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How to Choose the Best Keypad Lock for Door Ways [2023]

One easy and innovative way to secure your home is with a keypad lock. In this article we discuss how to choose a good quality front door lock with keypad, install instructions, plus recommendations for the best keypad lock for door entrances in your home today.

Keypad locks are classy and easy to use, especially if you are sharing the home with many people, have a large family or renting our your place as a rental or Air BnB. But for the convenience, they don’t compromise on security, with many of the best options putting their focus on highly secure lock mechanisms.

You may be interested in getting a keypad lock for your door, but two questions arise. Firstly, how on earth do you go about installing one, and second, which model is the best keypad lock for your door?

To help you out, we have put together a set of installation instructions for how you can get your new door keypad lock up and running, a buying guide to explain the features and specifications to look for when shopping for one, plus a few NestKoo recommendations for highly popular and reliable keypad locks.

How to Choose a Front Door Lock with Keypad | Essential Features

Access mechanisms

While the minimum requirement is keypad access, it is an advantage if the lock has multiple access mechanisms. This prevents you from getting locked out if you forget the code or the physical keypad gets jammed. Look at the number of access mechanisms on the lock. For example, as well as a keypad, the lock may offer keyed access, smart phone access and/or fingerprint access.

Weather resistance

Keypad locks will be installed outdoors and exposed to the weather in most cases. Only when the lock is weather-resistant will it last for years in functional order. Check the metal the lock is made from and ensure that it is not susceptible to rust. Stainless steel, zinc alloy and brass are excellent as they are strong, durable and non-corrosive. All good quality locks are likely to boast about their weather-resistance capability.

Lock Installation

There is no point in buying a door keypad lock that requires you to hire a professional to install it. Some keypad locks come with detailed instructions and installation kit, to make installing the lock easier. If installation is something you are concerned about, look for a keypad lock that specifically mentions it’s ability to be installed easily.

Door compatibility

You might think that every keypad is compatible with every door. However, that’s not true! Doors can be of different types, like left-handed or right-handed doors. In particular, if you have a left-handed door, make sure that the lock allows enough flexibility for it to be switched. Also remember to choose the right lock for your door depending on whether it is a swing door or sliding door.

best keypad lock for door

What is the Best Keypad Lock for Door?

If you’ve started the search for a keypad lock for door ways in your home, then there is a chance you have been overwhelmed by the choices available out there. If you are not familiar with locks, then you will probably have no idea about which brands are quality and which are junk, making the job of narrowing down the best lock for your needs even more difficult.

After researching all the models available and assessing their strengths and weaknesses, with such parameters as security, durability and features, we’ve shortlisted a few that we consider to be excellent quality front door keypad locks suitable for domestic homes.

Of these, the one that stands out is the Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock (see our full review here). Our reason for this one being our preferred lock is mostly for the way it accommodates multiple users, for example, if you have a large extended family you don’t need to get a key cut for everyone or share the same code, as you can customize the access option for each individual household member – including fingerprint access (how futuristic!). The ability to cater to multiple users is also extremely handy if you’re renting out your property on Air BnB or similar, as you don’t need to share the same code amongst various renters.

Not to mention, the Sifely lock also easy to install even despite the user instructions being a bit lacking, meaning you can sort it out yourself before the other half gets home and starts to have a whine about you spending more money on ‘unnecessary’ house stuff (or is that just me?).

If the Sifely lock isn’t doing it for you, however, we’ve shared a few other options below as well. Scroll down to read the reviews.

Top 5 Front Door Lock with Keypad – Reviews

#1 Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock (Best Keypad Lock for Door)

best keypad lock for door

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock – Check Price on Amazon

The ability to handle multiple residents and versatility of this keypad lock for the door is why it is on top of our list. You can use it in your own home, Air B&B, property management, and even for short-term rental units. This is as versatile as a keypad lock can get. You can unlock it with the help of a fingerprint, fob, code, smartphone, and even the old-fashioned key. With the ability to store over 200+ codes, you can provide access to more people than you ever really need to. The codes can be permanent, timed, or even custom codes. Because of this ability, providing limited access to someone is certainly possible, perfect for accommodation rentals.

The lock also offers you a voice response whenever the status changes. For example, it can alert you to the lock status, unlock status, battery low, etc. That is why there is no guesswork involved when using this lock. The auto-locking mechanism ensures that even if you get distracted and forget to lock-up, it will auto-lock on its own, and therefore your property will always be safe.

When choosing a keypad lock, you cannot ignore its construction quality. The zinc construction of this keypad lock makes it highly durable and reliable. With sturdy construction and multiple access mechanisms, you cannot go wrong with this front door lock keyless entry option. And with easy installation in minutes (or, let’s be real, maybe an hour), you need not hire a locksmith. It just needs a regular screwdriver, so you can install it in little time.


