5 Best Trailer Lock For 2021 [Updated]

The Best Trailer Lock

As a serious cargo driver, you always buckle up with all the measures you need for preventing cargo theft. Gun? You got one already in your pocket. Baseball bat? Check!

One night, you park your cargo as you stop by in front of a food corner to grab some hot dogs. Yummy, isn’t it? As you reach back to your vehicle, the food drops from your hand along with your jaws.

“How the heck did this happen?” You scream as you see the doors of your cargo wide open. The goods? GONE!

See? Having big guns and baseball bats to beat the pants off the thieves don’t always work if the thief is a smart one. To protect your cargo from a smart thief, you got to be smart as well.

This wouldn’t have happened if you had the doors locked with the best trailer lock. Do you want it? Well, you should get it……. Let me take you for a spin.

Why Get a Trailer Lock?

A trailer door lock is not your mainstream locking system that you use on your lockers, bags, etc. It’s specially designed for mid-sized to humongous cargo, RV, lorry, etc. Usually, cargos have heavy-duty and big sized doors. If you want to secure their locks, you must go for something that matches these doors.

This is where the cargo door lock plays its role. Close the doors lock, it using the door-lock, and it will keep the doors shut and secured 24/7 until you use the keys to unlock it.

Product Name

Product Image


Equipment Lock HDCDL Steel Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock (Editors Choice)

Trimax THP2XL Keyed Alike Trailer Door Lock (Editors Choice)

Cargo Door Lock CDL-C Trailer Door Lock

Master Lock 6271KA 2-Pack Trailer Door Lock 

Our List of 5 Best Trailer Locks in 2021

If you want to get your hands on the perfect door lock, you better check out these reviews below. I’ve got all the door locks that have been running hot in the marketplace right now.

1. Equipment Lock HDCDL Steel Heavy Duty Cargo Door Lock

Thieves don’t stand a chance to steal the goods from your cargo if you get yourself the Equipment Lock HDCDL heavy-duty cargo door lock. It will make sure your unwelcomed guests return home empty-handed.

Let it be a storage container or a semi-trailer; this door lock is the perfect solution for both types. It has got keyed lock system that secures the doors of your cargo. Now, you should bear in mind that thieves come with tools that can unlock the locks. However, this one changes the whole game-set.

No matter how hard you try to unlock the lock without using the specific keys it comes with, you won’t have much luck unlocking it. While other locks do not have tight and secure connectivity, this lock holds on to its connectivity firmly with amazing strength.

Functionality is something, but in the meantime, you’ll need durability as well. The more durable your locks are, the more misfortunes the thieves are going to have.

Well, this one from Equipment Lock has got it all to withstand against all the beatings. Thanks to the solid stainless-steel construction, your lock will survive all the tough challenges for years.

Woah! Did I scare you when I said, ‘stainless-steel?’ I know you’re thinking ‘rust’ right now. Save yourself the goosebumps. The powder-coated orange color is there to back the lock up against rust with its anti-rust feature.

Don’t worry about whether it’s going to fit your doors, though. If you have locking bars ranging from 9-3/4" to 16", the lock will fit perfectly without any doubt.


  • It fits both the storage containers and the semi-trailer
  • The key-locks come with super-strong connectivity
  • The solid steel construction makes the lock durable enough to last for years
  • Its body is powder-coated with an anti-rust orange color


  • You can face difficulties getting keyed-alike versions

2. Trimax THP2XL Keyed Alike Trailer Door Lock Review

If you’re satisfied with the lock in the previous review, but you just want to check if there’s something that can offer you more, then you can try Trimax THP2XL keyed alike trailer door lock.

Trust me, I’ve seen people complaining about how they ended up buying the wrong door lock. The results were terrible, of course, especially when the thieves use bolt cutters to break the locks.

Well, Trimax comes with amazing strength that fights the bolt cutters. Take a bolt cutter and try to cut the lock, you won’t be disappointed a bit. Besides, unlike the cheap door locks out there, this one does not have any exposed shackle. So, the thief will find nothing to cut in the first place.

