5 Best Double Sided Tape For 2020

best double sided tape for window plastic

Even though it’s winter, your head can feel the temperature if you see your energy bills have rocketed high. Ringing any bell?

Well, during winter, as your windows welcome the cold and it blends in with the air inside your room, your energy bills will most likely to raise up.

Try using the best double sided tape to insulate your windows. This will keep away the cold out of your reach.

Besides, you can also use these tapes for carpets, mats, stair treads, and many more to lock their positions.

I mean, let’s face it, you don’t want to get slipped from your carpet or mat and trip over, do you?

Well, let it be window insulation or any other thing, you’ll find these tapes handy when it comes to fixing anything. So, what’s keeping you wait? Let’s find out which ones are the best.

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Sugarman Creations Strongest Double-Sided Tape [Editors Choice]

Highlights Double Sided Tape

XFasten Double Sided Tape 

Kraftex Heavy-Duty Double-Sided Tape [Editors Choice]

EdenProducts Window Glazing Tape

List Of 5 Best Double Sided Tapes in 2020

So, after long research, I’ve come up with these 5 super double-sided tapes that ensure you jaw-dropping features. Read the reviews and pick the one that blends in with your taste.

1. Sugarman Creations Strongest Double-Sided Tape

From now on, holding the insulation film tightly on the window won’t be a problem. You’ve got the double-sided tape from Sugarman Creations. This one changes the whole game-set.

Thanks to its heavy-duty professional-grade quality and industrial-grade strength, the grip is stronger than the mainstream tapes you’ll find in the market.

It’s not one of those typical ones that lose the grip as time passes, not at all. The tape has got a high-tension string that teams up with extra-strong adhesive. This makes sure the hold stays strong in the long run.

Not just windows, though, you can use this durable double-sided tape on your stair treads, mats, carpets, rugs, and almost on any surface.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using it on hardwood floors, tiles, laminated ones, or marble; the tape can blend in with anything.

Even if you use it on high-traffic areas like entrance halls, hallway runners, stairs, etc., the tape will stay good as new no matter what.

Installing this tape, by the way, is just a piece of cake. It has got laminated paper backing, so peeling it off is easy. As a result, you get to install it real fast.


  • The strong grip holds the insulation film strongly
  • It has got a strong adhesive feature that lasts for a long time
  • You can use this tape to stick mats, carpets and stair treads
  • It blends in perfectly with almost all types of floors


  • You’ll face difficulties cutting it since it’s sticky

2. Highlights Double Sided Tape Review

Let me tell you why this double-sided tape from Highlights stands out. When’s the last time you’ve heard of a tape that has got waterproof feature? Well, there’s a first time for everything, and this tape is your ‘first time.

Since you’re going to use this tape on your window, you’ll have the perfect feedback during rainy days. Even if the water gets on the tape, it won’t get peeled off all by itself unless you do it.

How? Take the waterproof 3M VHB feature for example. It doesn’t matter if your tape gets rinsed with water;it will still maintain its stability.

When I say strong tape, there’s one little problem with the typical ones. They might have a strong grip, but you can’t peel them off easily whenever you want. Too much strength isn’t always good, is it?

This double-sided tape has got balanced strength. The grip is undoubtedly strong and adhesive. Once you attach it in, it holds on the surface as long as you want it to. However, even though it’s strong, you can peel it off quite easily within seconds.

Here’s one more thing, though. Typical yet strong double-sided tapes leave sticky marks on the surface when you peel them.

That’s not going to happen with the double-sided tape from Highlights. As you peel it off, it doesn’t leave any mark or stick residue on the surface at all.

After using it with your window plastic, you can wonder, ‘I got so much tape remaining, what am I going to do with all these?

Who says you can use this tape just for your windows? You can use Highlights double-sided tapes on your LED strip light, inside your car, on your kitchen wall, etc.

To give yourself a top-notch décor, you can use it to attach pictures on your wall as well.


  • Maintains the adhesion even when the tape gets wet
  • Comes with a very strong grip
  • Easy installation and peeling off process
  • Doesn’t leave any residue or mark as you peel it off
  • Can be used on LED strip light, kitchen wall, inside your car


  • Can’t be used on concrete

3. XFasten Double Sided Tape  Review

If you want the perfect combination of durability and functionality, you should give XFasten double-sided tape a go. Perfect for your window to hold the insulation firmly, this tape offers you a lot of things in one go.

When it comes to double-sided tapes, the last thing you’ll want to see probably is the tape getting peeled off all by itself. That’s what you get from the mainstream products. Most of the time, they do not come with the adhesive strength you deserve.

