels that out to a certain degree. You’ll always have to be mindful of your body positioning when you’re using this sprayer.

For whatever reason though, even with the seal included, this item still has a tendency to spring leaks. The leaks happen when you have to refill the containers. It’s an issue you can address using tape, but it’s still inconvenient to deal with.

Don’t expect this spray gun to provide plenty of power. That won’t be a big problem if you just use this for smaller projects, however.


  • Ideal to use for beginners
  • Remarkably lightweight for an HVLP sprayer
  • Smart placement of flow rate control
  • Intuitive design scheme
  • Three spray patterns offered


  • Leaking is a persistent issue
  • Cord is quite short

4. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers are typically best used for larger, outdoor-based projects. When you get the chance to use the Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer, you will understand why that is the case.

This particular Graco sprayer packs plenty of power. It’s the piece of equipment you want to bust out when you have plenty of surface area to paint, but not necessarily a lot of time to do so.

You’ll have a tougher time locking on to a particular spot if you’re using this sprayer, but that’s not really what it’s designed for. Crank it up if you really want to see what it’s capable of. That said, if you do want to rein in the power of this beast, that is something you can do. The flow rate is easily adjustable and that does allow for more precision when you’re working, but it’s still not at the same level as what you would get from a smaller sprayer.

Power also translates to convenience when it comes to using this item. There’s no need to settle for smaller containers because you can spray paint directly from the bucket. You may still have a tough time trying to extract all of the paint out of the bucket, but that’s a minor issue. Cleanup is a different matter, and you should set aside a good amount of time for doing that.


  • Power is abundant in this sprayer
  • Can extract paint directly from the bucket
  • Capable of handling a decent amount of yearly workload
  • Flow rate can be adjusted
  • Tip is reversible and prevents clogging


  • Cleaning up this paint sprayer will take a good amount of time

5. Wagner 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer

I think of Wagner Spraytech’s HVLP Paint Sprayer as a kind of in-between option.

It lacks the high-end power of an airless paint sprayer, but it still packs more punch than what other, more conventional HVLP offerings provide. You have the two-stage turbine to thank for that. The two-stage turbine is actually more compatible with latex paint compared to other substances.

Overspray still ends up being an issue though, so prepare for that adequately.

Thankfully, you are given the option of fine-tuning the flow rate to get it exactly where you need it. That’s a feature that comes in handy for transitioning between targets. You can also use that feature to cut down on the amount of overspray, but you still won’t cut that problem out entirely.

It’s also worth taking the time to point out the air filters that have been added to this time. They don’t necessarily save you painting time, but they ensure that the layers you’re spraying come out nice and even. It’s annoying to see those bumpy layers, and I imagine more than a few other hobbyists feel the same way.

Using this paint sprayer will take more time out of your schedule because of all of the cleaning and prepping you have to do, but the effort is worth it.


  • Good amount of power for HVLP sprayer
  • Filters make it easier to produce even paint layers
  • Two-stage turbine works well with latex paint
  • Flow rate is easily controlled
  • Long paint hose included


  • Overspray is hard to avoid

6. NEU MASTER N3140 Electric HVLP Spray Gun Review

NEU MASTER’s Electric HVLP Spray Gun has a lot of the features that any hobbyist would want from this type of item.

Let’s begin with its power because it’s worth drawing attention to. It can be powered by up to 600 watts. That type of power is just not something you usually see in HVLP sprayers. The ability to reach that higher level of power is also what makes this particular HVLP sprayer better suited for certain outdoor projects.

You will still be better off using an airless paint sprayer if you have larger outdoor projects, but this offering from NEU MASTER can act as a substitute in a pinch.

The other components of this spray gun are also well designed. The cord is nice and durable, and it can extend a good amount of distance.I do find myself wishing the paint containers are just a bit larger so I can paint uninterrupted, but they are still not small by any means.

Cleaning this sprayer thoroughly is made easier by the fact that its components can be disassembled pretty easily.

My only real complaint is that this spray gun does have a tendency to get clogged up. Even so, it happens infrequently enough that you should still be able to use this item with very little issue.


  • Power is impressive for an HVLP sprayer
  • Cord is highly durable
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning purposes
  • Shoulder strap allows for maneuverability despite weight
  • Easy to operate


  • Clogging can be an issue at times

7. Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun Review

The last item we’ll talk about in this article is the Siphon Gun from Critter Spray Products.

This spray gun stands out quite a bit from the other items on the list because of its size. It’s the lightest item on this list as it doesn’t even break the 2-pound barrier. You will have no issue hanging on to this item, although you may find it difficult to use if you have bigger hands.

If you happen to have a bunch of 16-ounce mason jars stored in your cupboard, you’re in luck as they can be used as paint containers for this spray gun. That saves you from having to constantly stop and start when it comes time to refilling. All you’ll have to do instead is to quickly swap out the mason jars.

This is a spray gun you should use if there are smaller items in your home that could use a new coat of paint.

As you might have already suspected just by looking at this spray gun, it is pretty limited in terms of its capabilities.

