5 Best Vacuum For Wool Carpet [Updated 2021]

Cleaning Wool Carpet by Vacuum

When you shop for rugs for your home, you want to choose those that are made from materials that not only look good but will give you a good return on your investment. Out of all of the materials that you can select, wool arguably can be one of the most attractive.

However, you wonder as well if wool can be easily cleaned and what kind of equipment that you would need to keep wool carpet looking its best. To avoid long-lasting damages like stains and dinginess, you can use the best vacuum for wool carpet for your home.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E (Editors Choice)

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister, Maroon (Budget Pick)

Shark Navigator Vacuum for Carpet (Overall Pick)

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Upright 

The 6 Best Vacuum for Wool Carpet Reviews

1. Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional NV356E 

The Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional NV356E has a canister that can hold 2.2 quarts of debris. Its removable filter is HEPA rated.

The vacuum itself is capable of removing 99.9 percent of dust and allergens in your home. The canister is easily removed for quick emptying and washing.

The entire vacuum is also lightweight and weighs a little over 13 pounds once it is completely assembled. It comes with a brush roll, which makes the vacuum ideal for deep cleaning carpets made from materials like wool. However, it also comes with an attachment that makes it perfect for cleaning floors made out of hard materials like wood, tile, ceramic, and others.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with a 25 foot cord, allowing you to use it in large rooms without having to unplug, move and plug it back in. Its Lift-away technology allows users to disconnect the canister during vacuuming without having to take apart the entire vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner is priced affordably and has a manufacturing warranty that permits repairs or an entire replacement if the cleaner succumbs to manufacturing defects and damages during use.


  • Easily powered detachable brush
  • Gentle cleaning on all flooring types
  • Effective for picking up hair
  • Removable filter


  • Pet hair can get tangled in roller
  • The roller rubber band breaks can break easily

2. Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

The Bissell Zing bagged canister vacuum is a portable wool carpet vacuum cleaner that comes with a two quart bag. Its portable design makes it ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces in your home. It offers a powerful suction that is ideal for cleaning ground in dirt, dust and other debris from carpeted floors as well as smooth surfaces like tile and wood.

It actually comes with a switch that you can flip on and off to differentiate between the different floor surfaces in your home. The switch has a setting for carpeting and rugs as well as one for hard surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of your home.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a number of features that make it easier and more convenient to use. Some of these extras include a telescoping wand and full bag indicator that shows you when it is time to empty and clean out the canister.

This particular vacuum also has a convenient automatic cord rewind feature. You can wind the cord without having to manually wrap it after you are finished using the vacuum. The assembled vacuum weighs a little over 12 pounds.


  • Comes with three extra bags
  • Has a raised handle for easy carrying
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Removable floor nozzle


  • Bags must be removed and emptied
  • Replacement bags can be difficult to find

3. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Vacuum For Wool Rugs

The Hoover Power Scrub deluxe carpet cleaner comes with its patented spinscrub brush system. This innovative system allows the carpet cleaner to clean all types of carpets including wool with powerful brushes that rotate a full 360 degrees.

This carpet cleaner also features the uniquely designed dual V nozzle that cleans surfaces evenly with its equal suction power. Additionally, it has a heat force that lifts up the most stubborn of stains from delicate materials like wool while allowing them to dry in record time. Despite its formidable look, this carpet cleaner is actually lightweight and easy to carry around the house.

It weighs less than 19 pounds once it is completely assembled. It also comes with an eight foot hose that lets you easily clean hard-to-reach areas in the home like in the corners of the floor or under furniture.

Easier cleaning is also possible thanks to the attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner. Some of the attachments that come at no extra cost include a stair tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, and a bottle of carpet cleaning solution that you can use on carpets made out of sensitive materials like wool.


  • Comes with a mesh storage bag
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • Creates a four-inch cleaning path
  • Has double the drying power


  • Small tank size compared to other cleaners
  • Brushes can be difficult to remove

4. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Review

The Shark Navigator upright vacuum is designed to clean both carpeted and hard floors. It features lift-away technology that makes it easy to lift up and remove the canister after vacuuming your floor. It also has a HEPA filter with an anti-allergy seal that allows the cleaner to pick up 99 percent of allergens, dust and other debris in your home.

This vacuum cleaner has a dust cup that can hold a little over one quart. To remove the canister so that you can dump and clean it, you simply push the lift-away button to loosen the canister from its place in the vacuum cleaner column. It has a brush roll shutoff so that you can switch from cleaning carpeted and hard covered floors easily.

