Best Way to Deploy Garden Fencing For Home Security

Are you thinking about installing new fencing to enhance your home security? Today we have a special post from a NestKoo guest, NeoTimber. NeoTimber specialize in composite decking, cladding and fencing, servicing the UK with a great range of quality fencing and decking materials. Check out them out at – now let’s dive in!

Are you looking for ways to secure your garden resulting in enhanced safety of your home? We are here to talk about some amazing ways that will address your concern!

The garden is the place where we spend a lot of our time and try to maintain it the most. Whether it is about taking care of the composite cladding or rotating plants every season, it requires quite some effort to keep the beauty of your outdoors intact. Installing a garden fence is the best-known way to keep it safe.

Deploying the fence correctly ensures that it is ultimately serving its purpose. Here is what you need to do:

Think Like a Thief:

No pun intended! When you are trying to secure something, always try to see things from the intruder’s point of view. Have a keen look at your garden’s layout. Is your furniture visible from the outside? Can your garden be accessed from the rear? Are there any hiding spots or concealed spaces? How easy is it for someone to climb your fence? Have a look at your garden from different angles and look for the possibilities of intrusion.

Focus on the Fence’s Height:

Your garden fence’s height is the first thing you should be paying attention to. It has to be a hard-to-climb boundary to ensure enhanced safety. Keep it at least 8 feet tall. Every city or state has a different rule regarding front garden fencing; make sure that you check out the regulations before installing the boundary.

No Place to Hide:

Our goal is to keep the garden clean and install a see-through fence. We need to ensure that there is no place to hide beyond the boundary wall, and we can see anyone walking by it or standing there.

Choosing the Railing:

Choosing the railing is an essential step toward securing your home. A horizontal railing will work best since we aim to make it hard to climb. It is hard to scale them, thus, giving burglars quite a tough time.

What else would be great? Your fence should have spikes or pointed edges at the top. You can also install anti-climb wire or spikes on top of a flat wall.

Hard to Bypass:

There isn’t any use for a see-through fence if the thief can displace, cut, or remove it. Barriers are meant to be strong enough to withstand any such intrusion attempts. Chain-link wire fences can easily be cut. Please pay attention to the material of the fence you are buying; it has to be hard to cut or break for enhanced safety.

 Add Security Cameras:

Installing a fence is not enough. Surveillance cameras are must-haves for improved security of your home. You even have a look at your property from your office desk or while being away from home. Besides, seeing security is enough for the burglar to run away.

Add Light:

Most of the intrusions and thefts happen at night since it is easy to hide oneself. Adding lights would be a great way to send out a message that they are being watched. The best one would be a motion sensor light. It is energy efficient and keeps the passerby alert.

Adding a fence to your garden makes your home a lot more secure. It helps keep your outdoor belongings such as furniture vases etc., safe. Besides, painting the boundary walls enhances your outdoor space and increases your home’s property value.

Thanks again to NeoTimber for sharing this useful guide on composite fencing, please be sure to check them out if you are looking to install some new fencing yourself. For more tips on installing security measures around your home exterior, you can find more articles on home outdoor security options here.

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