10 Best Paint Sprayers for Furniture 2021: Unbiased Reviews

Guess what, your guests won't see if you have spent a fortune on the pieces of furniture. If they look cheap and pale, it won't matter how good of quality the wood or metal they have, those are still trash.

Well, you can get your furniture painted ASAP.  No, it won't cost a fortune again, as there’s no need to hire someone else. If you have the best paint sprayer for furniture, you'll be good to go.

the best paint sprayer for furniture frim HomeRight

Need to get the perfect sprayer? We'll take you to the tour.

Buying Guide of Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

We hope it’s now clear to you how the top class squirting machines are. But before you make a move and hit the add-to-cart button, here’re a few things you shouldn’t miss.


First of all, it’s simple to understand how power is equivalent to performance. The more horsepower you get in your device, the better performance you can expect it to provide.

It has a lot to do with the speed and pressure of the paint. With greater power in the house, it gets a lot easier to set high-pressure while coloring anything.

Plus, it helps to dye a larger space within a short period of time. So, you should try to find out how much pressure you have to put on your project. Then you can look for a machine that comes with suitable motor power to deliver that level of force.

Spray Patterns

It’s not that you are going to paint on your wooden project the same way every single time. You need to keep switching your sprinkle forms even within the same project.

The most common patterns are vertical, horizontal, and round. It’s best if the product you are considering to buy comes with these tips. If that does come with such tips, you can probably get an adjustment option to switch among these options.

If not, you can consider buying separate tips for this purpose. Attach the one that you will be using one at a time.

The Weight

Without much of an exception, you can find every single spray-machine on the market to be designed as hand-held. That’s because it is best to use it by your hands to get the perfect finish you want.

But there’s a catch. If you are planning to work with the device for hours, you should definitely consider the weight of it. If it’s more on the heavier side, it will be a tough job handling it.

So you better go for the lightweight ones if possible. It will reduce the fatigue on your hands and give you a smooth feeling while using it for a long time.

Flow-Control Mechanism

Controlling the flow of materials from the machine is quite crucial. You are not going to need the same force of the sprinkle every time you are working on a project.

If you are painting a chair, you need to spray at a great force to color the main parts of it. But when it comes to coloring the inner narrower spaces between the back-support bars, you should be minimizing the flow for a careful finish.

That’s why flow-controlling is important. This is not a feature you get in a regular product. Spend a few minutes more to see if the machine you are looking at comes with such techniques or not.

Again, there should be an option to regulate the speed of the sprinkle. You won’t need a universal squirting speed all the time. Adjusting it can be a good option to consider.

Variety of Materials

Most of the time, you will be using the same sort of paint on your projects. But at times, you may need to change the materials for multiple reasons.

You may need a different thickness, a certain texture, and many other considerations for your customized projects.

That’s why your device needs to be optimized for it. Not all spray gadgets are capable of supporting multiple types of materials in them. Some highly functional ones support chalk, milk, enamel, primer, stain, varnish, and many more materials.

Look for such tools to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Cleaning Method

For those of you who have used a sprayer before, you can feel how tough it is to clean it after use. It’s a total mess.

Luckily, there are products that may ease it up for you. Some sprayers come with an adapter that can be attached to any garden hose and can be cleaned easily.

Moreover, a number of machines come with a few cleaning materials like a brush, suctions, etc. for cleaning the device properly.

Long Hose and Cord

If you are planning to move around for the project within your premises, you may need a longer cord for that. It will give you the freedom to move with the sprayer without carrying the actual machine.

A few models of such tools are there that come with a long hose and lengthy cord for this purpose. It’s always better to go for such models to confirm mobility.

Our 10 Best Paint Sprayers for Furniture

After doing one hell of a research with our team, we’ve decided to come with these products that will leave you awe-struck when it comes to performance and efficiency. Give this write-up a read. Today can be your lucky day.

1. HomeRight C900076 Paint Spray Painting Tool For Furniture

Our first pick on the list is the HomeRight C900076. You can’t distinguish it from the ordinary models by its look, but it definitely is packed with some excellent features.