When it comes to securing your cargo from thieves, you can’t just compromise durability, can you? If that’s the case, the door lock from Trimax is the thing you need. It has got a solid stainless-steel construction, which talks durability at its best.

To enhance it, the lock comes with a thick body that has got a 3/8 inches internal shackle diameter. Don’t stress a bit when I said, ‘stainless-steel.’ The lock makes sure all the rust and corrosion stay away from it forever, thanks to its anti-rust feature.


  • Has got inevitable strength to withstand bolt cutters
  • Its shackles are unexposed, so the thief won’t find anything to cut
  • The solid-stainless steel construction ensures its enhanced durability
  • It has got anti-rust and anti-corrosion feature to save it from rust


  • Some customers complained they faced complications while using it

3. Cargo Door Lock CDL-C - Best Trailer Door Lock 

If you’re not into keys that much, it’s okay. Even I love dial-combinations. However, not all doors that have dial-combinations can meet your demand. Well, Cargo Door Lock CDL-C trailer door lock churns out all the things you need to secure your goods.

It has got a built-in four-dial-combination padlock, so there’s no need for you to use any key. This also is a plus for you because you don’t have the risk of losing the keys. Thieves are smart, and they have got a lot of tools to cut the padlocks. What are you going to do now? Don’t worry, mate, here is where it gets better.

Cargo Door Lock CDL-C trailer door lock secures the locking-rods that comes with the swing doors of your cargo. Even if the goons cut your padlock, they won’t be able to open it. As a result, you’re getting a high-security system 24/7.

So, you’ve got the functionality, what about the durability though? Does it have what it takes to last for years? Of course, it does. This door lock, unlike the cheap junks you get in the marketplace, comes with stainless-steel construction.

It doesn’t matter if someone strikes it constantly with everything he’s got, the locks will withstand all the beatings. To take the durability on its pinnacle, the door lock has got an anti-rust feature. As a result, you won’t be seeing those rusts and corrosions anytime soon.


  • The built-in four-dial-combination padlock doesn’t need any key
  • It has got a very high locking system
  • Solid-stainless steel construction confirms its durability
  • The anti-rust feature prevents rust and corrosion for years


  • It’s a bit heavier in weight

4. Master Lock Trailer 6271KA 2-Pack Cargo  Door Lock Review

If you’re still scrolling and searching for the best lock for trailer door, it means you’re badly in need of one. Let me ask you a question here, though. Doesn’t it bother you if someone pries your lock by making a fool out of you?

Get your hands on Master Lock 6271KA 2-Pack Trailer Door Lock. You can depend on this durable beast with your eyes closed as it has got dual ball bearings to boost its locking mechanism. It doesn’t matter if the thief tries to pry your lock or pull it, he won’t be able to unlock this one no matter what.

How about hard strikes with something heavy? That’s not going to work either. This lock boasts a solid iron-shroud shackle that’s strong enough to withstand all the heavy strikes and blows.So, you’ve got prying and harsh strikes covered. What else can the thief come up with? SAWING TOOL!

Getting goosebumps? Save it because it’s not going to work either. Master Lock has got hardened boron alloy shackles that resist the sharp touch of the saw. As far as the durability is concerned, this lock has got Zinc Die-Cast that ensures its ultimate mechanical and physical properties.

If you’re giving this product a second thought just because it has zinc, you got to study Chemistry all over again. With this Zinc alloy on the rig, you’re getting higher impact resistance that you usually get on aluminum alloys, grey cast iron, and plastics.


  • The dual ball-bearings secures the lock within
  • The iron-shackle can resist hard blows and strikes
  • The boron alloy hardens the door lock to withstand the impact of the saw
  • It has Zinc Die-Cast on it that ensures its durability


  • The lock cylinder is a bit small

5. Master Lock Hidden Shackle Cargo Trailer Door Lock Review

So, you love the door locks by Master Lock, but you want something that can offer you more? I’ve got the Master Lock Hidden Shackle trailer door lock for you.

