Fuji Q5 Platinum Review [ 3005-T70 HVLP ]


For those of you looking for a high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer, the Fuji Q5 Platinum is a godsend. Fitted with an advanced turbine, don't expect to get anything short of high-quality finishes.

Fuji Q5 Platinum

The reason we chose to review this product over hundreds of others is because of its versatility.

Q5 supports most paint types available such as sealer, acrylic, varnish, water-based paints, and many more. This makes it the ideal sprayer for your workshop. With one device, you are able to coat many different objects with a wide range of paint types.

In this Fuji Q5 Platinum Review, we are going to look deeper into the Q5 Platinum to give you a better idea of why this should be on your wishlist.

Fuji Q5 Platinum Paint Sprayer Review

Q5 Platinum is one of Fuji's most renowned HVLP paint sprayers. The reason we advise you to use high-volume low-pressure sprayers is that they use less paint while providing better finishes.

Using the latest technology, the Q5 paint sprayer uses a 5 stage turbine that functions similarly to an air compressor in regular spray guns. Replacing the compressor with the turbine allows the sprayer to pumps in more paint but at a lower pressure. As a result, you receive even coats of paint without over-spraying.

The equipment is a good investment to make since it works on a wide range of surfaces with tons of different paint types. Simply changing the air caps will allow you to switch from using water to oil-based paints or any other variation of your choice.

Furthermore, Fuji has taken the liberty of packing a 5-for-5 bonus kit which consists of a 6-inch whip hose, wet film gauge, gun cleaning and maintenance kits with extra lubricants, and an extra turbine filter.

The maintenance kits, in particular, will keep your spray gun clean and running smoothly for many years to come. Just make sure you take your time out to clean them after every painting session.

Key Features

Before purchasing any product, you should be familiar with the key features it provides. This gives you a clear conception of how well it fits your set of requirements.

5 Fan Turbine

The Q5 turbines are designed to produce a pressure of 9.5 PSI which allows for further atomization of your paint, resulting in a clearer finish. This is important because increases in the pressure reduce the need for you to thin out your paint.

And so, with the 5 fan turbines, you can easily spray on thick and viscous paint easily.

The "5" in the name stands for the number of fans it has within the unit. As you increase the number of fans, you are likely to experience higher pressures.

However, as you increase the fans, it reduces the stress on them, which in turn results in prolonged longevity of your sprayer. The Q5's in-built fans are well designed and built to provide you with top-notch performance for many years to come.

Noise Control

For anyone who is familiar with the Q-series, you already know what the "Q" stands for.

For those of you who don't know, it stands for Quiet. Fuji has spent an exceptional amount of its time reducing the operational noise of the sprayer. The airflow passage has been computer-designed to find the optimum channel.

When the air passes into the turbine, it is then channeled intelligently around the body of the system to reduce as much as 50% of the noise! Upon measuring, the sound level of the turbine clocked in at 63 dB, whereas a regular conversation from a 3 ft distance would come in at 60 dB.

Heat Dissipation Mechanism

Any HVLP sprayer with turbines is bound to generate quite a bit of heat once the turbines spin for a certain period of time. The Q5 houses a unique heat dissipation chamber where the generated heat from the turbine is routed.

Once the heat reaches the chamber, it is spread out and exited through the back of the device, which contains about 60 tiny holes. This keeps your system cool while also ensuring that no extra noise is being made.

Paint Variations

As we have already mentioned, the Fuji 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum paint sprayer supports almost all kinds of paint you might find in the market. Starting from the common water/oil-based paints to your synthetics, latex, and enamel, the Q5 will spray them all. Having a 5 fan turbine allows the system to work well with both viscous and runny paint.

6-inch Whip Hose

Along with a whole maintenance and cleaning kit, the Fuji 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum is packed with a high-quality 6-inch hose pipe. Made with the best quality glass fiber-reinforced polymer, the pipe is flexible and lightweight, allowing you to move around and paint at ease.

The twisting and bending ability of the pipe reduces any restrictions on movement, which gives you more control and access to those tight spots.

Easy to Clean

Now the entire sprayer system from Fuji is made to be as hassle-free as possible. Already packing extra lubricants and cleaning equipment within the 5-on-5 bonus kit, you barely have to do any extra work for maintenance.

All you need to do is get familiar with the cleaning tools and start disassembling your spray gun to clean it.

Don't worry, because Fuji has made this device friendly for both beginners and professionals and so, disassembling the spray gun is like child's play.

Spray Gun Compatibility

If you're tying yourself to the Fuji family by purchasing the Q5, you will be able to take advantage of their high-quality spray guns. The Q5 is designed to be compatible with 3 of Fuji's best spray guns, the T70, G-XPC, and T75G.

All of these guns feature Fuji's innovative pattern control knob that lets you adjust the fan size easily. This brings about more flexibility and versatility to your projects as you are able to switch fan sizes based on the requirements.


  • Highly Versatile as it can be used with most paint types and surfaces
  • Compatible with 3 of Fuji's top-notch spray guns for enhanced variation
  • Comes with a 5-on-5 bonus kit that contains a cleaning kit
  • Easy to clean design makes it ideal for beginners
  • Glass fiber-reinforced polymer hose is long-lasting and very flexible
  • Heat dissipation chamber efficiently removes excess heat from the turbines
  • Greatly reduces the operational noise
  • 5 fan turbine aids versatility as it works with both thick and runny paint types


  • Comes at a very high price
  • The connection of the hose to the pump tends to get really hot

Frequently Asked Questions

How many spray guns will I receive with the Fuji 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum ?   

Q5 packs one spray gun, which is the t-70 non-bleed spray gun. The other models are compatible with the Q5, but you need to purchase them separately.

Which surfaces can I paint with this?

The versatility of the Q5 will let you paint just about anything with it. Whether you want to paint your car or your indoor wood furniture, the Fuji 3005-T70 Q5 Platinum will do it all.

Will the system overheat if used for prolonged periods of time?

While the heat dissipation box does a fantastic job of removing excess heat from the turbines, the unit does tend to heat up. It's always a good practice to give breaks from time to time in order to reduce the stress on the heat dissipation chamber.

How noisy is the turbine?

Clocking in 63 dB sound from a 15-foot distance is extremely lower than most pain sprayer units.

How do I clean the system?

With the 5-on-5 kit comes cleaning and maintenance tools that you can use to clean your spray gun. It is also fairly easy to disassemble the spray gun to clean its interiors.

Final Words

As you can guess from reading our Fuji Q5 Platinum Review, the Fuji Q5 is an excellent addition to any workshop that deals with heavy painting jobs. Whether you're a professional or beginner, using this paint sprayer is comfortable and easy.

Also, when it comes to cleaning, Fuji has done a good job in making the parts easy to disassemble, making the cleaning process hassle-free.

The only concern we have is the heavy price tag it carries. For beginners who are not heavily invested in painting, we would advise looking at something more minimal.

We hope this article has given you enough reasons to consider the Q5 Platinum as an option.

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