This 400-watt sprinkle machine is capable of homing a wide variety of items. What have you got? Chalk type paint or milk type? Enamels, primer, clear sealer, stain, or varnish – you name it! This tool is the right option for any kind of tint!

With just one single nozzle to turn, there are three different patterns to select from. For different materials, you need to use different patterns. To quickly adjust your squirting form, simply turn the nib accordingly.

Its 2 mm brass tip is also a game-changer for most users. With such a precise nozzle size, you can expect masterpieces to emerge out of your sprinkle-paint project!

Admit it; you hate it when your spray-paint container starts to leak. Well, not anymore! The C900076 comes with a seal and splash guard to take care of this annoying issue.

Its tight seal lets airflow to enter the pressurized cup. Side by side, the foam splash guard also stops the liquid flowing from the backside.

The C900076 is basically on the lightweight side. This is really a twist in the game, we must admit! Its lightweight design is pretty easy-going for your hands. With no fatigue on the hands, you can use it all day long!


  • It is capable of being used with different tinting types
  • Three built-in distinguished tinting forms
  • A 2mm brass spray tip for precise painting
  • Superior splash guard to prevent leakage
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • The tips are pretty small and tend to get lost when disassembled

2. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Furniture Stain Sprayer

The 0518080 from Wagner Spraytech is more on the heavy-duty side of this category.Look at it, and you'll know how sturdy its build quality is.

Guess what? It’s not the look and design that may impress you. Rather its amazing high volume, low-pressure technology is what seems to steal the show! This advanced technique simply atomizes the materials into tiny particles.

This helps you to get a finer and smoother finish on any project. The tinier the particles, the more even finish you get.

To support your mobility, the device comes with a 20 feet hose pipe attached to it. Now you can move around easily from the base. There’s no need to carry the base here and there every time you choose to move at a further place.

There is a pressure control dial on the machine to take control of the spray pressure. You need to restrict the pressure at some points and increase it in some cases. That’s why a functional pressure controller is a blessing for such machines.It will allow to regulate the pressure from 1.50 to 2.63 PSI.

In addition to that, the nozzle air cap can be altered among round, vertical, and horizontal squirt. Get the best out of your spraying machine by switching among different paint patterns.


  • Works on a high volume-low pressure technique for minimizing particles
  • Two air filters prevent dust from impairing the finish
  • It is attached to a 20 feet hose
  • Pressure can be altered from 1.5 to 2.63 PSI
  • Up to 3 different paint pattern selections


  • The shade coat is a bit light

3. Graco Magnum 257025 Painter For Woodworking Project

It’s not that you will be stuck in a DIY project all the time, right? You got to be prepared for the pro-works as well.

A sprayer like the Graco Magnum 257025 can be a smart companion for this journey.Whether it’s a little cardboard painting in your room, or the stairs need to be re-tinted, the 257025 has got your back.

Its fully adjustable pressure sets you free to customize the shade. You can regulate the force at multiple levels to match your shading requirements.

What’s fascinating about this tool is that you can use it for large projects pretty easily. As it can be connected to at least a gallon-size bucket, it gets convenient to carry on your day-long painting task.

Its flexible suction tube allows you to connect it to bucket sizes from 1 to 5 gallons. So, you can forget about refilling the bottle at a regular interval.

Cleaning sprinkler is quite a job, we must say. Very few products get an A+ rating on cleaning simplicity. Luckily, this one is one of those. Its PowerFlush adapter can be connected to any garden hose. So, cleaning is not something you need to bat an eye on!


  • Perfect for small to large painting projects
  • Adjustable force regulator allows customized shading
  • The50-feet hose connection offers true mobility
  • Comes with a PowerFlush adapter that connects to any garden hose
  • Can be connected to a 5-gallon bucket


  • Some materials get waisted for setting it up

4. Earlex HV5500 HVLP Sprayer, Designed for Woodworking

Keeping your thoughts focused only on spray quality will lead you nowhere. That’s because without a durable sprinkle system, even the finish won’t last long. This HV5500 model is from Earlex brand. 

