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Door Devil Reviews and Best Door Reinforcement Kits in 2022

Statistics show that one-third of all burglaries are conducted through the front door*. That means, if you have a regular wooden framed door, chances are high that someone could easily break in your house in minutes.

Just a massive kick on the weak points of your entrance- that’s all it takes for a robber to get inside your house. However, door devils and other door reinforcement kits can be a great choice to secure your entries from this disaster. They are also affordable and easy to install. In this article, we cover all things door reinforcement kits and locks, to get your front entrance properly secured.

As well as brand new door devil reviews for 2022, we’ll help you understand what to look out for when choosing the best door reinforcement kit for your home, compare two major brands (door devil vs door armor), plus step-by-step instructions for how to install a door devil correctly.


door devil reviews nestkoo
Are break-ins a reality in your neighborhood? If so, check out our door devil reviews and fix your doors asap.

What is a Door Devil?

Door Devil is a popular brand of door reinforcement kit, but on occasion you might hear the terms ‘door devil’ and ‘door reinforcement kit’ used interchangeably to mean the same thing. More correctly, what we are talking about here is Door Reinforcement Kits.

Basically, Door Reinforcement Kits are a smart and secure way to save your doors from getting broken down. They make it impossible for burglars to penetrate the entry, no matter how many times they try.

A door reinforcement kit involves a set of steel plates that secure the weakest points of your door, that would otherwise break if someone tries to kick or bust through your door. This additional reinforcement makes it a tough job for anyone to break in through the front opening.

They are really easy to install. All you need is a power drill. Just a 30-minute installation session and your home is more secured than ever!

Door Reinforcement Kits vs Door Reinforcement Locks

If you’ve been out shopping for door reinforcement products already, you’ve probably come across both door reinforcement kits and door reinforcement locks. And maybe you’re feeling a bit confused about which one is the better option for your needs.

What’s the difference?

While both products share the same mission of securing the door from burglars, they are different in many ways.

A door reinforcement kit, like the door devil security kit, is made up of several metal plates used to shield the weakest points of a door. Their ultimate role is to deny burglary tools access to the vital areas of the door including hinges, jamb and door locks and prevent their manipulation. Moreover, the plates reinforce these parts so that they withstand the violent hits with foot and battering ram.

On the other hand, a door reinforcement lock is a single device mounted on the inside of the door edge. When in locked position, it blocks the door so that no one can open it from outside. Door devil security plates are not mobile. They are just used as static guards.

Which is better?

Now, which one is better? Installation-wise, the reinforcement lock is definitely better, as it takes just 5 minutes to drive 3 or 4 screws into the door frame. The kit’s installation takes about 30 minutes.

Security-wise, both products perform excellently in stopping burglars from breaking in the house. But we tend to believe that the reinforcement plates are slightly better, because they are numerous and act as a united shield system.

The lock is one piece only and in case you forget to close it, burglars are free to act. The protection provided by plates is permanent. It doesn’t depend on the human factor. Furthermore, if the lock breaks down, your door instantly becomes vulnerable, which will not happen in case the hinge plate gets disabled.

Knowing that burglar’s tools get better and better every day, you couldn’t go wrong installing both reinforcement systems on your entry door. They will complete each other and take over the house defense in case one of them gets broken down.

Best Door Reinforcement Kits 2022

Door Devil Review – Door Security Kit

Door Devil Door Security Kit – Order from Door Devil website

This Door Devil security setup offers supreme protection against burglars. It includes 3 plates to reinforce the weakest points of the door – jamb, hinges and deadbolt. All plates are made of top-quality stainless steel that leaves no chance to forced entry no matter the method used. To reassure you that your door is safe, let us put it into perspective. A foot kick can generate a maximum force of 800 lbf while a battering ram is 1700 lbf. With the ability to withstand 2000 lbf, this security kit is sure to resist to any of those break-in methods.

Apart from being tough and durable, the stainless steel plates are also corrosion-proof. So even if they accumulate moisture on rainy days, they aren’t going to corrode. No need to worry about rusty hinges that spoil the look of your door. As far as installation is concerned, it’s not rocket science, be sure of that. You just need a power drill and a screwdriver to put the screws in place.

It might happen that the plate doesn’t fit as flash as to allow the door to close. In that case, you will have to use a soft mallet to hammer the screws in.

So, does door devil really work? We think yes, definitely, but before you settle on this one have a look at the Door Armor MAX review first, where we compare door devil vs door armor features.


