The Art of Folding a Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Frequent beachgoers love convenience in the equipment they use. For a leisure activity, the equipment should be convenient and easy to use so that people can enjoy the experience. Using beach chairs does not have to requires technical expertise.

One of the most popular pieces of equipment for beachgoers is the Tommy Bahama Chair. This type of beach chairs is easy to setup and offers great convenience to the user. It has many features that make it a favorite among beachgoers. For example, it allows you to recline into different positions, thus allowing you to use it as a chair or a bed.

It also has a pillow for comfort, a storage compartment, towel bar for your towel, and special safety features to avoid minor injuries while setting it up. The Tommy Bahama chair is also light and easy to carry, making it very portable.

Although these chairs can be very convenient and comfortable to use, many users have a challenge folding them. As a beachgoer, you have to learn how to fold Tommy Bahama beach chair if you are to enjoy a greater beach experience.

How to Fold Tommy Bahama Beach Chair?

Folding Tommy Bahama chairs can be tricky at times. However, the design of the seats allows for easy disassembling after use. You can easily fold them by applying some pressure to the metal bar beneath the seat. 

After effectively folding the chair, you can carry it as a backpack using its straps or carry it using its rubber handle. The features make it easy and secure to transport the chairs.

Learning the steps to folding your Tommy Bahama seat will greatly make your work easy when folding it.

1. Before you can start folding your chair, ensure that you remove everything that might be in the side pockets or storage pouches. That ensures there are no spills on the chair and protects the seat from damage.

2. From the chair’s upright sitting position, place one foot on the metal bar at the back of the chair.

3. While stepping on the back metal bar, collapse the seat by pushing the backrest forward. Remember to ensure you flatten the back towel bar onto the back of the chair when you collapse the seat. The movable parts of the chair fold at the hinges connecting different parts.

4. Once you have collapsed the seat, locate the two halves of the buckle attached to straps on the backrest and beneath the seat. Clip them into place to secure the backrest and seat. That allows you to transport the chair comfortably without it disintegrating.

Before you can carry your Tommy Bahama chair from the beach, always ensure that you shake it well to remove any sand on it. For comfort while carrying it as a backpack, ensure you pull the buckle straps to adjust their lengths to a convenient size.

5. Slip into the straps of the chair to carry it on your back. The chair has two parallel straps under the seat cushion. Ensure the seat is comfortably on your back as you carry it. 

Carrying the seat on your back as a backpack frees your hands and allows you to use your free hands for other things like carrying the other stuff you have. Since the weight of the Bahama Beach chair is only around 7 pounds, you can also carry it by its rubber handle. The rubber handle is at the top of the backrest.

Alternatively, you can fold your chair by kneeling and pushing on the front metal bar downwards. With one hand on the backrest, push the front metal bar downwards using the other hand.

Opening a Bahama Beach Chair

Folding a Bahama Beach chair is only half the work. You also need to know how to reopen it for use. You cannot rush through the process if you want to avoid damaging the chair. Thus, for effective use, you need to understand the steps as they would enhance your comfort while maintaining the good condition of the chair.

1. The first step is to unclip the buckle to release the different parts of the chair. To unclip the buckle, push the prongs of the buckle inwards to release the bottom half of the buckle. Once you unclip the buckle, set the two pieces of the buckle behind the backrest and under the seat to keep them safe.

2. Extend the seat by pulling the backrest and seat cushion apart. You can achieve this by pulling on the backrest with one hand while the other is holding onto the seat cushion. Ensure the seat gets to an upright position. You can adjust the seat into 5 different reclining positions. It can even recline to a flat position if you want to lie down flat.

Adjusting the recline position requires a little pressure on the right armrest. However, you have to be seated while you do this.

3. Before you sit on the chair, make sure you secure the metal legs. The chair should be on flat, solid ground for stability. Always ensure the legs are also fully extended before you sit. That helps prevent damage as you sit or lie on the chair.

Folding the Bahama Beach chair is equally important as opening it. You need to handle the seat with care both when folding or when unfolding it. That ensures you maintain it in good condition and avoid damage.

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