Introducing – the Earlex HV5500! A painter machine where quality meets durability. Its 1 qt. PTFE coated container and the 2.0 mm stainless steel tip and needle say a lot! It’s sturdy and durable, and it comes with a heavy-duty turbine.

This two-stage robust turbine lets you get the finish you deserve. You are left with a little room to differ between a newbie’s work and a professional job.

Having a flow-control dial is just another badge on its shoulder. The machine allows you to regulate the flow of the materials inside to get the best possible result. You get to set customized flow rate for different projects.

Tinting on a range of surfaces may call for different patterns to be used. That’s why this device features three different coloring patterns. A push-and-click pattern changing system helps a great deal in selecting the proper pattern for your project.

Forget about moving with the whole set up from here to there. The HV5500 is packed with a 13 feet hose and a 5.5 feet cord. You get the exact mobility you want. Plus, a carrying handle is there for convenient carrying.


  • Durable stainless-steeltip and needle
  • Robust steel container
  • 650-watt heavy-duty turbine for a perfect finish
  • Three different pattern options to choose from
  • Works with a range of paint types


  • The handle screw of it is a bit weak

5. REXBETI 700 HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun for Furniture 

Power is everything you need while dealing with a serious project. That’s where the Rexbeti spray gun fired the shot.

Its 700-watt power allows it to climb its way to our top 10 list. This superior strength lets you leave a precise mark of elegancy on your material. Coupled with a 1000 ml container capacity, you get the best coloring experience of your life.

When you are planning to color a range of items in one go, you should bet on this one. With so much liquid containing capacity, paint with a non-stop mode, all day long!

Quite interestingly, the package comes with 4 different nozzles. Each nozzle is measured with different sizes. You can use from 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.2 mm, and 2.6 mm of nozzles – whichever fits your project.

Not only this, but you can also alter the painting patterns on this device. It’s just a matter of turning the cap to select from three different sprinkle-patterns. Choose from horizontal, vertical, and round pattern – whichever you need.

It is going to get a lot easier to sprinkle in the narrowest sides of  the project. Just change the flow speed and set the suiting pattern. That’s all you need to do.


  • 700-watt powered spray machine for top-class performance
  • Up to 1000 ml container capacity
  • Comes with 4 different nozzle sizes
  • An adjustable pattern for multipurpose work
  • Can regulate the flow speed according to your needs


  • Includes an incomplete instruction manual

6. HomeRight C800971 Woodworking Paint Sprayer

Another winner on our list is the HomeRight C800971. This 450-watt powered spray-painter is genuinely one of the market leaders in its genre. There are plenty of reasons.

It’s a perfect tool to carry on any tinting task whether you’re dealing it professionally or it’s just a DIY thing. No matter what size the project is, The C800971 can take care of anything from small to large.

Coloring fences, furniture, dressers, decks, any many more can be easily carried out by this functioning, yet lightweight sprayer. What’s great about this painting tool is that you can adjust the air cap of it for different angles of tinting.

Basically, you get three options – vertical, horizontal, and round shade. The cap of the machine can be replaced and changed to get the accurate shade and shape you need.

Plus, it comes with a flow control mechanism. Which means you get to change the speed of the sprinkle out of the nozzle. Increase or decrease, do whatever is your necessity depending on the project you are working on!

Does your paint bottle support a variety of tinting types? Well, in this case, this is a positive nod. The sprinkling device can hold up different types of paints like chalk, milk, enamels, primers, stain, varnish, and many more!


  • Can be used in both DIY and professional works
  • Adjustable cap for multiple sprinkle types
  • A flow-speed control mechanism for different speeds
  • Comes with a functional cleaning brush
  • Supports an array of tinting types


  • It’s a bit tough to clean it up

7. Wagner FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

On number 7, we have another product from Wagner! This time it’s the Wagner FLEXiO 590. This is one of the most stand-out products Wagner has come up with. There are plenty of reasons for it.

First off, this cool tool features two different nozzles in the setup. An iSpray one and a Detail Finish one. Yes, these two work differently on painted materials. The iSpray is best to use on large materials as it covers a wide area while being sprinkled.