  • Kick-proof stainless steel setup
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Withstands battering ram’s deadly force
  • Easy 30-minute installation


  • A soft mallet might be needed to ensure a fit flash and an easy door closing

Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set Review

Door Armor MAX – Check Price on Amazon

Moving on from our Door Devil review to the Door Armor Max’s security kit. Generally speaking, the kit has a similar setup to the Door Devil plates, aimed at reinforcing three of weakest parts of the door. You are good to install them all, which will make sure neither the hinges, nor the door lock nor the jamb gets broken down by intruders.

Being made of galvanized stainless steel, Door Armor’s kit is just as thin and strong as its counterpart from Door Devil. Both will easily fit doors that are up to 1.75 inches wide and allow 2 dimes to fit between them and the jamb. The kits are even close on the price spectrum which tells pretty much about their uncompromising quality.

Now you might want to hear some differences in this door devil vs door armor battle as well. While sharing similar features in terms of material, structure, and protection provided, these kits differ in size.

The biggest difference between door armor vs door devil is in the size of the jamb plates. The Door Armor plate length is 46″ which is a huge 10″ longer than the Door Devil’s one. How will it affect your door security?

Well, the longer plate will cover a wider door frame area, making it more resistant to break-in tools. Also, the 46-inch plate fits doors with a larger space between the deadbolt and doorknob.

Nonetheless, this long plate has some minor drawbacks. It is a bit heavier and might require two people to install. You may try to install it on your own but it might be difficult to hold the plate while trying to mount it. Armor Concepts have shared an installation video created by a customer, which you can check out in the section How to Install a Door Reinforcement Kit below.

If you are tossing up between Door Devil or Door Armor, considering the extra security that the longer 46” inch plate provides, we think Door Armor is the better choice.


  • Sturdy burglar-proof structure
  • Full protection of weakest door parts
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Long 46-inch plate to protect about 1/2 of the jamb length
  • Can fit doors where the deadbolt lock and the doorknob lock are far apart
  • Police tested


  • Might require two people to install

Door Armor Mini Door Security Reinforcement Kit Review

Door Armor Mini Door Reinforcement Kit – Check Price on Amazon

We’re admittedly pretty excited about the Armor Concepts Mini door reinforcement kit. Why? Well, for one, the police have attested to the strength of this heavy-duty security set through a thorough police test. This alone should be reason enough to get excited.

Moreover, the plates are crafted from corrosion-proof 16-gauge galvanized sheets of steel. This says a lot about the durability and strength you are going to get from this setup.

This kit secures your opening by reinforcing two of its main weak areas. Specifically speaking, the lock area and the jamb of the door. Even if the burglar is smashing your door with a battering ram, don’t worry. It’s not going to make any difference.

If you are wondering if your entry supports such a setup or not, rest assured. This kit can fit to wood, vinyl or fiberglass, making all these materials literally kick-proof.

Even though it sounds like a tough job, setting this whole system up is child’s play. It will take only about 20 minutes to install it, and all you need is a power drill.


  • Police tested and recommended door safety system
  • Provision for self-installation and takes 20 minutes to setup
  • Corrosion-proof and 16-gauge galvanizing steel
  • Suits all the typical door types
  • Reinforces two of the main weak points of your entry


  • The door gets a bit bulky after the setup

Armor Concepts Fix-A-Jamb Security Reinforcement and Frame Repair Kit Review

Armor Concepts FAJ-INT-23000 Fix-A-Jamb Kit – Check Price on Amazon

This reinforcement metal plate is designed to fix a broken-down jamb. If your door jamb has started to deteriorate due to wear and tear or has been damaged by burglars, this kit is your savior.

Covering your door frame with this sturdy plate is much cheaper than replacing the jamb. The kit includes the 24″-long metal shield and the mounting hardware.

It is really important to note that there are no plates for protecting the hinges and door locks, which means these parts remain vulnerable. That being said, if burglars are roaming around your neighborhood, this kit is not a good choice for preventing a break-in. Purchase instead a complete reinforcement kit to protect all weak points of your door.

Good news is that this plate is available in a variety of colors, including bronze, satin nickel and white. Feel free to choose the finish that perfectly matches your door. Moreover, the material is paint-friendly. You can paint the plate so that it blends with the color of your door frame. Given that it’s just one piece in the kit, installation will take just 10 minutes. If the door jamb is splintered, you might need to sand it first.


