Spray Can Reviews and Tips

Looking to improve your spray painting chops?

If you’ve ever used even just a few cans of spray paint, you’ll know they aren’t made equal. Some are pretty good, a few are great, and heaps are… well… trash. We sort through the noise and bring you the spray can reviews and tips for whatever your jam, whether you’re painting plastic furniture, wood toys, metal anything or that concrete wall down the road (uh, legally of course).

We review the best spray cans for the job, and alert you to the not-so-great ones, too. We also explain what you should look out for in a good quality spray can, such as the paint quality, longevity, drying time and even how easy it is to hold and use the nozzle. As well as products, we cover spray painting tips and techniques for a wide range of surfaces, whether you’re spraypainting plastic, metal etc. as well as help you prevent and solve common spraypaint issues.

As a bonus, we’ve even got some automotive spray paint info and techniques; check out our best spray paints for rims if you’re curious.

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