On the other hand, the Detail Finish nozzle is suitable for smaller items. It has that narrow sprinkling capacity that works greatly on tiny projects.

Above all, this machine comes with an X-Boost turbine inside. It is specially built to sprinkle un-thinned interior and exterior paints and stains. And it doesn’t stop there. This X-Boost turbine comes with a force adjusting dialer.

What this dialer does is regulate the flow of the material from the container. There are 10 different speed levels you can select from. Figure out the speed count you need for the specific project and set it accordingly.


  • Comes with two nozzles to paint on a wide variety of materials
  • Equipped with a powerful X-Boost turbine
  • Flow-speed is adjustable at 10 different levels
  • Pattern adjustment capacity
  • Easy cleanup method takes only 5 minutes to clean


  • Gets jammed at times after heavy use

8. Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer for Wood

Being a heavy-duty sprayer, the Graco Magnum X5 proves to be a versatile painter for all sorts of coloring tasks. From DIY projects to commercial tasks, it’s the ultimate tool you need.

What makes it a one of a kind sprayer is its flexible connection. It can be directly connected to a 5-gallon bucket to carry on heavy-duty painting jobs. Plus, you can attach up to 75 feet of hose with it to get the maximum reach you deserve.

Starting the machine doesn’t have to be quite a job anymore. It comes with a PushPrime easy switch that you can just push to start the device instantly.

Regulate the flow of the paint to customize it according to coloring requirements. Sometimes you may need a high-speed spray, and at times you may slow it down a little bit.

Cleaning the machine is not that hard. All you need to do is just attach the PowerFlush adapter to any garden hose. You will get a fast and easy cleaning, every single time.


  • PushPrime easy start for seamless kick-off every time
  • Adjustable force to customize the flow of paint
  • Stainless steel piston pump
  • Flexible connection buckets sizing from 1 to 5 gallons
  • Easy to clean by using the PowerFlush adapter


  • At times, it gets tough to reset when it gets clogged

9. NoCry 1200ml/min Electric Paint Sprayer

This red giant from NoCry is one of the best performers in the market when it comes to power. It boasts a 5A/600-watt motor that makes spray painting a lot easier, even for newbies.

The powerful motor helps you out to use nearly every sort of material. You can use oil, stain, enamel, texture, airbrush coating, lacquer, and many more types of paints on the most common materials.

While you get a top flow rate of 1200 ml/ minute, you can alter and regulate the flow on it. Set the right flow rate for your project by using the adjustment lever on the device.

The machine is packed with 4 different nozzles for the maximum variety. These are sized as 1/16-inch, 5/64-inch, 3/32-inch, and 7/64-inch. Change the nozzle to get the best suiting smooth spritz for the project.

You get to detach the container from the machine to clean up the total set up. Plus, the package includes a cleaning brush and pin to clean the hard-to-reach part of the device. Easy cleaning, every time.


  • Comes with a customization airflow speed
  • Up to 1200 ml/ minute of flow rate
  • Easy to clean by detaching the container
  • Four different nozzles for customized painting forms
  • Includes 3 spray paint patterns – horizontal, vertical, and circular


  • The device is a bit heavy to work with

10. Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

This classic looking spray painter may remind you of your school science project, but this actually is a good performer.

It is simplistic in design and puts almost no pressure on your pocket. That’s because the sprayer is attached to a mason jar, and it needs a compressor to work with. Typically, it needs a compressor that is running at 3 CFM at 90 PSI, at least.

So, if you don’t have such a compressor with you, this may not be the best choice you make. But if you do have such a unit, it’s a good bet.

The mason jar is changeable, and you can attach different-sized jars to the sprinkler. When it is attached to a mason jar, it can squirt different paint items like stains, lacquers, and many others.

It hardly makes any sound while in use. When you are spraying with this unit, the only sound you may hear is from the compressor in it. Otherwise, it’s a total whisperer!