It also offers swivel steering so that you can easily vacuum around edges and corners as well as close to and under furniture without having to lift up and move the cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner has a formidable appearance. However, it actually only weighs a little over 12 pounds. It is also lightweight and easy to carry from one room to the next while you clean the floors throughout your house.


  • Comes a 25 ft power cord
  • Comes with a turbo brush
  • Has a right lavender color
  • Five-year manufacturer warranty


  • Slightly heavier than other vacuum cleaners
  • Not ideal for picking up small debris

5. Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 

The Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet upright bagless vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to pick up pet hair from all flooring types including wool carpets. In fact, Bissell donates a portion of the proceeds that it gets from this cleaner to its pet foundation. It accomplishes its goal of suctioning up pet hair with its triple action brush roll and its built-in scatter free technology.

To make picking up pet hair easier, Bissell includes a variety of tools with this vacuum cleaner. It comes with a pet hair corner tool as well as a pet tool. The cleaner features swivel action that makes it ideal for cleaning around tight corners, along edges and under furniture. 

It also comes with an extra filter that you can use to replace the one in the vacuum cleaner when it gets dirty and beyond normal use.

The vacuum cleaner features a canister that can be easily emptied from the bottom rather than the top. It can hold up to one liter of dirt, dander and other debris that you pick up from your wool carpet. The hose on the vacuum cleaner stretches a full six feet to make cleaning up easier.


  • 27-foot power cord
  • Silk-like bristles
  • Capable of cleaning fine and ground-in debris
  • Has a power rating of eight amps


  • No automatic power cord rewind feature
  • No allergen smart seal around the filter

The Benefits of Wool Carpets

Environmentally Friendly

Wool carpets are one of the most environmentally friendliest materials that you can use in your home. They do not require substances like petroleum to make. Wool is a renewable resource that poses no risk to the water, soil, or air.


Wool carpets are also very soft and comfortable on which to walk or lie. They are ideal for homes with young children. They provide ample cushioning when people sit or lie down on them.

Fire Resistant

Wool is one of the few materials used in home decorating that is resistant to fire. It actually enhances the safety of your home and will not catch on fire if you accident drop an ash or ember on it.

Dehumidifying Effect

Wool carpets absorb the moisture in the air. During humid weather, it can make the air in your house dryer. It has the effect of cleaning the air and can make your home more comfortable during weather that is less than agreeable.

Natural Insulation

Wool acts as an insulator. It absorbs heat from your heater in the winter and makes your home warmer. It retains coolness in the summer from your air conditioner.

Disadvantages of Wool Carpets

High Maintenance

Wool is one of the most challenging materials for which to care. It cannot be laundered in a washing machine or dryer like rugs made from synthetic materials. It typically must be washed by hand or dry cleaned to retain its original color and appearance.

Easily Stained

Because of its absorbent nature, a wool carpet can also be easily stained. It retains food, beverages and other substances that are dropped on it. Many carpet cleaners that you can buy at the store also cannot get rid of stains in wool.


Wool carpets are notorious for shedding. It is not uncommon to find strands of wool from the carpet on your apparel. It also readily sheds onto other flooring.

Fades Easily

Wool is not a material that retains its original color very well. In fact, if it is exposed to sunlight or bright lights in the room in which it is laid, it will fade notably and look markedly different in a short period of time than when you first bought it.

How to Choose the Right Vacuum for Wool Carpets

When you want to choose the best vacuum cleaner for wool carpet rugs in your home, you need to take your time to consider what design features and technology are important to you. By identifying them, you can invest in a vacuum cleaner that will be worth the money that you pay for it.

Suction Power

The ideal vacuum cleaner for your wool carpets should have ample suctioning power to remove ground in dirt and debris. However, you do not want the suction to be so powerful that it pulls up strands of the wool while you are cleaning the carpet. You do not want the cleaner to cause damages to the wool or impact its appearance.


The attachments that are included with your vacuum cleaner can also indicate how easy it will be to clean your wool carpet. Brushes that come with soft yet durable bristles can remove tough dirt and debris while protecting the softness of the wool.

Flat hose attachments likewise can get deep inside of the wool strands to get out dander and dust that can be challenging for some vacuum cleaners to get out completely.


A good vacuum cleaner for wool carpets will emit heat that helps loosen debris from deep within the mat and wool material. The heat should not be so intense as to cause the carpet to burn or singe.

However, it should be hot enough to effectively steam clean the surface of the carpet and get out stains, odors, dirt, allergens and other debris that can quickly accumulate in it.