  • Perfect for repairing deteriorated door jambs
  • Shields the door from kicks
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • You can paint it to match the door frame color


  • Lacks hinge and deadbolt reinforcement plates
  • Only partially effective against burglars

Prime-Line U 11026 Jamb Repair and Reinforcement Kit Review

Prime-Line U 11026 Jamb Repair and Reinforcement Kit – Check Price on Amazon

This kit suits both door repair needs and door reinforcement needs. It comes with 8 heavy-duty plates to shield three of the most vulnerable areas of your door.

All pieces are made of steel and offer good protection against kicks and prying. They are extra thin which means they can fit alongside doors that are separated from the jamb by a very narrow space. But it’s worth noting that this thinness makes the plates vulnerable to bending when a huge force is applied. However, bent doesn’t yet mean broken down. So even if burglars manage to misshape the plates with their battering ram, they will still fail to enter your house.

These reinforcement plates are paintable. This allows you to match them with your door color and improve the appearance of your entryway. Keep in mind, though, the higher the door traffic, the faster the paint will start to peel off. So you will have to repaint it over and over.

The installation of this kit is a breeze. All you need is a power drill, sandpaper for polishing the door edge and frame, and 30 minutes of your time.


  • Suitable for door repair and reinforcement
  • Reliable protection against burglars
  • Fit extra narrow spaces between door and jamb
  • Paintable
  • Easy installation


  • Might bend under huge force

TUFF STRIKE TPSP Deadbolt Strike Plate Review

TUFF STRIKE TPSP Deadbolt Strike Plate – Check Price on Amazon

This option is not a door reinforcement kit, but we decided to include it in the door devil reviews section anyway, since this style of door security seems like a popular alternative to a full kit.

This TUFF STRIKE deadbolt strike plate features 4 1/2 inch durable posts and strike plate that works to reinforce the deadbolt lock. Having a long strike plate and screws means that any blows get absorbed more effectively and any heavy-strikes get evenly distributed throughout the frame. This relieves the pressure on the weaker points of the door. In doing so, it becomes nearly impossible to kick and break the frame of your entrance with even multiple heavy blows.

If you are concerned about your entrance design matching with this piece, you are in luck, as it comes with four separate finishes that can suit your existing hardware. Choose from the oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, polished brass, and antique brass – whatever suits the best to your door!

While this TUFF STRIKE piece does a pretty good job, it is after all just a one-piece deadbolt strike plate. If you’re looking for the very best door security option, however, we recommend investing in one of the full door reinforcement kits instead.


  • Easy to install in just 20 minutes
  • Available in 4 different finishes to match your entrance design
  • Long screws and plates help distribute heavy blows throughout the frame
  • Once set up, it easily blends into the frame


  • A bit difficult to drill straight with a power drill

Best Door Reinforcement Locks 2022

Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Lock – Check Price on Amazon

Are you looking for an alternative to Door Devil security kits? You can try a reinforcement door lock, like this one instead. The lock is constructed from extruded aluminum providing a firm grip with the door and impeding any attempt to break it in. The lock cannot be picked nor opened by force.

One of the major advantages of this lock is that it can be installed at adult height, making sure toddlers can’t reach it. Even if they reach it by climbing a chair, they won’t be able to open it given the spring mechanism that makes opening the lock quite confusing for them. A good choice if you need to keep your door locked from kids inside, as well as burglars outside.

The lock comes with a large variety of finishes, from brushed chrome, to bronze, to polished brass.


  • Made from extruded aluminum
  • Can’t be opened from exterior
  • Kids-safe opening mechanism
  • Can be installed at any height
  • Available in various finishes


  • Mounting screws are not the best quality (you can consider higher-quality ones)

WINONLY Home Security Door Lock Reinforcement

WINONLY Home Security Door Lock – Check Price on Amazon

This reinforcement lock can withstand 800 lbf which gives anyone trying to kick in the door no chance. To put it into perspective, a deadbolt inserted into the jamb needs 12x weaker force than this to be broken in, making the WINONLY a significantly stronger barrier against burglars than a deadbolt alone.

The Winonly lock is secured to the door frame with four long heavy-duty screws which provide additional protection against burglars. If you have kids, you can install the device at adult height so they can’t reach to it.

The lock is made of industry-grade metal that is resistant to blows and fire. Moreover, there is a rubber strip that prevents the lock from scratching the door and allows for a silent door closing.


  • Supports 800 lbs of force
  • Anchored to the door jamb with 4 screws
  • Easily installed at any height
  • Child-safe
  • Rubber pad to prevent door scratching


  • Hard to unlock after someone tries to open the door from outside

EverPlus Home Security Door Lock

EverPlus Home Security Door Lock – Check Price on Amazon

This lock provides a combination of strength, functionality and style. Just like the previous lock, it can resist to 800 lbs of force being a hard nut to crack for burglars. The structure is made of aluminum which, truth be said, is not as strong as steel, but it can resist burglars long enough until police arrive.

