Best Cabinet Door Bumpers 2021 – The Noise Terminator

BAM! You take your eyes off the TV as you lose your focus over the sound. What’s going on? The sound came straight from your kitchen. It’s just your 7 years old kid getting his Nutella from the lower cabinet.

BAM! Again. What’s now? Your daughter just closed the door of the cabinet as she grabbed her cookie jar. The sound gets on your nerves once more as your wife just got her sugar pot.

No, you can’t take it anymore. Something needs to be done about these nerve-racking noises. You go to your kitchen looking for a way to do something about it, and your temper gets even hotter.

There’s a big crack on your cabinet door. ‘Am I having the worst day?’ you say to yourself. Well, this can go on every day, or you can stop this once and for all by getting the best cabinet door bumper.

With good-quality door bumpers, a.k.a bumper pads, you can slam the doors of your cabinet without making any sound that gets on your nerves. And those cracks? The pads will save your cabinet from all types of damage.

Impressed already? Well, I’ll guide you to the perfect bumper pads. Walk with me.

Quick Picks

  1. 1
    Editor's Choice: GorillaGrit Adhesive Pads
  2. 2
    Best Value: Scotch Bumpers 1/2-in
  3. 3
    Best Overall: Soft Touch 3/4" Square
  4. 4
    Best Quality: Ducki Door Stopper & Protector 
  5. 5
    Best Budget: BAIPOK Cabinet Bumpers

The 5 Best Cabinet Door Bumpers For 2021

Below are the door bumper pads that have been running super-hot in the marketplace right now. Check these products out and choose the one that suits you.

1. Furnimate Cabinet Bumpers Door Bumper Pads

While the typical cabinet bumpers don’t offer you much of good functionality, you can rely on Frunimate cabinet bumper pads.

I don’t know about your experience with the pads you have right now, but if they don’t reduce the noise as you slam the doors of your cabinet, they need to go.

These pads boast soft cushioning that turns all those hard slams into a soft push. With these pads on the edges of your cabinet, you don’t have to be ‘extra-careful’ to push the doors in.

As you slam the doors hard, the pads will guard the cabinet as a barrier in the middle so that the force does not directly hit the furniture itself. Did I say, ‘soft?’ Don’t mistake the softness for their strength. They’re made with super-strong silicon and survives all the beatings even if you slam your cabinet hard.

Typical bumper pads come with about 50 to 60 pads in one bag. You can’t expect them all to be functional, can you? Well, this one churns out 120 pads in one set.

The best part? Not just cabinets, you can use them under your keyboard as well as to prevent your door handle getting slammed against the wall and many more.


  • As you open or close the doors, the pads make it smooth
  • It reduces the sound until you can’t even hear it
  • Super-strong silicon material makes them durable to last longer
  • You’re getting 120 pads in one set


  • You can have a hard time peeling them off

2. MozoLand Clear Rubber Feet Cabinet Door Bumper Pads

So, you’ve gone through the review above, and you’re probably thinking it’s all fine. However, you want more pads in a set. If that’s the case, you should get your hands on the clear rubber feet bumper pads by MozoLand.

Nope, not just 100 or even close to it, the whole package hands you out an impressive amount of 300 pads. Yep, you’ve read it right. The best part? It has got all the size variations that are available in the market.

Besides, from now on, you can say goodbye to all those noises as you close the doors of your cabinet. MozoLand bumper pads minimize all those slam-hard noises like magic.

No, they’re not going to get smashed while guarding your furniture. These pads are durable and strong enough to withstand all the force your door can come with.

I know you don’t like those colorful pads that hide the color of your furniture; no one does. Wave off all the stress; nothing will hide the beauty of your furniture. These pads have water-droplet like color and transparent.

Behind your door, lamp, drawer, vases, you name it; the pads will blend in everything perfectly. If you want, you can also use it under the surfaces of glass, plastics, metal, and ceramics, thanks to the rubber sticky feet the pad comes with.


  • The pads come with an impressive amount of 300 pads in one pack
  • They minimize the sound as you slam the door
  • They’re see-through pads that blend in perfectly with your furniture
  • Not just cabinet doors, you can use them on the surfaces of glass, plastics, metal, and ceramics


  • Once peeled off, the pads may lose their gripping strength.

3. GorillaGrit Clear Adhesive Cabinet Door Pads

If taking care of those noise as you slam the doors of your cabinet is your prime concern, you can take a look at GorillaGrit clear adhesive bumper pads. Closing the doors of your cabinet won’t be a problem from now on. These pads provide the perfect cushioning to protect your furniture from getting damaged.

And those disturbing slamming noises? With these pads around, you can say goodbye to all these drag forever. Not just cabinet doors, though, the pads blend in perfectly with wardrobe drawers, glass tabletops, and even picture frames.

Besides, they’re self-adhesive, you don’t have to struggle to stick them up on your furniture. Just pat them on the area you want the pads to stick on and Voila! With their super-strong grips, the pads hold on to their places firmly.

Unfortunately, mainstream pads often create spots on furniture after you peel them off the surface. GorillaGrit is an exception in this case. If you peel these pads off even after a year, they won’t let a single spot sit on your furniture. As a result, your cabinets and doors maintain their riches 24/7.


