6 Types of Beach Chairs With Images


The beach is fun and sunny and the epitome of summer, but have you ever gone to the beach and left without sand all over? I hadn't either until I bought myself a beach chair. So comfortable, I didn't leave it the whole day, and there is no sand, not in my book, not in my lunch, not anywhere else. 

You wouldn't believe the difference it makes being lifted off the sand. Tried a beach chair and hated it? It may not seem like it, but types of beach chairs make a lot of difference in your comfort level.

6 Different Types Of Beach Chairs in 2020

1. Classic Beach Chair

Classic Beach Chair

These are the beach chairs you see all over the beach during hot summer days. They rise a few inches off the ground to let you dip your legs in the water. They are pretty basic, and a good chair to start off with.

They offer some protection from the sand, but almost no protection from the sun. Then, as you develop opinions and decide what you like about the chair, these opinions can influence the next chair you buy. Or, you can decide to stick with the classic. Either way, it is an all-around good chair, and a good chair to start off with.

2. Padded Beach Chair

Padded Beach Chair

If you like the height and support of the Classic but wish it had a bit more padding, this chair is for you. You are still able to dip your feet in the water and get some sun, but it's a little more comfortable.

Although this is another very basic chair, it is best for people who like to lounge in the sun, but don't need any bells and whistles. This chair tends to be cheaper than the fancier chairs, and if you know you'll need more cushioning, you could also start out with the Padded Beach chair.

 This chair offers the same protection from sun as the former, but slightly more protection from sand. There are no slats or cracks for the sand to slide up to you through. That being said, with the extra cushioning, there are more areas for sand to get stuck, which could be brought back with you if you aren't careful.

3. Lounging Beach Chair

Lounging Beach Chair

If you go to the beach just to tan, this is the chair for you. The lounging chair doesn't offer any opportunities to stick your feet in the water to watch what's going on around you. It is long enough that your entire body is suspended above the sand.

You don't even have to touch the stuff if you don't want to. You are angled towards the sun, and while many find this uncomfortable, there is a specific group of people who enjoy this steamy relaxation. At least, there is no chance you won't be tan or burnt by the end of the day, and if that's your thing, this chair is the best that beach lounging has to offer to you.

4. Backpack Beach Chair

Backpack Beach Chair

While the last choice was for some of the more relaxed patrons of the beach, this is for the more athletic beach-goers. If you often feel inclined to hike when you visit the beach, the fold-up backpack chair is for you.

While most feel content to recline with their feet in the waves, you want to keep hiking to scope out a better vantage, and your chair should keep up with you. This chair is lightweight and while it usually isn't the most comfortable, it's quick and easy to pack up in the event of a hike or move.

It includes straps to hold it to your back and it folds and unfolds with ease. It is also a great chair to bring on camping or hiking trips, and while this isn't exactly beach related, the person that hikes up and down the beach is also more inclined to hike or camp, so it is somewhat related.

5. Canopy Beach Chair

Canopy Beach Chair

If you want to relax but have sensitive skin or are aware of the horrors of skin cancer, the canopy chair is for you. This might be good if you live on the beach-- this chair is not easy to pack up and move, but it is great for a hot climate when you just want to get out of the sun. It also can reduce skin exposure to UV radiation.

This might appeal to the older generation who is learning about the risk of exposure first-hand or from friends. In addition, it could be good for those who want a step up in comfort. This chair makes you feel like you're sitting in you living room with a front-row seat to the lake or ocean. They are raised high above the sand and offer lots of protection from sandy hair and food. 

6. Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Finally, the most high-tech chair, for the beach-goers who demand ultimate comfort, or just love the most modern designs they can get their hands on. This chair was designed to be able to lean back to any degree, up to 180 degrees. It's slightly cushioned, but that isn't the draw. The best part about this chair is the adjustability.

It's especially attractive to those who always need the newest and modern materials. It isn't amazingly comfortable, but you do stand out on the beach with your high-tech chair. If you buy new technology or equipment every time there is a new model or software, this is the chair for you.

Final Verdict

So don't give up on the beach, give up on trying to keep a towel free of sand. Get a chair instead. Whether you've been burned by chairs before or just never thought to try one, they are the secret savior of beach-goers.

It really is true-- going to the beach can be uncomfortable if you don't know the types of beach chairs. So read carefully, consider your options and pick out a chair. That's all you need to do to refresh your beach experience and enjoy the beach again.

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