XFasten double-sided tape is a reliable one when it comes to durability. The manufacturers have carried out several quality tests on the laboratory to make sure it gives you a long-lasting adhesive strength. Speaking of which, the adhesive strength lasts more than 6 months after installation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a smooth surface or a rough one, this tape blends in with both. 

Talking about surfaces, I’m not saying you can use this tape just on windows, oh no. The tape goes perfectly with vinyl floors and carpets as well.

This tape holds the carpet tightly with its strong grip;as a result, there’s no chance for you to get slipped at all.

Besides, you can use this tape for a versatile amount of work. Picture frames, decorations, ornaments, you name it, XFasten double-sided tape is the perfect choice when you need ‘fixing.

Say goodbye to those days when you used to peel off your tape, and it would leave a mark or residue on the surface of your favorite floor finishes and windows. Let this double-sided tape change the game.

It may have immense strength, but even if you peel it off after a year, it won’t leave a single residue or mark on the surface of your floor, or whatever it is.


  • The adhesive strength lasts for more than 6 months
  • Can blend in perfectly with almost all types of floors
  • You can use it both on smooth and rough surfaces
  • Doesn’t leave any mark or residue while peeling off


  • The layer is a bit thinner

4. Kraftex Heavy-Duty Double-Sided Tape Review

A heavy-duty tape for your heavy-duty window, you can’t just skip Kraftex heavy-duty double-sided tape. The name says a lot of things about its attribute.

‘Heavy-duty,’ take a guess with the term the tape comes with. It’s one of the strongest double-stick tapes the market place has to offer.

With the strong adhesive attribute, you can hold the insulation system on your window tightly.

During rainy days, you don’t have to stress about the tape being peeled off even a bit;it’s that strong. The yellow adhesive joins hands with the mesh backing to give you long-lasting stickiness.

Besides, no one says you have to use it on your windows only. There’s no room for underestimating its strength when you’ll want to use it on your rugs, carpets, stair treads, mats, pads, runners, etc.

Did I just mention all of these things? Yes, Kraftex heavy-duty double-sided tape offers you a wide range of versatile work to carry out.

It helps the carpets, stair treads, and mats to hold on to their positions firmly even if there’s heavy traffic. No more tripping over, all the credit goes to the anti-slip technology it boasts.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, this tape is the perfect catalyst for blending in for every place. Worried about surface material? Tile, hardwood floor, vinyl floors, plastic windows, you name it, the tape can be used anywhere you want.

As you peel off the tape, there’s always a chance of getting permanent marks and residues.

To save you from that bummer, the whole set comes with an adhesive remover spray. For which, the surface you put the tapes on shimmers even if you peel the tapes off.


  • The mesh backing and yellow adhesive offer you a strong grip
  • Can be used on carpet, mats and stair treads
  • Suitable for both indoors and outside
  • Comes with an adhesive remover spray 


  • May leave a stain if you remove it from the carpet without the spray

5. EdenProducts Premium Double-Sided Tape Review

You can call it a day and end your search for the best double sided tape with Eden Products premium tape.

The tape has got the tag ‘premium’ for a reason. As you use it on your window to hold the plastic film on it, there’s no way it will get peeled off even under extreme weather conditions.

Rain, strong wind, you name it, your window film will hold on to its place, and the double-sided tape from EdenProducts will back it up. 

How? It has got a strong (or shall I say stubborn) adhesive that grips on to almost anything very tightly.

Don’t get your eyebrows big when I say it’s strong. I know you literally have to struggle a lot to peel strong tapes off. Not this one, though. Even though it’s strong, peeling it off is super-easy. You can remove it within seconds.

Got a lot of tapes even after using it on your window film? Use the rest on your carpet, stair treads, mats, etc.

Yep, you can use this tape to make sure your carpet, mats and stair tread stays on their position. So, you can say those days goodbye when your kid used to trip over by getting slipped.

Don’t assume for a second that you can’t use it outdoor. Of course, you can. Besides, you’ll be able to use this tape on almost all flooring surfaces. Let it be vinyl floors, laminated floors, tile, etc.; the tape blends in perfectly with everything.

Now, this tape can be strong, but when I say strong, I don’t blame you if you’re thinking about sticky residues.

Thankfully, this tape doesn’t leave any mark or residue even if you peel it off after months. As a result, the surface you’re using the tape on stays good as new.


  • Adhesive grip holds on to its position tightly
  • Can be used on carpet, mats and stair treads
  • Friendly to all types of floors
  • Does not leave any residue even if you peel it off after months


  • Super-sticky, so you may have a hard time cutting it

What to Look for Before Buying the Right Double Sided Tape? 

