6 Best Robot Vacuum for Laminate Floors in 2021

The Best Robot Vacuum for Laminate Floor

As a pet owner, a new parent, or simply someone invested in their jobs, you know what a hassle cleaning your house can be. Especially if you find yourself grasping at straws an hour before the guests show up, a robot vacuum cleaner is what you need the most!

Laminate flooring, although requires less maintenance, needs to be swept regularly to sustain its shine. A robot vac can detect any dirt, keep your floors free from allergens, and clean in a soft yet effective manner.

Here we are reviewing the best robot vacuum for laminate floors that lived up to our expectations at a super affordable price. Let's get to know about them!

Budget Pick

Best Pick

Premium Quality

ILIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ

iRobot Roomba 960

6 Best Robot Vacuum for Laminate Floors 

Do your laminate floors need some sweeping to get their sparkle back on? Keep on reading to know all about the top robot vacuums in the market!

1. ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Review

This 2-in-1 robot vac with its excellent sweeping and mopping features will keep your house brand new and save your precious time!

To begin with, it's auto-clean feature lets you schedule the cleaning. And with a whopping 110-minute runtime on a full charge, this automatic vacuum cleaner will cover homes of all shapes and sizes!

It also self-charges, meaning that it will go back to the charging port all by itself when the battery is low. This way, the maintenance is minimum, and other than cleaning its dirt bin, you have nothing else to worry about!

This vacuum cleaner also shows off an elegant gold color that will add beauty to your home. The robot vacuum has drop sensors that prevent it from falling down the stairs and avoiding collision with your feet, pets, or furniture.

The robot vacuum works well on low-pile carpets, laminate floors, tiles, and hardwood floors. In the box, you will find a cleaning tool, 4 side brushes, 2 mops, 1 AC adapter, and 1 remote control alongside the stunning vacuum cleaner.

Its 4 cleaning modes will handle all sorts of dirty situations arising in your home. For example, the Auto-clean feature will randomly clean areas while the Spot Clean option will focus deeply on a dirtier region.

Edge Clean is for the hard-to-reach areas such as corners, the bottom of the walls, etc. And finally, the max cleaning is for the times when your home needs a quick makeover.


● 4 efficient cleaning modes for all purposes
● Automatically goes back to the charging base when batteries are down
● 110 minute run time on a single charge
● Smart sensors to avoid collision and falling
● Schedule cleaning with its remote control


● Small water tank for mopping

2. eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim) Review

This eufy robot vacuum cleaner not only has an incredible suction power but also makes your laminate floors look as good as new!

It's an excellent vacuum cleaner that requires very little maintenance. Working the best on hardwood floors, this robot vacuum cleaner has tempered anti-scratch glass on its top for extra protection.

Not to mention, the sheen adds beauty to the slimmest robot vac you'll get for the price! Yes, that's right, this compact robot vacuum is only 2.85 inches tall.

With a 0.63-inch climbing capacity on its wheels, the robot vacuum will roll easily over door ledges to reach the dirty spots. It's a nice addition to your home if you have laminate floors and low to medium pile carpets. 

It also increases its suction power automatically in seconds when more strength is required for the dirtiest spots. This vacuum is as quiet as it can be, with a barely discernible low hum like a microwave's. Moreover, 1300Pa suction is remarkable for a slim and small robot vacuum cleaner like this one.

Lastly, it will return to the charging base automatically when the power is running out. It will never sit dead during a vacuuming session due to low power; it will simply stop and return to the base no matter how far you have placed the charging port in your home.


● Three filters for high-performance cleaning
● A large 0.6L dust box
● 1300Pa suction power efficiently cleans laminate floors and carpets
● Large wheels easily climb over ledges


● Misses spots on occasions
● Might collide against dark-themed furniture

3. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Review

With this robot vacuum, you no longer have to keep any thought about mopping and sweeping in your head.

You probably have heard about a Roomba without even knowing about robot vacuums. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled through a smartphone app. How convenient is that? You can set cleaning schedules with the iRobot HOME app.

It features a 3-stage cleaning system with its incredible multi-surface rubber brushes. Roomba also has a sophisticated navigation system that maps your home and cleans the floors effectively.

If you own a Braava Jet m6 for mopping your floors, you'd be happy to know that Roomba and Braava have a calibrated Imprint™ Link Technology that sets off the Braava to start mopping once Roomba is done with the vacuuming!

Not to mention, its Dirt Detect™ Technology, coupled with its Smart Navigation, delivers a professional cleaning to keep your home free of dirt.

