8 Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors [2021 Updated]

The Best Vacuum for Laminate Floor

Your house is your safe space, the absolute favorite place to be. We understand that. Every square inch is special, is worth all the efforts to keep it clean and spotless.

A clean house is the best kind of house. And a cleaner space will ensure better mental health. We know you go through a lot of stressful situations throughout the entire day. So, leave all your anguish of having to expose yourself to a ton of unnecessary information while you search for a perfect vacuum for your laminated floors.

Which is the best vacuum for laminate floors, you ask? We have arranged not only one but 8 whole vacuums, which are the absolute prodigies of this category. And they are guaranteed to serve you nothing but the absolute best outcome that you can possibly have from a vacuum cleaner.

Let us dive right in the reviews without any further delay.

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Shark Navigator Lift

Dyson Cyclone V10


Is Vacuuming Safe for Laminate Flooring?

Before we jump into any discussion at all, one question must be answered. Is vacuuming actually safe for laminate flooring? Yes, but remember anything done wrongly can harm your laminate floors. So, it is best if you learn the right way first.

It is crucial to keep the laminate floors extra clean. But do remember to keep the brush roll off while using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is not just good for your laminate floors but possibly better than moping.

List of 8 Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors in 2021

Are you tired of searching all over the internet for the one vacuum that will get the job done, leaving no stones unturned? Look nowhere else.

Here we are presenting you with the options for laminate floors that are proven to have staggering performance records. Are you excited? We bet you are!

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Best Laminate Floor Vacuum

Let us introduce you to the all-rounder, the multitasking pro, Shark Navigator Lift-Away. It literally does lift away all the clouds of dust, dirt, and your worries of not having a presentable home when the guests arrive. With 3 possible modes of cleaning, this vacuum has the cleaning world quacking!

Being able to only clean the floors is not impressive anymore, that is why this one here can clean your stairs as well as the ceiling. With the touch of your fingertip, you can easily detach the canister for the ease of cleaning.

An XL dust cup of 2.2 quartz is installed so that you can work longer and not run to the bin in every 15 mins. We are quite sure you can resist the temptation of having some extra steps on the pedometer for a day. Right?

The NV356E does not only care about you but also about the well being of your loved ones. So, with that thought in mind, this vacuum has an anti-allergen technology with a HEPA filter. This feature is able to trap 99.9 percent of the dust allergy particles. No more swollen eyes because we know how much that sucks!

You would be amazed to see how powerful this thing really is. It leaves no spots behind, as the strong suction ability sucks away all the impurities. Shark NV356E deep cleans all the carpet and shows love to the laminate floor with gentle cleaning as they are worthy of that treatment.


  • Lightweight
  • Has an anti-allergen tech
  • Enables heavy-duty cleaning
  • Bigger garbage cup
  • 1200 wattage
  • Easy and smooth to operate


  • The roller brush is not upto the mark

2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Laminate Floors Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Ah! Good old Dyson. From styling your hair to making your home picture-perfect, Dyson has been a constant companion in every journey. And of course, it is no surprise that we have one from them in the best vacuums for laminate floors list.

The slim and sleek design of this stick vacuum allows you to clean all the crevasses with ease and precession. Weighing about 5.88 pounds, this vacuum can be easily lifted to clean the blinds or the stairs with its wide 9.84-inch cleaning path.

Charge this vacuum for 3.5 hours to get a smooth sail on the cleaning boat for about an hour. Worried about ruining your delicate laminate floors? Put your mind at ease, because this vacuum has a baby-butt like nylon brush head that is motorized and takes care of the delicate surfaces with composure.

It has the latest Dyson digital motor V10, which specializes in sucking on them dirt and debris hard. You may ask about the carpets too, and Dyson says bring it on! This is a torque driven cleaner. Meaning, angle the head in any direction without having to move your foot.

Dyson believes that a healthy home is a happy home. That’s why this vacuum is proven to capture all the allergens and bacteria in order to present you with the perfect house that you deserve.


  • Digital V10 motor
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Convertible to hand-held vac
  • 54 liters of garbage holding capacity 
  • Mountable on the wall
  • Roller cleaner with multiple suction modes


  • A bit expensive

3. BISSELL CrossWave- Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors and Carpet

This green miracle is really similar to the incredible hulk, and we don’t mean just in color. You see, its strong suction power can suck away spilled milk, thrown away spaghetti from last night's food fight, as well as the eggs you might have dropped while baking yourself a sweet treat.

