8 Best Corded Stick Vacuum Reviews And Top Picks

Best Corded Stick Vacuums

Are you the type of person who thinks every year that you're going to clean your house right but end up being tired and lazy?

Cleaning job can give you a hard time, and if you don't have the right tool to help you up, it's WAR!

We don't know if we can help you up with every part of your life, but as far as cleaning is concerned, this is where we can offer you help. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the amazing stick vacuums amongst which you may find the best corded stick vacuum just for you.

Remember, cleaning regularly will give you the benefits of exercising, and it can be therapeutic for some. A clean house is proven to be a better working environment and a place where your mind can rest easy. So, do pay close attention to the reviews coming forth.

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List of 8 Best Corded Stick Vacuums 2021

With tons of options out there, it is not easy to find just the perfect one for you. Do not break a sweat we have you covered. Below are listed 8 best rated corded stick vacuums that have taken the market by storm. Arranged for your utmost convenience, all you have to do is to read away.

So, let us dive in and give it a whirl, shall we?

1. BISSELL 81L2W Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Welcome to the land of corded stick vacuums where efficiency is the topmost priority. Speaking of which, the BISSELL corded stick vac is the first prodigy of this category.

With its amazing V-shaped head, it ensures to catch all the dust and crusts that are trying to getaway. The amazing suction capacity of this beast is astounding, while the corners of the v-shaped head try to catch the smaller dust particles.

This unique BISSELL stick vacuum is an expert when it comes to cleaning the hardwood surfaces. After all, the floor of the house is the most used and dirty surface of the house. So, undoubtedly, this will aid your needs.

You do not have to worry about reaching all the corners as this one has it taken care of. Also, the lightweight design makes the stick vacuum easy to move around.

So, if you decide to invite some friends over and build a fort for movie nights, make a mess without any hesitation because cleaning up would be as easy as pie with this outstanding stick vacuum.


  • V-shaped cleaning head
  • Strong suction
  • Reaches to the corners
  • Weighs about 7 pounds
  • Attractive design


  • Specific for the hard floor no multi function

2. Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Vacuum - Ultra-Light Review

With a whopping 8.5 inches of cleaning path, the Ultra-Light Vacuum from Shark Rocket is sure to take a long-lasting position in the list of the best corded stick vacuum cleaner.

It additionally comes with a car kit. So, now you can take care of your house as well as your car with this vacuum cleaner in your arsenal. The best part? All the controls are right at your fingertip. Talk about convenience!

The new Shark Rocket does not only clean the hard floor but your carpet too. It can easily vacuum out all the dust and hair that might be lingering around for quite a while.Besides, the stick vacuum is completely multi-functional. Meaning,you can reach for that ceiling to get it squeaky clean.

Quit wasting space trying to store a vacuum in the closet because you’re getting the option to mount this stick vacuum on the wall. So, you can save space for storing something. Now, that is convenience right there.

Since it’s easily movable, this stick vacuum will bring you joy while working with it. One of the best vacuums for the ultimate deep clean experience is right in front of you.


  • Super lightweight design
  • Can clean both floor and ceiling
  • Comes with a car kit
  • Has a width of 8.5 inches
  • Fingertip control
  • Multiple attachments available


  • The motor can be a bit problematic in the long run

3. Hoover Linx  Best Corded Stick Vacuum For Carpet

Next up on this race of the bests is the stick vacuum from Hoover Linx. With the eye-catching cyclonic technology, it will leave your home or office spotless and shiny. This futuristic-looking stick vac is a veteran because it reaches in the tough spaces without you having to move things out of the way.

From the floor to the carpet of your house, vacuuming with this will leave your space without a speck of dirt because of its powerful suction capacity.This type of vac tends to lose its suction capacity over time, but you can rest easy with this one.

Do not break a sweat if you have spilled some coffee or broken a jar, just pull out this prodigy, and your work will be done in minutes for you.

