The 8 Best Beach Chairs for 2021 [Updated]

best lounge chair for beach

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending time at the beach, except spending time in the best beach chair while you’re there. To get the most out of the time you have to spend at the beach, here are some reviews of the beach chairs we discovered in our search to find the best.

Be sure to check each chair out for yourself, because not all chairs are right for every person, as there is no true one-size-fits-all.

Quick Comparison:

Product Name





Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler  (Editors Choice)

Rio Gear 

8 lbs

240 lbs

Life is Good Beach Chair with 3 Storage (Editors Choice)

Life is Good

12 lbs

300 lbs

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports 

18 lbs 

300 lbs

Best Choice Zero Gravity Chairs

Best Choice Products

18 lbs

250 lbs

FDW Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs


16 lbs

250 lbs

Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports

22 lbs

330 lbs 

What Is a Beach Chair?

Beach chairs are designed to allow people a comfortable place to sit at a beach without having to deal with sand. The chairs are built for sitting and reclining back into a reclining position. 

Some brands allow beach goers to fully extend the chair to lay down in the sun instead of lying on a blanket on the sand for tanning purposes. The chairs sit lower to the ground allowing people to enjoy a more relaxed position while visiting popular beaches.

Our List of 6 Best Beach Chairs in 2021

1. Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler Review

The name really says it all here, folks. This is a nice chair and although it is kind of expensive, it's expensive for a good reason. This chair itself has five reclining positions and can support up to 240 pounds, while only weighing 8 pounds itself. In addition, the headrest is removable and adjustable to allow for better relaxation.

There are also not one, but two pouches on the back for storage; one for dry storage, and one that is insulated in order to function as a cooler. It comes in two bright colors and is easily able to be carried on one's back via adjustable, comfortable straps.

The material is sturdy and high-quality mesh, and the mesh is supported on rust-resistant aluminum tubing. In short, this chair is going to many last years regardless of what you throw at it. It is made for the beach, and it will last through several trips to the beach, drying quickly and resisting rust.

Although this chair has many joints that could be jammed by sand, this is overall a good, though expensive, chair. It is widely adjustable in order to appeal to a variety of bodies who might want to sit in the chair and it's easy to carry onto and off of the beach.

- Lightweight, but able to support up to 240 lbs
- Many compartments
- High-quality material that will last for years
- Many adjustable features, such as headrest, armrests and reclining position

- Limited design choices
- Joints that are susceptible to sand damage

2. Life is Good Beach Chair with Backpack Straps, Storage Pouch and Cup Holder Review

This chair is from the classic brand Life is Good. Although the notoriety of the brand name makes the chair very expensive, the various cute design choices make up for it, as well as the other great features.

It comes with an attachable cooler, for easy cleaning as well as easy storage and packing for cold food. It also can pack many more items in the two large cup holders and included an accessory bag that can be attached to the chair. The designs are variations on the classic Life is Good brand.

This chair is also aluminum, and it also has soft and adjustable straps to help the user carry it onto and off of the beach while the chair is folded. In addition, it has five positions to recline in, similarly to the Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair.

The most notable thing about this chair is the brand name. Life is Good is loved by many, and is the main attractor. This chair matches other beach items produced by the company, and although this doesn't factor into the function of the chair, it is the reason most people purchase this chair. So, if you love Life is Good, this chair is for you.

- Attachable cooler for the back of the chair
- 5 different degrees of reclining
- Cup holders, as well as an accessory pouch, for easy access
- Large seat for maximum user comfort

- Expensive due to brand name
- Relatively little chair adjustments possible

3. Caravan Sports Infinity Best Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Zero gravity chairs are very comfortable, as they hold the body in a position that distributes body weight as evenly as possible from head to toe. They help with back pain and are a great chair to nap or sleep in.

This chair reaches that zero gravity position perfectly, and it locks into position to hold you there when you’ve found that perfect spot. It comes with an adjustable headrest that can also be moved to the lower back, if you prefer, for lumbar support. This makes the chair even more beneficial for those suffering from back pain.