Bissell Crosswave does not only vacuum; it literally washes your floors. The ingenious microfiber and nylon brush does the job of moping as well as picking up the dirt while rotating at the same time.

There are two separate tanks in this—one for cleaning solution and the other for dirty water. Don't worry, the solution would be released at your command, and the vacuum would then suck away the dirty water.

And of course, you can choose to dry-clean the rugs; just press the right button. Let it be wood, tile, laminate, or LVP, you name it, Bissell has it taken care of. No wonder it's one of the best vacuums for mixed floors.

The best part? With every purchase of this product, a certain portion of the profit will go to the Bissell pet foundation to help aid the homeless pets. So, you see, it doesn't only pick up your pets’ hair effectively but also brings food to the forsaken animals’ mouths.


  • You can choose to vacuum and mop at the same time
  • Dual tank for cleaning solution and dirty water
  • 25ft long corded electric unit, so more cleaning hours
  • Switchable from any floor to rug with a touch of a button
  • Lightweight in comparison, 11 pounds to be exact
  • Strong suction ability


  • The ball bearing is susceptible to moisture damage
  • Might leave streaks

4. Tineco A11 Master+ Cordless Stick Multi Floor Vacuum Review

With the 450-watt motor offering about 110 watts of suction power, this vacuum cleaner from Tineco stands proudly in this list of stupefying cleaning bots.

Not even the most notorious dust particles or hair can fool your eyes anymore! Thanks to the LED lights it comes with, from now on, you can detect all the dust and debris easily.

Also, it gives an astounding 50 mins of runtime without any interruption, and the credit goes to the powerful detachable batteries that it comes with.

Just like the Transformers, this vacuum here can also be transformed into a hand-held vac when it is called for. The dedicated attachments will make your life easier with concentrated cleaning abilities. And did we mention that it also has a colossal 0.6L dustbin?

Could it get any better? It seems like it can. This all-new A11 Master+ model from Tineco is a beast. There are power brushes, which are dedicated to using on the most delicate laminate floors as well as on the soft rugs and carpet without you having to worry about scratching or sucking the living hell out of any of those.

The trifling weight of 5.5 pounds of this vac makes the cleaning experience like a walk in the park. Not to mention the fascinating maneuverability helps as well.


  • Huge 0.5L dustbin
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Convertible to hand-held
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds
  • 110W suction power
  • Power brushes and tools to clean them are included
  • Comes with a docking station


  • No variety of design options

5. Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Trust us when we say this vacuum cleaner has out-of-the-world abilities. With a 1200-watt vortex motor, 6 separate settings option for suction with the rotary dial, it has everything to dominate the vacuum industry.

The GN type filter bag of 4.76 quartz can hold all the dust in the world. At the end of the stainless-steel telescopic pipe-head, it has pliable twister brushes that carefully clean your floors as well as the rugs and allows them to have a spotless shine.

With 180-degrees rotation ability, the options here are endless. A comparatively quiet cleaning session can be promised with this device as it has an exclusive quiet setting. It also has sealed system construction, which ensures nothing but clean air out of the machine.

The 3 XL floor brush has agile, at the same time, gentle characteristics. This vacuum from Miele is truly a work of art. They gave attention to the tiniest details like the handle of the canister. It is soft to the touch and has a good grip on the hand.


  • 6 suction options
  • Powerful vortex motor
  • Exclusive quiet setting
  • 4.76 quartz dust bag
  • Wide 3 XL brush head
  • 180- degrees rotation


  • Weighs 19.51 pounds

6. Dyson (214730-01) V8 Multi Floors Vacuum Cleaner Review

We are pretty sure you are not at all surprised to see two Dysons in one list. What can we do? Dyson truly is stunning. This giant has recently directed all its concentration to the cordless vacs, and this one is the result that speaks for itself.

It offers 40 mins of uninterrupted runtime, of which 30 mins is a fade-free operation when you don’t use motorized tools. Don’t forget to plug it in for 4 hours before your first use. Let’s not forget the 115AW suction power.