The lock has a pretty sophisticated opening mechanism to ensure children can’t unlock it. In fact, even adults might find it confusing at first. But with a little practice, they will learn how to use it.

If you are sick of the door slamming sound, don’t worry, the rubber pad will solve this issue. Moreover, the pad minimizes door scratching. As for installation, you just have to fasten the four screws with a screwdriver. Don’t forget to make holes in the door frame with the power drill first.


  • Stands up to 800 lbf
  • Child-safe opening design
  • Rubber pad to minimize scratching and noise while closing the door
  • Easy installation


  • Takes a little practice to learn how to open the lock

TOYFUL 2 Pack Door Reinforcement Locks

TOYFUL 2 Pack Door Reinforcement Locks – Check Price on Amazon

Despite the playful name, this is a heavy-duty and eye-pleasing reinforcement lock that will turn your house into a fortress. Well, maybe fortress is a stretch, but it will be secure! Once you install it on your door, even the most experienced burglar won’t be able to break in your house.

The super sturdy metal structure is extremely resistant to foot kicks, battering ram, and pry bar. Lock picking is also impossible given the anti-pick design. The device is safely anchored to the door frame using four long screws that reach deep into the jamb so that they can’t be pulled out by force.

Child safety is guaranteed by the smart opening spring-loaded design, which confuses toddlers in their attempt to open the door and leave while you are going about your own business. Just like other high-quality reinforcement door locks, this one is fitted with a rubber pad to prevent metal from scratching the wood.


  • Prevents forced entry
  • Anti-pick design
  • Rubber pad
  • Child-safe


  • Takes some practice to master the opening and closing mechanism

DWELL+GOOD Door Lock for Home Security (2-Pack)

DWELL+GOOD Door Lock – Check Price on Amazon

Simply structured and highly effective at fighting back unwanted guests, this lock has everything needed to offer protection against burglars. No matter whether are they using smart picking methods or sheer force, the lock will stand up to it.

It is also easy to use. The straightforward opening design allows you to open and close the door in a fraction of a second.

The device is mounted with four screws and is made of stainless steel which is known for its outstanding strength and durability. If you fear your kids could reach to the lock, just install it at adult height.


  • Stainless steel structure
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Straighforward opening design
  • Limited access for children


  • Screws might be flimsy (replace them with more durable ones)

How to Pick the Right Door Reinforcement Kit (aka Door Devil)?

Before you make up your mind about buying one of the products based on our door devil reviews, hold on! Here is a quick checklist for you to keep your sharp eyes on while making up your mind on which door reinforcement kit to pick-up.

Heavy-Duty Steel Plate is Mandatory

Installing door security loses its value if the reinforcement plates are not durable. As this is the only thing that gets in the way of a burglar trying to break in, it needs to be pretty tough.

Most steel plates claim to be strong and effective against any blow; in reality, we know it’s nothing but a marketing gimmick. If you want to verify if a steel plate is actually worth it or not, here’re some tips for you:

  • Usually, steel plates that are crafted with 16-gauge galvanizing steel can be a good choice for your safety. It provides the optimum safety for your locks. But what if you can’t find one with such quality?
  • You can either go for a 14-gauge cold-rolled one or the metal steel plate. These types of steel are also known for the excellent sturdiness they have to offer. Make sure the metal steel is finished with bronze or nickel for the best result.

Longer Screws Absorbs Shocks

When a thief tries to break into your house, the most common thing he does is strike hard on the locks. A series of such blows can actually knock off the steel strike that you have reinforced on your door.

Even if the steel is made from a durable formation, you can’t expect it to withstand a continuous hit. That’s why the length of the plate and screw is quite vital. The longer the screw is, the deeper it gets inside the wooden frame.

What this does is, it absorbs the strikes pretty effectively. When a robber blows on your door lock, the longer screws consume it and spread the effect on all over the wooden frame. It reduces the pressure of the hit and neutralizes the damaging effect.

Plates Should Be Corrosion-Proof

Since you are going to install a door reinforcement kit on your front door, this means it will be exposed to a humid environment, as well. This may cause corrosion and rust on the steel plates and screws.

Luckily, you can find reinforcement sets that come with a corrosion-proof coating. Using such a set can make sure it withstands rain, snow, and any other humid atmosphere and comes out as fresh as new.