Finally, this onealso supports Keep Out Zones,where you don’t like your robot vac to invade. The AllergenLock bags and anti-allergen system is a lifesaver if pollen, dust, or pet hair give you the sneezes.


 ● Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone app for easier controls
● PerfectEdge Technology cleans corners and bottom of the walls
● Power Boost Technology provides a 40 times stronger suction power
● Smart mapping helps navigate the ways around your home


● Fails to make its way back to the charging base sometimes on low charge

4. Coredy Automatic Robot Vacuum R3500 Review

Flaunting a sleek design, this 1700Pa robotic vacuum cleaner is ready to make cleaning a breeze!

If you have multiple pets and suffer from pet messes littering all over your home, this robot vac, with its long runtime and magical cleaning powers, will save the day!

For starters, this vacuum has a whopping 1700Pa suction power, which puts many high-end robot vacs to shame. It's also suitable for your low-pile carpet — picking up all the garbage and storing them inside its spacious dust bin.

Automatic, Spot, Max, and Edge — 4 cleaning modes will provide efficient cleaning, and the washable HEPA filter saves your money.

This self-charging vacuum has anti-drop and anti-collision features that prevent it from bumping against your pets and furniture or falling down the stairs and porch.

Your enthusiastic pets or little kids won't be a problem because its anti-scratch top cover allows the elegant vacuum cleaner to stay in shape with a remarkable life. Its rechargeable 2600mAh lithium-ion batteries support deep cleaning a 120 square meter house up to 120 minutes till returning to the charging base.


● Precisely navigates the length of your home
● Excellent 120 minutes runtime
● Washable HEPA filters and roomy dust bin
● 4 cleaning modes to reach all the places
● Incredible vacuum power on its high 1700Pa suction capacity


● Average performance on dark colored floors and carpets

5. iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum

Roomba's high-efficiency filters capture all the dust, allergens, and pollen, making it suitable for you if your home is pet heaven.

This is the best robot cleaner for laminate floors because its Imprint Smart Mapping feature remembers all your flooring plans. Its patented iAdapt 3.0 technology alongside the vSLAM navigation successfully takes note of the correct measurements to cover all areas.

Keep Out Zones prevent the vacuum from entering those areas of your home. You can command your Roomba with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant to clean a certain room or the whole house.

Moreover, Roomba is so slim that it easily slides under the couch, bed, and other furniture for all-around cleaning. It also vacuums those hard to reach corners of your home.

Its AllergenLock bag will hold dirt and dust gathered for over 60 days at a stretch. This is very convenient for you if sweeping or cleaning is not your thing. The Power-Lifting Suction provides 10 times the air power for an improved, all-around pickup performance.


● Works with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant
● Dual multi-surface rubber brushes are ideal for removing pet hair from carpets and floors
● Remembers floor plans to effectively vacuum all rooms
● AllergenLock Bags and Keep Out Zones reduce maintenance


● Expensive robot vacuum

6. eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

eufy brings you a one of a kind cleaning expert to keep your floors neater than ever!

It’s quiet yet powerful motor provides a great suction power; cleaning all the grime and dirt from your laminate floors. This vacuum cleaner's quiet operation won't disturb you or the kids. You can set spaces you don’t want the RobotVac to reach like the kids' playing area or the kitchen with the 13.2 feet boundary strips.

You can schedule or change the previous schedule anytime on the EufyHome app since it supports Wi-Fi connectivity. The best part about this vacuum is that it will turn its suction power up a notch, automatically sensing extra dirt and change of flooring.

Enjoy up to 100 minutes of high-quality cleaning that leaves your floors and carpets sparkling and allergen-free with the RoboVac. The 1500Pa suction strength is enough to vacuum laminate floors and low to medium pile carpets.

Nine anti-collision infrared sensors make it impossible to tip over or bump into the furniture. Its top-notch drop sensors make sure that it never falls down the stairs.


● Boundary strips to protect restricted areas
● Easy controls from the EufyHome app
● 2.85" height makes it convenient to clean below all pieces of furniture
● Max suction feature is perfect for vacuuming carpets up to 40 minutes


● No smart mapping technology

How to Buy the Right Robot Vacuum for Laminate Floors?

Since laminate floors are prone to easy damage if you clean roughly or hastily, bringing a robot vacuum cleaner designed for hardwood and medium-pile carpets is the best thing for your home.

Choosing the best robot vacuum for laminate floors can be quite the trouble if this is your first time shopping.

