The 4 Best Slider Windows Reviewed [2021 Updated]

Best Slider Window

So, you’ve moved into a new house lately. Everything’s pretty cool, and you’re loving it. However, you can’t just stand the cold air coming inside your house and gushing you out every now and then.

What’s worse, you see that a black raccoon pays you a visit sometime to steal the cookies. Let me tell you what you’ve been missing, GENIUS!

If you had the best slider windows installed in your basement, all that cold air wouldn’t dare to reach your room. And wild animals? That doesn’t even come close.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump to the reviews and choose a slider window so that you can say all your problems goodbye.

Our list of top slider windows:

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Park Ridge VBSI3214PR Vinyl Basement Slider Window

Park Ridge Products VUSI2424PR Park Ridge Slider

2020igut 2'0 X 2'0 Utility Double Slider - Insulated

Duo 3218slid Basement Double Slider Window

What Is a Slider Window?

A sliding window basically comes with sashes that you can slide back and forth very easily, rather than going up and down.

It has got two operable sashes. You can open or close the sashes on a track horizontally. Mostly, sliding windows are used in the basement.

List of 4 Best Slider Windows 2021 Reviews

Here I’ve picked the top 4 sliding windows that are running superbly in the marketplace. Give these reviews a read and choose the one that suits you most.

1. Park Ridge VBSI3214PR Basement Slider Window Review

For your new home, you need something that offers you an innovation. You can try the VBSI3214PR from Park Ridge. It offers you the features that you won’t be able to resist.

What do almost all the basement have in common? Insects love them. But you don’t want them to walk around your basement, do you? Well, Park Ridge VBSI3214PR has got your back.

It has got the full-screen coverage that makes sure all the insects stay out for good. The tension springs are there for your safety against the insects, but if you ever feel uncomfortable with it, you can have it removed whenever you want. It’s easily removable.

You may love the rainy days, but it might not be too friendly to your basement. Typical slider windows can’t drain the water out. The next thing you know, your basement is going Titanic.

Time to go for a change. Get your hands on the slider window by Park Ridge. It has got weep holes, which are placed on it in such a way that all the water is drained all by itself during rainy days.

During windy days, the durable wood pile-seals, along with the insulated glass, make sure the cold air stays out while the warm air stays in.

As for your comfort zone, you can glide the sash effortlessly. As you lock the window, the left-handed window handling will keep the lock safe with its heavy-duty cam action-lock.


  • The full-screen coverage prevents insects from getting in
  • Itsweep holes will drain the water on rainy days
  • You can glide the sash very easily and smoothly
  • The heavy-duty cam action-lock keeps the lock safe


  • The pane of the window can lose its quality if exposed to too much heat

2. Park Ridge VUSI2424PR Basement Slider Window Review

The VUSI2424PR from Park Ridge is well known for its heavy-duty construction. Yes, the one I mentioned above looks somewhat similar to it, but this one survives the toughest beatings.

Its mainframe is solidly built with Vinyl, which confirms that the window can withstand all the toughest challenges. Heavy slams, weather issues, you name it, this one counters against all the threats.

With the energy-efficient insulated glass around, you don’t have to worry a bit about the cold air entering your home. The glass teams up with a wool pile seal. For which, it keeps the warm air in while the cold air stays away.

Rainy days can be a bummer at times, especially when the water gets past the window and enters your house. It’s time to say goodbye to such drag once and for all. This slider window comes with weep holes that have got your back to drain all the water all by itself.

Also, there are the interlocking panels that always maintain a weather-tight seal. So, no matter what weather conditions you have, you can rely on this window with your eyes closed.

As for insects, you can say goodbye to your unwelcomed guests from now on. Park Ridge VUSI2424PR has got a full-screen coverage that makes sure the insects can’t make their way into your house at all.

Whenever you think you don’t need the screen, you can remove it within minutes. It’s totally removable.

Here’s the best part, though. To make sure the window can blend in perfectly with your home, it comes with a wide range of size variants. So, choose the one that suits your demand.


  • The mainframe is built solidly with Vinyl, which ensures your durability
  • Its energy-efficient insulated glass keeps the cold air out and the warm air in
  • Thanks to the weep holes that drain out the water on rainy days
  • With the interlocking panels, you can maintain a weather-tight seal


  • It’s a bit heavy-weight

3. Duo-Corp 2020IGUT Sliding Window Review

If you’re still on the search for the best slider window, you can take a look at Duo-Corp 2020IGUT sliding window. This one is the perfect catalyst for you if durability is your key-concern.

The frame and sash it comes with are made with heavy-duty solid vinyl. And the impact resistance feature makes sure it can withstand all the beatings and tough conditions no matter what.

Besides, it uses double-strength tempered glass, which covers the safety zone with its enhanced durability and strength.

It doesn’t matter if something gets thrown at the window or you slide it with a slam, this one will survive in the long run without any question.

Everyone wants to embrace the warm vibe inside their home. If the cold air enters your basement, you’ll soon feel winter in the summer. Speaking of which, in the winter and windy days, things get worse.

The wool pile seal has got your back. It makes sure the cold air stays out 24/7, keeping your house warm all the time.

