DIY Home Paint Tips

Does your house need a new lick of paint but don’t want to pay a professional?

Upskill yourself, and learn to DIY your home painting tasks! With our painting guides, we’ll step you through the DIY painting process, from budgeting and estimating costs, to choosing paint types and finishes, and practical tips on how to paint your home interior and exterior.

We review the best tools and paints to help you get the job done properly with a long-lasting finish. Not just walls and ceilings, we also cover painting doors, trims, kitchen cabinets, bathroom and even your furniture. We also explain fundamental painting techniques including using rollers, paint sprayers and brushes, along with related product recommendations.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of our article recommendations for painting DIY beginners:

how to fix wall crack before painting

How to Fix Wall Crack & Holes Before House Painting

Unsure what to do about cracks before house painting? Learn how to fix wall crack lines and other minor damage, in preparation for repainting your home.
How to Paint a Plywood Wall

How to Paint a Plywood Wall

Sara explains how to paint a plywood wall or timber wall correctly, including prep, priming and selecting the right house paint and primer.
deck painting how to guide

Deck Painting How To Guide | Steps To Make Your Deck Look Like New

In this complete guide, we delve into all your deck painting how to questions from costing to tips for painting over a stain or oil treated deck.
How to Paint with Sprayer

How to Paint a House with Sprayer: Beginners Guide

Need suggestions on how to paint your house with sprayer? In this article, we’re going to show how you can get the job done in a snap.
exterior house paint ideas gray

Exterior House Paint Ideas: Gray & Charcoal

Thinking of painting your house grey? Make up your mind with these modern exterior gray house paint ideas, plus tips for painting with grey.

How to Paint Bathrooms | Complete DIY Guide

Bathroom need a freshen up? We explain how to paint bathrooms inc. vanities and tiles, plus best bathroom paint finish and paint types to use.
paint house black

Want to paint house black? Do it right with this guide to painting in black.

Want to paint house BLACK? We cover black design tips, painting techniques and the best black paints to get your home looking sharp.
app to paint house

Want the perfect home color? Try an app to paint house!

Tired of the same boring house colors or worried you'll pick the wrong one? Test & visualize your ideas with the best app to paint house. Learn more...
house paint cost

How to Calculate DIY House Paint Cost & Coverage

Need help with your DIY house paint cost estimate? In this guide we explain how to accurately calculate your DIY paint costs, interior and exterior.
paint interior of home nestkoo

How to Paint Interior of Home | Complete DIY Guide

Need to paint interior of home, but don't know where to start? Learn how with our DIY BEGINNERS GUIDE incl. tools and tips to paint a room.
Venetian Plaster

How to Paint Over Venetian Plaster

Thinking of painting over your Venetian plaster walls? We explain how to paint over Venetian plaster, including wall preparation steps.
Painting Unfinished Cabinets

Beginner’s Guide to Painting Unfinished Cabinets

Paint your unfinished kitchen cabinets with this step-by-step guide, incl. tips for preparing, priming and painting your cabinets properly.
Painting a metal bed frame

How to Paint a Metal Bed Frame | DIY Project

Upcycle an old metal bed frame with this painting project guide.…
Enamel vs Latex Paint

Enamel vs Latex Paint: Important Differences

You've probably heard of enamel and latex, but what's the difference? When would you use one over the other? In this quick guide, we explain.
Set up HVLP Spray Gun Parts

How to Set Up a HVLP Spray Gun | Ultimate Guide

Got yourself an HVLP sprayer but unsure how to use it? In this…