This item’s power level is well below the other sprayers reviewed in this article. You’re also not going to get a ton of paint out of it with each spray. As long as you save this spray gun for smaller paint jobs, you should get some good use out of it though.


  • Super lightweight spray gun
  • Can be held easily
  • Compatible with 16-ounce mason jars
  • Intricately designed sprayer
  • Great for targeted spraying


  • Power is severely limited
  • Coverage is poor

What Type Of Sprayer Is Best For Latex Paint?

The primary types of latex sprayers are compressed air sprayers, airless paint sprayers, and High-Volume Low-Pressure sprayers (HVLP). All these sprayers are effective with latex paint. However, some sprayers are better than their competition.

The airless paint sprayer offers a controlled diameter, dense spraying, and the highest quality distribution. The airless paint sprayer eliminates the need to thin the paint, which can save you time. The airless paint sprayer is a solution for spraying and over-spraying problems as well. However, the HVLP can offer more control of the spray, fewer chances to overspray, and easier cleanup time than the airless paint spray.

How Spray Latex Paint With an Air Gun: Step by Step Guide

Prep The Surrounding Area

  • 1. Wash the surface to be sprayed thoroughly and let it dry fully.
  • 2. Clean, cover, and ventilate your surrounding areas.
  • 3. Wear a face mask, goggles, and protective clothing.

Prep The Paint

  • 1. thin latex paint with 10% water and mix.
  • 2. The latex conditioner will work if the thinning with water does not work.

Prep The Sprayer

  • 1. Choose an appropriate tip for the gun.
  • 2. Insert the siphon tube in the paint and fill the gun, sprayer, and hose with latex paint.
  • 3. Adjust the sprayer pressure knob to the lowest setting that is recommended.

Practice Strokes

  • 1. Practice your technique with an array of spray patterns.
  • 2. The tip of your sprayer should be at least six to 12 inches from your surface to maintain a proper distance.
  • 3. Make a test a test line with one stroke of your arm.
  • 4. If the paint makes two lines appear, the pressure is too low.

If it is over-spray or the color is too light, the pressure is too high. The pressure is right when the latex paint flows from the gun evenly in a single stream.

Ready to Paint

  • 1. Start with edges. Hold the tip of the gun 12-14 inches from the edge perpendicular.
  • 2. Apply the spray in one uniform motion so that the distribution is even.
  • 3. End with the faces. Hold the tip of the gun 12-14 inches from the face of the surface.
  • 4. Apply the same uniform motion as above and over each pass by 50% or as needed.
 Latex Paint With an Air Gun

Post Application

  • Thoroughly clean paint sprayer and attachments2. Utilize the paint spraying learning curve by reflecting on the highs, lows, and what can have been done better.

Can I Use Latex Paint in the HVLP Spray?

Yes. The HVLP spray can be used to spray latex paint. However, because of the way latex is manufactured, it can make the flow slower. When latex paint is manufactured, the pigment and resins are courses instead of finely ground like other coatings. This is why latex paint is recommended to be applied by a brush, a roller, or an airless sprayer.

The HVLP sprayer offers lighter-weight options when compared to other air sprayers. The latex paint sprayer is self-contained for easier use, and there is no need for hoses or air compressors. The paint sprayer trigger allows for variable spray patterns that can range from one inch to ten inches. The HVLP can give you a whole multitude of choices, depending on how you want to approach your project.


What kind of sprayer do you use for latex paint?

Airless, compressed air, and high volume low pressure (HVLP) are three types of latex paint sprayers. Compressed air sprayers are cheaper though you sacrifice quality. HVLP sprayers are better used for indoor painting, while airless is more appropriate for outdoor work. Research the best kind for your specific needs.

Do you need thin latex paint for an airless sprayer?

You do not need to thin latex paint for airless sprayers. They eliminate the need to do this, as others like a compressed air gun require. Some HVLP sprayers need a thinned solution as well. Airless sprayers are convenient and save a few tics on the clock.

How long does it take for latex paint to dry?

Give or take, latex paint dries within an hour. If you are wanting to do another coat, let the first one rest for about four hours. It takes around two weeks for the paint to fully set after all the coats are applied. Done right, latex can give a beautiful finish.

Can you use latex paint in a gravity feed spray gun?

This is possible, though it would require certain sized tips. A size 2.0 or above would work well. Smaller tips on this sprayer tend to clog easily with latex paint. Gravity-feed sprayers offer a narrower stream than others, which is wonderful for precision painting.


In my search for the best latex paint sprayer, I have discovered that one item manages to edge out all the rest, and that is the NEU MASTER N3140 Electric HVLP Spray Gun.

It’s a bit on the bigger side for an HVLP sprayer, but because it is so well-designed that does not do much to affect this item’s mobility. The clogging is inconvenient when it happens, but as long as you follow the instructions properly, you’re not going to run into that problem all too often.\

Everything you need from an HVLP paint sprayer can be found in this item, and it can even work outdoors because it features a lot of power. Other paint sprayers simply cannot rival the combination of versatility and performance offered by this NEU MASTER creation.

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