Best Outdoor Folding Chair Reviews [Top 6 Models Compared]

Best Outdoor Folding Chairs

People have always enjoyed spending time outside. Being outdoors is beneficial, fun and relaxing whether you’re enjoying time alone or as part of a large social event. No matter what the occasion is, having somewhere comfortable to rest is important. One option that can handle this is having folding chairs on hand. If this sounds like an option that could help your next outdoor adventure be more comfortable then here are some reviews of the best outdoor folding chair available.

Comparison of outdoor folding chairs 2020

What is Outdoor Folding Chair?

Outdoor seating tends to be thought of in terms of outdoor patio furniture such as chaise lounges and seating sets. However, there are many other places and events where one needs to have seating to enjoy their time outside.

Portable seating is a great option for those needing a chair that can be easily transported or moved around. This is why an outdoor folding chair is a staple in many households. The chair can be small, medium or large and it folds easily to allow for portability.

Smaller options are great for backpacking, hunting, fishing or even a trip to the beach as they are more lightweight. Larger style can be a comfortable and easy seating option for games, picnics and even your own backyard. There are so many ways and places to use an outdoor folding chair, may people keep some in their garages and a couple in their cars.

Recommended 6 Best Outdoor Folding Chair Reviews

1. FDW Zero Black Lounge Gravity Patio Folding Chairs 062

When taking these out of the box, the first thing that came to mind was that the quality of the materials was better than expected. The metal parts are all powder coated which looked great and adds to the life of the chair by preventing rust.

The head rest has a built in pillow that can be adjusted up or down to make it comfortable for people of almost any height. The chairs are fully assembled and don’t require any extra attention to setup.

Having two chairs come in one package was a benefit as well, as it made it easier to have a comparison on hand. Both of the chairs recline well, but they don’t lay totally flat. When the chairs were fully reclined they were comfortable and felt sturdy. The locking mechanism keeps the position in place well, so you don’t have to adjust the chair each time you get up and sit down in it again.

The downsides of these chairs was the size and capacity. The seat is rather narrow, so a larger person may not fit as comfortably as I did, and even though I’m under 200 lbs, it did feel like the chair was stressed a bit as I used it.

The product description says the capacity is 250 lbs, but information included with the packaging stated the capacity was only 225 lbs. I’d say after using the chairs that it’s best to keep the weight below the 225 lbs for the sake of the chair.

 The chairs come highly recommended, and after seeing them myself I can see why. For someone that is looking for a lightweight patio chair that can easily be folded and transported to other venues, this chair is a great fit.


  • Quality material, powder coated
  • Adjustable built in headrest pillow
  • Package of two chairs for one price
  • Easy to use position locking mechanism
  • Sturdy base ent


  • Doesn’t lay flat
  • Low weight capacity

2. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Outdoor Patio Chairs

This is another set of two chairs that come together in the same package. When the box arrived there was a bit of damage to the box but it was negligible and didn’t seem to have any impact on the chairs inside.

After a thorough inspection, everything seemed to be in good condition. The pre-assembled chairs were easy to unfold and setup, and they come with a cup holder, with extra slots for a cell phone or book.

The paint on the metal parts seems lower quality than expected, but the material of the chair itself is nice. The headrest is removable and adjustable, which works well to adjust for any preference. The flexible elastic cords really shape the seat and back of the chair to your body, making the UV resistant material feel very comfortable.

The Zero Gravity style of chair is generally very comfortable, and these chairs maintain that position well. While the chairs do recline, the style doesn’t allow for them to lay flat. The recline locking mechanism on these chairs seemed very weak or poorly designed as it didn’t stay in place very long.

These chairs have some good highlights, such as the comfort level and the cup holder attachment, but the negatives are concerning. The low quality construction makes me worry about how the chair will hold up if left outside.

The paint doesn’t look like it can take much moisture before being damaged, and while the elastic bands holding the seat material to the frame make it comfortable, they don’t seem like they will last long. The packaging does say that the elastic is replaceable, so that may be a feature instead of a bug, but that needing to replace parts is not something I’m fond of.

