The Best Door Popper Kit You Can Buy in 2021

the best door popper kit

Posh cars these days come with automated doors instead of door handles. You push the remote button and Voila! The doors of your car will open like a breeze.

Well, whether you own a rich car or an old one, you can still taste the ‘door-gets-open-all-by-itself’ stuff if you use a simple door kit.

With the best door popper kit installed in your car, you don’t have to reach the handles of your door anymore. Just press the remote and the doors are open. Cool, right?

If you’re nodding your head right now and saying ‘Take all my money, I need this stuff.’, you might want to check the reviews of the popper kits that are running super hot in the market right now.

So, why wait anymore? Let’s hit the reviews.

Why Door Popper Kit?

If you don’t have any door handle at all on your car-exterior, a popper kit is your only solution. It basically lets you open the door with its remote-control system by pushing the door so that you can enter your car.

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MPC PK-A2 PC3 (0496) Door Popper Kit

AutoLoc Power 4 Function Door Popper Kit

CARMOCAR New Shaved Handle Door Popper Kit

JDMSPEED New Door Popper Kit

List of Our Best Door Popper Kits

Below are the top 4 contenders that we found to be worthwhile. Why? Well, give these reviews a read. You will know.

1. MPC PK-A2 PC3 (0496) Door Popper Kit Review

Do you want something that’s perfect for your shaved handle applications? Well, you got it. MPC PK A2 PC3 door popper kit can be your best bet. Not just shaved handles, it will work awesome with the handles you have with you right now.

The popper kit comes with a remote-control receiver. With each remote-fob, you get to control both of your doors as the way you want. As you press the left button, the driver’s door will get the pops. Press the right button, and you’ll be able to pop the door on the passenger’s side.

Ultimately, you’re having a fully automated experience, and you’ll never have to use your hands to open the doors at all.

Moreover, the door poppers are solidly built with chrome, for which you don’t have to worry about the durability at all. You can rely on it for years to come, and the quality won’t fade away even a bit.

The whole set comes with mounting hardware to boost your work and make it easy-peasy. Also, you’re getting a braided-steel linkage cable that comes pretty handy at times.

You can wave off all the worries if the door of your car gets locked or jammed, and you don’t have anyone around you to help. The door popper kit has got an emergency button that will back you up.

Just press it whenever you need it, and the doors of your car will get unlocked all by itself.


  • Perfect choice for shaved handle applications
  • Works fine with the existing handles
  • Full automated experience with 4 Function remote control system
  • Solidly built with chrome, which enhances its durability
  • The whole set includes braided-steel linkage cable and mounting hardware
  • During emergencies, you can unlock the door by pushing the emergency button


  • It could be more durable, but it’s not

2. Autolock Door Popper Kit Review

From now on, you’ll be able to pop your door conveniently with Autolock door popper kit. There’s no need for you to use your hand to open the doors of your car. The Autolock door popper kit is fully remote controlled.

It comes with 4 functions remote control feature that allows you to taste the versatility. Switch from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat within a snap. All you need to do is press the remote, and that’s it.

Got a heavy-duty door that gives you all the creeps as you want to open it up? Your heavy-duty door doesn’t deserve all those typical door popper kits, no way. Get your hands on Autolock Door popper kit instead.

This one has got high-torque door-popper solenoids that make sure you can open even the toughest door just like that with no issues at all.

As for looks, the solid aesthetic lets you know that this one is a prime compared to the mainstream ones. The whole set includes door popper cable that comes with stainless steel construction. Also, you’re getting the mounting hardware, shave-door cable guide, etc.

The lock of your door can get stuck, and it can give you a bummer. You can turn the table with Autolock door popper kit. There’s an emergency door-popper button that allows you to open the door of your car during exigencies.


