9 Best Locking Mailboxes For 2021

These days, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without running into the term “identity theft.” As the fastest growing crime in the world, it’s likely that you will become a victim to it at some point in your life. Unfortunately, one of the easiest and most efficient ways for thieves to access your personal information is through the mail.

Although bills and junk mail may seem innocuous to you, they can contain vital data that can threaten your identity. Fortunately, with the best locking mailboxes, you can stop thieves in their tracks. Not only will these units protect your information, but you won’t have to worry about packages and other valuables getting stolen as well.

If you’re concerned about the safety and security of your mail, then you want to get one of these locking mailboxes as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you become a victim. Be proactive and give yourself peace of mind. Let’s see what these products can do for you.

Quick Picks

What is Locking Mailbox? 

A locking mailbox that is in a residential or commercial setting must be approved by the USPS. These mailboxes are easy to use and a mail carrier just simply deposits the mail in the incoming mail slot and in some cases it can be the main door.

If a commercial business or building has a locking mailbox they have to ensure that their incoming mail slot or door is designed so that individuals cannot put their hand down the slot and steal mail. Another fact about locking mailboxes is that postal carriers do not have a key to gain access to the mailbox they must use the available slot or door.

Best Locking Mailbox

How to Choose the Best Security Mailbox?


Before you worry about anything else, it’s imperative that you make sure that your locking mailbox will be able to hold everything that it should. If you buy a lot of items online, then you want to have a model that can fit all of your deliveries with ease.

Otherwise, they will be left out for thieves, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a locking mailbox in the first place. The other thing to consider with regards to size is how well it will fit in your current setup. For example, if you have to mount it to a mailbox column, will it work?

Similarly, if you use a wooden post, will it be too bulky or heavy? Thus, you want to check the dimensions and do some measurements before you pull the trigger on any of these models. Taking the time to do this will ensure that you don’t have to take it back after the fact.


Since security is the priority with these products, you have to be sure that it can repel any theft attempts. For the best results, we highly recommend galvanized or stainless steel. This material will not only hold up better against break-ins, but it will resist weather and water damage as well.

Other options for these products include plastic or aluminum. These are ideal if you’re not as concerned with security since they can be broken into more easily. The other benefit of choosing a material like plastic is that it’s lighter and easier to install, and it won’t rust or degrade as quickly over time.

Even treated galvanized steel will start to rust after a few years, but plastic will always stay in prime condition.

Door Mechanism

As we’ve seen on this list, baffle doors are by far the best choice when trying to protect your mail. The reason that these are ideal is that they prevent anyone from reaching in to grab your content. The downside, however, is that the shape of the door can be limiting, especially when trying to receive packages.

Outgoing mail can also be an issue with baffle doors. In most cases, you will have a clip where you can keep the mail stored inside, but you will have limited space. Alternatively, you can get a model that has two separate compartments for your mail. As long as the outgoing stuff is concealed, it should be safe from most prying eyes.

Rear Access

Although this is not a feature that comes with a lot of locking mailboxes, it can be quite handy in some situations. With these units, you can unlock the box from the back, which provides a couple of benefits.

First, you can have more room to pull your contents out, since you don’t have to worry about the baffle or front door mechanism. Secondly, it allows you to access your mail more conveniently, as well as do so without drawing attention to the fact. For example, if you have a fence surrounding your house, having rear access can make your life so much easier. Rather than having to go out through the gate and come back, you can pull your mail out and be on your way.

List of 8 Best Models 2021

1. Mail Boss 7205 Package Master Curbside Lock Review

Being engineered with your security in mind, this product comes as the best defense to prevent mail theft. It is a top-notch high-security residential locking mailbox designed to enhance the safe reception of small parcels and can store them in large quantities for weeks.

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about even while traveling away for a business trip or vacation. Whether you are looking for a secure mailbox for commercial or home use, this unit is the perfect choice for you. Most people in rural residential homes prefer this product for receiving prescription drugs by mail.

Other than that, the mailbox comes with a fantastic Fast-Track mounting plate. So, installing it at your convenient place, whether on a Mail Boss in-ground or surface mailbox post becomes pretty easy and quick. This means you can do it all by yourself rather than hiring an expert.

