Best Peephole Camera Reviews [2020 Updated] And Buying Guide

Best Peephole Camera, Video doorbell

If someone comes to the door that you don’t know, how are you going to answer it? Whether it’s an uninvited guest, an intruder, or someone else who shouldn’t be knocking, most of us will rely on our trusty peephole to allow us to see what’s going on without having to confront the person face to face.

However, checking the peephole manually comes with a set of challenges. First, the person can see when you move in front of it, which kind of defeats the purpose. Second, you may or may not get a good look at him or her, depending on how good the lens is.

Fortunately, with the best peephole camera, the limitations that are commonly experienced become a thing of the past. Technology has made almost every aspect of our lives easier, and the peephole has now been upgraded as a result.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the best peephole cameras on the market today, as well as discuss the crucial elements that make each model worthy of hanging on your front door.

Our Quick Picks (May 2020 Updated)

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LCD Door Peephole Cam

Ring Peephole Smart Cam

3RD Eye Peephole Cam

Best Peephole Camera List for 2020

1. Ring Peephole Cam - Smart HD video, 2-way talk

This camera is a smart doorbell integrated with HD video. This smart camera allows you to know who is at the door instantly. The intelligent doorbell sends an instant notification to due mobile phone whenever someone’s knocking on your door or triggers the motion sensor. The modern designs allow you always to know who are there allowing you to worry less about your security.

Another great thing that makes this peephole camera is the installation method. It is effortless to set up the doorbell, and you can even do it yourself without contacting an expert. Once installed, the ring cam begins displaying the HD video, and one unique feature is that it can allow you to review the videos you missed.

Another cool thing with the ring peephole cam is that it is compatible with Alexa. This combination is excellent as it allows you to monitor your front home without even moving. The Alexa will announce once motion sensors are triggered, and if your Alexa is an eco-show, you can talk to the person at the door front.

The manufacture has the durability of the ring in mind by making the battery pack removable and chargeable at any point.

• The display is in HD thus very clear
• Works as a doorbell
• Easy to install and setup
• The battery pack is rechargeable
• It is compatible with Alexa
• Provides instant notifications

• Not able to see things left at the door due to the placement
• Motion detection may be affected by storm doors

2. 3RD Eye 5.8G Wireless Door Peephole Camera

This peephole camera is suitable for your security as it can be hidden at the door without anyone noticing it is a camera. It has a simple appearance, and its size diameter makes it easy to hide at the door. It works with a DVR, which allows you to watch and monitor all the activities happening at your door.

It has a clear and comfortable vision, and you can view up to 90 degrees. This means you can even see items under the doorbell. It is designed with 0.008 lux, which makes it a low light doorbell; thus, you can monitor even under very dim lights.

Another excellent feature in the peephole camera is that it is easy to install and setup. Once running, the wireless camera allows you to review videos since it can record past activities that happened when you were not allowed. It has memory support storage of 32 GB and all the videos are accessible for replay.

One of my favorite features is that its made of pure brass material. The material makes it's very noble and more durable. The battery capacity of 3200Mah which powers the monitor display is flexible, and it can be stored anywhere according to your convenience.

• Easy to install and setup
• Strong battery life
• Made with very durable materials
• Clear and visible vision
• Has a flexibility view range

• It is not compatible with Wi-Fi
• It is not a smart peephole camera

3. TFT Lcd 3.5" Screen Digital Peephole Security Camera

This package is a big deal in your home security. The door camera automatically takes a picture of every person who knocks at the door at it is stored for future reference. It has HD color sense with a 120-degree lens. This feature enables the camera to produce clear images both during the day and at night.

A cool feature of the 3.5" TFT LCD Screen Digital Doorbell Security Camera is that it has 4 IR led lights that enhances your home security by automatically turning on when in darkness. It makes you feel safe and secure at any time of the day.

This is easy to install into an existing peephole camera. No tool is needed to drill extra holes in your door as the existing peepholes serve the purpose. Four pieces of a batteries power the camera and it has no monthly costs.

• Easy to install if you have existing peepholes
• The led light automatically turns on at night
• Stores all the pictures were taken when you are not around
• It has a broad view range of about 120 degrees
• It produces clear visible images

• It is not compatible with modern features like Alexa
• It does not come with the batteries

4. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Starting us off is a piece of technology that makes a seamless transition from having nothing installed on your door to having the most high-tech solution. As the name suggests, this device works both as a doorbell and a peephole camera in one. The reason that it’s also a doorbell is so that you can automatically see who’s at the door when they push the button. That kind of integration is what makes this model so effective.

