5 Best Sliding Gate Openers 2021 [Updated]

Do you have a gate surrounding your property? If so, then how do you manage to open and close it? If you are doing it manually, then you’re doing it wrong. With the best sliding gate opener at your disposal, you can make sure that your entrance is managed efficiently and you can make your life so much easier.

Whether you have a large or small gate, a sliding or swinging gate, or some other kind of opening to get onto your property, nothing is going to add convenience and security to your life like one of these gate openers.

Today we’re going to look at some of the top models on the market, as well as discuss the most vital features that you have to consider when making a final decision.

Best Sliding Gate Opener

Sliding Gate Opener Defined

There are a few types of automatic gate openers like sliding, driveway, single and dual swing etc. Sliding gates, typically used for commercial properties, are an innovation in gate automation systems. More and more residential homeowners are closing this style of gating for their driveways and home security. 

Sliding gate openers (sliding gate operators) are the technologies used to open and close an automated gate system. These gate systems are best for properties with abnormal or uneven landscapes preventing traditional gate operation, or to providing digital and advanced security to a home that a traditional gate system could not.

Operated by using automated wheels on a gate track Slide Gates use V-groove wheels and a door roller directs the opening and closing operation and is utilized to control the entryway and keep the gate securely closed. A securing point, likewise called an entryway catcher, is situated on the contrary post to settle the door in the shut position.

How to Choose the Right Models for Your Gate

Swing vs. Sliding Gates

One of the most crucial elements that you have to consider when picking out the best gate opener is whether or not it will work for the kind of gate that you have. The two primary methods are swing or sliding, so it’s imperative that you get a motor that will work for the system you use.

With swing gates, you can either have one piece (leaf) or two. If you have two leaves, then you can usually just double your order and install a single opener on each side.


Another critical element to keep in mind is that each sliding gate opener is rated for a particular size and weight. Usually, sliding gate motors will work for models that are up to 30-40 feet long, while swing gate openers can vary much more.

As such, it’s vital that you measure the dimensions of your gate beforehand so that you can be sure that your new motor will work. If you have a double-leaf swing gate, then measure each side individually since you can buy two of the same model if necessary.

If your gate is too big for the motor that you want, it’s imperative that you upgrade to a unit that’s rated for your dimensions. If you don’t, then you will overwork the motor, which could cause it to break down and stop working.

Security Options

In some instances, your gate may be purely decorative, which means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not people can access your property. However, if it’s intended as a blockade for intruders, then you want to pay attention to the security settings of any opener you consider.

One option that works well is RFID technology. This allows you to code your remotes so that no one else can access your gate. Because the ID scans can be customized with so much detail, this is probably the best choice you have.

Another option is to get a sliding gate opener that has a locking mechanism. Many openers don’t come with this add-on, however, so you will have to buy it separately and install it yourself.

Power Options

Because every opener is run on a motor, it has to draw electricity from somewhere. There are three primary options you can choose from when picking out the right model.

  • Power Grid: this requires the use of an electrician as you will be connecting the opener to your home’s wiring. The downside of this is that if there is ever a power outage, you will have to open the gate manually.
  • Solar Panels: if you want a more reliable and independent energy source, then consider having a dedicated solar panel by the motor itself. These can range from a few watts up to 30 or more, depending on how big your gate is and what kind of power requirements you need.
  • Battery Operated: typically speaking, most gate openers will connect to a battery as a backup power source, even when using something as reliable as the grid. This ensures that you never run into problems, regardless of what’s going on with your wiring or your solar panel. Unfortunately, you usually have to provide your own battery.

Remote Controls

For the most part, if you want to make sure that your gate is secure from intruders, you want to rely on remote control, rather than a sensor. However, even if your gate is decorative and doesn’t provide security, then having a remote will make your life easier overall.

When picking out a remote option, see if there are additional buttons beyond the standard “open/close.” In some instances, there may be a setting that allows for you to walk through the gate without having to open it all the way (pedestrian mode).

If you have a swing gate, then it’s imperative that you get a remote that will control both leaves at once. If you don’t, then that means that you have to get an individual remote for each side, which will make the whole process much more complicated and inconvenient.

Review of the Best Models for 2021

1. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Review

Another crucial element that you have to pay attention to when picking out the best sliding gate opener is the kind of gate you have. We’ve already seen what you can expect for swinging entrances, but what about models that slide open on a track? For those gates, you should use something like this motor from CO-Z.

The first thing that we like about this model is that it uses RFID technology to prevent others from accessing your gate controls. Since part of the reason to have a gate in the first place is to keep unwanted people out, having this extra bit of security makes it an ideal choice for many consumers.

