Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Review [2021]

Let’s be honest; unless you’re living in the countryside, you’d rarely need a mailbox. But what if you indeed are living there? Well, then a mailbox could be just what you need the most.

Mailboxes are extremely prone to fishing and damage. A sturdy and well-protected security mailbox is hard to find, especially on a budget. If they are well built, they are expensive.

The Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager is not only affordable but also able to meet most of your average mailbox demands. It is regarded as one of the best mailboxes in its price range.

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

We have prepared an extensive review to help you give some insights into it. If you are interested, you ought to check it out. Let’s get started!

Mail Boss 7506 Overview


  • Comes in different finishes and variations
  • Consists of a refined structure being affiliated with Epoch Design
  • Pro and street safe versions have additional benefits
  • Galvanized steel gives a strong build and durability
  • Stainless steel hinges make user operation convenient
  • Patented pry-proof locking system provides strong resistance against robbery
  • Able to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Has a decent amount of compartment area, including a secluded space for receiving small packages and mails


  • It is expensive to replace the laser-cut designed keys
  • Absence of a water extraction system causes mail to get wet and damaged
  • The upper compartment is not as secure as the lower one

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Mailbox Review

For what it offers, 7506 Mail Manager is one of the most systematic yet affordable ranges introduced by the Mail Boss brand. It is a U.S. Postmaster-approved mailbox that has proved to be sturdy and durable due to its solid construction.

This residential mailbox has a unique and well-devised design formulated to safeguard your mails and packages from any sort of robbery.

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager – Check Price on Amazon

Although it provides protection from any unwanted fishing, it is designed to allocate small-sized mails and packages via an allocated space. With its patented lock system, laser-cut keys, and build of galvanized steel, you can rely on it for the safekeeping of your belongings.

Furthermore, you can enjoy different finishes on this product. Want a different color of the mailbox? You got it. A classic wooden version? There’s one for you too. With an elegant style and equally effective benefits, this is a mailbox you can surely pick up any day.

Now, let us take a look at some of the key features of this product to have an in-depth understanding of it.


Unlike most contemporary mailboxes, the 7506 Mail Manager by Mail Boss has an appearance worth discussing.

This three-dimensional mailbox comes in different colors and finishes. You can pick any of the variations according to your preference. Although we are reviewing the black one, the mailbox is also available in the colors Bronze, Granite, Pink, and White.

Available finishes are powder coated finish made of wood, a pro version, and two different street safe versions. In the wooden one, the outer covering is composed of steel, while the inner box is made of wood.

The pro version includes numbers of houses, a tray for keeping mail. Access doors are the specialties of the street-safe versions.

While there isn’t an option to customize, these different versions provide enough variety themselves. As it’s a part of Epoch Design, the Mail Boss is well known for attracting customers because of its sophisticated construction.


As a product of the Mail Boss company, the building material of these mailboxes is metal. To be more specific, it is composed of galvanized steel. Its height is 11.25 inches, width is 10.75 inches, and inward depth is 21 inches.

Although the Mail Boss 7506 is referred to as a modern styled mailbox, it neither has front doors nor has rear doors. In fact, there is no slot for newspapers either. However, it is lockable as a lock is included to be very front of the mailbox.

This mailbox does not require assembly or a base. Its type of mounting is post. But, mounting hardware is not incorporated. Instead, it comes as an additional accessory along with the lock, keys, and floor liner. Address numbers are not incorporated either.

With a capacity of 1750 cubic inches, this mailbox has a U.S. Post Master approval.  You will not need a mounting plate to use it. To make it easier for users to operate, it includes hinges made of stainless steel.


Apart from the usual properties, this mailbox has many special properties as well. We are mentioning some of those exclusive properties here.

The upper lid of the Mail Boss 7506 consists of magnets made of Neodymium. These magnets function to prevent the mail from getting damp or damaged. Besides, they also keep the door of the mailbox shut. Another special feature of this mailbox is its mail flag. It is flexible and tried and true against vandalism.

Both the compartments of this mailbox are equipped with high-performance features. On the lower side of the first compartment, there is a hidden mail clip. On the other side, there is a mail bin that you can use for small-sized packages.

In the lower compartment, more area is allotted for regular mail. It can store weeks’ worth of mail. A pry-proof locking system is installed in this compartment. As an added benefit, this system is patented.


Performance-wise, this mailbox has mostly provided satisfactory results. Yes, it is not completely complaint-free. But for its price point, it gets the job well done.

Starting with security, this aspect of the mailbox is quite commendable. Made of galvanized steel, it is durable and strong against resistive force. The mailbox also consists of various anti-vandalism features in its structure. Most prominently, the lock system is designed to resist any sort of thievery or use of force.

To cope with extreme weather conditions, high-quality powder coating is given to the mailbox. This also adds to the durability of the product. Keys are provided with the mailbox as accessories. One of these keys has a laser-cut design, which enables the mailbox to have added security.

All in all, this mailbox provides great service considering its cost. It is of a convenient size and takes quite a few preventive measures against any form of robbery.

Mail Boss 7506 Specifications and Manual

For full specifications and installation manual, visit the 7506 Mail Manager page on the Mail Boss website.

Mail Boss 7506 Mailbox Frequently Asked Questions

What are the variations of 7506 Mail Manager?

The 7506 Mail Manager consists of a total of 4 variations based on designs and 5 variations based on colors. Black, bronze, white, granite, and pink are the colors available. And, the designs other than the regular are Wood-grain, Pro, Street Safe, and Street Safe – Latitude.

How to install the Mail Boss Mail Manager?

It is quite easy to install the Mail Manager. All you need are some basic tools like screwdrivers and wrenches, and you are good to go.

What are the dimensions of Mail Boss 7506?

The general dimensions of the Mail Boos 7506 are 11.25 inches in height, 10.75 inches in width and, 21 inches in depth. Other than these, you can get more specific dimensions in the Mail Boss website and the user guide that comes with the mailbox.

Does the Mail Boss 7506 have a fast-track mounting system?

No, the Mail Boss 7506 does not include a fast-track mounting system. If you want the mounting system to be incorporated into the mailbox, you will have to install it separately.

Does the Mail Manager include mounting hardware?

No, the Mail Manager does not include mounting hardware. As it does not support a mounting system, the hardware is not included either. Rather, it is included as an accessory.

Get Yourself A Mailbox!

So that was all about the most desirable mailbox in the market. If you think the Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager can fulfill your needs, hurry up and get yourself one.

We sincerely hope this was an insightful review and that you could gather a lot of information about this particular product. Good luck shopping for your mailbox!

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