Furthermore, the non-pliable bristles of the nylon brush dive deep into the rugs and carpets for a deep clean session. We think you’re already well aware of its cleaning abilities on the floor. But we would like to mention again that it is awesome.

The whole HEPA filtration system is present to subtract the allergen particles from the air. Healthy options were never compromised here. It does not only specialize to work on hard floors, but the laminate, tiled floors are also its forte.


  • Has a dirt ejector
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • 40 mins runtime on one go
  • HEPA filtration available
  • Transforms into a hand-held vac when needed


  • Battery issues can occur

7. Shark Rocket Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner Review

Amongst the crowd of other giants in the vacuum world, Shark Rocket has its name written permanently as a veteran. You cannot not run into this one while you search for the best vacuum for laminate floors. Not buying our words? See for yourself.

This new Shark Rocket vacuum does clean not only the hard floor but also your carpets. It can easily vacuum out all the dust and hair that might be lingering around for quite a while. Also, it is multi functional, meaning you can reach for that ceiling to get it squeaky clean.

The convenience of no wires and also weighing about 8 pounds sure give this unit an edge here. Shark thinks about your car too. Besides keeping your house clean, Shark Rocket cleans your car too. Its detailed brushes get the job well done.

Moreover, the enormous 8.5 inches of cleaning path sweeps the dust and debris away faster than any other vacuums. Also, the docking station allows you to save some space in the cleaning supply closet.

The cleaning setting control is at the tip of your finger. Excellent maneuverability is a given with this vacuum cleaner.


  • Comes with a car kit
  • Has detailed brushes
  • 8.5-inch-wide cleaning path
  • Multi functional
  • 25 ft long cord
  • Fingertip control


  • Motor problem in the long run

8. Hoover Linx Vacuum for Rugs, Carpets and Floor Cleaner

Finally, here we are at the last vacuum cleaner on the list. The amazing Hoover Linx cordless stick vac takes the place. This stunning vacuum cleaner is certainly one of the most deserving of your attention amongst this list.

It has got a perfect design that gives you the chance of cleaning all the corners and crevasses without having to move any furniture's around, thanks to the powerful motor, which enables its strong suction abilities.

The batteries are interchangeable, so throw away all your worries about runtime down the drain. Also, the brush has bristles to make the edges of your house shine brighter than diamonds.

Innovative wind tunnel technology will swoop away the surface debris and deeply embedded dirt both from the rugs and carpets. Weighing about 10 pounds makes this vacuum mobile. The intuitive power controls keep all the controls at your fingertip. Talk about effortlessness!

In one of those sunny warm days, you can run into a situation when you want to go to the park on an impromptu picnic with the family, but you are also worried about the guests coming over for dinner. You don’t have to compromise either of those with this fast and efficient vacuum cleaner at your service.


  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Multi functional
  • Portable
  • Battery-powered
  • Smooth transition from floor to rug
  • Fade free long usage hours


  • The battery charger might be problematic

9. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor has a shape that's reminiscent of the letter V. This form pushes debris that's substantial into a middle suction track. The sides of the V retrieve tiny bits of debris. This device can be suitable for people who want to be able to clean the areas that are right next to the legs of furniture pieces. There isn't a hose.

It has a dirt cup that's simply to clean out. It has a 6amps power rating to its credit. It's an electric vacuum that has a cord that's 20 feet long. It can come in handy for people who want to be able to clean hard floors well. It can come in just as handy for those who wish to clean tiny nooks and crannies. It features rubber squeegees that retrieve debris and pet hair.

They move these things inside of the vacuum swiftly and easily. This vacuum has swivel steering. It's light and because of that is a piece of cake to transport from one location to the next. It can be a game changer for those who want to take charge of debris regardless of size.


  • Can get debris big and small
  • Has a compact and light design
  • Can clean the spots next to furniture pieces easily
  • Simple to store
  • Has a distinctive V layout


  • It may not work as well on carpeting
  • May be prone to clogging

Note: We have a list of corded stick vacuum that are currently available on the market. So check it out and pick the right one. 

What to Look for in a Laminate Floors Vacuum Before Buying?

Imagine you have just recently bought your dream house. Everything is picture-perfect. You handpicked every single item of the house, and every corner is your favorite.

New or old, our houses are close to our hearts. This is where the majority of us grow up and grow old.