Secondly, we appreciate that you get two remote controls, each of them with four-button options. These controls allow you to open, close, slow, and stop the gate at any time. Remarkably, you can code up to 23 remotes for this one motor, so if you have a lot of people who need access, you don’t have to share controls.

One interesting feature of this motor is that it also comes with a “pedestrian” setting. This enables you to open the gate by just a few feet, making it so much more convenient. Rather than waiting for the whole cycle to complete, you can get it closed a lot faster. Not only that, but you can set the auto-close function, ensuring that you never forget to shut the gate once you’re inside.

When picking out the right model for your needs, this motor can work for sliding gates that weigh up to 1400 pounds and are up to 40 feet long. This covers the vast majority of materials and dimensions out there, so you shouldn’t have any issues making this opener work for you.


  • RFID coding technology
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Works on all sliding gates
  • Max length of 40 feet
  • Max weight of 1400 pounds
  • Two remote control keychains
  • Automatic gate opener
  • You can connect up to 23 remotes to this system
  • Moves at 8.5 feet per second
  • 100-foot remote control range
  • Pedestrian mode for convenience
  • Manual release key included


  • In rare cases, instructions may not be included
  • Motor may move slowly, depending on gate material

2. GATEXPERT Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Review

GATEXPERT show their true expertise in automatic gate opening job with the AT350 opener. The aluminum alloy base and abs cover of the machine marks the unparalleled quality they have to offer. 

Not surprisingly, this heavy-duty performer can be set up with any given gate that you find. But the length of the gat shouldn’t be beyond 26 feet, and the weight must not exceed 1350 pounds.

Dealing with such a huge weight doesn’t mean that the machine will slow down. Rather, it can open the slides at a rapid speed of 11-13 meters per minute. This is quite fast considering the weight and height of a regular entry.

The motor inside deserves a big thumbs up for its automated shutdown function. As soon as the motor reaches a temperature of 120-degree Celsius, it will turn off itself. This will save the health and longevity of the machine.

Setting the auto-closing time is quite easy on this device. You can set the timer to 12, 24, and 36 seconds after the opening of the wings. It reduces the need to use the remote.


  • Durable aluminum base and abs cover
  • It supports longer gates up to 26 feet of length
  • Self shut down feature of the motor
  • Automatic closing feature to reduce controller use
  • Infrared detection for auto opening


  • The instruction manual guides quite poorly

3. ALEKO AC1400  Electric Sliding Gate Opener Review

For the most part, sliding gates are much easier to manage with an opener because all you need is a high-quality chain and track on which to move.

However, if your gate is more massive than most, you need something with a bit more heft and power behind it. In that case, you need a motor like this model from Aleko.

When compared to other sliding gate openers, it’s easy to see why this one is perfect for large-scale operations. It can work on gates that weigh up to 1400 pounds and those that are up to 50 feet long. Not only that, but you can code up to 100 remotes for it, meaning that this motor is perfect for commercial applications, not just residential gates.

We like that this sliding gate opener comes with everything you need to get started and that it’s made of aluminum alloy, which is both lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

In fact, this whole system is so easy to set up that a single person can do it in a few hours. You will still need a professional to tap into the electrical grid, but everything else can be handled solo.


  • Powerful ¾ horsepower motor
  • Easy to install
  • Works on gates up to 50 feet
  • Max weight of 1400 pounds
  • Two remote controls included
  • Code up to 100 remotes if necessary
  • Stops and reverses if obstructed
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable aluminum alloy chassis
  • Corrosion-resistant materials


  • In rare cases, the motor may be missing the remotes
  • Not as secure as other models

4. Lfhelper Sliding Gate Opener Review

Doesn’t it feel awesome when your regular entry works like it’s from a sci-fi spaceship? Well, you can get that feeling if you install the Lfhelper opener.

This ultra-modern gadget comes with an infrared sensor that triggers when someone or something crosses it over. Whenever it detects an obstacle, the doors will rebound on their own and open up.

It reduces the need for overuse of a remote control device. Still, you do get a functional remote controller with it. The controller can be triggered from as far as 70 meters away. Inside the machine, there’s a motor that keeps the whole system alive.

This motor is well-designed and crafted with modern techniques to outperform its peer models. One of the standout features you get from this motor is its temperature controller.

Whenever the motor gets hot, and the temperature reads more than normal, the motor cuts off the power supply and cools down. Thus, it saves the motor from any damage.

Apart from all these interesting features, the sliding gate opener runs with an impressive low sound. Creating a sound at a noise level of below 56 dB, you can bet it’s almost noiseless.


