DIY Home Security Articles

Part of having a safe and comfortable home is making sure it is secure.

While a world without crime would be ideal, unfortunately it is not the case, and therefore home security is a vital part of life especially if you are living in the city or suburbs.

At NestKoo we review and recommend the best home security solutions on the market today, and explain what features and specifications to look for when securing your house, apartment or business from thieves and other unwanted strangers. We cover home security systems, door and window security such as locks, outdoor security for your trailer and gate, and even locking mailboxes. As well as products, we also explain how to install your new DIY security system to get it up and running correctly.

Don’t know where to start? Delve into our DIY home security topics here:

keypad lock for sliding glass door

Best Keypad Lock for Sliding Glass Door: Top 3 Locks You Can Buy Now

Want a keypad lock for your home or holiday rental? Check out our Top 3 keypad lock for sliding glass door recommendations here.
replacing sliding glass door lock

Replacing Sliding Glass Door Lock | How to Install & Repair

In this article, we explain the steps for replacing sliding glass door lock, plus how to fix glass sliding door lock and movement issues.
can you lock barn door

How to Lock Barn Door | Best Locks, Installation & Tips

Love barn doors, but need privacy? We explain how to lock barn door, review the best sliding barn door locks, plus buying and install tips.
interior security window bars

How to Choose Interior Security Window Bars | Home DIY

Want to improve your window security, but need help? We compare interior security window bars brands & styles, plus key features you should look for.

Best Way to Deploy Garden Fencing For Home Security

Enhance your home security by installing new fencing. Learn about secure garden fencing options and tactics to deter thieves from your yard.
lock garage door manually

How to Lock Garage Door Manually (Quick Fix)

Is your garage door stuck or broken? Learn how to lock garage door manually and install a manual garage door lock in a hurry.
door devil reviews nestkoo

Door Devil Reviews and Best Door Reinforcement Kits in 2022

Strengthen your doors with a door reinforcement kit. Read our door devil reviews for the best gear in 2022, plus tips for choosing and installing your kit.
Best Locking Mailbox

14 Best Locking Mailboxes in 2022 (new reviews)

Keep your mail safe and secure with the best locking mailbox. We review the top 14 mailboxes in 2022 from major brands and USPS approved, plus buying tips.
Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Review [2021]

Mail Boss 2506 Mail Manager is considered one of the best mailboxes in its price range. But is it right for you? Find out here.
Lock a Trailer Hitch

How to Lock a Trailer Hitch? A Comprehensive Guide

Trailers are a lot of people’s first choice, especially…
Mailbox Making Guide

How to Make Your Own Mailbox? DIY Tips

Do you want to make a statement that enhances the ambiance of…
Wall Mount Mailbox

What are the Different Types of Mailboxes?

Each person in the United States uses a mailbox to collect their…
Showing The Best Automatic Gate Opener

10 Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews in 2021

If you own a property with a gate, you have to admit it's pretty…
Best Portable Door Locks

4 Best Trailer Lock For 2021 [Updated]

As a serious cargo driver, you are always careful to prep yourself…
Best Portable Door Locks

5 Best Portable Door Lock Reviews [2021]

As you head back to your apartment after a long day, you're hit…