This chair is great for any event as well. Whether being used on the patio, taken to a barbeque, taking in a sporting event or that trip to the beach we’ve been craving, this chair is easy to take anywhere you want to go.

With the capacity to hold up to 300 pounds, this chair is sturdy and durable. The modern outdoor material that the seat is made from sheds water very well, and conforms well to any body shape.

 While the seat material feels very sturdy, the tubing for the frame seems a bit weak. Looking over the frame made it clear that it could be easily damaged, so making sure not to dent or bend the frame is important. Another thing we noticed is that the locking mechanism isn’t the strongest either. While it is a unique style of finger lock, the way it’s built into the chair made us worry about having it fail or break and no longer hold the seat locked into position, which would render the chair unusable.


  • Strong seat material
  • 300 pound capacity
  • Zero gravity style chair
  • Adjustable headrest can be used for lumbar support too


  • Weak frame tubing
  • Finger locks don’t seem durable

4. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Beach Chairs Review

Another entry in the zero gravity style of chair from best choice product, this package includes two chairs when shipped. The chairs are made from strong UV-resistant fabric that holds up well under stress and outdoor environments. The headrest is fully adjustable, and removable as the user sees fit.

The armrests can also have an included accessory tray snapped into place. The tray has a slot for magazines or tablets, a cup holder, and phone holder so that all of your devices are protected and within arms reach.

While the zero gravity style chair feels great, they are tough to use for tanning, as they don’t lay completely flat. The chair maintains its curved position as it’s locked into place, so turning over to rest on your belly is not possible.

The elastic cords that hold the seat material tight and in place allow for better form fitting, but they may wear out fast. Replacements are easy to order and install if they do become damaged.

 These chairs are work best on hard, flat surfaces. While they can certainly be taken to the beach, finding a sturdy surface to set the chair on may be a bit more difficult. Along with finding a good flat spot for the chair, it’s important to note that these are heavy chairs, so carrying them very far can be quite tiring and burdensome.


  • Durable fabric with UV protection
  • Accessory tray with spots for tablets, reading material, cell phones and cup holder
  • Zero gravity style chair
  • Fully adjustable and removable headrest


  • Heavy chairs are difficult to move
  • Elastic cords may need replaced

5. FDW Zero Gravity Beach Lounge Chair Review

This is another set of zero gravity chairs that comes as a pair when you order them. This set is a bit lighter than the other zero gravity chairs we’ve reviewed, which makes them a bit more portable, but they are still on the heavy side of folding chairs.

The frame and fabric quality of this set were also the best out of this style of chair that we reviewed. As with other models, the fabric is UV resistant, the headrest is fully adjustable and removable, and the chair locks into position while reclined to give you a stable resting position.

These chairs work great outdoors and indoors, having them in the living room as an extra chair or just a comfy position to rest your back is a great way to use them. If you prefer to not have them out, they fold easily to be stored or transported without any struggle.

They do have the same issues with rough terrain as other zero gravity models, as keeping the legs balanced and flat helps keep the chair in the right position while in use. They are also equally difficult to use for tanning, if that’s one of your intended reasons for purchasing a beach lounge chair, as they don’t recline to a flat position, and resting on your belly would be impossible. This is the best lightweight beach chair when it comes to compare with others models. 


  • Durable fabric and frame
  • Lighter than other zero gravity chairs
  • Great for indoors too
  • Fully adjustable and removable headrest


  • Not good on rough terrain
  • Not well suited for tanning

6. Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Beach Chair

By far the largest, and heaviest, chair that we reviewed, this zero gravity chair by Caravan Sports is definitely a nice change of pace. While I wouldn’t want to carry this chair very far to set it up, it does work great in the home, office or patio for relaxing in roomy comfort.

Featuring the same accessories and features as the standard size Caravan Sports zero gravity chair, this one adds to it more stability and a taller, wider frame to accommodate larger people. Made from UV resistant, waterproof fabric, the seat can stand up to the elements. The finger locking system built into the armrest makes setting the position of the back of the chair simple.