Featuring a heavy-duty gauge galvanized steel construction, this unit is unbreakable in case of vandalism. Besides, its strong powder-coated finish gives extra protection to the mailbox from harsh environmental conditions and other elements. Thus, you can rest assured lifelong protection of all your mails.

USPS certifies this extra-large mailbox carrying capacity and boasts a baffle door bin design equipped with patented mail shield technology. Thus, you are guaranteed that your mails and small packages are secure from fishing.

Other handy features this mailbox comes with include the anti-pry latch lock for real theft protection, anti-drill safety, and three laser-cut brass keys with over 1000 possible combinations.


  • Durable and corrosion-free stainless steel hinges
  • Robustly made with galvanized steel to last longer
  • Designed to give a top-notch high-security level
  • Fast-track mounting makes installation easy
  • USPS approved• Galvanized steel body


  • Paintings on the exterior shed off easily
  • Somewhat tricky to operate

2. Mail Boss 7506 Manager Mailbox

When trying to find the best locking mailbox, one brand is synonymous with this kind of security. Mail Boss products are high-quality and built to last, so you can rest easy knowing that your mail is kept safe inside one of these units.

We’re going to see a lot of Mail Boss on this list, but let’s see what the Mail Manager has to offer. First of all, the construction of this box is top-notch. It’s made of galvanized welded steel, and it comes with a robust powder-coated finish.

The coating is there to help prevent rust and weather damage, and it gives the whole thing a polished and beautiful appearance. Just because you’re securing your packages doesn’t mean that the device can’t look good in the process.

As far as security goes, the Mail Manager has a few critical features that ensure that thieves won’t be able to get inside. The door mechanism uses a baffle, which keeps the contents separated as you load mail into it.

This feature is there to prevent fishing, which is when someone reaches into the box to access its contents. If you’re not familiar with how this works, it’s the same as on every USPS mailbox you can find. The other thing that keeps your mail secure is the anti-pry locking mechanism. It’s made of durable stainless steel and ensures that thieves won’t be able to pop the lock off with a crowbar or other similar device.

Although these locks can’t prevent access 100% of the time, it is a sufficient deterrent. Only the most hardcore thieves will be able to penetrate these defenses, and chances are that your mail is not worth the extra effort. When it comes to outgoing mail, this mailbox comes with a clip so that you can keep it inside the baffle, rather than outside in plain view.

Since theft works both ways, having your outgoing letters and packages concealed adds another layer of protection and peace of mind. The only downside is that you have limited space in which to hold anything. Mail Boss is so confident in its products that the Mail Manager comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects or pre-existing damage. To make mounting and installation easier for you, instructions are included with the box, as well as three keys.

Finally, this box comes in one of four colors, so you are sure to find one that fits the style and aesthetic of your home.

Check out our full review here.


  • USPS Approved
  • Durable galvanized welded steel construction
  • Sleek powder-coated finish
  • Four color options available
  • Innovative baffle door prevents fishing
  • Anti-pry mechanism for added safety
  • Built-in flag on the side
  • Three keys provided for convenience
  • Concealed outgoing mail clip
  • Mounting instructions included
  • Rust resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Can be difficult to get key replacements
  • Outgoing mail clip is limited in size

3. Mail Boss 7106 – Best Curbside Locking Mailbox

Securing your mail is serious business, but most curbside mailboxes have a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to outgoing materials. In most cases, you either have to clip the mail to the side of the box, or place it in the door and hope that it doesn’t get stolen.

The other issue is that you don’t have that much space to put anything, so if you have to send a package or a lot of envelopes, you are out of luck. With the Epoch Mailbox from Mail Boss, however, these problems are minimized. Unlike the Mail Manager above, this unit has a separate slot for outgoing mail. Best of all, the incoming slot is still protected by a baffle door, so you don’t have to worry about fishing. If you send a lot of mail, this is the box to get.

 As with all Mail Boss models, this one is made of high-quality materials. The hinges are stainless steel, and the sides are constructed of galvanized steel. A powder coating prevents rust and water damage and ensures that this box will last for years. Another excellent feature that comes with the Epoch is the Fast-Trak mounting plate.

In many cases, you need an expert to help you get your mailbox secured properly, but that’s not an issue with this model. Using the plate, you should be able to get it up onto a pole or installed on a column in less time than you might think. If you want to add some practicality to this mailbox, it also comes with reflective address stickers.