  • 5 access mechanisms
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Can store 200+ codes
  • Customized access is possible


  • The instruction manual can be more elaborate

#2 euFy Security Smart Lock

front door lock keyless

euFy Security Smart Lock – Check Price on Amazon

If you’re in the situation of needing a keypad lock that locks super-fast (not entirely sure why, maybe you have thieves camped out behind the front pot plant?) then the euFy smart lock is probably going to be the one for you. The entire locking and unlocking process takes just one second. Maybe you don’t need locking mechanism that fast, but if you live in a snowy climate then you’ll sure appreciate a quickly unlocking door! It is a fast, smart lock that can recognize the code or fingerprint in 0.3 seconds… woah.

Not only that, there are four different ways to unlock it. You can use the fingerprint, keypad, key, or Bluetooth connectivity. Like with the Sifely model, if you forget to lock the door, there is an automatic locking feature. The encrypted security in the euFy lock makes it more reliable than some other keypad locks, too.

There is another feature of this keypad that sets it apart. It has an IP65 weatherproof rating. Because of this, even if it experiences rain or harsh temperatures, you need not worry about the lock getting damaged. Again a good choice if you are living in extreme climates… like snow or blistering sun.

If you’re looking for a highly reliable, and in particular, a very fast keypad lock, this one will grab your attention.


  • Four unlocking methods
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Extremely fast operation
  • Automatic locking feature on offer
  • Offers encrypted security


  • Installation takes a bit longer.

#3 OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock

OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock – Read more on the OrangeIOT website

The durability of this OrangeIOT keypad lock is its strength, and is why it is on our list. It is highly responsive and has an illuminated keypad, which makes it possible to use the lock in complete darkness. The IP54 weather resistance ensures that you won’t have to worry about this metal lock breaking down due to the weather. Durable often means ugly, but in this case that’s not true. The oil-rubbed bronze design ensures that it will maintain its aesthetic appeal as well. And there are in fact two different color options which mean that you can choose the one according to the exterior of your home.

Apart from the keypad, it also has a backup key. That is why, if you forget the code, you can use that key. Additionally, it allows you to store up to 20 codes. If you want to store temporary codes, you can do that. It doesn’t have the extensive features of some other models on the market, but the simple straightforward design is appealing in its own way, especially for anyone who is less tech-savvy (like my 80 year old mother, perhaps).

Since it is compatible with right-handed and left-handed doors, you need not worry about installation difficulties. All the accessories which you need for installation come with it. The easy installation mechanism ensures that you won’t have to call a locksmith for installation either.

Go with this one if you’re looking for a simple but durable keypad lock.


  • Easy to install
  • Remembers 20 codes
  • Auto-locking feature on offer
  • Extremely durable
  • Simple and straightforward


  • Finishing can be better

#4 KUCACCI Smart Front Door Lock with Keypad

front door lock with keypad

KUCACCI Smart Front Door Lock with Keypad – Check Price on Amazon

Even though most keypad locks allow you to unlock the door after entering the code, a few provide One Touch unlocking. If you’re looking for such a keypad lock, this KUCACCI lock is a good choice. What is One Touch? Think fingerprint access – it not only allows you to unlock with the help of the code but also with your fingerprint, allowing you to unlock the door in a second with nothing more than your fingertip. Cool.

Not only that, but there are five different ways to access your premises, which is great if some members of your family prefer different locking methods or are missing fingers. You can use the passcode, fingerprint touch, key card, or just a good ol’ traditional key with the door.

A fancy and futuristic fingerprinting keypad lock for door entrances just isn’t complete without an app, and app this has! The app helps you unlock the lock, keep a log, share the electronic key, and manage users. If you want to generate temporary or multiple codes, the app will come to your rescue, although honestly speaking the app could be a bit better.

The DIY kit it comes with ensures that installation certainly isn’t going to be a problem, and the auto-locking mechanism ensures the safety of your premises if you forget to lock-up. For someone who wants to feel like they’re operating a high-tech facility of the future, or just like the convenience of fingerprint access, this home-suitable keypad lock for door entrances will not disappoint.


  • Five access mechanisms
  • Fast operation
  • Comes with a DIY installation Kit
  • An auto-locking mechanism on offer


  • The app interface could be better designed

#5 Signstek Keyless Entry Door Lock

keyless front door lock

Signstek Keyless Entry Door Lock – Check Price on Amazon

Lastly, we come to the Signstek lock. A responsive touchscreen is one of the highlights of this keypad lock, and main reason for making this list. The blue light enabled keypad ensures that you can operate it in complete darkness. If you forget the key code, there is also a hidden keyhole. That can come in handy in emergencies as well.