First of all, we like this device because it is compatible with either PC or Mac (alternatively, Android or iOS). This ensures that you can make it work for you, regardless of the kind of technology you currently use. It’s also nice to have because then you can sync it to send alerts to any device you have, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

The way that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 works is that it notifies you when someone is at the entrance, whether or not they ring the bell. It uses motion sensors to give you a heads up, or you can activate it remotely if you prefer.

Once active, the unit will start taking high-quality HD video (1080p). Not only that, but it will provide you with audio and video, as well as the ability to use the device as an intercom as well. All of this functionality comes from such a small device that it’s kind of hard to believe that it’s possible.

The other cool thing about the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is that you can either run it off of the batteries that come with it, or you can connect it directly to the wiring that you use for your current doorbell. We highly suggest the latter option, however, as it reduces the chances of your new device getting stolen.

Should the worst happen, however, the manufacturer has you covered. Not only is the doorbell connected to your property via an internal GPS (meaning it won’t activate anywhere else), but you get lifetime purchase protection, so you’ll get a brand-new model in case of theft.

Overall, this device provides you with the ultimate security tool. Because it operates with wifi and syncs with your phone, you can monitor your house from anywhere and answer the door whether or not you’re home. Not only does this make it ideal for security purposes, but it will ensure that you never miss a package or a visit from anyone ever again.


  • Provides audio and video
  • Allows for two-way communication
  • Syncs with your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Built-in motion sensors notify you immediately
  • Displays in HD 1080p clarity
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Doubles as a doorbell
  • Works with iOS, PC, Android, and Mac
  • Easy to install
  • Integrated battery life monitor
  • Compatible with all wifi setups
  • Wide-angle lens shows you more of the action
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Wired or wireless installation
  • Uses GPS for added security in case of theft
  • Limited lifetime purchase protection


  • Only one chime option
  • May have limited wifi range
  • Motion detection may be overly sensitive

5. Awakingdemi Digital Doorbell Camera Peephole Viewer

Although the high-tech integration of something like the Ring Doorbell 2 is fantastic, sometimes you don’t need something so flashy. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective product that enables you to get a clearer picture of what’s going on in front of your door without all of the extra bells and whistles, then you will prefer to have something like this digital doorbell camera instead.

Compared to the Ring Doorbell unit, this is practically analog. By that, we mean that it’s simply an extension of your peephole that provides HD images on a large view screen. All you have to do is push the button to turn it on, and you’ll get crystal clarity. Best of all, the viewing port is mobile, so you don’t even have to keep it on the door if you don’t want to.

Installing this unit is a bit more complicated than other models, but it shouldn’t take too long. All you have to do is replace your current peephole with the camera provided and you’re done. They are already synced together, so you don’t have to worry about doing any other technical steps.

Overall, this peephole camera is perfect for those who want a relatively low-tech solution. As long as you don’t care about the other options of integration, such as motion detectors and smartphone notifications, then you will appreciate the reliability and simplicity of this device.


  • Large three-inch LCD screen
  • Push-button activation
  • Simple installation
  • HD display
  • Supports SD memory cards
  • Works with USB power
  • 145-degree wide angle image
  • Easy to replace batteries
  • Can be mounted or work remotely
  • Camera option included
  • Energy-saving device


  • No batteries (or memory card) included
  • Requires replacement of your current peephole

6. Eques Greeter plus Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell

Let’s get started on the reviews by diving into the Greeter plus Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell combo from Eques.

What I love the most about this digital door viewer is how easy it makes seeing who’s on the other side of the door even for people who are not necessarily tech savvy. The folks at Eques even boast about that themselves.

Guests who come up to your door will be recorded on video and have their pictures taken. If they want to try anything funny, there will be proof of them doing that.

A smartphone is not needed to perform that recording function and that is why this Eques product works well with a larger range of users.

Those videos and pictures are then stored on a microSD card and you can store plenty of them.
Unfortunately, the image quality for this viewer is poor and you may struggle to identify who some of your visitors are even if they’re people you know.

The lens installed on this item provides a pretty wide view, although there will still be some blind spots. I also appreciate the fact that I can just recharge this viewer’s batteries instead of having to change it often.