This allows you to make it easier to spot for your mailman so that he or she doesn’t miss the box or deliver to the wrong house. Other features of this unit include three keys for your convenience, a built-in mail flag, and four different color options. Matching the Epoch to the style of your home has never been easier. Also, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects.


  • Durable galvanized steel construction
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Rust resistant design
  • Built-in mail flag
  • Anti-pry locking mechanism
  • Baffle door prevents fishing
  • Fast-track mounting plate for easy installation
  • Three keys provided for convenience
  • Four color options available
  • Reflective house number stickers included
  • Separate slots for outgoing and incoming mail
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • In rare cases, the keys may not work and have to be replaced
  • Hinges might be susceptible to rust over time

4. Architectural Mailboxes 6900B Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box

If you’ve been looking for a product that will make your online shopping is easier this may be the product for you. You’ve probably been concerned at some point or another about having your packages stolen.

With this dropbox, that concern is no longer an issue as instead of just leaving multiple packages at your door they now can just deliver them in this dropbox. The fact that you can bolt it into the ground to make it secure helps your peace of mind a lot.

After trying this product you’ll think that this should become something of the norm in every household so no one has to worry about their packages being stolen.

The ability to also use this for outgoing returns for packages is amazing too. That probably is something you didn’t even get this for or thought about if you’ve purchased this. This product may cost a little bit more than others like it but it will be worth the money after getting great value out of it.

If there is a downside to this the only downside would be the bolting to the ground. You might have a little bit of an issue with it if you’re not used to using tools but it’s not too hard. So overall this will easily be a must-have product for you that you never knew you needed until now.


  • Helps safely secure and store packages
  • Has a lot of space to store multiple packages
  • can be securely bolted into ground
  • simple key and lock system rather than combination lock
  • The ability to use it for returns


  • Could be easier to bolt into a surface.

5. Gibraltar Mailsafe Medium Capacity Wall Mount Mailbox

When it comes to mail security, there is something of a sliding scale of protection. So far, we’ve been looking at models that are on the top end of the spectrum. However, if you aren’t as paranoid about your mail getting stolen, or you just want something more cost-effective and easy to install, then this unit from Gibraltar Mailboxes may be a better option.

Unlike the other boxes we’ve seen thus far, this one is made of thick aluminum instead of steel. This ensures that the whole thing isn’t as heavy or as bulky, making it easier to attach to the side of your house or mail post. However, the downside is that it’s easier to break into, so keep that in mind.

Overall, this box is perfect for anyone who lives in a safe neighborhood but still wants some added security. The locking mechanism ensures that your mail stays safe from prying hands. And the cam lock door helps keep them out as well. It’s not as secure as a baffle, but it’s more than sufficient for any opportunists looking for a score. 


  • Compact size
  • Durable metal and aluminum construction
  • Built-in mail flag
  • Cam lock door prevents theft
  • Black or white design
  • Wall-mounted
  • Compartmentalized delivery system
  • Two keys provided for convenience
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • Not as durable as steel models
  • Not designed for receiving packages 

6. Salsbury Industries Aluminum 3504ASU Surface Mounted Vertical Mailbox

If you’ve owned an apartment building before or a house finding the right mailbox is a part of the process. If you’ve been searching for a good one this will be the product for you. The quality of it will be much better than other units that you may have encountered and appears to be pretty durable as well.

The pricing of this unit may be a bit higher than other units out there that you may have looked at but this is better than the cheaper options. One issue you may run into is attempting to get duplicate keys made for this unit for some odd reason.

It is not a huge issue but an issue nonetheless. The way the boxes lean out to insert the mail is a nice touch to the product. Another detail that while small is nice is the fact that it has slots to put place cards on each mailbox slot.

Overall you shouldn’t have much bad to say about this product besides maybe a few nitpicks but this is one of the best mailbox units out there.


  • Nice sleek look
  • Durable and secure
  • The carrier access door
  • Different color options for this unit
  • Custom engraved place card for each door


  • Not too expensive but could be lower in price
  • Inability to get duplicate keys made for this unit.