Hidden Shackle, as the name says it, the shackles of the door lock stay unexposed. Now you might say, ‘Hey, how does it even help?’ Well, the thieves usually cut the shackles. If your shackle stays hidden, he’ll find nothing to cut in the first place.

So, you’ve got the ‘shackle thing’ covered, but what if the thief tries to pry the lock? Typical door locks tend to have a poor-quality connection system. One single pry, and that’s it; the door-lock is done.

This door lock from Master Lock turns the table. It has got super-strong ball bearings that take the locking mechanism to heights. Pull it, pry it or try cutting it with a saw, you can’t unlock it no matter how hard you try. SAW! Speaking of the devil, this door lock has got ‘plans’ to resist sawing jobs specifically.

The door lock is fully shielded, and the boron alloys harden it. As a result, there’s no way the thief will be able to cut your lock using a saw even if he finds out the shackles somehow.

As for durability, the locks have got Zinc castings that make it stand out when it comes to durability. You’ll get higher impact resistance compared to the locks that are made of grey cast, aluminum alloys, and plastics. Besides, the Zinc castings give the door lock a shimmering decorative look.


  • The shackles stay unexposed as a result the thieves can’t find anything to cut
  • It has super-strong ball bearings that secure the lock
  • The boron alloys harden it, for which, saw tools do not have an impact on it
  • With Zinc Castings, you get to have a higher impact resistance


  • Sometimes you have to pull the keys harder to get them out

What to Look for before Buying the Best Trailer Door Lock?

Now that you’ve decided to buy the best-enclosed trailer door lock, you’ll need to make sure you know what features you should look for before buying it. Otherwise, the odds might not be in your favor, and you might not get your hands on the right product.

To make sure you don’t choose the wrong product, take a look at the things you should consider before buying a door lock.

Construction of the Lock

The construction describes how durable your door lock will be. If you purchase all those locks that come with inexpensive builds, it might fall short in its durability and functionality.

That is why, even if you have to spend a bit more cash, you should go for stainless-steel door locks. These locks are powerful enough to withstand all the beatings. However, if you’re on a budget, I’ll suggest you go for the ones that are made from Zinc. Of course, you should make sure the door lock has Zinc die castings on it.

Rust Proof

There are plenty of junks you’ll find in the marketplace that does not have an anti-rust feature. You might be able to get these door locks in exchange for a little amount of money, but soon your money will go to waste. Because within 2 to 3 months, they’ll start getting rust and corrosion.

Therefore, if you go for a metal door lock, make sure it has got an anti-rust feature. These locks survive for a long time compared to others.

Locking Mechanism

What good is a door lock if it doesn’t have a good locking mechanism? Unfortunately, there are tons of door locks that come with such low-end attributes. If your door lock doesn’t have a good locking mechanism, your lock won’t stay secure. One single pry and the next thing you know, the cargo door is wide open.

To make sure you don’t face such an unfortunate situation, get your hands on the door lock that has got strong ball bearings in it.If the ball bearings are strong, they’ll secure the lock to such an extent that it will be impossible for the thief to break your lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the trailer door latch kit?

It’s basically a metal bar that has got a catch and a lever. You use it to fasten the door of your trailer.

2. What if I lose my keys?

If you lose your keys somehow, you can contact your seller. Usually, the sellers make all the arrangements. You can purchase an extra key from him.

3. Is installing these locks take a lot of time?

Not at all. All the locks I talked about are pretty easy to install, and you just need a couple of minutes to make things right.

4. Do the Zinc-casting locks cause any spark? My work involves tankers.

The locks, including the Zinc-casting ones, have got anti-sparking attributes. So, they’re completely friendly to hazardous places.

5. Is there any warranty offer?

To know about these details, you have to talk to your seller. Because warranty and price are subject to change at any given time.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know everything about the best trailer lock, you’re just one step away to go for securing your cargo almost forever. All these products I’ve mentioned are unique according to their features. However, it’s you who should decide which one to go for.

If it needs, you can ask your fellow cargo owners about these products. No matter what, I’m sure they’ll suggest you take one of these without any question.

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