 These chairs seem to be manufactured for people that need a low cost, temporary chair. If you’re planning to upgrade soon, or just want an extra chair for inside your home these may be what you’re looking for.


  • Comfortable material and conforms to the body well due to elastic band construction
  • UV resistant material protects from sun damage
  • Cup holder attachment
  • Removable headrest pillow
  • Low cost option


  • Low quality construction, not built to last
  • Locking mechanism for reclining is weak
  • Won’t last outside in poor weather

3. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Outdoor Folding Chair

This pre-assembled Zero Gravity chair is an entry level type of chair. After receiving the chair, and setting it up, the paint and fabric look like they are good quality. Closer inspection of the metal and plastic shows signs that it may be weaker than necessary.

The steel tubing is rather thin, and looks like it my bend easily, so my recommendation is to not test out the maximum weight capacity.

The plastic of the armrests seems rather thin as well, and that is worrisome because the armrests are the parts that hold the chair in position. The locking mechanism seems to work well, and holds the chair in position firmly. If the plastic of the armrests gives way, then the nice locking mechanism will be pointless, and the chair would be unusable.

The removable pillow on the headrest can be moved down to the lower back area and used as lumbar support. This actually worked very well, and since a major selling point of having a Zero Gravity chair is for better back support, this worked perfectly.

The powder coating on the frame is very smooth and well applied. The chair should be able to withstand being left out in the elements without rusting or damage because of the quality paint application. The fabric also seems to be good quality, the strong mesh material seems like it will be long lasting.

This is a comfortable chair, and the paint and fabric seem very durable. The reclining lock mechanism is unique and works very well compared to other styles of reclining locks. Being able to use the headrest as a lumbar support was a great addition as well. This chair is great for those with back pain, and it should last out in the elements for a long time.


  • Expertly painted, strong against outdoor elements
  • Headrest doubles as lumbar support
  • Locking mechanism is very well designed
  • Strong mesh fabric is very durable


  • Thin tubing may not hold larger weight well
  • Armrests are thin and fragile

The first feature that I noticed when reviewing this chair was the extra padding added to the seat and the back. This makes the chair feel much more comfortable when being used for long periods of time. The added uniqueness of this being a foldable rocking chair also added to the comfort. Being able to rock back and forth while testing it out was very soothing, and the rails that it rocks on seem very sturdy.

The chair comes with a one year warranty for any defects or workmanship issues. While the quality of the chair and materials in the chair we looked at were top quality, it’s always reassuring to know there is an easy process to have any problems resolved.

While this is definitely a great outdoor chair, that’s only true in dry conditions. The extra padding and polyester fabric material should not be left where it can get wet. The cleaning instructions clearly state that any debris should be wiped away with a dry rag. Using water or detergent is not suggested, as this could damage the material.

The paint and metal components also seem rather exposed, so if this chair is left out in the elements then there is a high likelihood that it could rust. While that may be a drawback to some, the chair is light enough and compact enough when folded that storing it safely should never be a problem.

 One of the highest quality chairs that we reviewed, in terms of manufacturing and materials, this chair should work for anyone. Taking it outside for a camping trip may make rocking a bit difficult on uneven terrain, but the chair is sturdy and stable enough to be used anywhere. An added benefit is that anyone with small children or infants can use this chair to gently rock their children to sleep indoors and out.


  • Good quality materials and construction
  • One year warranty
  • Great for rocking children to sleep
  • Extra padding for more comfort
  • Added relaxing benefit of being a rocker


  • Needs to be kept dry as much as possible

5. KingCamp Folding Quad Chair Lumbar Back Support

This is one of those chairs that folds from the corners in to the center. After removing it from the carrying bag and unfolding it, the chair stands higher than similar chairs of this style. It is also built wider, which made the chair feel roomy and comfortable. The material has some extra padding to it as well, which was a welcome addition compared to other chairs of this style I’ve used.