7. Architectural 6200B-10 Security Mailbox 

These days, ordering packages online has become second nature. Unfortunately, thieves know this, and they take advantage of unattended boxes that are sitting on your doorstep. With most locking mailboxes, the door is too small to accept these items, which means that all of your online orders can be at risk. Thankfully, the Oasis Mailbox from Architectural Mailboxes is the perfect accessory for your home. It’s larger design allows you to accept most small to medium-sized packages without risking the safety and security of their contents.

Once again, protecting your mail is a baffle door that ensures that no one can reach inside and grab anything. The baffle is spacious to allow for boxes as well as letters, so you won’t miss anything that gets delivered (unless it’s massive). The construction of this box is superb, with galvanized steel components and a weather-resistant design.

To make things even better for you and your mail, this model also comes with rubber gaskets on the sides to ensure that water doesn’t leak in by accident. If you live in a rainy climate, this box is a must. Protecting your contents is a thick locking mechanism that won’t pry open easily. As we mentioned with the Mail Manager, no lock is 100% secure, but this one will prevent all but the most ardent thieves from breaking in.

Other features that you can expect from the Oasis include a built-in mail flag to let you know when the mailman has stopped by, easy mounting instructions that allow you to get your box up and ready to go in no time, and two keys so that you always have access to your packages. Also, as with most locking mailboxes, this unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects or damage.


  • Larger design can accept parcels and letters
  • Durable galvanized steel construction
  • Rubber seals prevent moisture and water
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Baffle door prevents fishing
  • Anti-pry locking mechanism
  • Built-in mail flag
  • Pre-drilled holes for easier installation
  • Can be mounted to pole or column
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Two keys provided for convenience
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Keys can be difficult to replace
  • Baffle may not prevent all fishing attempts

8. Step2 531700 MailMaster StoreMore Mailbox Review

When picking out the right locking mailbox for your home, style and appearance can make a huge difference. Usually, the most secure models are also the least aesthetically pleasing. They can seem so utilitarian that they almost invite scrutiny and attempts from thieves.

Thus, if you want a new locking mailbox that adds some flair to your home while keeping your mail safe, then this model from Step2 is an ideal choice. It has the appearance of a stone pillar, which creates a sense of elegance and refinement for your front yard.

One thing to keep in mind when picking this unit out is that it’s made of plastic. As such, it won’t prevent thieves as well as galvanized steel, but it will keep opportunistic criminals at bay. So, if you’re trying to get the best protection, you might want to look elsewhere. What we like about this mailbox is that the stone pillar is not just for appearances. It also doubles as storage for your packages, which means that you can accept a lot more than you could with any of the other units on this list.

Best of all, you can access the top and the bottom separately, making it even more convenient. But what if you don’t need all that space for your mail? Well, in that case, you can use the false bottom that comes with the box so that everything stays in the top portion. However, this section is easier to access, so keep that in mind. In some instances, it might be better to allow everything to fall down so that no one can go fishing for personal information.

Overall, if the style is just as vital to you as security, then you will appreciate what the MailMaster StoreBox has to offer. Just make sure that you have a professional installation so that it stays stable on the ground.


  • Extra large mailbox fits packages and letters
  • Elegant faux stone pillar design
  • Top and bottom lock for added protection
  • Removable floor separates top and bottom
  • Front and rear access for convenience
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Two keys provided
  • Address numbers included
  • Built-in mail flag


  • Mounting can be tricky
  • Plastic is not as durable as steel models
  • Opening is not baffled, so fishing is possible

9. Mail Boss 7206 Package Master

Although the size of the MailMaster above was an excellent feature, the lack of high-quality security features is kind of a downside. Thus, if you want to be able to accept most of your packages without worry, then you will want to get something like the Package Master from Mail Boss. This is the largest and best secure mailbox that we’ve seen, which makes it perfect for the avid at-home shopper. If you find yourself buying things online on a regular basis, then this is the box for you.

Because it’s from Mail Boss, you know that your contents will be safe and secure from theft. The large baffle door allows packages of all sizes to be dropped off with ease. Also, it provides you with ample space for your outgoing mail as well. Fishing is not an option with this door, so you can have peace of mind.

The construction of this box is top-notch as well, as it’s made of heavy-duty locking galvanized steel. It comes in one of four colors, and it has a powder coating to protect against rust and water damage. As with all Mail Boss products, this box has a limited lifetime warranty against defects.

