The 5 Best Door Lever Reviews 2021

Best Door Levers

I know how bad it feels when you return to your home with a handful of bags and groceries and stand in front of your door.

The whole thing gives you a hard time as you need to keep your bags on the ground and grab the doorknob to open your door.

While Mrs. Jones in the house next door simply opens her door simply by pressing her door lever, using her elbow. Click! The door’s open.

You could’ve opened your door simply like Mrs. Jones if you had the best door lever installed on your door. They let you close your door easily with little effort as well.

Besides, for maximum security, you can’t just ignore these door levers at all.

Well, if you’ve decided already to give your life a change, let me show you the top-rated door levers available in the market.

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1. AmazonBasics Cambridge Lever

AmazonBasics Cambridge Door Lever

2. Schlage F40 Latitude Privacy Lock Lever

Schlage F40 V LAT 622 Latitude Privacy Lock Lever

3. AmazonBasics Manchester Entry Lever

AmazonBasics Manchester Entry Door Lever

4. Probrico Bed/Bath Door Levers 

Probrico Bed/Bath Door Levers Wave Style Handles

5. AmazonBasics Door Lever with Lock

Exterior Door Lever with Lock

5 Best Door Lever Reviews 2021

Below are the levers I was talking about. Check these products out and choose the one that fits your door perfectly.

1. AmazonBasics Cambridge Door Lever

AmazonBasics Cambridge Door Lever

Bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, you name it, the Cambridge door lever from AmazonBasics is your perfect treat to bring privacy to your home along with style. Now you might be wondering, 'What's so special about this door lever?' Well, that's what I'm going to tell you now.

Let it be just a small thing like a door lever; you'll have to focus on looks if you want to add an impressive décor to your door. AmazonBasics made sure you don't compromise a thing when it comes to decoration.

This door lever comes with four stunning color options. You can go for the polished brass or oiled bronze as most people love them.

However, if you want more of a unique look on your door, you can simply choose the satin nickel color or the matte black.

Looks! Well, you’ve got this one thing covered. Now, durability is a surefire thing you should care about. And when it comes to door levers, there’s no way you can compromise that. It’s about security.

There’s no way someone will be able to break into your house or apartment with this door lever installed in the rig. It’s made of heavy-duty material and holds the Grade-3 security certification by ANSI/BHMA.

For which, you can lock your door and go for a hike, your apartment will be safe and sound from those goons 24/7.

While buying it, you don’t have to worry if the door lever will fit your door or not. This door lever blends in perfectly with all door types that come with the standard size.

As for the installation, you don’t have to scratch your head and say, 'Do I have to hire someone again?' Well, you don't. You can install this door lever within a snap simply by using a screwdriver; it's that easy.


  • It comes with 4 different color options
  • Holds Grade-3 security certification by ANSI/BHMA
  • Strong and durable
  • Fits all the standard sized doors
  • Easy-installation process


  • The door handles could be smoother

2. Schlage F40 V LAT 622 Latitude Privacy Lock Lever

Schlage F40 V LAT 622 Latitude Privacy Lock Lever

The F40 from Schlage is another great catalyst that locks your privacy in a more secure way. It's durable, it's stylish, and most importantly, you'll love how it works.

As you roll your eyes on it, the sleek aesthetic will tell you that this door lever has got your game by adding a rich vibe to your door. You'll love it, and most importantly, your guests won't fail to realize you've got nice taste.

It doesn't matter whether you're using this door lever with your bathroom door, bedroom door, etc., this one blends in perfectly with all door types that come with the standard size.

Even if your door is pre-drilled, you'll find this door lever pretty easy to install on your door. All you need to do is use a standard size screwdriver, and that's it. The door lever is all set for use.

Besides, whether you have a right-swing door or a left swing one, you can adjust the F40 with anything, and it's just a piece of cake.

To give you the ultimate user-comfort experience, this affordable door lever boasts the push-button locking system. Simply lock the door by pushing the button and voila!

Typical door levers have one common problem. One hard bash and the next thing you know, they break down into pieces. Besides, prying them with tools is pretty easy, for which you’ll never be able to keep your home safe from thieves.

The F40 from Schlage brings you the ultimate security guarantee with its ultimate durability. It's been made with solid heavy-duty metal. For which, when it's about breaking your door lever, there's no chance the thieves will get the hang of it.


  • Blends in perfectly with all door types
  • It can be adjusted for both right and left swing
  • The push-button locking system locks the door instantly
  • Solid heavy-duty metal construction enhances durability


  • It comes with only one color option

3. AmazonBasics Manchester Entry Door Lever

AmazonBasics Manchester Entry Door Lever

If you're in love with the door levers from AmazonBasics, but you want to make sure you don't leave any stones unturned, you can try the Manchester door lever from this giant.

The Manchester door lever from AmazonBasics is one of those few door levers that come at a very affordable price. But when it comes to functionality and features, this one stands out and beats the pants off even the expensive ones.

This door lever comes in only one color, the Matte Black. But if you focus on the bright side, you’ll know that this color gives your door a dominating look by blending in with it perfectly.

Not just looks, though; this door lever is simply a beast when it comes to durability. Being made of heavy-duty material, the door lever holds the invincible strength that ensures security.

Try to hit it hard with something hard, or you can try prying it. You'll be very happy to fail. This means, when you're out for a walk, there's no chance for thieves to break into your apartment or your house.

Besides, it has been certified by the ANSI/BHMA and holds the Grade-3 Security badge, which confirms that you won’t have to worry about the durability and security ever again.

The Manchester door lever from AmazonBasics fits perfectly all types of door that comes with a standard size. Let it be bathroom doors, bedroom door, or your front door; you can use this door lever wherever you want.

And the best part? Whether you’re using a left-handed door or a right-handed one, you can still use this door lever with ease and comfort, thanks to its fully reversible attribute.

Also, thanks to the 6-way adjustable-latch in its rig, you’ll be able to fit this door lever with any type of backseat that comes with a 2-3/8” or 2-3/4” measurement variation.


  • Holds the Grade-3 Security certification by ANSI/BHMA
  • A durable and strong body confirms maximum security
  • Blends in with both left-handed and right-handed doors
  • Got a 6-way adjustable-latch


  • The handles get stuck sometimes

4. Probrico Bed/Bath Door Levers Wave Style Handles 

Probrico Bed/Bath Door Levers Wave Style Handles

The door lever from Probrico always pops in my mind when I think about stylish door levers. Now, hold on to your horse's mate, I’m about to blow your mind.

Yes, it does come with only one finish, the satin nickel color. But here’s the silver lining. Not just one or two, this door lever from Probrico offers you 12 different design variants, and I'm not bluffing at all.

With such a wide span of style and designs, you’ll be able to pick the one that suits your door.
In fact, if you want to pick this door lever for your door, you can try different styles on different doors of your house to add versatility to your décor. Awesome, right?

Bathroom door, bedroom door, front door, you name it, this door lever adapts to all door types.
Enough chit-chat with design and aesthetics. Let’s focus on the durability and security as the door lever from Probrico has everything you need.

The solid stainless-steel material enhances the durability of the product by adding invincible strength to it. It doesn’t matter if someone tries to break into your apartment. This unbreakable door lever has got your back 24/7.

Besides, it holds the ANSI grade-3 certification while exceeding 200,000 cycles. So, there’s no point in questioning the longevity and strength of this durable door lever.

Don't freak out when I said, 'stainless-steel.' I know, the first thing that pops inside your head is 'rust' when I say 'stainless-steel.' However, this little friend over here is a game-changer.

The door lever from Probrico is coated with anti-rust material to fight rusts and corrosion. As a result, you get to use this door lever for years to come without going for a new one.

You can easily lock the door using the thumb-turn button the lever comes with. Somehow, if you lose your keys, you can use the emergency-release tool for unlocking your door from outside. That’s a life-saver!

As for installation, the whole set offers you all the accessories you need. There’s no need for you to hire anyone since you’ll be able to install the lever all by yourself. Yes, it’s a DYI thing.


  • 12 different design variants to choose from
  • Stainless-steel material enhances durability
  • Emergency-release tool unlocks the door from outside
  • Thumb-turn button locks the door instantly


  • It’s a bit expensive

5. AmazonBasics Exterior Door Lever with Lock

Exterior Door Lever with Lock

I just keep talking about door levers from AmazonBasics once in a while. Well, to be honest, I can’t help it, these door levers are that good. But I won’t bore you with all my banters, so let’s see what this one has to offer.

This exterior door lever from AmazonBasics comes with five different color variants that will make you go wow. Call me old-fashioned, but I personally love the Antique Brass finish.

With this color blending in with your door, you’ll have the taste of ancient riches that will catch everyone’s eyes. If black is your favorite color and you want to go a bit classy, you can choose the Matte Black or the Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish.

The Satin Nickel and the Polished Brass can be your pick if you want a modern touch to your door.
As for durability, this door lever can withstand all the beatings and survive in the long run. The zinc alloy body maintains itself to hold its durability while the stainless-steel inner structure boasts a heavy-duty strength.

Say all of your worries goodbye about rust since this door lever proudly holds a rust-resistant attribute to back you up.

Last but not least, this door lever offers you three different design variants. You can either use the entry lever, privacy lever, or the passage lever.

With the entry lever installed on your front door or your back door, you can easily do the locking and unlocking from either side. The passage lever, on the other hand, is best suitable for your doors inside your apartment.

For maximum privacy, you can switch to the privacy lever that locks easily without you using any key at all.


  • Offers you 5 different color variants
  • Made of Zinc alloy and durable stainless-steel
  • 3 different styles and designs to choose from
  • Can lock or unlock the door from either side


  • You may need to tighten the screws once in a while

What Is a Door Lever, and How Does It Work?

The door lever is basically a mechanism that you use for locking your doors. It has got an elongated yet horizontally aligned handle.

With the door lever installed on your door, you can keep your door closed until you turn the lever around. To open the door, you got to release the latch bolt the lever comes with.

Basically, when you turn the handle of the door lever, the square-shaped spindle inside the lever turns as well. Inside the lever, there's a cylinder that is attached to the latch-bolt, which of course, is used for keeping your door closed.

As the spindle turns, the cylinder rotates as well simultaneously and withdraws the latch bolt. So, the door gets opened.

And as you close the door, the spring inside the door lever makes sure the handle gets returned to the upright position while pushing the latch bolts back. This secures the lock of your door when closed.

What’s a Dummy Door Lever?

Dummy door levers, unlike the normal ones, do not turn. You won't find any axle, lock, or even a latch with these levers. As the name says, they're actually fake levers that you just use to close or open your door.

If you want an inexpensive alternative to the normal door levers, and you simply want to use it just to open and close your door, you can use a dummy door lever.

Now, there are two types of dummy levers I can talk about:

Full Dummy

The 'Full Dummy' sets are basically used for decorations on closets, double doors, utility space doors, and closets.

Half Dummy

There’s also the Half Dummy, which comes with a single lever instead of a pair. You can simply screw it onto the face of your door and use it for pull-only applications.

Benefits of Door Levers 

Now since there are quite a few alternatives on door levers in the marketplace, so why will you use ‘door levers’ specifically? Well, it’s because door levers churn out a handful of advantages that will give you the ease and comfort you deserve.

So, let’s say you’ve just come to your home with a handful of groceries. If it was for knobs, you’d have to grab it with a perfect grip and turn it to open the door. With a door lever around, you don’t have to go through this hassle.

To get access to your home, you can simply push the door lever open using your elbow. I mean, all you got to do is apply a little downward-pressure and unlatch your door. So, it’s going to be super-easy for you.

In fact, door levers are perfect for people with physical disabilities and children. To open the door, you don’t have to put very strong pressure on the lever, so if you suffer from strength-issues, a door lever is a thing you should get your hands on.

Besides, unlike door knobs, door levers offer you a wider range of sizes and designs. So, if you can’t find the perfect doorknob for your door, you surely will find the perfect door lever for yourself.

What to Look for Before Buying? 

So, you're going to buy the best door levers? However, do you know what features you should look for before buying them? If your answer is no, you're in trouble, mate. Chances are, you'll end up buying the wrong door lever.

Well, to make sure you don’t get your hands on the wrong product, take a look at the things you should consider before buying a door lever.

Strength and Material

Strength, in the case of door levers, is probably the most important part. Why? Well, it's not just about how long it will last. Rather, it also talks about your security.

You see, if your door lever isn’t strong enough, the thieves will be able to break it and break into your house easily. So, make sure you buy a heavy-duty door lever no matter what.

Going for door levers that have a metal construction or stainless-steel body can be a wise move. However, when you’re going for such door levers, make sure they come with an anti-rust feature.

Colors and Finishes

You don’t give your door a pale look, do you? If you want your door to shimmer a posh outlook, you should get your hands on a door lever that offers you design and color versatility.

Usually, door levers offer you no less than four color choices. In some cases, you’ll see some lever brands come with a single color like the Matte Black. Rather than getting disappointed, you can choose this door lever as well.

Also, you may choose finishes like Satin Nickel, Oil-Rubber Bronze, Antique Brass, Polished Brass, etc.

ANSI/BHMA Certification

Not saying that this certification is a must, but if you can get a hold of a door lever that has got an ANSI/BHMA certification, go for it. This makes sure the product will last for a long time compared to others.

This certification, however, comes with grades. Going for the door levers which have reached the Grade-3 security certification will help you out.

See If It Fits All Door Types

Not all the door lever you’ll find in the marketplace will fit your door, no. So, make sure the door lever you’re buying can blend in with all types of doors that come with a standard size.

Let it be bathroom doors, back doors, front doors, or bedroom doors; the door lever should be able to fit with anything.

How to Install a Door Lever?

So, you’ve just bought your door lever. Now, you’re thinking of contacting an expert who’ll install this door lever for you. Who needs to spend the money on someone else when you can install the door lever all by yourself?

Don't have a clue how to install it? Let me help you up. Trust me; it's so easy that you can do it too.

The Steps

1. First thing’s first, begin with installing the latch.

2. If you want the rectangular face plate to be replaced, follow the steps below –

  • Remove the face plate by using a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Twist it and remove the support-plate.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to install the round drive in the face plate. 

3. If a standard rectangular face plate is what you’re dealing with, you should use a bevel and slide the latch the lever comes with, into place. Make sure the bevel faces the doorjamb.

Now, use the two short-screws to secure.

4. As for the next step, you’ll have to use the two short wood-screws in order to install the strike-plate on your doorjamb.

5. Now, it’s time for you to install the lever. First, place the outside-housing. Make sure your lever is pointing away from the edge of your door.

6. Do you see the spindle? Align it with the slot that you see in the latch and make sure you slide it into place.

7. Installing inside-housing is the next thing you need to do. Orient the lever in the same way you’ve oriented the outside-housing. Also, don’t forget to make sure the lever points away from the door’s edge.

8. Align the square that you’ll find in the back of the lever with the square spindle. Next, it’s time for you to slide the inside-housing in its place.

9. Lastly, secure by using the two screws that remain.

Final Words

Now that you've gone through the whole write-up, you'll find the best door lever for your door in no time. Keep in mind that I've provided you the top-rated ones that are running super-hot in the market right now. So, don't give these levers a second thought, and you'll win for sure.

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