6 Best Pocket Door Hardware Reviews And Top Pick 2021

The Best Pocket Door Hardware

When decorating a smaller home interior, it is absolutely essential for you to make the most out of the space that you do have available.

That means getting smaller pieces of furniture and also learning how to properly arrange them so that they fit in nicely to the space available inside the room.

Still, doing those things may not be enough and space may remain scarce inside your home. If that’s the case, then it may be worth your time to look into getting some pocket door hardware.

You’re in luck as well, because we will identify the best pocket door hardware later in this article and we will also dive into what you need to look for when shopping for that particular type of item.

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Kwikset Round

Sliding Door

Prime-Line Lock

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Schlage Lock

What Is Pocket Door Hardware?

A pocket door is one that can slide into a wall when it is completely opened. They are incredible space-savers, easy-to-use, and look pretty cool if you ask me.

If you want a pocket door working inside your home, you will need to get a special item like latch, door devil, lock, hinge and much more. Appropriately enough, that item is known as pocket door hardware.

Examples of pocket door hardware come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. That can come in handy if you’re following a specific design scheme for your home.

Now, let’s learn more about pocket door hardware by taking a closer look at some of the top variants of that item that are currently on the market.

Our List of 6 Best Pocket Door Hardware For 2021

1. Baldwin Estate Pocket Door Narrow Edge Pull Review

Baldwin Estate Narrow Solid Forged Brass Edge Pull

When installing a pocket door in your home, do you want it to stand out as an ingenious addition or do you just want it to kind of blend into the scenery, offering great functionality without clashing with any of your design pieces?

If the latter is what you want for your home, then you may want to consider purchasing Baldwin Estate’s Narrow Solid Forged Brass Edge Pull.

This is the kind of pocket door hardware that is capable of blending right into your décor. It has a super-slim profile and the handle can even be tucked into the door itself to further minimize the amount of space this item is taking up.

The pulling mechanism itself is spring-loaded, which makes it easier for you to retrieve it when it does come time for you to close the pocket door.

For what it’s worth, the satin nickel finish on this item is also quite stylish if you do want to show it off.

However, before you put down money for this particular pocket door hardware, be warned that the installation process will be challenging. This is not something you will be able to install properly if you are not used to working with tools.

You may even need to call a professional to handle the installation of this door pull.


  • Super slim profile, can almost disappear into the wall
  • Pulling mechanism is easily retrievable
  • Stylish appearance
  • Satin nickel color can blend into most design schemes
  • Durable


  • Installation is a complicated process and may require professional assistance

2. Kwikset Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock Review

Kwikset Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Hiding Kwikset’s Round Pocket Door Lock is not really an option because it’s supposed to essentially take the spot usually occupied by your doorknob, but that’s fine.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, this pocket door lock gets high marks. I love the clean look and the satin nickel finish stands out for being understated but stylish.

You won’t need to bring a professional to properly install this pocket door lock inside your home. Due in part to its round shape, you will likely already have a spot ready for it on your door. From there, all you have to do is to follow the instructions and this pocket door lock should be ready to go.

Obviously, with a locking mechanism included in this item, your pocket door will do more than just save space. It will also provide added security and privacy.

This item is not without flaws though and the biggest one is related to that aforementioned locking mechanism.

For whatever reason, the area where the locking mechanism is located is very shallow. That makes it quite difficult to turn it for locking and unlocking purposes. Don’t be surprised if some people in your home end up having trouble using this door lock because of the way it’s designed.


  • Easy to install
  • Fits into space typically occupied by the doorknob
  • Keeps room secure
  • Stylish look
  • Instructions included are easy to follow


  • Design of area surrounding locking mechanism is poor

3. Johnson Commercial Grade Pocket Door Hardware Review

Johnson Hardware Commercial Grade Pocket Door Hardware

Problems with your newly installed pocket doors can emerge months or even years after you first installed them, which can be quite annoying.

To lower the chances that your pocket doors are not going to function as intended down the line, it may be worth your time to look into Johnson Hardware’s Commercial Grade Pocket Door Hardware.

Compared to the other examples of pocket door hardware that are included in this article, this Johnson Hardware creation is significantly larger and sturdier, which is why it’s durability is also top notch.

The fact that the folks at Johnson Hardware also used high quality aluminum for this item only works to make it even more durable.