  • Fully automated process, thanks to the 4-function remote control
  • Switching from the doors beside the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat is just a piece of cake
  • Heavy-duty construction enhances the durability of the product
  • High-torque door-popper solenoids let you open the toughest doors
  • Premium outlook with solid aesthetics
  • The emergency door popper button lets you open the door during exigencies


  • Sometimes, the popper button gets stuck

3. CARMOCAR Door Popper Kit Review

If you’re still searching for the right door popper kit, you might want to take a look at the door popper kit from CARMOCAR. This one, with its distinct features and attributes, will make you want to buy it.

First off, as you take a look at it, you’ll know for obvious that this door popper kit is a premium one. The high gloss finish describes the dominating aesthetics it has got.

Not only the looks though, but the solidly built body is also constructed with high-quality material. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the durability at all.

Also, let’s not forget the heavy-duty solenoid it comes with that weighs 50 lbs to 180 lbs. So, opening the toughest door is just a walk in the park.

Say goodbye to those days when you had to open the doors of your car using your hand. From now on, with the CARMOCAR door popper kit, you can open the doors of your car in an automated way. The kit comes with remote controls that boast 4 amazing functions.

You can easily switch to the doors from the passenger’s seat to the driver’s seat. All you need to do is push the buttons of the remote and feel the automation.

Ever faced those situations when the doors of your car get locked and jammed? This can turn your day into a nightmare. However, with CARMOCAR around, you won’t have to worry even a bit.

This door popper kit has got an emergency door-popper button, which lets you open the doors even when it gets jammed. As a result, you’re getting all of your problems solved during exigencies.


  • Holds a premium outlook with a high gloss finish
  • The heavy-duty solenoid makes sure you can open the toughest door
  • Its4-function remote control system allows you to have an automated experience
  • The emergency door-popper button opens the doors when it gets jammed


  • Sometimes, the output stops working

4. JDSPEED Door Popper Kit Review

Your search for the best door popper kit might come to an end now with the JDSPEED door popper kit. It’s the perfect catalyst for your shaved handle applications, and you can count on my words with your eyes closed.

While the typical junks eat up your time as you install them, this door popper kit turns the tables. It’s easy to install and easy to use. You can set it up all by yourself within minutes, simply by taking a look at the user guide manual.

This kit comes with a completely automated attribute along with the 4-function remote control system. The days you had to use your hands to open the doors of your car are over. Just push the button of your remote-control system, and your doors will pop within a snap.

Switching from the passenger’s seat to the driver’s seat won’t be a problem anymore as you press the buttons of your remote-control system. The remote fob makes sure both of your doors are taken care of individually.

You don’t have to pull your hair or scream out loud if the doors of your car get jammed. Thanks to the emergency button the kit comes with, you’ll be able to unlock the doors during desperate times.


  • Compatible to shaved handle applications
  • Easy-installation process
  • 4-function remote control system lets you have automated experience
  • Switching from the passenger’s seat door to the driver’s seat door is easy
  • The emergency button backs you up and lets you unlock the door when it gets jammed


  • It’s a bit pricey

Things to Consider Before Buying 

Don’t just rush towards the hardware store to get yourself the right door popper kit right away. You might end up retiring home with the wrong pick with little to no know-how at all.

To clear that fear out of the way, below are the factors you’ll consider.

See If It’s Automated 

Make sure the door popper kit you’re buying is a fully automated one. Get the one that has got a remote-control system. With this kit, you’ll be able to open the door of your car by pressing the button of the remote.


It’s the solenoid that lets you open the toughest doors. The more the weight of the solenoid, the better. If I were you, I would go for the popper kit that has got a solenoid that weighs in between 50 lbs to 180 lbs.

Emergency Door Popper Button

Imagine, you’re about to get out of your car, and you find the door locks jammed. You’re stuck! You don’t have any idea how long you’ll have to stay inside. What’s worse? It can suffocate you.

Therefore, always go for a popper kit that has got an emergency door popper button. This will open the doors of your car when it gets jammed. Just push it, and you’ll be good to go.

Wrapping Up!

Coming through the best door popper kit reviews and the dos and don’ts, you are now good to grab the perfect door popper kit all by yourself. And, as for me, I did my part, bringing you the best products available in the market.

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