It’s a decent digital door viewer all things considered, but it can still be improved significantly in so many ways.


  • 165-degree view provided by this product
  • Can work with microSD cards that store as much as 32GB of data
  • Installation only takes a few minutes


  • Image quality offered by this viewer is poor

7. Zmodo Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with Beam Smart Home Hub and Wi-Fi Extender

Getting back into full camera integration, this model from Zmodo enables you to monitor your front (or back) door remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can either sync the device through the customized app, or you can access the footage online through the cloud. Either way, you are always able to answer your door, no matter where you are.

What we like about this machine is that it’s really easy to set up and install. Simply remove your old doorbell and wire this into the system. In most cases, though, you will lose your old doorbell function, so be aware of that. However, in its place, you will be able to record a message that will play for guests instead.

As with the other smart doorbell, this unit from Zmodo alerts you whenever there is someone present, even if they don’t press the button. One advantage that this system has is that the motion sensors are less sensitive, so it will take more than a strong breeze to activate it. Not only that, but it comes with a wifi booster, which ensures that you always have the best signal.

Once you are alerted, the camera starts recording automatically. Best of all, the footage is stored on the cloud, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a) providing a memory card, or b) erasing old footage to make room for new stuff. It will automatically save, and you can manage your clips online from your account.

Other features that we like about this doorbell/peephole camera include the night vision sensor (so you can monitor your front door in the dark), the weatherproof housing, and the three-year limited warranty. Although this system was plagued by technical issues when it first came out, many of the problems have been fixed and are working correctly.


  • Shows video and audio
  • Works as an intercom
  • Play a pre-recorded message
  • Super easy setup and installation
  • Works with wifi connections
  • Smart motion detectorst
  • 720p HD video
  • Access video from a smartphone or PC 
  • Record video onto the cloud
  • Attached Zmodo device boosts wifi capability
  • Night vision sensor
  • Weatherproof design
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • In many cases, your house doorbell will no longer activate after you install this device
  • In rare instances, there may not be instructions included

8. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

As we’ve already seen, Ring is a company that makes some high-quality peephole cameras. If you were impressed by what the Video Doorbell 2 had to offer, then you will probably still appreciate the original model as well. When comparing the two, it’s hard to notice any significant changes, meaning that you can get a lot of the same functionality without the added price.

As with the other video doorbell, this model provides you with video and audio when someone is at the door. Not only that, but it comes with a two-way talking system that allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door, ensuring that you can either ward them off or welcome them inside. Best of all, the microphone and speaker have noise-canceling technology built-in, meaning that you won’t experience a ton of outside static or interference.

The other excellent thing about this peephole camera is that it syncs with any device that you may have. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or your home computer, all of them can connect to the machine remotely, ensuring that you have access wherever you are. Also, it automatically saves footage to the cloud (for a nominal fee), so you never have to worry about storage.

Other features that we appreciate about this device include the weather-resistant design, the infrared night vision setting, and the fact that you can either have it running on battery power (rechargeable) or you can connect it to your home’s wiring. Also, it comes with lifetime purchase protection, which enables you to get a replacement if the unit is ever stolen or damaged.


  • Wifi integrated security device
  • Shows video and audio
  • Play a pre-recorded message
  • Syncs with your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Built-in motion sensors with customization
  • Automatically receive notifications
  • Two-way audio system with noise cancellation
  • Infrared night vision setting
  • Can run off of battery or doorbell wiring
  • Saves footage to the cloud
  • Works with Apple or PC products (including Android)
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • Rechargeable battery


  • In rare cases, the motion sensors may not activate properly
  • Night vision images can still be dark and blurry

9. Greeter Digital - Best Door Viewer & Camera

When picking out the best viewer, you can either opt for total integration, or you can get a model that will simply enhance your peephole’s current capabilities. With the Greeter Digital Door Viewer, this is the perfect choice for those who prefer the latter option. Rather than having to sync this device to your phone and pay a monthly service fee, you just have to install this machine, and you’re ready to go at all times.

What we like most about this model is that it installs quickly and efficiently. Simply replace your current peephole and mount the 2.5-inch screen, and you’re ready to go, just like that. When someone is at the door, you can either record images, video, or live stream through the screen.

As with other peephole cameras, this unit turns off when it’s not in use, which helps save the battery. In fact, this model can last up to 30 days on a single charge, which is incredible when you compare it to other units that have to be recharged almost every week.

