Door Devil Reviews And Top Picks 2021

Studies show that around 85% of burglaries are conducted through the front gate. That means, if you have a regular wooden framed door, chances are very high that a goon can easily break in your house in minutes.

Just a massive kick on the weak points of your entrance- that’s all it takes for a robber to get inside your house. However, door devils can be a great choice to secure your entries from this disaster. That’s why we have come up with detailed door devil reviews for you.

Keep reading till the end to find out the best security option for you. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

What Is a Door Devil?

A door devil is also known as a door reinforcement kit is a smart and secure way to save your doors from getting broken down. It makes it impossible for the burglars to penetrate the entry, no matter how many times they try.

Door Devil

It is a set of steel plates that can secure most of the weak points of your door. That’s how it makes it a tough job for anyone to break in through the front opening. All you need is a power drill to install it.

Just a 30-minute installation session and you’re home is more secured than ever!

Top 4 Door Devil Reviews

So what is the perfect setup that works for your doors? We tried to find the answer and came up with 4 different choices that are ruling the market. Here are the detailed reviews of those setups!

1. Armor Concepts Mini Best Reinforcement Kit

To begin with, we have the Armor concepts kit. The police attested this heavy-duty security set through a thorough police test.

The recommendation is easily understandable. Moreover, the plates are crafted from corrosion-proof 16-gauge galvanized sheets of steel. This says a lot about the durability and strength you are going to get from this setup.

This kit secures your opening by reinforcing two of its main weak areas. Specifically speaking, the lock area and the jamp of the door – these are the two points the plates protect from breaking down.

Even if the burglar is smashing your door with a battering ram, don’t worry. It’s not going to make any difference.

If you are wondering if your entry supports such a setup or not, rest assured. This security system can fit any common wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. It can make all these materials literally kick-proof with the proper door armor installed.

Even though it sounds like a tough job, setting this whole system up is child’s play. It will take only about 20 minutes to install it. All you need is a power drill, and 20 minutes to spare!


  • Police tested and recommended door safety system
  • Provision for self-installation and takes 20 minutes to setup
  • Corrosion-proof and 16-gauge galvanizing steel
  • Suits all the typical door types
  • Reinforces two of the main weak points of your entry


  • The door gets a bit bulky after the setup

2. HELEMAN Door Door Reinforcement Plate Kit Review

Up next, we have the HELEMAN door security set with us. It’s a perfect choice for you if you have single or double locks on your entryway, by default.

With its wide and long covering setup, this safety system can replace the standard latch and the deadbolt strikes of your door. A single replacement for a double setup!

Furthermore, the build quality of the steel plates is also remarkable. The entire setting is constructed from mental steel, which comes with a satin nickel finish. This doesn’t only give the entry a stunning look, but also adds to the safety of your house.

Try kicking the door with all the forces you have got. There is nothing to be scared about. With this high-quality and durable security setup, your entrance can withstand up to a 12-pound sled bearing on it.

Even if your old door’s wood jamp had been drilled and screwed a number of times, this setup could still fit in! As it comes with a slightly taller latch and bolts opening, that too, with two strike holes for locks, it does cover the old wood pretty nicely.


  • Pates are made from Mental Steel with nickel finish
  • Easy to install by yourself
  • A single strike can replace two old and regular strikes
  • Strike plates fit perfectly with thicker door jambs
  • It can defense a 12-pound sled beating and survive


  • The default screws are not quite robust

3. TUFF STRIKE – TPSP – Deadbolt Strike Plate Review

TUFF STRIKE brings on its security system; that’s exactly what it sounds – tough to strike!

Its 4 and a half inches durable posts and strike plate reinforces the deadbolt lock with utmost safety. It becomes nearly impossible to kick and break the frame of your entrance with even multiple heavy blows.

The longer strike plate and the screws come with a more significant benefit. After the accurate setup, the longer screws and strike can absorb the blow with better precision. Heavy-strike gets evenly distributed throughout the frame.

This lifts up the specific pressure on the weaker points of the door. In this way, it helps to reduce the chance of an unchallenged break-up of the wooden frame of the entrance.

If you are worrying if your entrance design matches with the available options of this security system, you are in luck. This safety system comes with four separate finishes that can suit your existing hardware. It gives a clean and polished look to your entrance that you deserve.

Choose from the oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, polished brass, and antique brass – whatever suits the best to your door!


  • Easy to install in just 20 minutes
  • Available in 4 different finishes to match your entrance design
  • Longer screws and plates help distribute heavy blows throughout the frame
  • Once set up, it easily embeds itself to the frame
  • The massive reinforcement adds extra security


  • A bit difficult to drill straight with a power drill

4. Door Security Pro Reinforcement Strike Plate Review

The Door Security Pro strike plate is one of the most stand-out products on the market. Thanks to its 6 feet long strike plate, it is going to be a tough nut to crack for any burglar

Its amazing 72-inch long plate gives a tough competition to the goons that will try to break the frame. Plus, the 1¾ inches of thickness gives it the extra toughness that you need against the kicking forces.

The build quality of the steel plays a huge role in the durability and toughness of these safety plates. This is exactly what you get from this door safety setup. Crafted with 14 gauge cold-rolled steel, this strong setup echosdurability, and long-lasting characteristics.

This reinforcement set is coated with a white powder coating that gives it a super hard enamel-like finish, which is why it can easily blend into any door style and color. Of course, you can paint it in different colors according to your needs, as well.

Although it is the longest jamb plate on the market, it’s relatively easier to install. It will take just around 15 to 20 minutes for you to getting it done!