  • Comes with a simplistic design at a low-price tag
  • A 16-ounce mason jar is attached
  • Requires a minimalistic 3 CFM at 90 PSI compressor
  • The jar is changeable
  • Produces low sound when used


  • The jar is fragile and can break if fell from hands

Airless VS HVLP

Airless VS HVLP

When it comes to sprayers, there's always a debate on whether you should go for the airless ones or the HVLP. Well, today's the day when you come to a conclusion. We're covering a detailed discussion on airless VS HVLP sprayer.

Operating Principle

While using a HVLP, you'll see the paint has got very high speed, even though it keeps the pressure pretty low. There are HVLP sprayers that have got a turbine in them. This turbine helps the sprayer to atomize the paint, so you won't be needing a compressor.

Airless sprayers, on the other hand, has got a different principle. They don't mix the air with the paint to atomize it.  Instead, the airless sprayers make sure the paint goes through a small-sized orifice before emerging as a spray.  These sprayers rely more on hydraulic pumps.


If you want to use airless sprayers, you have to make sure you’ve made the paint thinner. Otherwise, if you go for a straight spray, the paint will come out. As for HVLP, you have to use paints like enamel latex.


If you want quality, the HVLP sprayer is the real game-changer for you.  You can easily adjust the pressure of the HVLP compressor, which you won't get in airless sprayers. The reason? Airless ones come with hydraulic pumps, unlike the HVLPs.

Besides, since the turbines of HVLPs are more on the portable side, you won't face a hard time moving it around. Also, you get a huge boost on the speed, so the paint dries pretty fast.

On the other hand, airless paint sprayers are a bit bulky. People use it because they spread thicker paints and can cover a large surface in minutes. However, unlike HVLP, you won't find it that easy to control the spray.

When it comes to getting an elegant finish, you can always rely on HVLP sprayers. Since they have a 90% transfer rate, they're more efficient than others. Besides, it also means that as you spray on your work-piece, you get less waste.

Also, you're getting more pigments as the paints are sprayed with enormous force. As a result, the paint bonds with the surface properly.

On the other hand, airless sprayers come with a 50% transfer rate, for which they're less efficient than HVLPs. You also get fewer pigments, and the paint takes time to blend in with the surface.


The airless sprayers require very high temperature and pressure. For which, they're more dangerous than HVLP sprayers. To be in the safe zone, you'll always have to make sure you're out of their spraying radius.

If you want to use an airless sprayer, you'll have to cover all the objects around you no matter what. This includes non-working work surfaces as well.  You'll also have to wear a gas mask, goggles, boots for safety. Also, it's important to make sure no one enters your spraying zone at all.

In a Nutshell

If you're going for projects like painting your wall or like a huge surface, you can go for airless sprayers. However, if your painting projects require greater details and are more like a graphic work with high pigments, you can go for HVLPs.

How to Paint Furniture for a Professional Look?

 Painting furniture with Sprayer

So now that you've got your perfect sprayer, you're ready for giving your furniture a professional look. But you don't have the slightest idea of how to get your painting job done. No worries, we've got your back.

Let's take you on a tour so that you know how to paint furniture for a professional look. Following this guide you can paint kitchen cabinets, chairs, tables, doors, sofa set, bed and all others from your DIY projects. 

Use the Right Tool

It's crucial for you to choose the sprayer that goes perfectly with the type of paint you're using.  You can also use the help of a painting brush where it's needed.  Also, don't forget to keep a foam roller with you. You can use HVLP spry gun for your woodworking project. 

Sand before You Start

If you're not using chalk paint, it's always better to sand your furniture a bit. Hand-sanding will be enough for you if the furniture is a small one. However, if it's a large one, you can go for an orbital sander. Orbital sanders will cut your time short, and you won't have to use much of an effort.

A Man Sanding Furniture

Now, when will you know that you've sanded enough? It's when the glossy sheen of your furniture is completely removed. Also, don't forget to remove the dust and dirt.

Use Primer

Before going to the painting process, you'll have to use a primer. If you don't want to compromise the quality, you shouldn't skip the primer at all.

Water Your Paint Down

You need to water down the primer and your paint a bit if you want to get smooth coats. To do this, you can use about 1 cup of water and mix it with a gallon of paint. See? Just a little amount of water can make your paint job look professional.