It Needs to Be Easy to Install

There’s no point in spending a good amount of bucks over something that you can’t install yourself. Try to find one that you can do yourself, or with the help of a friend. A number of door devils in the market only take 15 to 30 minutes to install without the need for any complicated tools.

How to Install a Door Reinforcement Kit?

Although a door devil gives you tough security, installing it is not as tough as it is. Most of the door reinforcement kits in the market are pretty simple to install and often require only a power drill. Here is a simple way you can fix your own entrance reinforcement.

  • Step 1: Prepare with a cordless drill, a utility knife, and a wood chisel.
  • Step 2: Examine both the strike plates and the doorjamb of your door. Unscrew the screws from the deadbolt and strike plates. Make sure the screws are at least 3 inches long. It will reinforce the vulnerable spots like the doorjamb.
  • Step 3: Now, remove the lip strike plate of the lockset. Attach a new plate with 8 X 3 inches screws. Make sure the screws are slightly angled for catching the stud. Pendrill the screws with bits of 1/8-inch size.
  • Step 4: Install a durable and strong door strike plate lock. It will strengthen the doorjamb. Now, mark out the old deadbolt strike plate’s center. After that, install the faceplate that you have with you, and mark around it.
  • Step 5: Remove the plate from its place. Drill the areas that are marked for the strike box and the new plate.
  • Step 6: At this point, use a wood chisel to remove the wood. It is to fit both the faceplate and the strike box plate.
  • Step 7: Finally, place the box and the plate and fix these with a few 3-inch screws. Don’t forget to pre-drill pilot holes for the screws to go through easily.

You door reinforcement is now ready to protect your home against all sorts of kick-ins and rams.

To watch how it is done in real life, check out this neat installation video from Armor Concepts, for their Door Armor kits:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does door devil really work? Is it worth the money?

Safety is such a natural right for every human being that it can’t be ignored for a second. When it comes to the safety and security of your own home, nothing can be considered extravagant and worthless. Using a door devil can increase the safety of your house by multiple folds. So, every penny you spend is worth it, given that you are spending on a good-quality product.

Will the door devil fit my door?  

According to the manufacturers, almost 95% of standard doors do fit the door reinforcement kit. So how do you know if yours is a standard one? Well, if yours is a single door, has a lock-space of 5.5 inches, wood is 1.75 inches thick, and its hinge size is 3.5 inches, it will easily sync with the door devil and many other door reinforcement sets.

Why do I need a door reinforcement kit (aka door devil)?

The only reason you need door devil security is for safety. The regular and common strikes that you have on your entrance are generally not strong enough to provide real security against forced entry attempts and can’t withstand the pressure put on them by heavy bangs and kicks. A door reinforcement kit provides the exact security and strength your entrance needs to stay intact.

Will the door reinforcement kit work on a doorway with sidelights?

Yes, the door reinforcement kit will fit onto the doorways with sidelights. But there’s a catch. You need to ensure that the glass sidelight panes are set at a good distance. The distance should be at least 3 inches so that the screws don’t penetrate the glass.

How do you kick-proof a door?

There is no magic security pill. You can’t be absolutely sure that your opening is perfectly secured and safe from burglars’ kicks. But installing a door devil or a safety reinforcement on your entrance can protect your entry from unwanted encounters.

Will door devil security replace the need for an alarm & video system?

Of course not. You have to understand the difference between door devils, reinforcement door lock security and a notification system. They play different roles, work differently and are separate layers of your overall home safety strategy. Setting up an alarm and video system will notify you or a security company if someone’s trying to break in. On the other hand, the reinforcement door lock and door reinforcement kit (such as door devil) will protect the door from physically breaking open.

Final Words

Security is the biggest concern for most households, especially if you live in the city or suburbs where crime is rampant. Adding an additional layer of security to your home with a door reinforcement kit and reinforcement door lock can make a huge difference to your overall feeling of safety and comfort.

The cost of installing such devices is also very reasonable when you consider the cost involved in replacing your personal items and repairing your door jamb if someone did break in. They are also very easy to install, in most cases requiring only a power drill and about 30 minutes.

We hope our door devil reviews here helped you find out the exact security you need. Keep our buying guide handy for quick help before you make your move! Keep safe!

Now that you’ve got that sorted, have you thought about portable door locks? Add extra security to your hotel door while travelling or your rental. Check out our portable door lock article for more.

This article was originally written on 15 May 2020, and updated on 16 February 2022.

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