Sara’s Stories

Home DIY stories, challenges and projects from around our house and farm in country Australia, written by NestKoo owner/manager Sara Kooring. From solving painting issues to battling rats in the garden and bird poop on our chairs, you’ll hear about it here! Learn more about our property and personal story on our about us page.

how to get rid of the paint smell fumes

How to Get Rid of the Paint Smell & Fumes after House Painting

You finally finished house painting, but you're now left with a headful of nasty fumes. Find out how to get rid of the paint smell after house painting, so you and your family can rest safely.
how to remove paint from a paintbrush

How to Remove Paint from a Paintbrush and Paint Roller

Wondering how to clean the mess on your brushes and rollers after a day of house-painting? Sara explains how to remove paint from a paintbrush step-by-step, and how to clean the paint roller.
can you paint when pregnant

Can You Paint When Pregnant? House Paint Safety for Expectant Mothers & Babies

In this article Sara discusses how safe it is to paint when pregnant, which house paints are safest and important precautions to take.
How to Paint a Plywood Wall

How to Paint a Plywood Wall

Sara explains how to paint a plywood wall or timber wall correctly, including prep, priming and selecting the right house paint and primer.
how to dispose paint cans safely

How to Dispose Paint Cans Safely

Unsure how to get rid of old paint cans? Sara explains how to dispose paint cans safely and correctly, inc latex paint and spray paint cans.
stop spiders building webs in windows doors

How to Stop Spiders Building Webs Around Windows & Doors

Spider nests around the home is a common but unsightly issue. Sara explains how to stop spiders building webs around your windows & doors, inside and out.

How to Stop Birds Pooping on Furniture

Sara explains how to stop pesky birds from roosting and pooping on your outdoor furniture, walls, BBQ, patio or other unwanted places... for good.
rat-proof vegetable bed cover

How to Build Your Own Rat-Proof Vegetable Garden Cover

Sara explains how to build a rat- and mouse-proof vegetable garden cover, from PVC pipe and aviary mesh. Full step-by-step instructions.