For the house where so many loving memories are attached, we ought to show a little bit more care and respect. From the ceiling to the floors, every square inch is precious. For that reason, you have to be extra careful while picking a cleaning tool, especially a vacuum for your delicate and amazing laminate floors.

Before you go off and buy just any other vacuum, these are the things that you should definitely consider–

Weight and Mobility

A heavy vacuum is not a good option in most of the cases. Whether or not you have laminate floors, this is the thing that you should always look out for. For laminated floors, it is extra bad. A heavyweight vac may leave dents on the floor.

Suppose you are dragging the whole thing around because its difficult to lift up and move it. As you proceed to do so, you look behind only to see that you left scratches all over the place.

Neither a pretty nor an expected sight to be seen, huh? So, choose a vacuum that is lightweight, possibly within the range of 5.5 pounds to somewhere around 19ish pounds.

The lightweight will allow you to move the whole vacuum around, making it mobile. So, you can clean the entire house without getting tired.

Suction Power and Suction Switch

Strong suction power is a must. As with the vacuum, you won't be moping the floor, just the brush would be gently lifting up the dust and debris, and sucking it off will be the vacuum's job.

Please do make sure that you turn off the rotating option on the brush before you go ham on your laminated floors because that can severely scratch and harm it. Especially when the bristles of the brush are stiff as a brick.

It is very much encouraged to use a microfiber cloth or baby soft bristles on the laminate floor to avoid damaging it over the course of time.

And a switch for suction options at the tip of your finger is a pretty sweet feature. Because then you won’t have to bend down every time to switch between the rug and the floors.

Attachment Variety

An array of attachment should be offered while you purchase a vacuum for your laminate floors. Because that ensures flexibility and opens up a buffet of opportunities for when you clean your house.

Let it be the corner of the fridge or the crevasses of the ceiling where you see spider webs sometimes, get the vacuum which will do the pristine job on every occasion.

Angles and Maneuverability

You don’t have to be a professional gymnast to be able to get all the corners and crevasses of the house clean and dirt free. It should be a vacuum. Because of the one job that it is made for, cleaning!

So, its ability to angle in positions without you having to move at all is very important. It should be able to move at least in 180-degree angels for your ease of cleaning. There are plenty of vacuums with this option available in the market right now.

And maneuverability is also important because we don't just live in an empty space without any furniture or accessories in the house, do we? No! So, pick up the one that offers incredible maneuverability.

Type of Vacuum

Choose the vacuum that is specifically designed for laminated floors. There are tons of options out there in the market which will initially promise you the world, but when you start using it, you would know they were empty promises.

Type of Vacuum

Laminated floors are work of art, and they need all the attention and care they can get. So, choosing the vacuum that has its lifetime dedicated to serving that purpose is definitely a smart choice.

No Streaks Should Be Left Behind

Sometimes it is important to mop the floor with a personalized solution. On one of those rare occasions, your vacuum should have microfiber cloth attachment to leave no streaks behind.

It is absolutely outrageous when vacuums fail to do so and ruin the look of your beautiful shiny laminated floors. So, be aware when you have to choose a vacuum. Choose the one that comes with microfiber cloth attachment.

Health Concerns

No compromises shall be made when it comes to the question of the health of you and your loved ones. Make a wise decision by choosing a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA or any other certified filtration system that will give back allergen and bacteria-free air to the regular airflow.

Dust allergy is no joke. It is seen that many had to go to the emergency room with severe dust allergy attacks. This is even life-threatening. So, it should be your utmost priority to get a vacuum that offers a good filtration system.

Benefits of Using Vacuum for Laminate

You should always use a vacuum for when you are cleaning your precious laminate floors. We cannot stress it enough to you how important it is and what absolutely crucial role it plays to preserve the laminating on the floor scratch and streaks free.

Say Goodbye to Floor Damage

You don't ever have to risk damaging your floors when you are using a vacuum cleaner. It gently lifts away the dust and hair that might be lying around. It usually does not even come in contact directly with the floor.

A vacuum that has powerful suction ability will just swoop up the dust and get it out of your sight in no time.

One thing that you should look out for is that you definitely have to turn off the bristle rotation while using the vac on your laminated floors.