The lower back of the chair also has some added lumbar support. The extra support is always something I’ve found lacking in chairs of this type before, so feeling that support made the chair much more usable for long periods of time without back pain.

The armrests feature cup holders, a cooler bag and a dry goods mesh storage area. This gave new meaning to keeping cold drinks and snacks on hand. The dry goods bag is big enough to hold a full size magazine or tablet, rather than snacks if that’s what you’d like.

With the type of material used, and the way these chairs are designed, it’s best to store them in a dry place when not in use. The fabric and steel tubing are prone to wear if left out in the elements or if they get unnecessarily wet.

 This is a great chair for larger people, as it stands taller than most of its competitors. The seat is extra roomy as well, which makes it feel even more comfortable. Having the armrest additions of the cooler bag, and the dry goods bag, means you’ll always have everything you want within reach. This is one of the best camping chairs available, and it should last for many seasons if taken care of.


  • Roomy chair that sits taller than others of this style
  • Cooler bag attached to store cold beverages or more
  • Mesh dry goods bag for storing reading material or snacks
  • Added lumbar support in back rest
  • Sturdy construction and durable materials


  • Must be stored in dry area, not meant to be left outdoors

6. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Folding Chair

The sturdiest chair of those reviewed, when this chair was setup, and the seat locks secured the seat open, it felt like it could hold up an elephant. This quad fold style chair had zero sag when seated, providing excellent support and being very easy to stand up from.

The XXL does mean the chair is extra extra large. The top of the chair is a full 40 inches from the ground, providing even the tallest person at the campground full back support. The extra wide seat also provide lots of room to make anyone comfortable.

Out of all the chairs reviewed, this one is rated to support the largest amount of weight as well. After using the chair, I’m not surprised by that fact even though this is a quad folding type chair.

 Along with that, the armrests have two different size cup holders, one that fits snugly around a 12 ounce can size, and the other that holds a large 32 ounce cup. Along with being able to hold the most weight on the seat, it also clearly holds the largest beverage container out of any similar chair.

The one issue that I could see occurring with this chair, is with the fabric being pulled so taught, that it could stress the seams too much. If the chair is overused, or left set up being locked for an overly extended period of time, the stitching on the seam may start to wear and the chair might become unusable faster than non-locking quad folding chairs.

This chair is well designed for people that need extra support while sitting when they are outdoors. The no sag feature makes it easy to stand up from, and provides good posture support while seated. The large cup holder makes it easier to keep one large beverage container at hand rather than constantly having to return to the cooler for more.


  • Very sturdy, high weight capacity
  • Extra large cup holder, as well as standard size
  • No sag seat
  • Locks open and also locks closed
  • Extra tall seat


  • Stressed material could breakdown fast

FAQ About Outdoor Folding Chair

Do all folding chairs come with a carry sack?

The majority of folding chairs make carrying them a breeze as they tend to have a carry sack designed to fit that specific chair style. Though there are some without a bag to tote the chair around, most of the medium and larger styles have a sling style or handle sack for greater ease. Carrying bags for chairs can have zippers or cinch ties; as there are various options out there. Sometimes the carrying bag design is based on the size and construction of the chair itself.

Are there weight limits for outdoor folding chair?

Outdoor folding chairs, like any other piece of furniture designed for seating, does have a weight limit. This is determined by each manufacturer and thus even similar looking chairs can have varying weight limits. The maximum weight limits is usually listed for each chair under specifications and also is typically displayed on the box or hang tag when the chair is first purchased.

Are folding chairs compact enough to carry on my backpack?

Smaller folding chairs can be found in styles that are designed to fold in to very small and are highly portable. You can find options out there for chairs made for backpacking or trekking since they can fold down very small and simply be tossed in a backpack. This is a smaller style chair, however, it is an ideal chair for those out and about who sometimes need to simply take a seat for a break.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Folding Chair 

With all of the options available for outdoor seating, it’s important to know what will be best suited for what you need and use the most. The biggest factor for choosing is where you plan to use the chair.

