Wood Stain Tools and Tips

If you want to bring out the best in your wood, then a stain is the way to go.

Applying and choosing stain is really its own beast, quite different from painting. We cover DIY wood stain tools and tips for a range of staining applications whether furniture, decks, patios, cabinets, woodworking crafts or staining your fence. We explain the proper techniques for getting your stain looking right as rain. As well as stains, we also cover decking oils and related products and accessories. As for tools, check out our article about the bets stain sprayer for fences, to speed up your home DIY staining jobs.

stain a deck cost and tips

Stain a Deck Cost & Tips | Complete DIY Guide

Need help staining your deck? In this complete DIY guide we explain stain a deck cost, tools, deck staining prep & techniques to do it right.
staining deck vs painting deck vs oiling

Staining Deck vs Painting Deck vs Decking Oil (Compared)

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how to stain an old fence

How to Stain an Old Fence? Step by Step Guide

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