Once you have it properly installed on your doorway, your new pocket doors will be able to roll along the tracks making minimal noise. Issues about the doors getting stuck are also non-existent from my experience of using this pocket door hardware.

Installing this item to accommodate your pocket doors is not that difficult, but it will likely require cutting into your wall. Pocket doors are supposed to save space inside your home, but in this case, you will have to create some first before the installation process can be completed.


  • Highly durable, will last for years with proper use
  • Capable of supporting heavier doors
  • Tracks remain quiet while in use
  • Aluminum used is very sturdy
  • Will make pocket doors very easy to use once installed


  • Installing this will probably require cutting into one of your walls

4. Prime-Line Products Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull Review

Prime-Line Products Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull

Pocket doors have been around for a long time and if you’re a fan of them, you’ve likely already had at least one working in your home.

Over the years though, the hardware you’re using for your pocket door may wear down and eventually break, and that is when you may need to turn to an item like the Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull from Prime-Line Products.

The aforementioned example of pocket door hardware can work well as the original mechanism on your door or as a replacement. It’s compact and will fit on many doors easily.

The fact that it is compatible with both left and right-handed doors only serve to make it even more suitable as a replacement item for an old lock.

Unlike some examples of currently available pocket door hardware, this item is also easy to install even if you are not a very handy person.

This item can fit nicely into many homes, but before you install one on your door, it’s worth pointing out that there is a bit of an issue with its lock. To be more specific, the locking mechanism can become hard to move at times.

As long as you keep that in mind when choosing a spot for this item, you should be fine.


  • Compact frame
  • Compatible with all kinds of doors, even ones that previously used pocket door hardware
  • Easy to install
  • Materials used are durable
  • Can work for left or right-handed doors


  • Locking mechanism can become tough to operate at times

5. Prime-Line Pocket Door Hardware Passage Pull -  Review

Prime-Line Products Door Passage Pull

The Door Passage Pull from Prime-Line Products is the kind of item you need if you want those sliding doors inside your home but don’t necessarily have the expertise or time to work on installing some of the more elaborate alternatives.

Just follow the instructions for installing this door pull and it will be fully functional within minutes. The fasteners that are included with this door pull help a lot with that.

It works just fine as pocket door hardware. The door will slide into place as expected whenever this item is working and it does so without causing a ruckus.

You won’t find a locking mechanism on this piece of hardware, but there is a hook that can be used to keep in place. I wouldn’t rely on that too much for keeping people out however.

If you are considering getting this door pull for your home, you will first have to make sure that it will actually fit on your doors. Its opening is quite narrow and that significantly limits the number of doors that it can work fine with.

I also wouldn’t consider this a long-term option. It is not as durable as the other items discussed in this article and you will likely need to replace this item sooner rather than later.


  • Installation is a breeze
  • Pull hook works great
  • Allows pocket doors to work quietly
  • Makes sense as a replacement
  • Satin nickel finish looks good


  • Very narrow, measure your door first before getting this item
  • Durability is questionable

6. Schlage Lock Company Sliding Pocket Door Pull

Schlage Lock Company Sliding Door Pull

Last up is the Sliding Door Pull from Schlage Lock Company, another item that promises to serve as a long-term fixture in your home for as long as you like having pocket doors around.

Let’s talk about performance first and I’m pleased to tell you that the door will slide together with this door pull with no issue. The folks at the Schlage Lock Company even designed it to work for both left and right-handed doors, which is a nice touch.

Now, we can’t discuss the performance of this item without also harping on the actual pull that’s included with it. You obviously need that pull to function as intended all the time, but unfortunately, that is not always the case with this item.

The pull has a tendency to get stuck and it’s hard to even grab it if you have larger fingers. Bear that in mind during installation and maybe leave yourself some space so that you can operate this item better.

I think of this as the kind of door pull to reach for if I need a quick replacement. It’s easy to install and that certainly helps.

If you have the time for a more labor-intensive installation process though, it may be a good idea to purchase a different door pull.


  • Installing this door pull is easy
  • Works fine on standard-sized doors
  • Usable for both left and right-handed doors
  • Produces no noise while sliding
  • Aged bronze finish looks good


  • The pull itself is hard to work with at times

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The Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right Pocket Door Hardware

Picking out the right type of pocket door hardware for your home can be a challenge because this is not a commonly used or sought after item. Still, there are certain factors that can affect how compatible a certain item will be for you and your home and we will discuss them below.

