Choosing The Right Nursery Chair For Breastfeeding


Purchasing a Nursery Chair for Breastfeeding is not an easy task. This is because there are so many chairs available in the market, and the process of getting one can be overwhelming. A good chair can make you enjoy your breastfeeding journey, especially when you have to stay awake in the late hours of the night. It is essential to know that babies grow up very quickly, and hence when you are buying the breastfeeding chair, you might consider purchasing the one that has enough space.

Benefits of Breastfeeding Chairs

Before you can decide between buying a nursery glider chair, it is crucial you know the benefits of having one.

It makes you comfortable while breastfeeding

It is evident that you will not breastfeed your child once a day. You will require to do it several times. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to feed your baby on an ordinary chair, bed, or while standing. In this case, you need an excellent comfortable chair that is specifically designed for breastfeeding.

Helps you to build a strong bond with the baby

Breastfeeding chair does not only make you comfortable, but it also helps you to create strong bonds with your baby, which is a crucial moment for both of you. It makes you and your baby relax to enjoy each other's heartbeat.

It relieves the back pain

Most mothers experience back pains after they have given birth. Unfortunately, the pain might increase due to the lousy seating position. A nursery chair for breastfeeding can help you minimize the back pain as it has been manufactured to make moms feel comfortable. You do not have to be breastfeeding for you to sit on this chair; you can sit any other time when you want to relax. The material that is used in the building is padded hence making you feel relaxed on your back.

Factors to Consider For Buying a Nursery chair

Supportive cushioning

The breastfeeding chair should be cozy. When purchasing, check the one that has fashioned arms and has a back high to support your head. The seat cushioned should have dense foam or springs.

Remember, you will be using the chair for long hours, and so you must feel relaxed while seated. Breastfeeding chairs are different. Some have a lumbar support pillow, which you can use to prop up the baby's head.

You must check on the material of the seat. It shouldn't be soft because you can sink inside hence making it difficult for you to stand. Babies sometimes can be stubborn, and they can take longer to sleep; you do not want to risk waking them up after they have fallen asleep when you are struggling to stand.

The fabric should be durable

Babies can be messy at times; you can be sure your chair will get some stains due to spilled content. When you are purchasing breastfeeding is advisable, you buy a woven fabric since it is effortless to clean it, and it rarely frays. There are some which are machine washable, so if you get one of this kind, it will be a bonus point for you.

Locking mechanism

You want to have a quiet time with your child. It is good you check the breastfeeding chair that has a feature that will prevent you from moving around even when you do not want to. Especially when you have put your baby to sleep, and you try to wake up, and the chair starts moving, it can be annoying.


You do not want to keep on buying a breastfeeding chair every time a new member comes to the family. When you are purchasing a feeding chair, check the one that can stay for several years without getting out of shape.

Read and understand the warranty. Find out for how many years is it valid and what it covers. Ask yourself how that chair will be looking like in the next ten years to come.

Ensure you take the one that has the best fabric, padding, and probably the one that is stain resistant. Get a chair that has a strong base that you can enjoy sitting on even when your baby is still sleeping.

Wider seat

It doesn't matter whether you are soothing the baby or you are feeding it. You must ensure you have extra space so that you can move around and be comfortable. If you are in search of a breastfeeding chair, you should use a pillow to be sure it will fit you. Having a full seat, it is a guarantee that even as your baby grows up, they will be comfortable in it.

If you have been wondering how you can choose the best breastfeeding chair for your child, then wonder no more as the above tips will guide you in selecting the best.

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