Sand in Between Coats Lightly

We know you've sanded your furniture before priming, but if you lightly sand between the coats, you'll see it makes a very big difference in the look. You'll find tack cloths and sponge sanders pretty handy.

Use a Protective Coat

Finish it using a water-based protective coat. Make sure the coating does not cause bubbles. You can use a quality brush; that makes the work pretty fast. Allow it to sit on your furniture, and for that, you have to wait for a day.

Putting Your Furniture on Blocks

For painting the furniture effectively, starting from top to the bottom, you can put it on blocks. You can gather up some scrap wood and keep your furniture on it. This will make your painting work great.

Pick a Good Spot

You're not going to paint in your home, are you? Things will get messy. Pick a spot where you can play with the sprayers and brush, and no one will call you names. You can try the garage, for example. It's perfect if it's a huge one. However, make sure the place has proper lighting and ventilation.

Watch for Drips

Drips can be a real pain in your behind. Activate your 'eagle-eye' and scan for drips, while you pay extra focus on the edges. If you find them, you can get rid of them simply by sanding.

However, if your furniture has holes, it's really tough to stop the paint from dripping through the holes.

Remove the Existing Paint by Soaking the Hardware

Removing the old paint from hardware is difficult, especially when it's a metal one. If you face a hard time, try soaking the hardware in water. This will help you to loosen the paint. You can also use a kitchen sponge.  After a while, you should be able to rinse it off.

Start Painting

Once you're done with everything, you can use your sprayer and start your painting job. Keep about 6 inches distance from the surface and release the spray. You can try going for circular motion, and this makes the job pretty easy.

After you're done, let the paint sit and dry for a while. A few hours will do. However, don't be a fool to expose your furniture to the sunlight. This can ruin the quality.

Note: You can put a paint on the existing new one as well to make it thicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to sand my furniture before spray painting?

Yes, sanding is pretty important. Your furniture has a glossy finish on it. Before you start spraying, you need to de-gloss it so that the new color sits on it perfectly. To get the job done, you have to use sandpaper to sand it perfectly.

2. Is it better to brush or spray paint furniture?

You'll have the best results if you can use both. Spraying can help you finish your work faster and reach the edges and corners of your furniture. Some edges, on the other hand, need the touch of brushes as well.

3. What is the best sprayer for small projects?

All of these products have their unique features to blend in with both large and small projects. However, you can try the HomeRight C800971. Large projects or small ones, you can have the best for both of the worlds.

4. What kind of paint do you use on furniture?

For furniture, we recommend going for oil-based or latex paint. For the best results, you should use a semigloss or satin finish. However, don't forget to use a latex primer if you go for latex paint.

5. Do professionals use sprayers?

Yes, they do. Sprayers are pretty easy to use, and they save a lot of time as well. Most professionals use sprayers to cut their time short since they have a lot of projects to handle in a day. Besides, they allow them to get the job done accurately and precisely.

6. Is buying a paint sprayer worth it?

Sure. Unlike paint brushes, paint sprayers allow you to paint the corners and edges that are pretty hard to reach. You can get your paint job done within a short period of time as well. So, you can go for a sprayer without asking any questions.

7. What happens if you don't sand wood before staining?

After each coat, you'll need to sand the wood for a mirror-look finish. If you don't sand before you stain, the paint won't sit on your furniture properly.

8. How do you know when you're done sanding?

You'll see that the glossy sheen of your furniture is completely gone. That's when you'll know that you don't need to sand anymore.

9. Is it better to sand or strip furniture?

Stripping is always a better option than going for sanding. Sanding needs more work, as well. But people choose to sand over stripping because stripping makes more mess.

Wrapping Up!

That was everything about the best paint sprayer for furniture. Hope we've helped you decide which one to go for. However, if you're still confused, we may help you decide. In our judgment, the Wagner Flexio 590 wins the show.

The X-boost turbine it comes with makes it one of a kind. It has got amazing functionality, and the sturdy construction it has is unlike anything else.

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Todd Davis is a DIY enthusiast, traveler, and writer for a long time. He has a deep understanding of all types of painting tools and door hardware.

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