Door Thickness

I cannot stress this enough, before you even look online or in a store nearby for pocket door hardware, please take accurate measurements of your door first. This seems like an obvious point, but considering how many people are unfamiliar with this type of product, it is worth reiterating that there is no one size fits all option when it comes to pocket door hardware.

Measure the thickness of the door. That’s likely the only measurement you’re going to need.
From there, just prioritize looking for an item that will fit your pocket door.


As mentioned earlier, the number one reason why most people install pocket doors is because they want to have more space to work with inside their homes.

With that in mind, you ideally want an item that is not going to block any doorways once installed.
The good news is that there are examples of pocket door hardware that are so slim that they can even blend into the door itself. Even the larger ones are designed to go over doorways, so they won’t get in your way.

Passage or Privacy

Not all examples of pocket door hardware work in the same way. They may even differ in terms of whether or not they come with a lock included.

To avoid confusion while shopping, the folks at Direct Door Hardware have noted that you should look for a type of pocket door hardware with the word “passage” in either its name or description if you want one that does not come with a locking mechanism.

If you do want pocket door hardware that is equipped with a lock, then look for those with the word “privacy” either in their name or their description.

The passage variants are great if you don’t want the pocket door hardware to stand out, but the privacy variants are obviously more useful for security.

Ease of Installation

Some examples of pocket door hardware are quite easy to install, while others are decidedly tougher to figure out.

Make sure to get one that you can install by just following the instructions or else you may end up having to spend more money just to get a professional to take care of that for you.

How to Install Pocket Door Hardware

The specific steps you will need to follow to properly install pocket door hardware will obviously depend on which item you have, but there are still some things you will likely have to do no matter what kit you’re using.

The steps below outline what you need to do once you have already measured your door, found a specific item that will fit it, and prepared the installation spot properly.

Step 1: Create an opening for the pocket door hardware

This will depend on the kit you have on hand.

If it’s a door pull, then you will probably have to cut into one of the edges of the door to create room for the item to fit in. Some larger kits are installed above the doorway and they will require you to cut into the wall.

If you happen to get an item that fits into space usually allotted for the doorknob, then you’re in luck as you won’t have to create more room.

Step 2: Get the header and the tracks in the doorway

The header and the tracks are essential to getting the pocket door to move around, so it’s important to have them installed first.

Refer to the manual included with the pocket door hardware to find out what size header you need. As a general rule, you will need larger headers for larger doors, according to the DIY Network.

If the header you purchased is too long for the doorway, you can fix that using a hacksaw.

Step 3: Install the split studs

You want the sliding pocket door to move around easily and to do that you need to have the split studs properly installed.

The split studs are the items responsible for creating the space that the pocket door will travel through when it is being used.

The split studs need to go both above and below the door.

Step 4: Secure the setup using the brackets

The brackets are needed for securing the entire setup for your pocket door. They are also prerequisites for adding the wheels to the tracks.

Be extra careful when installing these brackets and make sure that they are solidly attached to the doorway. Failing to do that could lead to your pocket door malfunctioning or possibly dropping to the floor without warning and nobody wants that.

You can also add the wheels to the track now.

Step 5: Hang the pocket door on the wheels

It’s now time to get the pocket door in proper position for operation. To do that, you need to hang the door itself on the wheels while making sure that you are also attaching the brackets to the wheels.

Don’t forget to install the guide for the bottom portion of the door as well.

Step 6: Add the pocket door hardware

Installing the hardware will depend on which one you want to use.

Round door locks are easier to install in my experience, though putting the door pulls in place is not too troublesome as well.

Once you’ve installed the hardware, try it out a few times to ensure that it is working as intended.


Only one item reviewed in this article can be considered as the best pocket door hardware and I am awarding that title to the Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull from Prime-Line Products.

I personally prefer examples of pocket door hardware that come with locks included and that is part of the reason why I have chosen the aforementioned that. Beyond that, I also appreciate the fact that it is quite durable and very easy to install.

It’s also important not to gloss over the fact that it can work on either left or right-handed doors.
The locking mechanism can indeed be problematic at times, but it’s still something you can address with some fine tuning.

If you want a pocket door in your home, you won’t regret using the Pocket Door Privacy Lock with Pull from Prime-Line Products to make that happen.

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