Other features that come with the Package Master include an anti-pry locking mechanism, a Fast-Trak mounting plate for easy installation, and address numbers for better visibility on your street. Also, it comes with three keys and a built-in mail flag for your convenience.


  • Extra large capacity for packages
  • Durable galvanized steel construction
  • Four color options available
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Baffled door prevents fishing
  • Anti-pry locking mechanism
  • Powder coated for weather resistance
  • Three keys included for convenience
  • Address numbers provided
  • Rust resistant
  • Built-in mail flag
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • In rare cases, it may arrive damaged
  • Outgoing mail clip is limited in size

USPS Regulations For Locked Mailboxes 

When it comes to locking mailboxes they are regulated under the USPS the same way as a standard mailbox. This means that the locking mailbox must be approved by the postmaster. 

Here are the following requirements that the postmaster has set in place for locking mailboxes. The incoming mail slot for these mailboxes has to be 1.75 inches high by 10 inches wide and the protective flaps must be facing inward so it is easy for mail carriers to put mail in the mail slot. 

Other qualifications that is for locking mailboxes is that the slots must be large enough to hold unfolded U.S. priority envelopes and you cannot put a lock on a traditional mailbox. Once again USPS postal carriers do not open locked mailboxes and cannot receive keys from the owner of locked mailboxes.


How to properly clean a locking mailbox?

Locking mailboxes need to be maintained just like any other mailbox but the good thing is that all mailboxes are made to withstand the outside elements. So most mailboxes including locking mailboxes have some type of weatherproof coating that keeps them from suffering severe erosion.

The only thing that the owner of a locking mailbox has to do to maintain the mailbox is to keep the mailbox clean so that dirt buildup will not take away that shiny pristine look. The proper way to clean a locking mailbox is to use a soft cloth that is dampened with a mild cleaner. The reason why you use that mild cleaner is that abrasive cleaners will scratch the mailbox.

If you noticed any rundown on the mailbox make sure you wipe it off from top to bottom. After cleaning the mailbox then you rinse it with plain water and pat it dry with a clean soft cloth. One thing you should never do is clean your mailbox using extreme temperatures

How Secure Are Locked Mailboxes?

When you have a locked mailbox your incoming mail will be protected from mail and identity thieves once it is dropped into the incoming mail slot. The owner of the locked mailbox just has to make sure that the incoming mail slot is small enough so that prying hands cannot reach in.

It is recommended that an additional lock be placed on lock mailboxes. This additional lock is known as an anti spray mechanism that keeps potential thieves from prying the latch open.

The reason why you want this anti-spray mechanism is that on some occasions a locked mailbox can be pried open with a screwdriver. The one downside to locked mailboxes is that the outgoing mail is not protected.

Can I Paint A Locked Mailbox?

The locked mailbox itself can be any color that the owner wants. The only thing that must be in specific guidelines is the color of the lock mailbox flag. The flag can be any color except for shades of blue, white, brown, or green.

Are locking mailboxes worth it?

Locking mailboxes ensures personal privacy is maintained. Moreover, you can have peace of mind throughout your daily life without thinking of theft. Investing in locking mailboxes gives you control and protection of unsupervised mails.

Does the post office sell mailbox locks?

Many post offices provide mailbox locks, depending on the mailing company. The majority of them sell mailbox locks at different prices regarding the type and quality of locks. Additionally, various mailing companies provide free advice on the type of mailbox lock to purchase, depending on your security needs.

Are bricks mailboxes legal?

Different states have various regulations pertaining to the installation of bricks mailboxes. Some states require brick mailboxes to be installed on private property only.

However, the majority of states term installation of brick mailboxes on driveway sentences and columns as illegal. These kinds of mailboxes are considered permanent structures and cannot be placed on the state’s right of way.

Do I need permission to move my mailbox?

Regardless of the distance, you intend to move your mailbox, you need permission to move your mailbox. The restrictions are put in place to avoid delivery mistakes. Thus, you need to get permission from your existing post office and inform the delivery manager about the changes.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best-rated locking mailbox, then look no further than the Mail Boss Package Master. We believe that this is the highest-quality offering out there, thanks to its larger size and durable construction. Even if you don’t receive packages that often, having a bigger box will enable you to have the option.

Otherwise, if your box is too small, then you will have to figure something else out when the time comes. Overall, we really like everything that the Package Master has to offer, and we think that you will too.

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