As long as you aren’t worried about the fact that it doesn’t notify you automatically, nor that it doesn’t come with motion sensors, then you will appreciate the simplicity and reliability of this device. Also, even though it doesn’t save to the cloud, that’s another service charge that you can do without. Even then, it only matters if you decide to record video, which is purely optional.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Replaces your current peephole
  • Large HD LCD screen
  • Installs in five minutes
  • Night vision setting
  • Two color options
  • SD memory card included
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Lasts up to 30 days between charges
  • Wide-angle lens for better vision
  • No monthly payments or fees
  • Captures stills, video, or live stream


  • No motion sensors
  • Has to be hard wired for it to work

10. Digitharbor Digital Door Peephole Viewer

If you’re just looking at its specs and features, it’s easy to be impressed by Digitharbor’s best door peephole Viewer.

It will take pictures and videos once guests hit the doorbell. The display size is good at 3.5 inches and the image quality is similarly worthy of praise.

Scrolling through the videos and pictures captured by this device is also easy because of the well-designed user interface.

This device is not without its flaws though and one is related to the way it’s designed.

In order to trigger the image capturing features of this device, your guest will have to hit what’s known as the doorbell key. Here’s the problem: The doorbell key is situated just under the camera itself.

Because you have to put the camera in the spot typically occupied by the peephole to get the best view, that means guests will also have to hit the doorbell that’s located where the peephole usually is. Instinctively, people won’t think to look for the doorbell in that spot, and thus, the video and picture capture features may not be activated.

You will likely have to turn on the camera yourself and because it takes a few seconds to load up, your guest may have to wait a while for a response.

When that questionable design choice combines with the aforementioned performance issue, you will understand how ineffective this digital door viewer can be.


  • Pictures and videos will be taken once doorbell is rung
  • Display is easy to view
  • User interface is intuitive and can be easily navigated


  • Doorbell placement is not ideal
  • Camera does not activate right away

11. Eques VEIU Mini Doorbell and Door Viewer

Accessibility is an important feature for any gadget. It becomes even more important if the gadget in question is designed for security.

Children and seniors are the ones often left at home. That means the security gadget you purchase must be easily accessible to them.

The Eques VEIU Mini Doorbell and Door Viewer is designed to be that easily accessible option.

If it detects someone at your door, it will begin recording even without a smartphone connected. Whoever’s inside your home can then check the door viewer and quickly see who’s on the other side.

It’s a very user-friendly security camera in that sense. There’s no need to spend an extended amount of time just to see who rang the doorbell.

This security camera also comes with night vision to allow for the easier identification of guests. You can also have this device take snapshots of visitors and they will then be sent to your smartphone.
In terms of functionality, there’s hardly anything to complain about.

However, the performance of some of the camera’s features leaves a lot to be desired.

While the camera provides a wide view of your front porch, it doesn’t display highly detailed images. There will be times when you’ll struggle to recognize a familiar face who’s knocking at the door.

The camera also comes with a motion detection feature, but you need to set it very low unless you want your phone bombarded with false alarms.

It’s a solid security gadget overall, but one that can most certainly be improved upon.


  • Records guests at your door instantly
  • Takes snapshots of your visitors
  • Wide-angle lens offers 120° view
  • Uses a rechargeable battery
  • Device does not need electricity to function


  • Images produced are not always clear
  • Overly sensitive and prone to false alarms

12. Brinno SHC500K Smart Home Peephole Camera

Brinno’s SHC500K Smart Home Peephole Camera is a more portable variant of this type of gadget. You don’t need to carve out space for it on your front door. If there’s a peephole on the door, this camera can slide right into that slot with ease.

We like this peephole camera not just for its portability though. While more than a few security cameras struggle with image clarity, this item does not.

Look at the 2.7-inch LCD screen and you’ll see an image of whoever’s behind the door rendered clearly. It is important to note however that image quality can suffer in certain conditions.

More specifically, bright lighting does not go well with this peephole camera. As long as you account for that, this peephole camera will work fine.

It will also record images of your visitors once it detects someone. There will be times when you’ll wish that sensor was not included though as it can be really sensitive.

It also takes a few seconds to activate upon detecting someone. That could allow some doorbell dashers to go unseen.

Given the price tag, you’re getting good value in this item. It’s not the top security camera on the market, but it performs its functions adequately.