The special cleaning bristles desiccated for the edges are there to help you reach all the tough places. It removes dirt and lint or hair like they never existed in the first place.

This one here will allow you to suck out all the dusty and musty junk out of your home without breaking your back, thanks to its easy maneuverability.


  • Innovative cyclonic technology
  • 20-inch width
  • Powerful suction
  • Cleans both hard floors and carpet
  • Wind tunnel technology


  • The ceiling cannot be cleaned with this

4. Shark APEX DuoClean (ZS362) Stick Vacuum Review

Unlike a cement, marble, tiled, or mosaiced floor, it is not an easy job to maintain the carpet cleaner that easily traps dust, dirt, and even your cute pet's hair. You are always going to be in a constant battle between affordability and efficiency when it comes to choosing the right vacuum.

Don’t worry because now you can get yourself this top rated vacuum from Shark APEX.

Pulling tangled pet hairs and debris out of your carpet is a piece of cake for this vacuum because of its dual brush roll and LED lights. Wait! The surprise does not end here; you can say goodbye forever to cleaning those big vacuuming monsters because this one can clean itself. Now that’s a relief.

Thanks to its flexible steering, you can easily clean the toughest area of your house, and once you are finished, you can finally pamper yourself to a nice treat that is well deserved.


  • Amazing DuoClean technology
  • Self-cleaning at your service
  • Can be converted to a handheld vacuum
  • Lightweight, weighs about 10 lbs. to be exact
  • LED lights let you see better


  • Hard to get replacement parts

5. NEQUIRE Super Suction Corded Stick Vacuum Review

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient vacuum, then this is something you can heavily depend on, look nowhere else. Because the NEQUIRE is 2020’s most recent stick vacthat has got your back like no other.

No more waking up to the roaring sounds of vacuum; with this, you can sleep throughout the cleaning process like a baby. Thanks to its 17Kpa suction power, the operation is as quiet as the wind. This vacuum cares for the comfort of your loved ones.

The pre-installed LED lights will help you see clearly to swoop out even the smallest speck of dirt and can empty itself with just one click. Thank heavens for you don’t have to touch the dirty dustbin; this vacuum is a sight for your eyes, ears, and finally, your hands too.

Let’s talk some numbers. This beast can generate up to 79,000g of forces in order to get 99.97 percent of dust, even the ones that are as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Made with baby soft carbon fiber filaments, the cleaning brush goes to every corner and crevasses – making its way into the top vacuum cleaner list.


  • Takes out 99.97% of the dust
  • Multiple attachments
  • 500W power brush motor
  • Can be transformed into a handheld vacuum
  • 20 ft power cord
  • Disassemble and store with ease


  • The bin is comparably smaller
  • Batteries may wear out with time

6. MOOSOO Vac-Cleaner Corded Stick Vacuum

Whether you love cats or dogs, the truth is, you can't escape the trail of hairs from threatening the cleanliness of your house. Here is MOOSOO, one of the best ones, if not the stick vacuum that provides a deep clean for any type of floors.

The LED light it comes with allows you to locate all the hair leftovers, debris, or any kind of dust lying around. With a rotating head, the vacuum ideally fits even for cleaning places outside your home.

Now, the balancing act of cleaning while moving along your staircase can be a hassle. That is why the vacuum is so smart to come with 4 levels of filtration system cylinder, cyclone, liver, and sponge filter.

The benefits don’t stop here, though. There are flexible joints that can be easily adjusted for you to keep your stairs spic and span.

Super light with 19-31 inches adjustable tubes are present in the vacuum, so you can single-handedly clean your floor and ceiling while making your home sweet home more sweater and cleaner than ever.

The 270 degrees angle is so impressive that it may even spin some head around. Why work hard when you can work smart!


