Remove Paint, Cleaning and Safety

If you need to remove or clean up paint, then you’ve come to the right place.

Got paint where you don’t want it? We love paint but we must admit, sometimes, paint is not welcome. Examples of this are paint on your shoes, paint on jeans, paint on your beautiful hardwood floor, or god forbid, paint on the carpet. We explain how to remove paint from clothes, floors and wherever else it doesn’t belong.

Finished painting and time to clean up? Or maybe need to clean before painting? We explain how to properly clean and prepare your walls and surfaces before painting to make sure the paint adheres properly, including recommended product reviews. We also explain how to clean your paint sprayer and air compressor post-painting, including how to remove dried up paint from your tools.

We explain proper paint disposal methods so you can responsibility get rid of those decades-old paint cans stacked up in your shed. Lastly, we discuss general paint safety, such as how to get rid of paint fumes and deal with upper back pain from a weekend of house painting mania.


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