  • Longest entry reinforcement plate for better security
  • Double lock guards for extra toughness
  • Made from 14-gauge cold-rolled steel
  • Takes less than 20 minutes to set it up
  • It comes with a white powder coat finish for ahard enamel-like finish


  • The default deck screws don’t match with the plate’s color

How to Pick the Right Door Devil?

Before you make up your mind about buying one of the products that we have reviewed here, hold on! Here is a quick checklist for you to keep your sharp eyes on while deciding to go for a door devil!

Heavy-Duty Steel Plate Is Mandatory

Installing door security loses its value if the reinforcement plates are not durable. As this is the only thing that gets in the way of a burglar trying to break in, it needs to be pretty tough.

Most steel plates claim to be strong and effective against any blow; in reality, we know it’s nothing but a marketing gimmick. If you want to verify if a steel plate is actually worth it or not, here’re some tips for you.

Usually, steel plates that are crafted with 16-gauge galvanizing steel can be a good choice for your safety. It provides the optimum safety for your locks. But what if you can’t find one with such quality?

You can either go for a 14-gauge cold-rolled one or the mental steel plate. These types of steel are also known for the excellent sturdiness they have to offer. Make sure the metal steel is finished with bronze or nickel for the best result.

Longer Screws Absorbs Shocks

When a thief tries to break into your house, the most common thing he does is strike hard on the locks. A series of such blows can actually knock off the steel strike that you have reinforced on your door.

Even if the steel is made from a durable formation, you can’t expect it to withstand a continuous hit. That’s why the length of the plate and screw is quite vital. The longer the screw is, the deeper it gets inside the wooden frame.

What this does is, it absorbs the strikes pretty effectively. When a robber blows on your door lock, the longer screws consume it and spread the effect on all over the wooden frame.

It reduces the pressure of the hit and neutralizes the damaging effect.

The Plates Should Be Corrosion-Proof

As you are going to install a door reinforcement setup on your front door, this means it will be exposed to a humid environment, as well. This may cause corrosion and rust on the steel plates and screws.

Luckily, you can find reinforcement sets that come with a corrosion-proof coating. Using such a set can make sure it withstands rain, snow, and any other humid atmosphere and comes out as fresh as new.

It Needs to Be Easily Installed

There’s no point in spending a good amount of bucks over something that you can’t install yourself. Try to locate the one that you can do it yourself. A number of door devils are there in the market that takes only 15 to 30 minutes to install without the need for any complicated tools.

How to Install Door Reinforcement Kit?

door reinforcement kit

Image from Armor Concepts

Although a door devil gives you tough security, installing it is not as tough as it is. Most of the door reinforcement kits we find in the market are pretty simple to install and often require only a power drill’s association.

Here is a simple way you can fix your own entrance reinforcement.

Step 1: Prepare with a cordless drill, a utility knife, and a wood chisel.

Step 2: Examine both the strike plates and the doorjamb of your door. Unscrew the screws from the deadbolt and strike plates. Make sure the screws are at least 3 inches long. It will reinforce the vulnerable spots like the doorjamb.

Step 3: Now, remove the lip strike plate of the lockset. Attach a new plate with 8 X 3 inches screws. Make sure the screws are slightly angled for catching the stud. Pendrill the screws with bits of 1/8-inch size.

Step 4: Install a durable and strong door strike plate lock. It will strengthen the doorjamb. Now, mark out the old deadbolt strike plate’s center. After that, install the faceplate that you have with you, and mark around it.

Step 5: Remove the plate from its place. Drill the areas that are marked for the strike box and the new plate.

Step 6: At this point, use a wood chisel to remove the wood. It is to fit both the faceplate and the strike box plate.

Step 7: Finally, place the box and the plate and fix these with a few 3-inch screws. Don’t forget to pre-drill pilot holes for the screws to go through easily.

So that was the 7-steps to follow to set up a door reinforcement kit on your front door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is door devil worth the money?

Safety is such a natural right for every human being that it can’t be ignored for a second. When it comes to the safety and security of your own home, nothing can be considered extravagant and worthless try.

Using a door devil can increase the safety of your house by multiple folds. So, every penny you spend is worth it, given that you are spending on a good-quality product.

Will Door Devil fit my door?   

According to the manufacturers, almost 95% of standard doors do fit the door reinforcement system. So how do you know if yours is a standard one? Well, if yours is a single door, has a lock-space of 5.5 inches, wood is 1.75 inches thick, and its hinge size is 3.5 inches, it will easily sync with the door devil setup.

Why do I need a door devil?

The only reason you need a door devil is safety. However, the regular and common strikes that you have on your entrance are not strong enough. These gates can’t withstand the pressure put by heavy bangs on them. A door reinforcement kit provides the exact security and strength your entrance needs to stay firm.

Will the door reinforcement kit work on a doorway with sidelights?

Yes, the door reinforcement kit will fit onto the doorways with sidelights. But there’s a catch. You need to ensure that the glass sidelight panes are set at a good distance. The distance should be at least 3 inches so that the screws don’t penetrate the glasses.

How do you kick-proof a door?

There is no magic security pill. You can’t be absolutely sure that your opening is perfectly secured and safe from burglars’ kicks. But installing a door devil or a safety reinforcement on your entrance can protect your entry from unwanted encounters.

Will door devil replace the need for an alarm & video system?

Of course not. You have to understand the difference between a door lock security and a notification system. These are all parts of layers of safety. Setting up an alarm and video system will notify you if someone’s trying to break in. On the other hand, the door devil will protect the door from cracking open.

Final Words

Security is the biggest concern for most households in the US. Adding one more layer of safety to your home can make a huge difference in your social refuge. Using a door devil reinforcement system is one such layer that you can add.

We hope our door devil reviews here helped you find out the exact security you need. Keep our buying guide handy for quick help before you make your move!

Be safe!

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