how to install screen in window

How to Install Screen in Window | Home DIY Guide

Does your window screen need patching up or replacing? In this Home DIY guide, we explain how to install screen in window, how to make a screen for a window, and how to fix screen on window easily using inexpensive tools and kits.

Windows are essential parts of the house that allow the entry of natural light and fresh air into the living area. Additionally, they help us enjoy the outside view and add aesthetic value to the house. While there is no doubt that windows are vital components of a house and other dwelling units, windows may also cause disturbances as they provide an entrance for insects, small animals, dirt, and more.

Thankfully, window screens can come in very handy to manage such a situation. Window screens can allow us to enjoy the full benefits of windows minus the hassle of dealing with different outside elements.

If you haven’t installed window screens before, you’ve just found the best guide to learn how to do it. Today, we’ll be taking you through everything you should know about how to install screen in window as well as some product recommendations for your convenience.

how to install screen in window


There are many types of window screens that you can buy from different suppliers nowadays. These window screens vary by material, size, and benefits. Below, we’ve rounded up the most common and functional window screen types that you can install in your home.

Fiberglass Window Screens

These window screens are resistant to corrosion, stain, and rust. They are also durable and effective at keeping insects away. Moreover, they are deemed energy efficient because of their ability to insulate against cold and heat.

Aluminum Window Screens

Compared to fiberglass window screens, aluminum window screens can offer more privacy and prevent a stronger shield against insects and small animals. They are also rust-resistant and engineered to last for years.

Pet Screens

Pet screens are made from heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester. This material is stronger than other screens and can provide complete protection from dirt and insects while allowing you to see the outside of the house. Moreover, your pets can’t scratch or easily destroy this screen.


Before you get started on learning how to make and how to install screen in window yourself, you should understand what the different parts are that make up home window screens and their function. This will help you follow the instructions in this article as well as the directions in any window screen frame kits you purchase, should you decide to use a kit.

Mesh/Screen: The mesh/screen is the main part of the window screen. It blocks the entry of insects and other outside elements.

Frame: Window screens are impossible to install without the frame. The frame functions as the supporting structure of the window screen. It provides rigidity and keeps the mesh in place.

Spline: This part holds an important part in securing the mesh inside the frame channel. It fixes the mesh into the frame and prevents it from falling.

Corner Connectors: Corner connectors are used to connect the ends of the frame pieces. They form and secure the corners so that the window screen can have an exact fit into the window channel.

Compression/Tension Springs: The compression/tension springs keep the window screen tightly secured in the window channel by pushing the window screen down.

Pull/screen tabs: These parts provide a handle for us to place the window screen into the window channel as well as pull the window screen out.


Taking window screens out is easier than you think. Here are four easy steps you can follow.

Step 1. Prepare your safety tools

Safety tools can protect you from getting hurt. The safety tools you need for this task are:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
Step 2. Press the top of the window screen upward

Press the top horizontal section of the window screen upward where a tension spring is located. This will reduce the tension and loosen the fit of the window screen

Step 3. Lift the pull tab

Continue to press on this part of the frame’s top section and lift the pull tab that is found below this point. After pulling the tab, you should be able to release one side of the screen.

Step 4. Repeat steps 2-3 on other side of screen

Follow the same steps to release the other side of the screen. You should be able to remove the window screen easily after this step.


Installing a window screen may sound complicated, but the truth is you can easily do it with your eyes closed. To install your screen on the window, refer to our guide below.

Step 1. Slide the screen into the channel

Position the window screen into the window channel to make the installation faster and easier.

Step 2. Press the top horizontal part against the top window channel while lifting the pull tab

Press one side of the top horizontal section where a tension spring is located and pull the tab located below it. Secure this side and move on to install the next side of the screen.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 on the other side of the screen

Secure the other side of the screen using the same method in step 2.

Step 4. Check if the screen is tightly held

Make sure that the screen has a snug fit to prevent it from falling and causing possible mishaps. If your screen is loosely attached, you may need a bigger screen,

As a visual reference for how to install screen in window, you may check this great video from Milgard Windows and Doors on YouTube:


Making a screen for a window requires skills in measuring and cutting hard materials. You will need some specialty tools and hardware to put it together. For your convenience, we have shared four popular window frame screen kits below that will make the job much easier, which we recommend you check out. Here are the steps on how to make a screen for a window.