The door handle at the front is interchangeable, which means changing look of the lock is possible. This function is handy for some who want flexibility with the way their door handle looks, but may be annoying for others.

Easy installation ensures that you won’t have to worry about hiring anyone to get it working for you. And lastly, the IP44 waterproof rating ensures that the keypad lock won’t suffer from any damage irrespective of weather, whether blaring sun or snow storms.

If you’re interested in a house keypad lock with a responsive touchscreen, this one is worth looking into.


  • Interchangeable door handle
  • Easy to install
  • IP44 rating
  • The responsive touchscreen on offer


  • The door handle finish could be better

Tips for Installing a Front Door Lock with Keypad

Now that you have an idea of the best keypad lock for door entrances for your home, it is time to learn how to install one. While it is best to go through the installation manual provided with the lock, here are a few other tips that you can always follow while installing such a keypad lock. These include:

1. Go through the Manual

This should of course be your very first step. Every keypad lock comes with a manual. That is why you always go through the manual in advance. The manual will help you understand how to install the lock and what tools you will need for the job. Some manuals will outline every single step and you wont need to refer to any other material to help with the install, while others are frustratingly lacking on this important information. The only way you will know which side of the fence your manual is on, is to read it.

2. Use the included hardware

Most keypad locks come with the desired hardware, and if it doesn’t, it will explain what hardware you do need. If your keypad lock comes with hardware, you need to use this hardware since it is compatible with your lock model and makes installation easy. If you try to use your own hardware it may not work, or even worse, say in the case of screws you may even damage the thread or other components of the lock.

3. Mark the place where you want to install

When you’re planning to install the keypad lock on the door, you will need to drill the holes. Before you can drill the holes at the right place, you need to carefully measure and mark. To do so, always measure carefully, then use chalk or a pencil to mark the place of the lock before beginning the installation. To make sure it is right, double-check your measurement – as they say, “measure twice, cut once”. That way, accidental holes will not be drilled into the door. It is also a good idea to predrill a pilot hole, to avoid cracking your wooden door frame, which means drilling a hole smaller than the screw in the desired spot before going ahead and putting the screw in.

4. Get the right tools

Before you start the installation, you have to go through the manual to find out the tools you will need to use. It will probably be nothing more than a tape measure, drill and a screwdriver, but best to check. Bring them together in advance, and make sure any cordless drills or screwdrivers are charged, so it’s easier and less time consuming when it comes to installing the door lock. Also get the vacuum at hand to suck up the wood shavings after you drill.

5. Set (and later reset) the keypad code

After the installation, you might have to initially set and later change the keypad lock from time to time. After setting the code, make sure you store the manual, and in particular the programming code, somewhere safe for when you need to reset the code in future. I recommend writing down the code inside your manual. Further instructions on changing your keypad lock are below.

How to change keypad door lock code

The manual will explain how to set the keypad door lock code, but below is a quick overview to help you understand how to do that on various brands of keypad door locks. The steps to follow to change lock code on the door include:

front door lock with keypad
Changing a front door lock keypad code isn’t difficult as long as you have the programming code.

Step 1 | Check the manual for the programming code: The manual is likely to contain a programming code. That will help you change the lock code.

Step 2 | Enter the programming code: After that, you have to use the keypad to enter the six-digit programming code. The lock will beep three times if you haven’t entered it right.

Step 3 | Enter the new code: After three beeps, you have to enter the new code.

Step 4 | Enter the code again: You have to confirm the code again, after which you will hear the long beep.

That’s it!

In these four simple steps, you can change the keyboard on your door lock. This method will work for most popular keypad locks like Schlage. But as always, check your manual for specific instructions for your model.

Wrap Up

Shortlisted here are five of the best keypad lock for door entrances that we’ve found, that will offer you a secure and reliable locking mechanism. These styles of locks are a great choice for the home if you are sick of carrying around keys, if you have a big family or share house, or using your property as a holiday Air BnB rental.

Once you choose between them, it is easy to secure your premises, as they straightforward to install and easy to re-program whenever you need. No need to compare hundreds of front door lock with keypad options. Our carefully curated list above ensures that when choosing between them, you’re going with the best keypad lock for your door.

Now that you have your front door sorted, have a look at these great keypad lock options for your sliding door. Another great addition to your holiday rental or home (extra tip: keep the keypad code for both your front door and sliding door lock the same, for even easier access).

This article was written in August 2022, and updated in May 2023.


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