Thanks to the sloped sill, the water gets removed without you doing anything on the rainy days. When you feel the need to clean the window, you can use the limit-stop hinge system to tilt the sash with ease and give your window a nice wash.


  • The frame and sash are made with heavy-duty Vinyl
  • Thanks to the double-strength tempered glass, the window survives heavy hits
  • The wool pile seal makes sure the cold air stays out
  • With the limit-stop hinge system, you get an easy-cleaning experience


  • The frame might seem a bit larger than usual

4. Duo 3218slid Basement Double Slider Window

Make your life easy and comfortable with Duo 3218slid double slider window. Durability, functionality, comfort, you name it, this slider window stands out completely for its mind-boggling features.

To cover the durability part, this slider window comes with solidly built removal-sash and vinyl frame. The fact that it’s fully welded takes the durability to its peak.

In addition, you’re getting an insulated glass that is double-tampered. For which, it withstands all the tough shockwaves even if you throw something at it.

Typical slider windows lose it most of the time when it comes to the locks. They don’t come with a strong locking system, as a result, lock it or keep it opened, it’s the same story.

Thanks to the interlocking sash Duo 3218slid comes with, the window maintains its lock efficiently. Lock it and try opening it with all you’ve got. You’ll be happy to fail.

Let it be winter, summer or rainy days, the slider window shows its magic the whole year. It blocks the way of the cold air from entering your house. While on the other hand, it makes sure the warm air stays completely tight inside. As a result, you always get to feel the soothing warmth all the time.

When the water tries to push their way to your basement through your window, the weep frames will back you up as it removes all the water efficiently, without you doing anything at all.

As for installation, it’s easy as snapping your fingers. The slider window has got pre-drilled holes in it already. All you got to do is use a screwdriver to screw the nails.


  • Heavy-duty Vinyl construction makes the frame and the sash durable
  • The double-tampered glass withstands all the heavy hits
  • All-weather friendly attribute, thanks to the insulated glass and weep holes
  • Got pre-drilled holes, which makes the installation easy for you


  • A bit on the expensive side

Things to Consider Before Buying a Slider Window

Want to buy a slider window? Well, and good. However, do you know what are the things you should look for before buying it? You might end up buying the wrong product if you don’t know what to consider before buying a slider window.

To make sure you don’t fall on a disappointing fate, here are the things you should consider before buying a slider window.

Full-Screen Coverage

Insects tend to appear in basements a lot. It’s obvious because your basement touches the ground most of the time.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of slider windows in the marketplace that does not take any measure to block the way of your little enemies.

So, it’s a must that you should get yourself a window that has got full-screen coverage to stop the insects from coming inside.

Weep Holes

During rainy days, the water tries to get inside through the window and the doors. Since I’m talking about the window here, I should play my part to warn you about it.

There are windows that do not have any weep hole. As a result, even if the frame gets water in it, there’s no chance of the water being drained.

Therefore, buy a slider window that has got weep holes in it. The weep holes will drain the water all by itself when there’s an abnormal amount. You don’t have to do anything at all, LOOK NO HANDS!

Insulated Glass and Wool Pile Seal

You don’t want all that cold air to come inside your house, do you? Like it or not, your basement welcomes the cold air while the warm stay out. You can turn the tables by getting a slider window that has got insulated glass and wool pile seal.

These two features team up together to keep the cold air out while they keep the warmth inside. As a result, you always feel the coziness 24/7.

Strong Interlocking Sash

Wild pets can be a bummer sometimes. They enter the basement through the windows if you don’t have a good-quality interlocking sash.

To eliminate this situation, a slider window with a strong interlocking sash is a must. With this feature in the rig, pets and even thieves won’t be able to break-in inside your house.

Double-Tempered Glass

It’s not a rare thing for your window to get something thrown at it. A heavy hit and that’s it, the next thing you know, your window will have a big scar on it.

To escape such drag, you can get yourself a slider window that has got the double tempered glass.

These glasses are very durable, to such extent that even if something heavy strikes it, the glass will withstand the shockwaves and stay good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does a sliding window work?

You basically slide the sashes of the window back and forth. All you have to do for opening the window is moving the sash side to side.

2.Are slider windows efficient?

That depends on the window you’re going for. The ones that are durable, got weep holes in it and have got double-tempered glasses. These are the most efficient ones.

3.Are sliding windows better than double-hung?

It depends on your preference and use. For minimalist and clean look, sliding windows are your best bet.

These windows give you optimum ventilation. Besides, installing these windows is easier, as well. For places like the living area, dining room, or kitchen-sink top, a sliding window is a perfect choice.

4.Is installing a sliding window easy?

Yes, and it gets easier if you buy a pre-drilled sliding window. If your window is pre-drilled, all you need to do is screw it and fix it at your place.

Wrapping Up!

Done with the best slider window reviews already? Don’t give these windows a second thought if you want to live peacefully inside your new home.

Apart from the cons, these windows are great alternatives to the typical junks you’ll find in the market. So, without giving yourself the space for worrying, get yourself one of these slider windows as the perfect solution.

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