No Water Contact Required

You don’t have to use water or any cleaning solution while you are cleaning your floors. Because a vacuum sucks! Not figuratively, of course, it literally sucks the garbage away. So, you don't require to use any liquid, and liquids are a major no-no for laminated floors.

Allergens? We Don’t Know Her, Period

Vacuums do not only get all the dust but also the allergen particles and sometimes even bacteria. Yes, that is how powerful they are in modern days. The ingenious HEPA filter gets all of it, leaving fresh and breathable air behind. It gets up to 99.99 percent of the dust particles.

How to Protect Laminate Flooring from Damage

Laminate floors look amazing but are very much high maintenance. The polished look of laminate floors is eye soothing. We understand that you have installed them with a lot of hope and dreams. But, be prepared to also commit to it. Do not forget, with higher investment comes higher returns.

Say No to Wet Mops

To protect the well being of your laminate floors, restrain from using dripping wet mops. Wet mops can harm your floor if the water stays on there for too long. With a prolonged habit of doing so, you will damage your laminate flooring to the point of no return. Then you might even have to go through the hassle of replacement.

Use Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are much more efficient in this matter. They will suck away the dust and debris, leaving your floors spotless and squeaky clean. Occasional usage of a dedicated cleaning solution is encouraged.

Pay Extra Attention to the Bottom of Your Furniture

While you are intentionally or unintentionally moving your furniture, you risk getting your laminated floors scratched. To aid the situation, try using furniture guards. These are small sticky pads that will prevent your furniture from sliding all over the place.

Microfiber to the Rescue

Microfiber cloths are the name of a miraculous innovation in the history of cleaning supplies. It can be called the cloak of invisibility of the muggle world. Why so?

Because using microfiber cloths makes the surface invisible to the naked eye. It works so well without you having to break a sweat about damaging your precious laminate floors. If you plan to dry mop the floor using nothing but a microfiber cloth, you are making the right choice. Trust us, it is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If all of your queries are not answered yet, we have some frequently asked questions and answers ready for you. Go ahead, take a look.

Is Dyson good for laminate floors?

Without a doubt, yes. Dyson is the ultimate trendsetter in the whole wide vacuum industry. It would be a perfect fit for your laminate floors as there are plenty of models of this company,which are dedicated to the job. Just search away for your perfect fit.

Is Swiffer OK on laminate floors?

In modern laminated houses, Swiffer’s are a common name. For a quick dry-cleaning session, it is practically harmless. But a wet Swiffer may harm your laminated floors if the water sits for too long.

It is also instructed to use a dedicated cleaning solution for the laminate floors' well being. Over the course of the time, regular usage of wet Swiffer will weaken the laminate to the point of no return.

Is there a polish for laminate flooring?

Not really. Laminate floors are installed for an effortless shiny look for a long time without having to put any extra efforts from your side. Regular cleaning with a formulated cleaning solution will get the job well done. But if you insist, use one cup of distilled white vinegar mixed with a gallon of water.

Do robot vacuums scratch laminate floors?

Yes! But there is a catch. Randomly not every model of robot vacuum can be used on the laminate floors. You have to find a specific one that is designed for laminate flooring.

Robot vacuums are adorable, to be honest. You just let them loose, and your job here is done. For extra entertainment, place your cat on top of one of those. You can thank me later.

What type of vacuum is best for laminate floors?

Laminate floors are delicate. So be extra cautious while choosing a vac for your laminated floors. They are high maintenance floors. Choose a vac that can both mop and vac at the same time, although it's not a crucial requirement.

Pick ones that are specifically designed for such floors. Make sure to turn the brush roller off to avoid scratching.

How do you remove dog hair from laminate floors?

Whatever you do, do not wet the floors. That will make the hair stick even more. What you can do is use a very powerful, strong suction vacuum that has a pliable brush head.

That way, your laminate floors would be left unharmed, and the hair would be gone too. Or you can try using a rubber attachment. You might have to vacuum twice if needed.

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, find a vacuum with which you will have a good run, which will understand your needs, which will serve the purpose to the point and in an efficient manner. The sole purpose of this article was to help you find the best vacuum for laminate floors. We hope this listing is it.

Do not make any compromises when you choose a vacuum because it matters. It is a crucial step in the journey of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to take good care of yourself. Live long and prosper.

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