8 Best Paint Sprayer For Interior Walls 2021 [Updated]

A Paint sprayer is an extremely useful tool, spraying lots of paint into a surface in record time. While they cost do cost money, many homeowners find them incredibly worth the investment due to the time and effort that is spared into painting a wall.

However, there are things to consider when choosing the best paint sprayer for interior walls. Most importantly, you should not treat them all the same.

In this review, we will go over seven of the best paint sprayers for walls, and point out their strengths in addition to their weaknesses. At the end of this review, we will show you the paint prayer that is the best for working on interior walls.

The Best Paint Sprayer For Interior Wall

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Model For Walls

There are two kinds of sprayers that you can buy to paint indoor paint sprayers: Airless sprayers and HVLP sprayers.

1. Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless paint sprayers suck paint from a hose and out a spray gun. The spray gun of an airless paint sprayer has a pump that does not use any air, and you will more than likely buy the paint sprayer along with a motor to help force the stain or paint out.

You can adjust the pressure and spray nozzle to determine how much paint you need. Airless sprayers prioritize in quickness, professionalism, and versatility. The same technology is used for modern shower heads today. In this time it takes you to brush a wall manually, you can spray it with an airless paint sprayer at ten times the speed. Although for the best results, you may be required to strain your paint before you spray it.

2. HVLP Paint Sprayers

HVLP stands for high volume and low pressure. HVLP sprayers do use air to such paint into a gun and out of its nozzle, and these types of sprayers do not involve a hose. HVLP sprayers usually involve a plastic or metal cup that you fill with paint, which attaches to the spray gun.HVLP sprayers are compatible with untinned paints and stains, although you are still recommended to honor the step of paint-thinning while working with one of these paint sprayers.

In regards to which type of paint sprayer is better for painting walls, it generally is the airless paint sprayer. Airless sprayers tend to cover larger areas such as walls, decks, patios, and fences, whereas HVLP sprayers are more suitable for small applications like furniture and smaller surfaces.

For both airless and high-volume low-pressure paint sprayers, cleaning the paint sprayer with water after use is very important. HVLP paint sprayers will normally be taken apart so that you can clean and rinse everything off.

Best Wall Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers, on the other hand, will have a special method of cleaning, usually involving a connection with a garden hose that will spray water throughout the tube and the gun, allowing you to remove any paint this way. Another important thing to consider is to never “pre-load” the spray gun with paint to use later. The paint will harden after an extended period of time, and aggressive cleaning or repair may be required to make the paint sprayer serviceable again.

Review of the 8 Best Models:

1. HomeRight C800971 Extra Power Painter

This first paint sprayer is from HomeRight, and it’s a painting product that is considered a value. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and in many regards, easy to use, too. It comes in a nice, dark blue plastic body.

This is a self-contained paint sprayer that does not require a compressor, so that is one less thing that you need to worry about. There are three spray patterns included in this kit, which are round, horizontal, and vertical patterns. For interior walls, you will require a horizontal pattern.

This is a very quiet paint sprayer. Many paint sprayers use motors to spray paint, but this one does not. All you have to listen to is the sound of your paint and air blowing out the nozzle. This is a change that can be welcoming, though.

Included with this paint sprayer is a warranty that lasts for two years. In case that something goes wrong with it, you can get it replaced with a brand new sprayer from HomeRight. This is great, nonetheless, because some of the more expensive paint sprayers do not have warranties at all.

This is a paint sprayer for the budget-conscious individual, but still, you get what you pay for. The finish on this paint sprayer is quite rough, and if you want a smooth finish, you will end up having to refine the coat with a brush manually afterward.


  • Has quiet operation
  • Is affordable
  • Has three spray patterns
  • Is a lightweight sprayer
  • Has a two-year warranty


  • Does not deliver a quality finish

2. Graco Magnum 262800  X5 – Best Wall Paint Sprayer

By looking at the Graco Magnum X5, are you assuming that it’s a powerful paint sprayer? That’s because it is. This sprayer is intended for commercial use, as its results are spectacular. Right from the bucket, it can extract and spray paint, varnish, stain or latex paint that comes in one or five gallons.

It can spray over a quarter gallon of paint per minute, which is a steady pace for a paint sprayer, and also give you room for control so that every square inch on your walls is covered. You can adjust how much pressure you want, as well, so you can decide whether you want a weak or strong stream of paint. The horsepower of this paint sprayer is 0.5.

