DIY Home Repair Articles

As a home owner, it is our responsibility to keep our homes in top shape.

While it would be great if our house and apartment always stayed in the perfect as-new condition we built or bought it in, unfortunately it is a reality that over time things break, get worn out and need repairing.

DIY home maintenance is a scary idea for many people not raised on the idea, but we are here to show you that it is nothing to fear. You don’t have to pay a professional to come and replace your door hinges or install your new barn door. We review the latest products and kits designed to make your DIY home repairs and home improvement jobs easy and stress-free, plus install guides and buying tips to ensure you only pick-up the right product for your needs.

If you’re keen to fix up your kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, walls, furniture or even your car, we explain in easy plain language how to carry out minor cosmetic repairs around your home to make it look and feel like new again.

Need help getting started? Check out our DIY home repair topics here:

how to fix wall crack before painting

How to Fix Wall Crack & Holes Before House Painting

Unsure what to do about cracks before house painting? Learn how to fix wall crack lines and other minor damage, in preparation for repainting your home.
Best Cabinet Door Bumper Pads Nestkoo

Best Cabinet Door Bumpers for Noise Dampening [2023]

Put your cabinets in silent mode when you close them! Protect both your doors and ears from damage with the best cabinet door bumpers here.
Best Outdoor Folding Chairs

Different Types of Outdoor Chairs | Choose the Right One!

Looking for the best chair to add to your outdoor space? This guide will help you choose the right material and style for your outdoor seats.
window solar screens

Best Affordable Window Solar Screens for Your Home (Under $300) [2023]

Sun getting on your nerves? We cover the best DIY exterior window solar screens you can get for under $300, plus buying & install tips.
replacing sliding glass door lock

Replacing Sliding Glass Door Lock | How to Install & Repair

In this article, we explain the steps for replacing sliding glass door lock, plus how to fix glass sliding door lock and movement issues.
key lock for sliding glass door

Keypad vs Key Lock for Sliding Glass Door? How to Choose

Trouble deciding which lock to get for your patio door? We compare keypad & key lock for sliding glass door entries, to help you choose the best style for your needs.
best keypad lock for door

How to Choose the Best Keypad Lock for Door Ways [2023]

Keypad locks are a great way to secure your home or Airbnb. We discuss how to choose a front door lock with keypad, install tips and the best keypad lock for door available now.
how to install screen in window

How to Install Screen in Window | Home DIY Guide

Window screen need fixing or replacing? Learn how to install screen in window, and how to fix and make a window screen easily and affordably.
broken window how to fix

Broken Window: How to Fix & Replace Glass Window Panes (DIY)

Learn how to fix broken window in your home, how to replace glass window panes, and window crack repair. Clear, step-by-step instructions.
Painting an Adirondack Chair

How to Paint an Adirondack Chair | DIY Project Guide

Is your Adirondack chair looking a bit tired? Learn how to re-paint and re-stain your Adirondack in this easy DIY project guide.
Adirondack Chair Cushion

How to Make Adirondack Chair Cushions

Learn how to make your own Adirondack Chair cushions. We walk you through the steps you need to take to create your very own cushions.