  • These pads guard your cabinets from getting damaged
  • You can say goodbye to all those disturbing noises as these pads have got your back
  • The strong grips the pads come with allow them to hold on to their position tightly
  • As you peel the pads off, they don’t create any spot on the surface of your furniture


  • A bit on the expensive side

4. Furnimate Clear Cabinet Bumper Pads 100 Pieces

Love the cabinet bumper pads from Furnimate? Here’s another model you might want to have a look at.

Furnimate clear cabinet bumper pads 100 pieces, as the name hints, come with 100 pads in one bag. With an impressive 0.5” in diameter with 0.2” height, these cabinet bumper pads make sure your cabinet doors stay safe and sound even if you slam them hard.

When I said ‘slam them hard,’ I literally meant it. Go slam the door of your cabinet as hard as you want; it won’t cause any bang like it used to. The pads minimize the sound to such an extent that you can say goodbye to all those disturbing, slamming noise.

These pads are self-adhesive; meaning, you don’t have to glue them up on your cabinet, no. Just simply stick them on your cabinet, and that’s it, they’ll grip onto it for a long time.

That being said, typical pads have got one common problem. They don’t have a strong grip; as a result, after a few days, their glue starts to UN-GLUE. Then, you just find yourself running into the store and get yourself a new set of pads.

On the other hand, these cabinets come with very powerful grips. You might want to change their position by peeling them off the cabinet and glue them on something else. Surprisingly, you can do that as well, and the grips won’t lose their effect.


  • The pads have got standard height and length to meet your needs
  • Eliminates the loud noise as you close the door
  • Sticking them on your cabinet door is just a walk in the park
  • With powerful grips around, they’ll never get peeled off easily


  • You’re getting 100 pieces of bumper pads in one pack

5. Petutu Cabinet Door Bumper Pads

So wait, you loved all cabinet bumper pads I’ve talked about, but you’re still wondering if you can get more pads in one pack. I won’t let you down at all.

Petutu churns out the maximum number of pads you can ever get in a package at such an affordable price. I’m not talking about 100 pads, 200 or not even close to 300. You’re getting a mind-boggling amount of 400-pieces door bumper pads in one set.

Got your mind blown yet? Petutu offers you more. With 3 size variation S, M, and L; the package meets all your needs. The best part about these sizes that you get to taste the heights and lengths of all types of pads available in the market.

As you use them on your cabinet and slam the door hard, you’ll be like, ‘Hey wait, where are all those noises?’ The pads provide ultimate cushioning and reduce the sound like magic. So, slam the door no matter how hard you want, it won’t make any noise.

Besides, the pads back your furniture up with the protection it needs to withstand against all the beatings. Wears and tears, it doesn’t matter what you’re afraid of; these pads will guard your furniture like a pro all day long.


  • You’re getting 400 pieces of bumper pads in one package, now that’s huge
  • The pads have got three size variations, allowing you to taste all the size variations available in the market
  • Eliminates the sound like you don’t even hear it
  • These pads save your cabinet from getting wears and tears


  • These pads are a bit on the expensive section

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Things to Consider Before Buying Cabinet Door Bumper Pads

So, you want to buy the best cabinet door bumper pads, good for you. However, you might end up purchasing the wrong product if you don’t know what features you should look for while buying it.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, take a look at the features you should consider before getting cabinet door bumper pads.

Material Matters

The material defines the durability of your product. If you buy the pads that are not heavily made with better material, they won’t survive in the long run. I prefer going for the pads that are made of strong silicone or polyurethane. These pads are the most durable ones and survive all the slams for years.

4 Cabinet Door Bumper Pads

More Pads, More Work

Let’s face it; everyone wants to have more. Well, you’ll find a wide number of pads in one set while some will disappoint you as they come with few bumper pads in each pack.

Make sure the set you’re buying has at least 100 bumper pads. There are some door bumpers that have got about 30 to 60 pads in one set; I wouldn’t go for them if I were you.

Besides, with a lot of pads in your home, you can put them on your glass tabletops, under your keyboard, etc., as well.

Grips: The Stronger, the Better

If the pads do not have strong grips, they won’t stick on your cabinet for long. The grips have to be super strong, and the pads you’re buying should be self-adhesive.

Also, make sure these grips do not create any permanent spot on your furniture after you peel them off.

Being Colorful Isn’t Always Great

A lot of people love colorful bumper pads. Trust me, they not only just ruin the look of your décor but also hide the interior design of your furniture.

You’ll find pads that have water droplet like color. These pads are transparent and blend in perfectly with the color of your furniture. So even if you stick them on your cabinet, drawer, etc., you’ll hardly notice their presence.

Wrapping Up!

Well, that was pretty much it about the best cabinet door bumper. You’re just a few steps to go now for eliminating all those noises that give you all the bummer.

Are you having second thoughts? You’re not sure if you want to go for this ‘getting bumper pads’ thing right now. Let me ease you up.

Maybe you’re going to save a bit of cash if you don’t go for these products, but those noises will make your life a living hell. So, without further chit-chat with yourself, get these amazing pads right away.

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