Cleaning the Magnum X5 is also a breeze. Simply connect it to a garden hose and rinse it with water. This is truly a great and clever feature that gives makes cleaning easier than it has any right to be. Included with this paint sprayer is an extended spray tip, which you can attach to the gun, allowing you to extend the reach of your sprayer and spray hard-to-reach areas, in addition to spraying possible floors without having to kneel down.

Furthermore, you get a one-year warranty with the purchase of this paint sprayer. If by chance this sprayer fails and you are not found responsible for what happened, you can get a free replacement model.

The thing you clearly will not like about this paint sprayer is how much it costs. If you are a painter that needs to paint walls throughout the year, then this is the best interior paint sprayer undoubtedly worth every penny. If you just need it for one project in the foreseeable future, then step away now. Paying a lot for a one-time project is not something to consider.


  • Can easily be cleaned
  • Includes an extended spray tip
  • Uses paint right out of the bucket
  • Is compatible with multiple kinds of liquids


  • Is expensive

3. Wagner Pro 150 Exterior And Interior Wall Paint Sprayer

When it comes to painting interior walls, it is good to have a nice thick coat that even yet does not cause drip spots. While brushes and rollers have always done the job effectively, a paint sprayer can replicate that job with far less time and much less effort.

While a sprayer comes with a high upfront investment, you will be satisfied with the results and appreciate the time savings. If you are looking for a model you can trust, in my mind, you cannot go wrong with the Wagner Pro 150 Sprayer. The Control Pro paint sprayer is all about high efficiency, with low overspray with the secret being airless. This means that the sprayer does introduce air into the hose to increase the pressure but rather just increases the pressure of the paint through a tiny tip at the end.

The Wagner model using this technology decreases overspray by up to 55% which gives the paint a much softer finish that is much more consistent. The machine operates up to 1500 psi with a .55 horsepower spray gun that works primarily on unfinished materials.


  • Model comes with a rebuild able fluid section that greatly improves sprayer life
  • The durable pump has been tested to last up to three times longer than comparable models
  • Although designed for interior use, can be performed on exterior projects using any un-thinned material
  • Pressure control knob is easy to use


  • Not the easiest to clean
  • Suction power under-performs compared to other models

4. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer Review

Rexbeti’s paint sprayer in a simple orange gun with a plastic paint cup. This is supposedly a great entry-level paint sprayer that beginners can use. The cup can hold one liter of paint at a time.

This sprayer from Rexberi has an ergonomic design. It fits right in your hands and is a comfortable sprayer to use for long periods of time. Your hands and arms will not feel any major fatigue or strain.

The control knob allows you to get different painting outputs for many different applications like corners, edges, smaller surfaces and more.

The spray patterns are easy to adjust. You can choose horizontal, vertical or round spray patterns just by turning the dial on the back of the gun. There are also three nozzle sizes to select: 2.0 and 2.5 mm nozzles for thin liquids and a 3 mm nozzle for thicker paints.

This sprayer should be fairly simple to clean. You can clean out the insides of the gun and paint cup, and you can use the included cleaning needle to remove any hidden paint inside the gun so that you know that the sprayer is 100 percent paint-free the next time you plan to use it.

The problem with this paint sprayer is that the overspray is out of control. Despite the flow control adjustments that you can make, it never seems to get the precise control you want.

It will at times get paint in areas that you absolutely do not want the paint to be, and this could be an even messier experience than you would expect. Be very careful using this paint sprayer.


  • Is affordable
  • Has three spray patterns
  • Is a lightweight sprayer
  • Is comfortable to hold
  • Can easily be cleaned
  • good as indoor paint sprayer


  • Is messy to use

5. Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

Wagner is a popular name at the hardware store, but is it the name you should trust in painting your walls? The Control Spray Max does have some neat extras and does not force you to break the bank, either.

Featured with the Control Spray Max are two separate air filters, allowing a clear and even flow of paint every time. The finish that you get from this paint sprayer is professional, to say the least.

This paint sprayer allows you to adjust the spray pattern from round to horizontal to vertical. This allows you to paint walls easily by selecting the horizontal pattern and spraying from left to right, or vice versa. The flow control is also adjustable, so you can paint both large and small surfaces with ease.

You will immediately notice that you get two different paint cups with this paint sprayer: One is a plastic cup and the other is made of metal. This is not a cosmetic decision, but it allows you to choose the one that your liquid of choice will tolerate best.