  • Offers good image quality
  • Will fit easily into most peepholes
  • Provides users with instant playback option
  • No wires involved in installation process
  • Recorded images and videos come with time stamps


  • Struggles in brightly-lit locations
  • Lag time exists between activation and recording

13. Fosa Digital Door Viewer

Fosa’s Digital Door Viewer shares quite a few things in common with the Eques item we discussed earlier.

They are both very user-friendly and easy to install while also offering night vision. Both digital door viewers also support external memory that goes up to 32GB.

One more similarity that is definitely worth pointing out is the fact that Fosa’s Digital Door Viewer also automatically captures pictures and videos of the people who go to your front door. However, this feature also highlights a significant dissimilarity between the two digital door viewers.

Whereas the image quality provided by Eques’ offering is quite poor, the same cannot be said for what you will see in Fosa’s device. The videos and pictures that are stored will be clear and detailed. You’ll be able to quickly tell who paid a visit to your home by just going through the album.

The only real downside to this device is that you can’t choose which images are deleted, so make sure you’re keeping close tabs on how much of its memory is being used to avoid any issues.

I guess you could also say that the slightly narrower viewing angle is a strike against it, but I personally don’t think that takes much of anything away from this digital door viewer.


  • Automatically takes pictures and videos of people at your front door
  • Doorbell will also ring to remind you that a new photo/video has been taken
  • Display size is good
  • Captures pictures and videos of people staying near your door


  • Image storage can still be improved

14. Eques VEIU - Best Front Door Camera

If you want a quick summary of what the Eques VEIU Door Camera and Peephole Viewer is like, think of it as the superior version of the Eques VEIU mini.

It features a lens that offers a wider view of your front porch. This camera also comes with a larger LCD display and it will last longer on a single charge.

Even its performance with regards to image quality tops the Eques VEIU mini. With this peephole camera, you’ll be able to easily see who’s at your front door. That’s a huge improvement that serves to make this security gadget significantly more helpful.

Other features have been retained across the two products such as night vision and the expandable memory. This gadget will also continue to allow you to speak to your guests using a two-way microphone.

Unfortunately, even the sensitivity issue has been retained. Count on this camera sending more than a few false alarms to your smartphone.

Still, this Eques VEIU device is superior to the miniature variant in just about every way. Of course, that also means you’ll need to pay more if you want this item working in your home.

Considering the superior features included in this best door camera though, that higher price tag is justified.


  • Significantly improves upon the VEIU Mini’s image quality
  • 5-inch LCD touchscreen is more user-friendly
  • Useful features such as night vision and recording have been retained
  • Offers a wider view of your property
  • Rechargeable battery can last up to two months


  • Sensitivity issue remains and will result in false alarms

What Is a Digital Door Viewer?

Many homes and apartments have front doors equipped with a peephole or a door viewer. There’s a reason they’ve hung around for so long even as places of residence have been modernized. That’s because those viewers keep people safe as they interact with strangers.

While the old school peephole/door viewer may still work fine, it can benefit immensely from being modernized, and that’s exactly what the digital door viewer is.

As its name implies, a digital door viewer is a more technologically advanced version of the conventional door viewer. The newer door viewer does a better job of keeping you and your loved ones secure, while also making the process of viewing your visitors so much easier.

How to Choose the Right Peephole Camera


Considering that this machine is going to replace your current peephole, you want to make sure that it doesn’t take too much time or effort to get it up and running. That being said, there are two primary kinds of cameras that you can install.

First, there are those that mount in where your peephole is located. These are usually much more complicated since they require you to remove the old lens and install the camera in its place.

Second, some devices replace your doorbell instead. If you don’t want to mess with wires, drills, or screws, then you can stick them next to (or on top of) your current doorbell and use battery power. However, we highly recommend connecting these models to your wiring so that you never have to worry about whether there is enough power left for your next visitor.

Wireless vs. Wired

With technology being so advanced these days, many devices can connect wirelessly to all kinds of other machines. If you want something that’s much more convenient, then you should get a peephole camera that can sync to your computer or smartphone. The way that these work is that they connect to your wifi signal and piggyback on it to upload video footage and notify you when you’re away.

Wired units, on the other hand, connect to a proprietary screen instead. Rather than syncing to a smartphone or tablet, they come with their own display that is usually mounted on the other side of the door.