  • 500-watt motor providing 17kpa powerful suction
  • Promises to capture 99.99% dust
  • 23 feet power cord
  • The filtration system can be washed
  • LED lights installed for a better view


  • Rather small bin
  • Gets heated during cleaning

7. GeeMo Vacuum 17000PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you're like most homeowners, there are several choices you have to make. As a result, you might get overwhelmed with the number of brands you see. This is why before you go off and buy just any vacuum cleaner, take a look at this work of art from GeeMo.

Its strong 17Kpa suction swoops up bigger particles and debris from the floor like magic. With just one push of a button, you can make your house dust-free. You can easily remove the bin without getting your hands dirty. Hence, this vacuum not only takes care of your house but also of yourself.

The vacuum's dual buttons can be moved in both ways, and it doesn’t matter if you decide whether you want to clean hard floors or low pile carpets. All of these features will help you to have an enjoyable cleaning experience with every use.

This vacuum is very efficient and loved by anyone who is looking for the best rated vac.


  • 23 ft long cord to maneuver easily
  • Duo modes to operate both on floor and rugs
  • Very much flexible
  • HEPA filter is washable
  • Comes with an extension tube which is also adjustable
  • Weighs 6.16 pounds


  • Can be a bit on the noisy side

8. Dibea 18Kpa Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

At last, to the last dime! If you are not still quite convinced on the ones that are described above, it's okay! Because we are presenting you with a versatile cleaner, the charmer, the all-rounder Dibea corded stick vacuum. The features of this one will leave your living or office space clean in no time.

No matter what you want to clean, the brains of this machine are its 18Kpa powerful suction. This sucks in all the dust and debris within a short period of time.

The LED lights, on the other hand, do the magic to make that dirt, pet hair, and dust visible easily. For which, you won’t have a hard time locating them for a long time.

Also, the vacuum’s HEPA filtration system will make you fall in love with the device, as it reduces germs making sure you don’t get those allergic feels anymore. You can always trust this vacuum to be the cleaning pro and much more.


  • Boasts a 600-watt motor with 18 kPa of suction power
  • Height is adjustable
  • Spins around for convenience
  • Several layers of filtration
  • 1-liter garbage bag
  • 19.7 ft long cord


  • Motor gets heated

8. Shark HZ2002 Vertex Corded Ultralight

This corded electric hand vacuum from Sharp is suitable for carpet and hard floors alike. It offers strong suction and brings a trim design to the equation. It's compact and doesn't even weigh a total of three pounds.

It presents users with the sheer convenience of DuoClean PowerFins. It blends together a soft roller and a PowerFin roller. Its nonstop cleaning approach gives floors and carpet intense sanitization. This device can come in handy for users who want to do away with any and all remnants of hair, debris and dirt.

It features a brush roll that has the ability to clean itself effectively. This can be a game changer for people who want to get rid of hair from dogs and cats.

This tool had a tapered layout that can come in handy for the management of cramped corners. Since it's far from tall, it can get to areas below furniture pieces without issue.

The helpful LED user interface simplifies the process of adjusting cleaning modes. It even has designated Advanced Swivel Steering that can make controlling things well a lot simpler. It comes with a crevice tool and even a dusting brush for optimal ease.


  • Can pick up a significant amount of hair from pets
  • Can easily get below furniture pieces
  • Extremely light and easy to store
  • Switching cleaning modes is speedy and hassle-free
  • Has highly effective headlights


  • Does not stand independently
  • Consistent use can be tiring

How to Pick the Right Corded Stick Vacuum?

In a pool of choices, some things are worth looking over. Those characteristics are a must-have in a corded vacuum, which will make sure that the device you’ve chosen is an efficient one.

There are several decisions you need to make when you want to buy the best corded vacuum. To keep your house clean for a longer period of time, you need to get your hands on the perfect vacuum.

However, if you don’t know what things you should consider before buying the vacuum, you might end up getting your hands on the wrong product. To save yourself from the bummer, let's take a look at some of the features you need to see in order to pick out the best corded stick vacuum cleaner for you.