HEPA Filter and Allergen Seal

Because of how absorbent that wool carpets are, they tend to retain allergens and dust that can irritate people with asthma and other respiratory problems.

An effective wool carpet vacuum cleaner should come with a filter that is HEPA rated and specifically designed to pick up allergens out of wool carpets. The cleaner's filter also should be easily removed as well as washable and able to be air dried.

Cord and Hose Length

The length of the cord and hose can impact your decision to buy a wool carpet vacuum cleaner. A cleaner that comes with cords and hoses that are several if not a dozen or more feet in length can be easier.

What is a Suction Only Vacuum for Wool Carpet?

A suction only vacuum cleaner for wool carpet can be a bit of misnomer. This kind of vacuum cleaner does more than just suction dirt and debris out of the carpet. It also comes with features that protect the integrity and appearance of the carpet itself.

Soft Bristles

Many suction only vacuum cleaners for wool carpets come with brushes that have soft bristles. The softness of the bristles is critical to protecting the surface of the wool.

Bristles that are stiff and hard can cause damages like tears and gashes. Soft bristles vacuum without pulling up strands or tearing the carpet while it is being cleaned.

Adjustable Height

A suction only vacuum cleaner also commonly has an adjustable height is designed to protect the carpet. You can set the vacuum cleaner high to suction up surface dirt and debris. You can set it lower to remove ground in dust, allergens and residue that can be otherwise difficult.

Removable Bag or Canister

Suction only vacuums also commonly come with removable bags or canisters. This feature makes for easier and faster cleaning of your carpet.

How to Maintain a Wool Carpet

Your wool carpet requires regular cleaning to protect its appearance and integrity. You ideally want to vacuum it once a week to get rid of dirt and debris in the fibers. Vacuuming it more than once a week can result in damages like wool carpet fuzzing, which effectively shorten the carpet's life.

You also can use one of three methods to clean the carpet when you notice soil and discoloration. These methods include using dry foam, dry extraction or spray extraction.

Dry Foam

Dry foam cleaning can be ideal when you are trying to avoid mold growth in the carpet from over-saturation from water. It involves spraying an aerosol cleaning product on the carpet, then using a brush or sponge to remove dirt and stains. You then vacuum the rug once it is dry.

Dry Extraction

This method involves sprinkling a cleaning powder on the wool carpet. You then use a brush or sponge to get rid of dirt and stains. You follow this action by vacuuming the carpet like normal. This method involves no downtime to allow the carpet to dry.

Spray Extraction Cleaning

This method is like steam cleaning but actually uses warm water that is worked into the carpet under pressure with a cleaning solution. The fluid suspends the dirt in the carpet. A wet vacuum system then pulls out the dirt and water from the wool.

This method is effective in getting rid of tough stains. However, it brings the risk of over-saturation because of the amount of water that it used. If you are not careful, you could end up with a carpet that takes a long time to dry or gets moldy or full of mildew because of excess water.

What is The Best Vacuum for Wool Rugs?

Eureka NES210 Blaze 3 Vacuum Cleaner: 

This vacuum cleaner weighs just four pounds but has three innovative designs in one. It has swivel steering to allow it to move around corners and under furniture. It is designed to pick up large debris that can become lodged in your wool carpet.

It also is designed to remove allergens like pet dander and pollen that can get inside of your home. It comes with an eighteen foot power cord to allow you to use it in every room of your house.

Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: 

The Dyson V7 Animal cordless stock vacuum cleaner operates entirely on battery power. It does not have a power cord. It needs to charge for 3.5 hours before you use it for the first time. Once fully charged, it offers a full 30 minutes of cleaning power.

It has a direct drive cleaner head to get deep, ground-in dirt in your wool carpet. It also has a hygienic bin that is easy to empty and also sanitary. You do not have to touch the dirt while you empty the bin after cleaning.

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum: 

The Soniclean soft carpet upright vacuum cleaner comes with an adjustable vent system that makes it easier to maneuver on soft flooring like wool carpets. It also has rollers that are outfitted with soft bristles that gently brush the wool fibers while removing tough dirt and debris.

It has large front wheels that allow the cleaner to effectively float across the carpet while still suctioning up debris that causes stains and discoloration. It also weighs a little more than 10 pounds, allowing it to be easy to carry from room to room.


Wool carpets can add both beauty and value to your home. These carpets, while stunning to look at and comfortable on which to lie, require special attention to keep them clean. To keep them in the best condition, you must vacuum them at least once a week. You can remove dirt and debris from the wool fibbers by choosing a good vacuum cleaner designed for wool carpets.

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