Step 1. Prepare your materials and tools

You will be surprised how you can shorten your work time by simply preparing your tools before doing any steps. Below is the checklist of all the materials and tools you will be using in this project.

  • Frame kit – see reviews below
  • Tension/Compression Spring
  • Pull tabs
  • Mesh/Screen
  • Corner connectors
  • Spline roller
  • Tape measure
  • File/Sandpaper
  • Saw
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Cutter/Utility knife
Step 2. Measure the sides of the window channel

Using a measuring tape, take the measurements of the window channel. There are three measurements that you will be needing, namely window height and width, and window channel width

Take the height measurement of the window by placing the edge of your measuring tape at the topmost end of the upper channel and pulling it down to the top edge of the bottom channel

Take the width measurement by extending your tape measure from the edge of the right side window channel to the left side edge or vice versa.

Measure the channel width to make sure that your window screen thickness fits the window channel.

After taking the measurements, subtract about 1/4″ to 1/8″ from the height measurement to make sure that your window screen will fit. In addition, you should also opt for a window frame that is thinner than the window channel width.

Step 3. Remove the spline

Removing the spline before cutting the frame pieces can make the cutting process easier. Do this by simply pulling the spline out of the frame channels.

Step 4. Cut the frame pieces according to the measurement you took

Take your four frame pieces and mark them with the measurements you took. Using a saw, cut the frame pieces.

Step 5. File the edges of the frame pieces

For a smoother edge and better assembly of the frame pieces, make sure to file and smoothen the edges with a file or sandpaper.

Step 6. Assemble the frame

Take your tension springs and insert them on the top corners of the screen, one on each corner. Place the pull tabs at the edge of the lower horizontal section opposite the tension springs. Finally, Take your corner connectors and assemble the window screen frame.

Step 7. Attach the mesh

Take your mesh and place it over your frame. Next, take your spline and spline roller. Place the spline on top of the mesh above the frame channel. Then, push the edge of the spline into the channel with a screw. Once, the end of the spline is inserted into the frame channel, you can begin rolling your spline roller over the spline to secure it inside the frame channel. Do this until you are able to completely secure the mesh on the frame with the spline.

Step 8. Cut the excess mesh

Using a cutter or utility knife, cut the excess mesh. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it is best to not cut the mesh too closely to the splines to avoid damaging them.


Shopping around and looking at different window frame screen kit options can be frustrating. You have to consider many things like material, features, and more. We understand that not many people have the time to check each product so we did the hard work and put up a list of some window frame screen kit recommendations that you can conveniently purchase from Amazon and hardware stores in the US. We made sure that these products are true to their claims and can provide great support for your window screen.

1. Make-2-Fit PL 7812 Window Screen Frame Kit

This frame screen kit is one of the most affordable yet good-quality kits you can find. This kit includes aluminum frame pieces, plastic corners, and vinyl spline. When assembled, this kit can form a 36″ x 36″ frame. You can also customize the size of this frame by cutting the frame pieces to your desired measurements. Moreover, it sports a white color that can fit many house designs. It is suitable to hold different screen materials like aluminum, fiberglass, and flexible poly film. It comes with an easy-to-follow guide as well so first-time DIYers can have an easy time assembling this product.


  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Sturdy plastic materials


  • Factory cuts are not clean

Make-2-Fit PL 7812 Kit

Buy on Amazon ↗

Check full product specifications, customer reviews, see additional images and buy the Make-2-Fit Kit on Amazon.

Also available from:

2. Prime-Line PL 7806 Screen Frame Kit

This window frame screen kit is all you need to replace a damaged window frame or create a new frame. This easy DIY kit will have you stop researching how to install screen in window frames, and allow you to just get on with doing it. This Prime-Line kit provides you with all the parts you need to construct a 36″ x 36″ window screen frame. It comes with easy-to-cut aluminum frame pieces so you can construct smaller frames. Additionally, it comes with vinyl spline and plastic corners that can give your frame the support and security it needs. The frame material has a unique bronze or brown color that can certainly make your windows stand out. This frame is also suitable for aluminum mesh, fiberglass fabric, and flexible poly film.