Powerful Motor

Your dream house will be dust-free when you have a powerful vacuum. If you buy the one containing between 500 to 600-watt motor, it can easily suck up any kind of dust, dirt, pet hair, and even the debris from low or high pile carpets.

Multi Functionality

It will not be an ideal situation if you have to use different vacuums for different needs. One for the floor, one for the carpet, one for the ceiling, because, why not? Sounds crazy, right! If you only looking specific vacuum for laminate floors then check it out. 

So, choose one that will offer you multi functionality so that at least you can use it both for your floors and carpet.

Cord Length

Let’s face it, Size Matters! The length of the vacuum cord should be the number one priority in your list when you are going for the hunt to get the perfectly corded vacuum cleaner. The best length that allows your vacuum to cover maximum circumference should be from 19.5 ft at minimum to 30ft long cord.

Yes, it is frustrating when you are running out of cord length while vacuuming, and you may even find yourself yanking out the cord out; then, pulling out your cell phone, and searching for the "longest proper corded vacuum cleaner" available near you.

Let us not forget that having to unplug the cord and move it countless of times will increase the cleaning time.


Just imagine that you have an immensely powerful vacuum, but you have to empty the dirt every 20 minutes. Sounds hectic, right?  However, you can take that problem away from your life forever if you choose the one with the most garbage holding capacity.

But hey, make sure it doesn’t get too much bulky that it makes it difficult for you to move it around.

So, hurry up! Whenever you are looking for your best vacuum, make sure the bag or canister has a ‘C’ mark on; it shows that it is likely to sweep out most of the dust.


Imagine you're cleaning your house, and all those noises are just getting into your nerves. You can't stand those buzzing sounds, can you?

Indeed, vacuum cleaners become very noisy to such extent that it becomes almost unbearable to use. But you’ll find cleaners that have special features that perform like it’s whispering across your entire house, and you can have that relaxing cleaning session.

The ideal vacuum should have a noise level between 61 to 70 dB. If you can have that, then you are good to go.

Health Concerns

Let’s face it, you want the stick vacuum to protect your house from germs, right? A  good corded vacuum can do its job when it has a HEPA or advanced filtration system installed.

The filter claims to trap about 99.97% to 99.99% of dust particles. As a result, you and your family stay protected 24/7 in this protective bubble.

Advantages of Having Corded Stick Vacuum

While you are stuck in the battle between corded or cordless, here is some food for thought.

Stronger Suction

At first, comes the point of stronger suction. A corded vacuum can provide you with stronger suction powers as they do not require to rely on a battery to provide you with the power.

They are directly connected to an outlet; thus, they have a suction power of 17kpa to 18kpa. And a good 500 to 600-watt electrical input will keep you in the game for longer.

No Batteries, No Charging

Batteries can be unreliable sometimes. Imagine a scenario that your boss is coming over for dinner. It's obvious that you want to be as presentable as possible. You pull out your cordless unit and see that you forgot to charge the battery, and your boss is on his/her way.

We will leave the rest of the situation to your imagination. Now, do you see the point? A corded stick vac will never betray you like this.

Now let us talk about runtime. With a cordless unit, you have to charge it to get a certain hour of runtime, but with a corded vac, plug it in and clean away. As long as you have electricity and the will to clean, you may proceed.

Allows You to Clean Hard-to-Reach Places

There are some stubborn spaces, corners, and crevasses in all of our houses that are so hard to reach. For that, even mount Everest may seem like an easier option. Jokes aside, you know which places we’re talking about. So, with the ultimate suction power of a corded stick vacuum, it is way easier to reach those places.

Moreover, the longer the cord, the easier it is. Thanks to the slim design of a cordless stick vac, life is much easier with it.

Bigger Dust Catching Capacity

When it comes to holding on to the dust, a corded vac will hold to it like a lover. They usually tend to have a bigger dust catching capacity that allows you to go on with your adventure to the spotless land. But a cordless vac tends to have a smaller design, so it gets full easily.

