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Want to secure your doors and windows from burglars, or from hurricanes and storms?

No matter your reason for securing your windows and doors, we provide the best and latest product reviews and guides to make your security window and door installation and upgrade easy. We also share DIY tips to install your security door and window solutions correctly, and practical buying guides so you know what specs to look for to ensure you pick-up the best security product for your needs.

Feeling like your windows are a weak point into your home? If so, then it’s time to consider upgrading your windows. Security window products we cover include window locks and screens, and related accessories to keep your home safe and sound. We explain what features to look for along with installation guides, to make your DIY transition to secure and safe locking windows easy as well as affordable.

Looking to enhance your front door or back door security? The door is after all the most vulnerable entry point for burglars. Find the door security products you need with our door lock reviews for whatever style of door you have whether swing door, sliding or pocket door. Or beef up your home security with a DIY door reinforcement set from our comprehensive product reviews and guides.

replacing sliding glass door lock

Replacing Sliding Glass Door Lock | How to Install & Repair

In this article, we explain the steps for replacing sliding glass door lock, plus how to fix glass sliding door lock and movement issues.