Wagner Flexio 590 Review [2021]


If you want to attempt household projects, whether it entails big painting tasks or small detailed finishes, sprayers are a godsend.

Essentially, spray painting is a method of painting in which a sprayer is used to cover a surface with items such as paint, enamel, etc., through the air. These sprayers enable you to resolve bumps, holes, crevices, and other idiosyncrasies in the surface that induce paint rollers or brushes to have issues.

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590

You can obtain much more consistent coating with paint sprayers than with rollers and, and even more so, with brushes. In this Wagner Flexio 590 review, we present to you a sprayer from Wagner that is 10 times quicker when it comes to painting.

Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Paint Sprayer Review

Wagner is a respected name whenever it comes down to paint sprayers. It dominates the sector in the manufacture of creative sprayers for painting. It has tools for home enhancement, as well as residential and manufacturing preparing, painting, and finishing.

Right after the preparing task, the company lets customers quickly paint and add coating and tidy up. Wagner is capable of delivering what consumers need through innovative manufacturing, pricing, and creativity.

One such sprayer from this well-reputed manufacturer that lives up to its reputation is the Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP Handheld paint sprayer. It is part of their Flexio line, and many household builders consider this to be their best ever spray gun.

Although there are a few different versions out already, it is still one of the best performing paint sprayers available on the market even though it costs hundred dollars less.

This unique paint sprayer model has a lot of design elements that many other sprayers can not find. Such characteristics set this version apart, making it more sought after.

Among the several defining features of this paint sprayer, you will find a paint cup that sticks straight to the bottom of the sprayer without any tubing. Although it is slightly smaller than the paint cups connected to most paint sprayers, it occupies less room and works quicker.

Key Features

Now, let us take a look at its exceptional features;

Great for a Diverse Range of Tasks

Considering this sprayer can be used with a variety of materials, it can be used for performing all kinds of household tasks.

Whether it is a small home project or a big outdoor one, the Flexio 590 can handle it all. Starting from preparing and priming all the way to painting and finishing up, it can perform all kinds of tasks. Due to its diversity, it can be used for working on chairs, cabinets, doors, walls, fences, and much more.

X-Boost Turbine for Heavy Materials at Adjustable Paint Flow

A special X-Boost turbine feature is used in this sprayer model. You get two extra benefits because of this feature. The first one gives you the ability to spray undiluted paint and stains inside and outside. So, you can comfortably use heavy paint supplies, undiluted latex, and more.

And the second one enables the turbine speed and the pressure to be changed. Basically, it provides 10 configurations that you can use to change material flow quickly and obtain accurate readings. Due to speed control, big tasks finish quicker and small ones look competent; all it takes is the turn of a button.

iSpray Nozzle for Bigger Tasks

With this sprayer, you get two distinct kinds of nozzles. The first one is the iSpray Nozzle. It is suitable for spraying when it comes to larger tasks.

The proprietary iSprayNozzle offers you a smooth texture with a super-fast application. Even the biggest surface can be covered in minutes if you can keep going at a steady rate.

If you use the iSprayNozzle properly, you can spray as much as 8 gallons in one hour, which means you can coat about 80 square feet within five minutes.

Detail Finish Nozzle for Fine Finishing

Unlike the first Nozzle, this one is intended for more intricate touch-ups.

It's a relatively smaller nozzle, and it's somewhat like a conventional nozzle that uses a higher amount of paint but a lower amount of pressure. You get a deeper and polished layer of paint on small surfaces and complex designs with a skilled finish, as it resembles an HVLP spray gun.

Pattern Adjustments by Included Nozzles

Due to the two nozzles included in the package, you have complete control over the spray pattern.

You can move the air cap ears and rearrange the spray fan vertically or horizontally with the iSprayNozzle and detail finish nozzle. Moreover, for inconvenient corners and hard-to-reach places, there is also a diagonal configuration. And that allows you to finish your paintwork smoothly and seamlessly.

Undiluted Paint Selection

A great deal of paint can be moved at high speeds and high pressures by integrating the iSprayNozzle and the X-Boost turbine controls. This amounts to the atomization of heavy latex and enamel paint without any need for dilution.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will always work. So, if you find that the Nozzle is blocked up, you have to dilute the paint.

10 Times Quicker Results

With this paint sprayer, you can paint or coat a surface of 8 feet by 10 feet in a minute. As for heavy materials like latex paints, it will take about 5 minutes at most. So, within an hour, you can spray as much as 8 gallons.

If you're comparing the performance of this sprayer to that of a brush, this is 10 times faster at helping you get the painting job done.

Easy Cleanup and Maintenance

With this sprayer, you can prepare the surface of your selected project, prime, paint, and coat it very quickly and effortlessly. Likewise, the clean-up process is just as simple and efficient. It will not take more than 5 minutes to clean up once you're done with your project. And this spray doesn't require additional maintenance.


  • Offers versatile performance
  • Can be used for small and large projects inside and outside the house
  • Allows effective pattern adjustment, like horizontal, vertical, wide, and narrow ones
  • Compatible with a variety of materials, including oil-based paints, stains, latex, and urethane
  • Provides an overall quick and convenient painting experience


  • May emit big portions of paint initially but starts performing effectively with time
  • Might lead to overspray issues
  • Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Flexio 590 work best with?

Wagner Flexio 590 performs really well with latex, lacquers, urethanes, and a range of paints. The majority of single-stage paints, base coats, clear coats, and many more can be used with these sprayers.

Just like paints and primers, latex and enamel can also be used. But make sure that your Nozzle has the required tip for the paint you choose.

What can the Wagner Flexio 590 be used for?

You will be able to undertake a multitude of functions if you decide to purchase the Flexio 590.

This tool is largely oriented towards furniture painting and several other large household tasks. But it can also be used for different small household tasks as well. You can work on a small fence or deck, or even cabinets and doors, if you want.

Do I need extra accessories to use a Flexio 590 sprayer?

Everything you need to use the sprayer is included in this spray gun bundle from Wagner. So, to get all sorts of priming and painting jobs completed very conveniently, you can use the included parts.

You may choose to have replacement parts on hand, though. If you want to make repairs quicker, you can purchase additional pieces, such as fresh air caps, paint cups, and tubes.

How long do the Flexio 590 sprayers last?

Although the Wagner sprayer comes with a 12-month warranty, it lasts double the time.

In fact, you can make it work effectively for years if you frequently clean and maintain it with special precautions.

Where can I buy the Wagner Flexio 590 sprayer at a reasonable price?

You can find the Flexio 590 sprayer at a very affordable price from online stores like Amazon. You'll get all sorts of perks from here, such as expedited delivery, better customer support, exchanges, and refunds.


When it comes to painting surfaces for both internal and external projects, paint sprayers are faster and more efficient.

This is one tool you will enjoy if you are the kind of person who spends a significant part of their time doing household restorations and renovations. So, go ahead and get this amazing piece of tool.

Also, let us know your opinion regarding our Wagner Flexio 590 review in the comments.

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