DIY Security Systems for Homes

Looking for the best DIY security system for your home?

Depending on the neighborhood you live in, you cannot be too cautious with your home security and safety these days. Installing a DIY security solution for your home is cost-effective, with many options on the market to match whatever you are looking for.

We explore a wide range of affordable and effective DIY security systems for homes, houses and apartments, including door and window security, locking mailboxes and outdoor security for your yard.

As well as reviews on home security products and systems, we share detailed guides on installing your new locks and security solution yourself, and explain what features to look for when shopping to ensure you only purchase the best products for your personal or family needs.


Best Locking Mailbox USPS

14 Most Reliable Locking Mailbox Options for USPS [2023]

Keep your mail safe and secure with the best locking mailbox. We review the top 14 mailboxes in 2023 from major brands and USPS approved, plus buying tips.