If you have paint that does not take kindly to plastic, you have a more resilient metal cup to use. Because each part of this paint sprayer can be easily removed, cleaning this sprayer entirely is not a problem. Just wash the paint off with water and you should be good to go. Latex paints, however, may also require mineral spirits.

With the purchase of this paint sprayer from Wagner comes a one-year warranty. If it failed within your first year, send it in and get a new model at no extra cost. Despite efforts being made to satisfy homeowners that need to paint large walls, this is not really the type of paint sprayer that is designed to paint a wall.

For one, the cord that this paint sprayer comes with is not that long, and you might need to connect an extension cord for more reach around your rooms. This was more designed to paint furniture.


  • Has three spray patterns
  • Can easily be cleaned
  • Is compatible with multiple kinds of liquids
  • Has two different paint cups


  • Cord is not long enough

6. Astro 4008 Spray Gun 1.8mm Nozzle Review

This next paint sprayer is a red spray gun with a large, metal paint cup. The paint cup can hold about a quart of paint at a time. This paint sprayer does not include a motor or power cords, so you will need to supply them on your own. If you already own a paint sprayer and like how the motor runs, you can simply just buy a new gun like this one.

This spray gun atomizes paint well, leaving an eleven-inch spray in diameter when spraying a wall from eight inches away. The tip of the nozzle is 1.8 millimeters in diameter. The finish that it leaves behind is better than we have expected.

The paint cup doesn’t spill, and you are free to spray the gun at any angle, thanks to its air valve design, which guarantees nothing but paint to come out of the nozzle. The gun itself does not drip or ooze excess paint. We wish that there was more than can be said about this paint sprayer, but without any motor or other extra features, this is about it.

You should buy this gun if all you just happen to need is a new gun, but this clearly isn’t going to substitute an entire paint spraying kit with a motor and power cord.


  • Has a large paint cup
  • Has quiet operation
  • Is affordable
  • Is a lightweight sprayer


  • Does not include a motor

7. Graco Magnum 262805 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

The second of three paint sprayers from Graco, the Magnum X7 is considered a slight upgrade from the X5. It’s a powerful, commercial sprayer that has s stiff asking price, but its performance more than makes up for it.

The horsepower on this paint sprayer is a little more powerful, at ⅝ horsepower. It can spray close to a third of a gallon a minute that can really shave time off of your projects. Compared to the Magnum X5, the X7 sprays a little more paint in a given time.

The Magnum X7 works by spraying paint straight from the bucket. You can use various types of liquids on the sprayer, in either one or five-gallon cans. Like the Magnum X5, this paint sprayer is high in the versatility department.

This paint sprayer can also be connected to a hose for easy cleaning and washing of any and all paint. Another smart and time-cutting feature that every owner appreciates.

There are also a few unique differences that the Magnum X7 has; the first being its wheels. Because the Magnum X7 is heavier, it requires and prefers smooth wheeled transportation.

The Magnum X7 also has a reversible tip, so that if paint gets clogged inside the hose, you can easily switch the tip around and get back to spraying.

Furthermore, you get a one-year warranty with the purchase of this paint sprayer. If by chance this sprayer fails and you are not found responsible for what happened, you can get a free replacement model.

Is this a great paint sprayer? You bet. But like the Magnum X5, we only recommend it to you if you need it for various projects in the future. That way, it would be well worth the investment.


  • Can easily be cleaned
  • Includes an extended spray tip
  • Uses paint right from the bucket
  • Is compatible with multiple kinds of liquids
  • Comes with a reversible tip


  • Is expensive

8. Graco Magnum 257025 with Project Painter Review

The final paint sprayer by Graco is smaller and more affordable than the other two. If you are in search of the best indoor paint sprayer without paying a high price point, this could be one to take a look at. Like the other Graco paint sprayers, you can use either one gallon or a five-gallon bucket of paint.

This paint sprayer also has garden hose compatibility, making cleaning up easy and effective.No matter how to think your pant is, you can spray at a good, forceful stream at an adequate pressure, thanks to the piston pump inside. You can control the flow of paint, so if you want to paint smaller objects other than your wall, you can make adjustments to do so.

This paint sprayer is meant to be easy to store as well, featuring a space-saving design and compartments for attachments and tools to go in. Aside from the spray gun and power cord, this paint sprayer also has an extended tip for spraying hard-to-reach areas.