As a result, you might have to empty the dust bag with a cordless too often. Now that is annoying.


Last but not least, prices do matter. Of course, we all are willing to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. But why waste money when you can have a better cleaning experience with a corded vac. A corded stick vacuum is inexpensive, yet sure is a bargain at its price.

With all of the facts stated above about why you should go for a corded vacuum over a cordless,and the stick vacuum ones are just the cherry on top of a cake. Go corded, and of course, a stick corded vacuum. Trust me, you won't regret it. You have my words on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We figured you might still have some questions remaining. So, we prepared a list of possible questions and answered them too. Have a look.

Does Dyson make a corded stick vacuum?

It used to in the past. But now they have put down the veil on that market. Dyson is a well-known company for its vacuums and hair-styling products. Even if you don't own any vacuums, you know the brand’s name, and how expensive its products are.

According to their officials, they vowed on specializing the cordless vacuums and other products.

Are corded vacuums better than cordless?

This answer can get controversial. But to be very honest with you, it truly depends on your needs and circumstances. If you are a light user that only needs a vacuum session for light clean up, then you can go cordless.

But a corded vacuum is much more powerful than any cordless ones. And you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries any time sooner.

Are stick vacuums worth it?

They are very much worth it. Their sleek and slim design makes it very easy to maneuver the vacuum around the house. Also, because they are sticks, you can just attach an extra attachment to make it longer.

So, you don't have to lean down whenever you are cleaning and can give your back a break. Also, the extra pounds from other vacuums won’t do you any good rather bad.

Is Dyson better than Shark?

Again, it strictly depends on your expectations from the vacuum. While any Dyson one is maybe lighter than most shark vacuum, many Shark ones have the two in one feature that will both clean the floor and above which Dyson lacks.

Dyson VS Shark

Dysons can be expensive, while Shark provides you with quality at a price that is affordable to the majority. Plus, Dyson has left the battle when it comes to the corded ones. So, technically Shark may have this one in the bag.

Which stick vacuum has the best suction?

The one that has the most Kpa has the best suction. In this list of the 8 best ones in the market, you will find that most of them are very powerful when it comes to suction.

Pick any unit, and you will definitely land on a powerful one.

Are corded vacuums more powerful?

Yes. Corded vacuums are much more powerful than cordless ones. While plugged in, a corded vacuum can have more suction power, and that can result in faster work – covering a lot of space at a go.

Especially on the carpets, they can work wonders.

Can a stick vacuum replace a normal vacuum?

Stick vacuums, to be honest, are the wonders of science and present-day technology. Well yes, a traditional vacuum looks like the more powerful one, but the stick vacs are not to be looked down upon.

They give you the lightweight experience, easy moving over, and flexible angle exposure. So, in our opinion, they are soon to be replaced by stick vacs.

What is the best stick vacuum for carpet?

Carpets are a challenge poser when it comes to deep cleaning. Even specialized carpet cleaning services out there cannot remove 100 percent of the dirt. But there are some stick vacs who promise to suck out up to 99.99 percent of the dirt. A few of them are listed above, now please be a peach and go take a look.

Are stick vacuums good for pet hair?

Some of the stick vacs listed above are not only good but excellent when it comes to the matter of pet hair. When you have a pet, they can shed a lot. Especially the Siberian huskies or the majestic Persian cats both shed to the point that you can make a doll out of the fur.

Your fur babies are precious. But the astounding amount of hair can sometimes be annoying, and stick vacs can be your knight in shining armor to rescue you from all the hair.                                          

Wrapping Up!

Let us wrap it up here by stating why we have chosen the ones that we did. It is because we want you to have only the best cleaning experience, and these stick vacuum cleaners are easy candidates to be the prodigies of the category.

While it is a tough call to crown just one vac as the best corded stick vacuum of the market, instead, we have given you a buffet of options that are all equally deserving of the honor. We hope you meet your match from the ones that we picked out for you and make it a journey of a lifetime.

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