It’s cool that you want to buy a double-sided tape. However, if you don’t know what features you should consider before buying a tape, the chances are you’ll end up buying the wrong product.

To make sure you don’t get into any hassle, try studying the things you should look for before buying a double-sided tape.

Adhesion Time

So why do you use tape? Obviously, you want that tape to hold your things. Right? Let it be window films, mats, carpet or stair treads; you want your tape to hold them on to their positions for a long time.

Typical tapes get peeled off all by themselves and lose their sticky effects. For which, within a few days, you got to use more tapes and eventually end up buying another one.

So, make sure you buy a double-sided tape that provides you more adhesion time. The tapes that can have its adhesion effect at least for 6 months are the best ones. Fortunately, all the products I’ve mentioned above have got such an attribute.

Waterproof Feature

Not saying you need it no matter what, but if your tape has got the waterproof feature, it surely is one hell of a good one.

Especially, if you’re going to use it with your window, you’ll need a waterproof tape. Because if you don’t do have it, the odds might not be in your favor on the rainy days. The water may peel the tape off easily. So the waterproof feature is very important.


You need to set your priority while choosing the purpose you’re going to use your tape for. Some tapes may work wonders for windows, but they may not work for floors or carpets.

And there are other ones that work for everything. So why buy the ones that do not let you taste such versatility? Get your hands on the tape that can be used on windows, floors, carpets, mats, etc.

Say No to Sticky Residues 

The tape you’re using may be strong, but strong tapes have one common problem. As you peel them off, they leave a mark or sticky residue on the surface of your favorite things; let’s say window, carpet, or floor.

This is why you should get yourself a double-sided tape that ensures it won’t leave any mark or sticky residue on anything as you peel it off.

How to Use Double Sided Tape for Window Plastic?

So you don’t have a clue how you should use double-sided tape for window plastic? You’re not going to buy a double-sided tape without knowing how to use it on your window, will you?

Check the made-easy steps that will let you know how to use this tape.

  1. First thing’s first, get yourself a plastic film. The ones that have got air-filled pockets are the best ones.
  2. Before you use your window insulation kit, you’ll have to add the plastic film to your window.
  3. Cleaning the window frames comes next. You can use a damp cloth to clean the frames.
  4. Take your double-sided tape and apply it to the frame of your window.
  5. Now, it’s time for you to add the tape’s second layer next to the first layer.
  6. The tape will take 10 to 15 minutes to sit, so it’s better to wait.
  7. Now, as you peel the backing of the tape’s first layer, you’ll have to apply the plastic film. 
  8. Then, it’s time for you to remove the tape and add the layers of the plastic film along with the overlap on each layer.
  9. Take a scissor and trim the plastic film.
  10. To seal the top of the plastic film, you can use the tape if you want just in case the film bends downward.
  11. That’s it; your plastic film is all set up, you’ll be able to add the plastic film insulation. 
  12. Do you see the second layer of your tape? It’s time for you to peel it. Next, unfold the plastic film.
  13. You have to maintain one inch of excess film and make sure they’re on all the sides of the tape.
  14. Starting from the top, you’ll have to adhere to the film of your tape. Then reach the bottom as you finish it off with the lefts and rights.
  15. To work out the wrinkles that you’ll find inside the film, a hairdryer comes pretty handy. Well, guess what? You’re done.


What is the best heavy-duty double-sided tape?

The best heavy-duty double-sided tape is the Sugarman Creations Strongest Double-Sided Tape. This tape has five-star reviews from uses and is known to be long-lasting and professional grade. This tape provides strong grips that will hold the insulation film strongly as well as can be used on many surface types.

How do you make double-sided tape stick better?

You can make the double-sided tape stick better by ensuring you choose the right tape for the correct job, test the surface, and make sure the tape is out of sunlight. Also ensuring the correct pressure is adhered to the tape to avoid it from falling off is extremely important.

Is permanent double-sided tape really permanent?

Permanent double-sided tape although difficult, can be removed. If you wish to remove the permanent tape, you can use a razor blade to remove the tape and any residue.

Why Is Acrylic Foam Tape Becoming So Popular?

Acrylic foam tape is becoming so popular because of its strength and durability. It lasts longer in direct sunlight and the extreme cold weather than other tapes making the brand popular to consumers.

Wrapping Up!

Well, now that you’ve gone through the reviews, I don’t think you’ll have a hard time choosing the best double sided tape for project. Even though each product has got a con or two, you can simply ignore them and get your hands on one of these.

These tapes are simply great, and it’s worth your penny. So, what are you waiting for? Count your cash and get to your nearest store.

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