11 Painted Adirondack Chairs Ideas With Images


There is nothing more iconic than a classic Adirondack chair in your backyard. The classic styling of the Adirondack chair is one of the best things you can do to your outdoor furniture. The designs include using pine or any other inexpensive woods with standard paint of different colors. Whether you are building a new deck or investing in new garden furniture, painting your outdoor wood furniture is one way.

Colorful outdoor furniture can be one way of adding style and character to your backyard. Therefore, if you are planning some painted Adirondack chairs ideas for your outdoor space, there are several creative ways you can use to spice it up.

Here Are The 11 Awesome Ideas for 2020

1. Something Fishy and Colorful

You can decide to create a rainbow fish design that is a whimsical interpretation of a classic. This would be an eye-catching backyard chair with a fluff of colors and a fish-shaped design. It requires skills in cutting the edges of the chair and creating the desired shape.

This is an Adirondack chair that is more than the regular furniture in your backyard. It is undoubtedly the funkiest chair you can create that is also comfortable to keep for outdoors.

Fishy and Colorful Adirondack

2. Star Wars Stormtrooper

You can turn your favorite movie, book, or character into a classic theme for your Adirondack chair. The Star Wars stormtrooper is one way to pimp the outdoor furniture with a colorful design. However, this will require applying some skills in coming up with the design and create an appropriate shape.

You will have to be good with a saw in trimming the form of your chair. When coming up with a star wars stormtrooper, you will need first to trip the back of your chair and apply several white paint coats and black coloration coats. You can also invert the colors when creating this stormtrooper to create a Darth Vadar version.

Watermelon Inspired Design Adirondack

3. Watermelon Inspired Design

Another great idea for the Adirondack chair is to try a watermelon design. This is where you use the classic green and red colors in a cyclical pattern depending on your preference.

This design is perfect for an outdoor backyard considering the green and red color blends well with the background. In the end, it will be a beautiful view that will entice anyone to sit there. It is also easy to make as you don't need any skill in creating complicated shapes or patterns.

Watermelon Inspired Design

4. Try a Beach-Themed Flair

A beach-themed flair can be a perfect choice if you are located within the lakeside or coastal cabin. You can carve the barest of the chair into paddle shapes or real wooden oars, then paint with a light blue color to add flair.

This design brings a little surf and coastal taste that can go in hand with the spring season. You can create a sea-weathered look or starfish stencil depending on your preference and create a masterpiece. With white paint on top of a blue background, you can do pretty anything with the outdoor Adirondack chair.

Beach-Themed Flair Adirondack

5. Palm Trees in the Breeze

The Adirondack chair can be carved into a palm tree design to resemble the coastal scene. However, this can be one of the hardest things to do, considering the complication of creating the pattern.

It will require a high level of creativity to achieve this design, including the use of a jigsaw or band saw to cut out patterns into the chair. After cutting the trends, you can paint the Adirondack with different color patterns that can match your desire for the backyard.

Palm Trees in the Breeze Adirondack

6. Playful Paisley

Consider an adult coloring idea if you want to be more creative with the Adirondack chair designs. The classic style of Adirondack can be customized for your individuality while making it relaxing to the eye. With pencils and other paints, you can create fun designs and make your yard desirable. In essence, with different color patterns, this paint design features everything you love about classic Adirondack furniture.

Playful Paisley Adirondack

7. Skull Design for the Manly Man Cave

It will be a good idea to try a skull design for anyone seeking to create a manly man cave within their backyard. It is also perfect for anyone who celebrates Halloween and does not mind creating the. The design features everything you love about keeping the man cave sacred to represent the manly nature of your backyard.

 Skull Design for the Manly Man Cave

8. Bright and Blooming Design

Anyone who values simplicity can choose to go with blight and blooming design. This is a blue painted chair that is perfect for spring. The Adirondack chair with this design will depict a cherry blossom tree. It is possible to use a variety of other colors other than blue, such as a green chair with a sunflower pattern on it when in the summer. In essence, this can be an ideal choice for beginners who are only concerned with brightening up their backyards.

Bright and Blooming Design

9. Show Your Club Loyalty

If you are a fan of any sports club, you can represent it by drawing its logo on the Adirondack chairs. With the freedom to create whatever you need for your outdoor furniture, this can be the best opportunity to show your love for the team.

Though somehow complicated, you can draw your team's logo and colors when painting the Adirondack chairs. This design works for anyone passionate about their team colors and want to show to their friends or cheer for the team. You can customize the furniture with your team's colors using a stenciled number on the back.

Show Your Club Loyalty

10. Neon Dreams

Neon dreams can be a painted chair idea for beginners who are only interested in coloring the furniture. The idea is to use bright colors to decorate the furniture in your backyard, which is an excellent way of adding a slash to the Lake House or pool. A combination of neon when painting the Adirondack chair can create a dynamic look and enhance the aesthetic. In essence, you can choose from a variety of pastel colors and sand portions.

Neon Dreams Adirondack

11. Board Game Bliss

If you are innovative enough, then consider creating a board game bliss by painting your Adirondack furniture. This design can provide a sophisticated look to the chair thanks to the black pain and scrabble tiles.

The plan entails painting a board game on the chair that you can use to play when passing the time within your backyard. With this design, you choose to make different adaptations to fit your preference, such as spelling your name on the tiles or anything that interests you.

Board Game Bliss Adirondack

Now you can paint your Adirondack chairs using these ideas by following our painting guide. 


You can turn a favorite movie, character, or team logo into a theme for your Adirondack chair in the backyard. Beginners or experienced individuals can use each of these ideas. There is no limit to what you want to achieve with these painted Adirondack chairs ideas. With a little creativity, you have a chance to decorate your Adirondack chairs in the backyard and come up with a favorite version of the furniture's ideas.

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