Depending on the terrain, the elements, how long the chair will be sat in at one time and how far it must be carried all come into play.


The area the chair will be set up in can be flat and smooth, to rough and uneven. Knowing what type of chair will be most comfortable for each terrain type is a big help in making a decision on what to purchase.

Nearly all chairs will work well on flat smooth surfaces, but that’s where having a more comfortable chair can make it more relaxing.

Patio, deck or poolside

This is where those Zero Gravity style chairs work wonders. On the flat and smooth surfaces they can be reclined easily without worry. They position most properly without being on sloped ground, and they offer the best view of events happening in the yard or in the water. 

outdoor folding Patio chair

They position most properly without being on sloped ground, and they offer the best view of events happening in the yard or in the water.

Beach or shoreline

Quad style chairs are very handy in these locales. The legs set well in the sand or gravel of a beach. The chairs are generally the most lightweight, and often come with carrying bags, so they can be carried easily and moved around with ease.

They can be purchased to be a bit lower to the ground, or as those we reviewed, can be made to support taller, larger people. They work well on inclined surfaces, and most beaches slope downward towards the water. While these chairs work well anywhere, being next to water is where they shine above the rest.


If you’re visiting an area with established campground facilities, then the terrain will likely be flat, but it will likely be rough as well. This is where that rocking chair style or the ones with extra storage come in perfectly. Since this will likely be a social outing, then being able to relax and enjoy company without having to wander too much is a great benefit.


The next factor to consider is how far the chair will need to be carried when you head outdoors. This is where the weight of the chair itself becomes a big factor. If you will merely be pulling the chair from a vehicle or setting it up on the patio then the weight isn’t much of an issue. When you have to walk with the chair for a good distance then it can become quite burdensome. ​

those that plan on hiking, or hunting, where they are on foot for very long distances then the chairs reviewed here are likely not going to be beneficial to you, as they are all too large and heavy for those types of activities. Consider what else must be carried along as well, as the chair, plus cooler, plus grill, umbrella… etc can all become quite taxing.

The last time I went to the beach, I took one of the larger Zero Gravity chairs, and while it was nice to have, it was one of the heaviest chairs I could have taken. I had the misfortune of taking towels, a cooler and a large sun umbrella as well, and rather than taking multiple trips, I tried to take everything at once.

As you can imagine, this was a disaster and left me looking silly as well as twisting my back in the process. Even though the walk was only about 300 yards, I realized I’d made a huge mistake trying to carry all of that within the first 50 feet.


The last factor to consider is how much weight the chair will need to hold. As illustrated by the chairs we reviewed, outdoor chairs are built to hold many different loads. This can be important to consider when thinking about not only your size, but also if there may be others joining you.

If you have children that may want to sit on your lap, or if you are sharing the chair with a partner, then you’ll want it to be able to support you and them as well.

How Can I Clean my Fabric Chair?

There are a few options for cleaning and maintaining an outdoor chair made of fabric. The cleaning choice depends on the level of dirt, soil, sand or even mud the chair has on it. It is imperative to maintain an outdoor chair since it does get exposed to various weather elements.

Soap and Water

One of the easiest and most effective options for cleaning a chair is to simply use mild detergent and water. You can use a soft sponge or rag for areas with set in dirt. This method is the most gentle and will help prolong the fabric and color of the chair. The chair can then simply air dry before being stored away. This is also the top option for spot cleaning when there are stains in specific spots of the chair.

Pressure Washer Option

Many who use an outdoor chair for more rough and tumble areas such as muddy venues, fishing and even beach days tend to have more encrusted dirt and debris on the chair. This is where using a pressure washer on a low setting can really get the chair clean and loosen stuck on dirt and debris.

Final Verdict

Considering all of the above, for my tastes, and all around usefulness, I found the CampKing Quad Style chair to be the best outdoor folding chair for me. It’s easy to carry, has plenty of storage, and works well on any surface. While it may not be the most comfortable of the chairs, for me it is the all around best option.

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