The headrest is fully adjustable, like the other models, and can be used for lumbar support in the same way. While the chair is a bit wider and taller than the other models, it still folds down to relatively the same size for storage or travel.

The one major issue that came up with this chair, is the way the recliner is built to put stress on the armrests when it’s locked. The plastic of the armrests is all that’s between you and being spilled backwards when it’s been reclined. I could easily see this plastic failing under too much stress, as it doesn’t appear to be that strong of a material.


  • Widest and tallest chair, holds up to 330 lbs
  • Made from durable, UV resistant fabric
  • Comfortable zero gravity chair
  • Water and oil proof


  • Heaviest chair we reviewed
  • Armrests appear to be a weak point, and they are critical for locking chair in position

7. Kozyard Cozy Aluminum- Best Lounge Chair for Pool and Beach

This chaise style lounge chair is perfect for travel and being set out on the beach to work on your tan. While the back of the chair doesn’t lay fully flat, it does provide an easy to lay out on the legs of the chair regardless.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, providing strength, rust resistance and sturdiness. The fabric is a water and oil proof material that wipes down easily and makes cleaning up any spills as simple as can be.

With the same type of fabric and flexibility as the zero gravity type chairs, the comfort level of this chaise lounge is very high. With the way the fabric conforms to the weight and shape of the occupant, the chair holds firmly and gives support to all the right places.

The frame is easy to fold and move, having the aluminum body makes it light enough to carry long distances without much strain. The frame is also rather short, which reduces the amount of material that can be stressed or damaged.

While the chair is a fine product, it doesn’t include any accessories, which isn’t really a downside of the chair, but if you’re looking for something with storage space, a cup holder or headrest, then this chair won’t provide those extras that you’re looking for. It is the best lounge chair for pool and beach.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Chaise lounge that works great for tanning
  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Water and oil proof


  • Back doesn’t lay flat
  • No accessories included

8. Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair for Beach and Outdoor 

This chair was designed with the beach in mind from top to bottom. Having the additional towel bar and Hawaiian style coloring with flowers makes it right at home on any sandy beach. The sturdy frame made of lightweight material makes it easy to carry this chair wherever you may need it, and ensures it will hold anyone up without trouble on any surface.

The chair has five positions for the back to adjust to, from upright until it lays completely flat. The chair also has its own dry storage pouch to bring along whatever you want from reading material to snacks, and makes it easy to grab your items without having to readjust the chair, no matter what position you have it locked in.

Along with the dry storage, there is also an insulated pouch so that you can keep food or beverage the optimal temperature the entire time you’re out relaxing. The armrests are also fitted with extra compartments for your cell phone and a cup holder to keep your hands free while you rest.

 When you’re ready to leave, or while you’re walking out to find your perfect spot, the chair has padded straps so that it can be worn like a backpack as you carry it. If hand carrying it is more your style, then the chair also has a molded rubber carrying handle as well.


  • Aluminum frame is very lightweight
  • Dry and insulated storage pouches
  • Backpack straps for easy carry
  • Cup holder and cell phone holder in armrests
  • Towel holder to dry or hang unused towels


  • Fabric is lower quality, not very durable
  • Seat and back are stiff and a bit uncomfortable

How to Choose the Best Beach Chair?

Having looked through some of the best options for beach chairs that are available right now, the next step is deciding which chair is best for you. How to choose that depends on your needs and what you plan to do with the chair. The best way to do that is to ask yourself some questions.

best beach lounge chair

How portable does the chair need to be? 

Think about where you will be taking the chair, as it’s unlikely you can just leave it on the beach and come back to it again later, unless you own your own beachfront property.

Consider how far you normally have to walk or carry items to your favorite spots. Depending on that distance will help you decide if you can handle a heavier chair, or if you need a lighter one.

How tall do you want to be sitting? 