  • Unique bronze or brown color
  • Made with long-lasting aluminum material
  • Easy to cut and assemble


  • Flimsy corner connectors

Prime-Line PL 7806 Kit

Buy on Amazon ↗

Check full product specifications, customer reviews, see additional images and buy the Prime Line PL 7806 Kit on Amazon.

Also available from:

3. Make-2-Fit PL 7800 Screen Frame Kit

If you’re looking for a frame screen kit that has a mill finish and is customizable, this product is certainly for you. The Make-2-Git PL7800 is a frame kit composed of four frame pieces with a mill finish, corner connectors, and spline. With this kit, you can create a 36″ x 36″ screen or smaller. It is easy to cut and can hold a variety of screens including aluminum, fiberglass, and flexible poly film. Moreover, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions that make the assembly faster and easier.


  • Easy to work with
  • Mill finish
  • Comes with clear instructions


  • Prone to bending

Make-2-Fit PL 7800 Kit

Buy on Amazon ↗

Check full product specifications, customer reviews, see additional images and buy the Make-2-Fit 7800 Window Screen Kit on Amazon.

Also available from:

4. Prime-Line Products PL 7836 Screen Kit

The Prime-Line PL 7836 screen kit is another promising frame screen that you have to check out. This kit offers durable frame pieces, corner connectors, and vinyl spline. It can form a 36″ x 36″ screen that you can size down by cutting the frame pieces. It is suitable for aluminum, fiberglass, and flexible poly film screens. In addition, it comes with a comprehensive guide to make the frame easier to assemble. Many users also love its white-colored frames that match different home decors.


  • Easy to use
  • Made with durable materials
  • Long-lasting


  • Pricey

Prime-Line PL 7836 Kit

Buy on Amazon ↗

Check full product specifications, customer reviews, see additional images and buy the Prime Line PL 7836 Window Screen Kit on Amazon.

Also available from:


Knowing how to fix screen on window is definitely useful for every DIYer. While you can replace the entire screen as you wish whenever it gets damaged, there are other ingenious ways that you can deal with this problem with just a little cost and effort.

How to fix a tear or hole on the window screen

Fixing a tear or hole is now easier than ever with adhesive patches. Adhesive back patches are functional products that work like tape and can keep the tear closed. They have a strong adhesive that can stick to any screen. Additionally, you can cut this product according to the size of the tear.

For a faster solution, you may also opt for pre-cut pieces. Pre-cut patches are already cut into small pieces that you can stick on the tear like a sticker.

How to fix bent window screen frame

Do not panic if your window screen frame is bent. Just follow the steps below and you will surely fix this problem in no time.

how to fix screen on window
Fix holes and tears like this using specialty adhesive window screen patches or strips
Step #1. Take out the window screen frame from the window

Push the upper horizontal part of the frame and pull the pull tabs to release the window screen

Step #2. Separate the bent frame piece from the frame screen

Pull the spline to release the bent side.

Step #3. Measure the unbent side and mark the measurement on a new frame piece

Do not base your measurement on the bent piece as you may get a shorter measurement.

Step #4. Cut the new frame piece

Cut the piece with a saw and sand it for a more seamless assembly.

Step #5. Assemble the window screen with the new frame piece
  1. Connect the frame piece to the other pieces with corner connectors.
  2. Next, place the screen over the frame channel.
  3. Then, put the spline above the screen that is on top of the frame channel.
  4. Push the spline edge into the channel.
  5. Finally, roll the spline roller over the spline to secure it and the screen inside the frame channel.


Window screens are certainly a great addition to every household. Apart from keeping insects, dirt, and animals away, they also offer additional benefits like insulation, sun protection, and even privacy. Installing, taking out, and fixing screen damages are also not that hard with the right instructions. In addition to the right instructions, you should also be patient and pay attention to details especially if it’s your first time installing a window frame. Opting for the best window screen frame kits can also help you install screens in your window with ease.

Now that you have worked out how to fix screen on window and how to install screen in window, maybe you’d like to look at options for enhancing your window security. In this article we discuss how to choose interior window security bars for your home, as well as the difference between window bars and security window screens.


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