Here you will find the answer to your question, "What to consider before buying a robot vacuum?"

Long Runtime 

If your house is a big one, you will want a robot vacuum that can clean the most part without having to run off to the charging base. Most robot vacuums have an average runtime of 75 minutes. You will get somewhere between 100 to 120 minutes of regular cleaning on remote control models from eufy, ILIFE, etc.

Most laminate floor vacuums have multiple cleaning modes, and the battery performance depends on what mode you have set it for the day.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Alexa Support 

A house packed with kids and pets is also a place where a robot vacuum cleaner can make a huge difference.

If your robot vac has a Wi-Fi connection, you can command it to clean any room from your phone; you have all the controls to yourself no matter where you are.

You can tell Alexa to clean your dining room, and the robot vac will clean that exact area.

Not only will it make your sweeping easy and hands-free but also help you maintain hygiene and a clean environment for your family.

Intelligent Mapping 

Intelligent mapping is perhaps the most important feature after suction strength and anti-dropping and anti-collision sensor performance on robot vacuums. They have a mapping technology that determines the best routes of maximum cleaning, considering the furniture positions in different rooms.

It also helps the robot vac to efficiently find its way back to the charging base or reach a certain dirty area that you commanded to clean via Alexa.

The better the mapping, the more efficiently robot vacuums can clean your rooms, leaving no dirty spots undetected! Smart mapping prevents the vacuum from going over the same area or missing a spot.

Automatic Dirt Disposal 

iRobot Roomba has an automatic dirt disposal feature that dispatches dirt, pet hair and allergens up to 2 months in an AllergenLock bag. So, you have to dispose of the bag every 2 months only. Cheaper robot vacs may not have this feature. In that case, a 0.6L dustbin capacity is enough for a slim and compact vacuum.

Fast Response and Suction Power

Coredy, iRobot, eufy have some excellent robot vacuums with tremendous suction power. A suction power greater than 1300Pa is best for homeowners with children, small animals, or simply allergy issues. Roomba i7 has a powerful suction. Coredy R3500 is a much more affordable option with a powerful 1700Pa suction.

You can opt for a sweeping and mopping duo in a single robot vac to cut down more cleaning time for yourself. If that's what you're looking for, ILIFE V5s Pro will give you the best bang for your buck.

The sensors on decent to high-end robot vacuum cleaners will sense the change of flooring from hardwood to carpet and calibrate its suction accordingly. eufy's RoboVac can automatically turn up its suction power in less than 2 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use CrossWave on laminate flooring?

Yes, you can use CrossWave on laminate flooring alongside tiles, hardwood and area rugs. In a single sweep, you can get glossy tiles and sparkling laminate floors, but be careful not to use rough cleaners in your CrossWave, or it will damage the floor texture or leave streaks.

2. Can wet Swiffer be used on laminate floors?

Yes, you can use a wet Swiffer on laminate floors, but remember to not leave it soaking wet in the water or solution. Wring it well before sweeping and use a mild natural cleaner such as vinegar for laminate floors.

3. Do robot vacuums scratch wood floors?

Although robot vacuums are specially designed to clean hardwood floors without leaving scratch marks, if plastic bits or sand particles get stuck under their wheels, they might leave a minimum scratching since they move on the wheels.

4. How often should you mop laminate floors?

If you’re not using a laminate floor mop, wring the regular mop well after soaking it in water and then mop your laminate floor. Since laminate floors are more sensitive, mop them in this way every 2 or 3 months. Using a microfiber mop without excess liquid will give you the best results! 

5. Which is better shark IQ robot or Roomba?

Roomba i7+ is better than the Shark IQ robot vacuum because while both models deliver high-quality cleaning performance, Roomba is more durable and efficient. 

Shark IQ will hold a month's garbage, whereas Roomba holds 60 days of dust, allergen, and hair in its AllergenLock bags. Roomba also calibrates with Braava jet m6, which is designed for mopping!


Up to this point, you know all about the cool robot vacs we reviewed here. ILIFE V5s Pro or eufy RoboVac 11S, missing out on the Alexa or smartphone controls, does a great job at keeping your floor clean with a remarkable runtime. But 1300Pa suction power often falls short when you’re dealing with a lot of pet hair and dust.

That said, the best robot vacuum for laminate floors is the iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) without a doubt. With Imprint Smart Mapping, patented Dirt Detect technology, and Alexa compatibility, Roomba has incredible coverage and knows the ways around your home.
These robot vacuums will bring innovation to your household and make your life easy!

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