If you look at chaise lounges, they sit rather low to the ground, while a regular folding chair may be taller but still a bit short for your tastes. The zero gravity chairs will sit you at the height of most standard home furniture. Taking that into consideration advises you of what you’re going to be most comfortable sitting on, and standing up from.

Is reclining a must? 

Many chairs don’t recline, or have adjustable backs, so it’s important to know what position you most like to be seated in. The most comfortable position for long periods of time is definitely the zero gravity position, but the other chairs are quite comfortable as well, but we certainly couldn’t stay in them as long as could with the zero gravity style reclining models.

Will you want to leave the chair outside? 

Storing the chair, keeping it setup in the house, or leaving it out to face the elements all factor into which chair to buy.

It’s not wise to leave the zero gravity chairs we reviewed outside, as the elastic cords that lace through the seat fabric will erode and break over time if left in harsher conditions.

 Sticking with a more solid fabric to frame design will allow it to handle being outside with less problems. The best way to be sure of how well it will hold up is to check the chair information online to see what is recommended for that particular chair.

How much sun do you want to get? 

Many trips to the beach are done with the intent to sunbath, so having a comfortable chair to relax in while getting that sun can be the big difference maker.

If you’re taking the chair out, but are sun averse, then you might consider looking into models that come with a canopy that provides its own shade wherever you go.

What extras do you want or are you willing to part with? 

When it comes to accessories for beach chairs, the only limit anymore is your imagination. Whether you like having cup holders, insulated cooler bags, extra storage space, room for your cell phone or other options then it can take some browsing to find exactly what you want.

Of course there are plenty of options with no accessories, for when all you need is a comfortable chair to have with you.

Do you need extra back support? 

Many outdoor chairs and beach chairs have minimal back support. If you suffer from back pain, they may aggravate it or be uncomfortable to sit on for very long.

Other chairs provide quite a bit of support, and people have actually recommended sleeping in them at night permanently as it assists with keeping the spine in a comfortable position.

How roomy do you want or need the chair to be? 

We are all built differently, and as such some people like a narrower, tighter fitting chair, while others need room to really stretch their legs and spread out.

For that reason there are narrow, standard and wide chairs available in just about every style. Finding the right fit in the style you like is important.

What materials do you most like or feel comfortable with? 

While most portable chairs are made from synthetic fabric materials and either aluminum or steel frames, there are lots of other options out there. If you aren’t looking for a portable chair, there are some outstanding wooden chairs available.

If you need lots of seating for an event then picking up a stack of non-folding plastic chairs might serve your purposes better. In the end, it depends on the use and where they need to go, but picking materials you like is just as much of a necessity as any other aspect of the chair.

Will you be sharing the chair with family and children? 

Sometimes we forget to think about who else might be using the chair as well. To be sure you have a product that works for the whole family that means knowing how well they will be able to manage using the chair.

Some of the reclining options may be difficult for a child to use, or the chair might be too heavy for older family members to move around. While you certainly might be making this purchase for only yourself, it’s still a good idea to ask yourself who else might be using it.

Best Way To wash Beach Chair Cushion

Using a few simple ingredients found around the house can easily clean beach chairs cushion. A spoon full of baking soda or borax mixed with a tablespoon of dish detergent in a gallon of warm water will make cleanup go quickly. 

Use a sponge or soft cloth to scrub away dirt and debris from the cushion and sides of the chair. A soft brush can be used for cushions with stubborn stains. Allow the soapy mixture some time to work. 

Several minutes should be sufficient to remove any spots from the cushions. Rinse the cushion and chairs with a garden hose to remove any soapy residue. Stand the cushions on their edges against a railing or other prop for them to air dry in the sun.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How Much Weight Will A Beach Chair Support?

Beach chair weight capacity will vary according to what type of product the money is invested in. Most chairs support weight capacities of around 300 lbs.

People have to take into consideration that beach chairs that can support more weight will also be heavier to carry. This type of lounge chair can be purchased in heavy-duty models that can support body weights up to 500 lbs.

According to manufacturers, a heavy-duty beach chair is listed at around 250 lbs. