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What is the Best Digital Door Viewer in 2019?


Security is always a primary concern for homeowners, which is why so many recent innovations have been designed to keep houses safer than ever before. Whether it’s more sophisticated security systems or just sturdier locks, these items are meant to keep the people inside safe, while also keeping potential intruders at bay.

Still, that feeling of uncertainty can creep in once you hear the doorbell ring. Is it someone you know on the other side of the door or perhaps someone with bad intentions?

The good news is that no more guesswork is needed if you have the best digital door viewer working to keep your home more secure than ever before.

What Is a Digital Door Viewer?

Many homes and apartments have front doors equipped with a peephole or a door viewer. There’s a reason they’ve hung around for so long even as places of residence have been modernized. That’s because those viewers keep people safe as they interact with strangers.

While the old school peephole/door viewer may still work fine, it can benefit immensely from being modernized, and that’s exactly what the digital door viewer is.

As its name implies, a digital door viewer is a more technologically advanced version of the conventional door viewer. The newer door viewer does a better job of keeping you and your loved ones secure, while also making the process of viewing your visitors so much easier.

Recommended 4 Best Digital Door Viewer Review

1. Eques Greeter plus Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell

Eques Greeter plus Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell

Let’s get started on the reviews by diving into the Greeter plus Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell combo from Eques.

What I love the most about this digital door viewer is how easy it makes seeing who’s on the other side of the door even for people who are not necessarily tech savvy. The folks at Eques even boast about that themselves.

Guests who come up to your door will be recorded on video and have their pictures taken. If they want to try anything funny, there will be proof of them doing that. A smartphone is not needed to perform that recording function and that is why this Eques product works well with a larger range of users.

Those videos and pictures are then stored on a microSD card and you can store plenty of them.
Unfortunately, the image quality for this viewer is poor and you may struggle to identify who some of your visitors are even if they’re people you know.

The lens installed on this item provides a pretty wide view, although there will still be some blind spots. I also appreciate the fact that I can just recharge this viewer’s batteries instead of having to change it often.

It’s a decent digital door viewer all things considered, but it can still be improved significantly in so many ways.


  • 165-degree view provided by this product
  • Can work with microSD cards that store as much as 32GB of data
  • Installation only takes a few minutes


  • Image quality offered by this viewer is poor

2. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring’s Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell differs from other currently available options on the market in a few ways.

First off, it doesn’t come with its own display. Instead, it connects to your mobile devices and/or to your PC. If you want to view the videos taken by this device, you will need to use either your mobile devices or your PC to do so. Granted, that’s more convenient, but that also means that this product will be harder to use for some individuals.

The videos recorded by this camera are clear and you’ll be able to easily identify the details. You can also take a live look at your front door using this product from Ring.

It’s also worth pointing out that this device works with the AI assistant Alexa. That feature works to make this device even more convenient.

Also included with Ring’s Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell are motion sensors and they will produce alerts that can then be sent to your devices.

Here’s the thing though, those motion sensors are way too sensitive and you shouldn’t be surprised if you receive alerts about passing automobiles. Those alerts can come in frequently and they can become annoying in a hurry.

This device also has a tendency to lag, so don’t be surprised if the videos you’re seeing are not necessary as up-to-the-moment as they can be.


  • Can work with or without doorbell wires
  • Wide field of view
  • Live view feature is hugely helpful when internet connection is good
  • Having a conversation with your guest through this device is possible


  • Tends to lag quite a bit
  • Motion sensors included can be way too sensitive

3. Fosa Digital Door Viewer

Fosa Digital Door Viewer

Fosa’s Digital Door Viewer shares quite a few things in common with the Eques item we discussed earlier.

They are both very user-friendly and easy to install while also offering night vision. Both digital door viewers also support external memory that goes up to 32GB.

One more similarity that is definitely worth pointing out is the fact that Fosa’s Digital Door Viewer also automatically captures pictures and videos of the people who go to your front door. However, this feature also highlights a significant dissimilarity between the two digital door viewers.

Whereas the image quality provided by Eques’ offering is quite poor, the same cannot be said for what you will see in Fosa’s device. The videos and pictures that are stored will be clear and detailed. You’ll be able to quickly tell who paid a visit to your home by just going through the album.

The only real downside to this device is that you can’t choose which images are deleted, so make sure you’re keeping close tabs on how much of its memory is being used to avoid any issues.

I guess you could also say that the slightly narrower viewing angle is a strike against it, but I personally don’t think that takes much of anything away from this digital door viewer.


  • Automatically takes pictures and videos of people at your front door
  • Doorbell will also ring to remind you that a new photo/video has been taken
  • Display size is good
  • Captures pictures and videos of people staying near your door


  • Image storage can still be improved

4. Digitharbor Digital Door Peephole Viewer

Digitharbor Digital Door Peephole Viewer

If you’re just looking at its specs and features, it’s easy to be impressed by Digitharbor’s Digital Door Peephole Viewer.

It will take pictures and videos once guests hit the doorbell. The display size is good at 3.5 inches and the image quality is similarly worthy of praise.

Scrolling through the videos and pictures captured by this device is also easy because of the well-designed user interface.

This device is not without its flaws though and one is related to the way it’s designed.

In order to trigger the image capturing features of this device, your guest will have to hit what’s known as the doorbell key. Here’s the problem: The doorbell key is situated just under the camera itself.

Because you have to put the camera in the spot typically occupied by the peephole to get the best view, that means guests will also have to hit the doorbell that’s located where the peephole usually is. Instinctively, people won’t think to look for the doorbell in that spot, and thus, the video and picture capture features may not be activated.

You will likely have to turn on the camera yourself and because it takes a few seconds to load up, your guest may have to wait a while for a response.

When that questionable design choice combines with the aforementioned performance issue, you will understand how ineffective this digital door viewer can be.


  • Pictures and videos will be taken once doorbell is rung
  • Display is easy to view
  • User interface is intuitive and can be easily navigated


  • Doorbell placement is not ideal
  • Camera does not activate right away

The Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Digital Door Viewer

Digital door viewers may all be designed to keep you and your family safe from any potential invaders, but the way they go about doing so can differ because of their included feature sets.

Even so, there are certain features that work to make a digital door viewer significantly more useful and helpful to you and your family and you need to keep them in mind while you are out looking for one to purchase.

Included below are some of the main factors you need to consider before you put money down on a new digital door viewer.

Image Quality

Put it this way, would it make sense to purchase a camera if it offered all kinds of great side features but actually took pretty bad pictures? The answer is no, and you need to remember that while you’re looking for a new digital door viewer.

You should be able to quickly tell if the person at your door is a stranger or someone you know within seconds of checking the video feed of your viewer. If it can’t do that, then you could possibly open your home up to someone you don’t know or keep an expected guest waiting for no good reason.

Plus, if something unfortunate does take place and you end up needing to refer to the pictures and videos taken by the door viewer, you have to be certain that the images you’ll be looking through will offer enough detail to be helpful.

If the digital door viewer can’t even manage that, then you will arguably be better off installing a traditional peephole.

Automatic Picture and Video Capture

You don’t want to manually activate your digital door viewer for every person who comes knocking on your door and that is why you should try to find one that automatically captures pictures and videos of your visitors.

Some digital door viewers are activated once someone rings a doorbell connected to it while others make use of information provided by sensors to determine if they should start taking pictures and/or videos.

I would prioritize the door viewers that make use of sensors to determine if they should be capturing pictures and videos, but even one that is doorbell-activated can work well for you.
What you do want to avoid is a digital door viewer that you will have to manually activate all the time.

Field of View

For security reasons, you obviously want your digital door viewer to see as much of the space in front of your door as possible. That is why it’s crucial for you to go out and get a viewer with a wide field of view.

Ideally, you’ll find something that offers a field of view closer to 170 degrees, but anything over 150 degrees should work fine.

User Interface

A conventional door viewer requires you to just look through it to get the information you need. A digital door viewer should not be that much more complicated to use compared to its conventional counterpart, or else a lot of its value will be diminished.

You don’t need much from your digital door viewer’s user interface. As long as it allows for easy, intuitive, and quick navigation, it will be a fine addition to your home.

It wouldn’t be ideal if the digital door viewer you just bought is actively making it harder for you to just see who is on the other side of the door.

Night Vision

A digital door viewer should be capable of keeping your home secure regardless of the time of day. In order to do that, it has to be equipped with night vision capabilities.

Thankfully, night vision capabilities are pretty standard on the digital door viewers available on the market.

Because of those night vision capabilities, you will be able to quickly tell if someone is up to something suspicious even in the dead hours of the night.

Battery Life

Because it is something that is supposed to protect you and your family, it wouldn’t be ideal for you to have your digital door viewer inactive during certain times of the day.

As much as possible, your door viewer should be running around the clock to ensure that you and your loved ones are always aware of who’s dropping by to pay a visit.

However, due to these digital door viewers typically being battery-powered, keeping them running 24/7 means they will run out of juice sooner rather than later. That also means that you may end up having to set aside a budget just for purchasing new batteries.

To avoid that issue and also save up on maintenance costs, try to find a digital door viewer that either comes with rechargeable batteries already included or is at least compatible with them. Given how long a digital door viewer will likely remain installed on your door, the savings you’ll enjoy from using rechargeable batteries will be substantial.


Over the course of its lifetime, a digital door viewer will take numerous pictures and videos. All those pictures and videos have to go somewhere and that’s where memory comes in.

What you need to look for here is a digital door viewer that is capable of supporting a sizable amount of external memory. You will be hard-pressed to find a digital door viewer that comes with internal memory included, so save yourself some time and just find one that can make use of microSD cards.

If the digital door viewer is compatible with 32GB microSD cards, then it will be a good fit for the average home.


When you’re busy doing something inside your home, you may develop tunnel vision and fail to notice that someone is actually waiting at your door. Your digital door viewer can help you avoid that potential problem by simply providing notifications.

Some digital door viewers can notify you by producing a sound loud enough for people inside the home to hear. Other digital door viewers may even go so far as to send alerts directly to one of your mobile devices.

I wouldn’t say that the ability to provide notifications is a must-have feature in a digital door viewer, but it is the kind of add-on you will be grateful to have once you are able to enjoy its benefits.


After getting the chance to experience having all four of the digital door viewers included in this article working for me, I have found that one stands out from the rest and that is none other than Fosa’s Digital Door Viewer.

You can make a case that the Ring’s Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell comes loaded with more impressive features than Fosa’s offering, but I just found myself inconvenienced too often by its issues. Because of that, I couldn’t select it as the door viewer I liked the most.

Fosa’s Digital Door Viewer may not have the same impressive feature set, but it is a solid performer that provides all the functions it advertises. I particularly love the fact that it automatically captures clear and detailed pictures and videos.

If you are still on the fence about which new security device you should get for your home, I can confidently say that you won’t regret purchasing the Digital Door Viewer from Fosa.

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