About Us

Welcome to NestKoo.com! On this page, you will find information about this site, our philosophy, and why you should trust us.

Who are you?

I’m Todd Davis, the founder of NestKoo.com. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for visiting this site and reading up on us. Good for you! That’s SMART! This site is designed to help you with anything and everything you may need for your home.

By visiting this site, we’ll help you find answers to questions about home-ownership, including finding the right products for your home. You see, we’re classified as a “home niche” site. We hope to develop a number of “sub-niches” that cover all of your home needs. Everything. Appliances? You bet! Repairs? We’ve got you covered! If it’s in the home, you’ll find information about it here.

What on earth is Nestkoo.com?

Nestkoo.com is a site that prides itself on helping you develop a broad knowledge-base on products to help your home. Here you will find any and all information needed to understand the product options available to you, how-to guides, and our own, personal recommendations. We’ll add expert articles, tutorials, and guides in the coming months, as well as reviews on home products and industry information.

Our most sincere wish is for this site to cover all your needs as a homeowner, letting you make informed decisions. Please let me know how we’re doing; we are committed to excellence. We would be thrilled to know how helpful our reviews are, whether the site inspires return visits, or encourages you to encourage others to visit.

What, exactly, will Nestkoo.com do to help me?

We aim to build the best home product and accessory website on the internet. The guides, articles, and product reviews are designed to help you, the homeowner, solve the myriad issues you face. While we’re starting small, we hope to expand into home repair tutorials, listings of our favorite products, product and accessory reviews, and feature articles.

You can count on finding trustworthy information here. What you won’t find are uninformed or outsider reviews; we base our reviews upon our own personal, first-hand experience with products. And, even better, we hope to address any questions you may have. Send us your questions and article ideas! Let us know which features of the site you find the most helpful and any other suggestions for how to improve. Remember, this site is for you.

Why should I trust you?

Ahh… the most important question of all. While we enjoy discussing and writing about the benefits of owning a home, we want to do more. We want homeowners to visit this site, finding valuable information, helpful articles, and answers to the all the questions they may have. If you are considering buying a product because of a review you find on my site, we want you to make the most informed decision possible.

If you use one of our links to buy a product, we earn a small commission as an Amazon affiliate. (You can read more about Amazon affiliates on our Disclosure page). You see, we work together. If we provide credible information and helpful recommendations, you’ll trust my reviews. You’ll make quality purchases. You’ll come back to our site for more reviews. With each trusted purchase, we’ll be in a better position to continue providing you, the homeowner, and the best possible information.

Thank you so much for your visit to Nestkoo.com. You can find information on how to reach mus on our contact page. And please do! Let us know how we’re doing!