Like the Magnum X7, the Graco Magnum 257025  also has a reversible tip, allowing you to switch the tip around in the event of a clog, where paint refuses to come out. Furthermore, you get a one-year warranty with the purchase of this paint sprayer.

If by chance this sprayer fails and you are not found responsible for what happened, you can get a free replacement model. This sprayer, however, is known to guzzle a lot of paint. You can end up expending more paint than you would like to, and you will not realize how much paint can be wasted with this paint sprayer until you compare its performance with another paint sprayer.


  • Can easily be cleaned
  • Includes an extended spray tip
  • Uses paint right from the bucket
  • Is compatible with multiple kinds of liquids
  • Comes with a reversible tip


  • Uses lots of paint at a time

Tips And Tricks For Wall Painting

There are various things that you should know when using a paint sprayer. Here are some useful tips and tricks to make you use the sprayer to the best of your abilities.

Wear Protection

When dealing with paint, you are dealing with a mixture of chemicals that you could get harmfully exposed to. There are various pieces of equipment for you to wear that can protect specific parts of your body.

You will need safety glasses to cover your eyes, as well as a mask with a respirator to cover your mouth. This way, you can breathe some fresh air, even if paint splatters onto your face.

You should also consider wearing coveralls, or old clothes that can also protect your arms and legs from paint, as well. While you might notice people in promotional photos of certain products not using safety equipment to shield their bodies, it really is a good idea to cover up, so that you can be safe, rather than sorry.

Mix Your Paints

To guarantee a smooth paint finish every time, you will need to mix the paint well before use. To stir your paint, use a clean, wooden stick to stir the paint. Stirring the paint will ensure that there are no clogs when you spray wit your paint sprayer.

The best part of all is that your finish will have a uniform smoothness and look very professional. This is something you should do whether you pour the paint into the cup or use the paint straight from the bucket.

Which Paint Sprayer Company Is The Best?

There are many different companies that manufacture paint sprayers. One of the leading names in paint sprayers, however, is Fuji. Fuji provides some top of the lines paint sprayers that provide professional quality and the best wall paint sprayer.

Fuji has various commercial-grade models on the market and has been a trusted name in painting equipment for over 30 years. As technology in painting has evolved, so too have their products. The downside to Fuji paint sprayers is that they are hard to use. They take a substantial amount of time to get used to, and only owners with the time and patience to use them well should only buy them. They work incredibly well, but only when you know what you are doing.

Furthermore, all Fuji paint sprayers cost a lot of money. If you are not a person that has to paint multiple interiors in a certain amount of time, like as a profession, you should not buy a Fuji, and instead opt for a more affordable indoor paint sprayer.

Fuji paint sprayers are not designed for weekend projects and one-time uses only. They are meant to last dozens, if not hundreds, of different spraying projects.


Is it better to roll or spray interior paint?

Roll painting is better for interior painting, especially when you need to avoid painting on the floor. Moreover, it’s fast to prepare when using roller painting and guarantees accuracy. Conversely, spray painting is effective when working on larger walls, and when accuracy isn’t a priority.

Do I need to backroll after spraying the interior?

Sometimes it’s important to backroll, while other times, it’s not. It depends on the surface you are spraying. It is crucial to backroll after spray application to the ceiling to ensure the soft texture and light scaling capabilities. Moreover, back-rolling eliminates pole sanding between coats.

How long does it take to paint a house with a sprayer?

The amount of time to spray depends on the size of the wall. However, it would take approximately less than 10 minutes to spray a room with an airless spray painter. It takes approximately two to three days to spray an averaged sized home.

Final Verdict

The best paint sprayer for an interior walls is the Graco Magnum X5. For just a little bit of money, you can save a lot of time painting your indoor walls. This paint sprayer is lightweight, is easy to use, and doesn’t take much time to get started. We love how it performs and you will too.

The only setback is the overspray. To overcome this issue, we recommend putting down more painter’s tape and newspaper and protect any areas that you might suspect getting drips of paint on, such as the ceiling.

Although, if you are a commercial painter who is looking for a quality paint sprayer that you want to have for the next handful of years, we strongly suggest one of the sprayers from Graco, as there are highly powerful and effective.

For one-time weekend warriors, however, you shouldn’t be expected to buy something as expensive to get the job done.

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