  • Infrared sensor for automatic opening and closure
  • It can be controlled by remote from 70 feet distance
  • A smart motor turns off when it gets heat up
  • Produces a low sound while in operation
  • Can take a maximum load of 4000 pounds


  • Not suitable for all types of gates

5. G.T.Master Sliding Gate Operator Kit Review

With an intelligent and powerful motor installed inside, the G.T.Master proves to be one of the best, if not the best automatic electric opener we have seen.

It can cover entrances that come with a length of a staggering 27 feet and 1300 pounds of weight. This makes almost all the common and regular portals to be compatible with this device.

Control the opening and closing of the entry at your own convenience. Thanks to its intelligent control board, it allows a soft start and slow stop function for your opening. This eventually proves to be beneficial for the gate’s life expectancy.

You get to set the specific time that the wings take between an opening and an automated closing. It supports three different time-gaps – 12, 24, and 36 seconds for an automatic closing function.

The motor that runs the entire machine features a great thermal protection system. It turns the motor off if it runs for over 15 minutes in a row.

You can send commands through the remote from a good distance of at best 100 feet. It works perfectly fine within this range.


  • The machine suits long slide up to 27 feet
  • Gate moves at a rate of 40 feet per minute
  • Thermally protected motor for safety
  • Remote can be operated from 100 feet away
  • Automatic closure option


  • It cannot connect with a solar panel

Sliding Gates Installation Processes

There are two sorts of Slide Gate Opener Installations; Back Mount (Installation from the end of the gate track) and Front Mount (Standard or traditional installation).

Back Mount (End-Of-Track):

This method of sliding gate installation requires somewhat more work than traditional installation processes, and it also requires more fencing chains.

This installation method can become costly and adding to that cost is the fact that this method is recommended to be completed by a professional gate installer.

Why would you pay more for this method of installation?

It complements your landscape, adding character and beauty to your property while providing optimized security; without the motor, chains being visible by visitors which is typical for traditional installation methods.

Front side installation:

With a Standard Installation, the entryway administrator is mounted by the door opening with the chain noticeable within the base of the door. Chains being visual to intruders can become a hazardous problem if they are familiar with gate systems and their operations.

How Does a Sliding Gate Opener Work?

Sliding gate openers are basically electric door administrators — gadgets that make an entryway work automatically without direct human contact and empower you to open and close gates without manual activity. These entryway administrators work for swinging gates, sliding gates, swing doors, and sliding doors.

How does it work?

The control box gets the radio flag and commands the operating systems to work as programmed. The control box draws control from a battery which must be changed intermittently. 

There are also solar-powered sliding gate openers that use sun-oriented boards to create operation power without using household electricity. The administrator is associated with a door opening arm which powers the entryway to slide or swing the correct way on command from a first signal device. 

The cerebrum of this framework is a control box mounted close to the door, dependent on the entryway post distance from the home or customer preference.

An electric entryway opener makes the door open and close when getting manual motivation made by remote control, physical operation, a keypad, or a sensor gadget mounted in the carport. 

The administrator opens the entryway by sliding it sideways or swinging it inwards and keep it open for a time to permit traffic. At that point, it shuts the entryway by swinging back to the first position and securing itself via locking mechanisms.


How do you manually open an electric sliding gate?

Operating an electric sliding gate manually may seem complicated, but it’s easy as operating an automated one. First, you need to open the door on the motor with the key provided during installation.

The key provides you access to operate the motor manually. Secondly, you simply slide the gate manually to access your property. Finally, close the door on the motor to reset it to its original automated operation.

Are mighty mule gate openers any good?

Mighty mule gate openers are important since they ensure your gate continues to operate automatically, particularly during power outages. They are equipped with a high-power storage battery to provide a power supply and enable automatic operations.

How long do gate openers last?

The amount of time in operation depends on the quality and type of gate openers. However, in normal conditions, the majority of gate openers can operate between two and three years. For solar integrated gate openers, they are likely to last more than the normal ones.

What is the best gate sliding motor?

To get the best motor, it depends on the quality and the type of the gate. However, Ghost Controls Duty Heavy Automated Dual Gate is among the top gate sliding motors.

How do you secure a gate motor?

Use a high-quality lock to secure the motor from theft. Additionally, you can install anti-lift brackets to prevent looters from bending the rack upwards.

Final Verdict

Since there are two kinds of gate openers on the market, we have to provide you with our top picks in each category.

For sliding gates, we really like what the CO-Z had to offer. We appreciated the added security of the RFID technology, as well as the additional features that came with it (i.e., pedestrian mode). Not only that, but it works with almost all-sized gates, making it an ideal choice for any household.

Even if your gate is relatively small, we like the reliability and responsiveness of this particular opener. It’s super easy to install, and if you get a solar panel to go with it, you won’t have to worry about a thing for the life of the motor.

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