The benefit of using this kind of system is that you usually don’t have to pay for mobile services and internet fees on a monthly basis. If you want to stay unplugged or you don’t want to worry about more passwords, having an “analog” model that’s hard-wired is the better way to go.

Memory and Video Capture

Low-tech versions of these cameras operate as a digital version of your current peephole. This means that they provide a clearer image with the added benefit of not giving away the fact that you’re behind the door when you check it. Still, many of these models even allow you to record video if you wish.

The difference between these and high-tech units, however, is the fact that you have to record to a memory card instead of uploading to the cloud. This doesn’t cost you anything, but it can be more of a pain to manage if you ever want to keep the footage. However, if you don’t care about having archives, then you can find a model that will rewrite old clips automatically so that you never have to worry about it.

Field of View

For security reasons, you obviously want your digital door viewer to see as much of the space in front of your door as possible. That is why it’s crucial for you to go out and get a viewer with a wide field of view.

Ideally, you’ll find something that offers a field of view closer to 170 degrees, but anything over 150 degrees should work fine.

User Interface

A conventional door viewer requires you to just look through it to get the information you need. A digital door viewer should not be that much more complicated to use compared to its conventional counterpart, or else a lot of its value will be diminished.

You don’t need much from your digital door viewer’s user interface. As long as it allows for easy, intuitive, and quick navigation, it will be a fine addition to your home.

It wouldn’t be ideal if the digital door viewer you just bought is actively making it harder for you to just see who is on the other side of the door.

Night Vision

A digital door viewer should be capable of keeping your home secure regardless of the time of day. In order to do that, it has to be equipped with night vision capabilities.

Thankfully, night vision capabilities are pretty standard on the digital door viewers available on the market.

Because of those night vision capabilities, you will be able to quickly tell if someone is up to something suspicious even in the dead hours of the night.

Battery Life

Because it is something that is supposed to protect you and your family, it wouldn’t be ideal for you to have your digital door viewer inactive during certain times of the day.

As much as possible, your door viewer should be running around the clock to ensure that you and your loved ones are always aware of who’s dropping by to pay a visit.

However, due to these digital door viewers typically being battery-powered, keeping them running 24/7 means they will run out of juice sooner rather than later. That also means that you may end up having to set aside a budget just for purchasing new batteries.

To avoid that issue and also save up on maintenance costs, try to find a digital door viewer that either comes with rechargeable batteries already included or is at least compatible with them. Given how long a digital door viewer will likely remain installed on your door, the savings you’ll enjoy from using rechargeable batteries will be substantial.

Mobile Integration

For those who want a total security package for their front doors, having just a peephole camera is not enough. High-tech solutions provide you with a full suite of features and benefits that enable you to get more from your device. The most common mobile integration systems include:

  • Automatic text notifications
  • Smart motion sensors
  • Wireless connections
  • Audio and video capture
  • Two-way intercom feature
  • Pre-recorded messages (in place of a doorbell)
  • Cloud storage and integration

If these features sound like something that you want to have, then it’s imperative that you choose a system that comes with all of them. Rather than buying a low-tech design that requires you to be onsite, these units enable you to monitor your house and your front door, even when you’re away.


When you’re busy doing something inside your home, you may develop tunnel vision and fail to notice that someone is actually waiting at your door. Your digital door viewer can help you avoid that potential problem by simply providing notifications.

Some digital door viewers can notify you by producing a sound loud enough for people inside the home to hear. Other digital door viewers may even go so far as to send alerts directly to one of your mobile devices.

I wouldn’t say that the ability to provide notifications is a must-have feature in a digital door viewer, but it is the kind of add-on you will be grateful to have once you are able to enjoy its benefits.

Final Verdict

When comparing the best peephole cameras, you have to differentiate between the systems that are fully loaded and those that are considered “low-tech.” To that end, we have decided on two top models, both of which fit one of these molds.

For those who want full integration and extra security features, we highly recommend the Ring Smart Cam. This system comes with everything you could want from a peephole camera and then some. With a single device, you can ensure that your home has added security without the high cost of installing various cameras everywhere.

If you’re only interested in replacing your peephole with something better, then the Greeter Digital Door Viewer is the better option. We like that it comes with everything you need (including memory storage), as well as the fact that it doesn’t cost any extra to keep it up and running

Overall, when it comes to the best video doorbell camera, these are your top models.

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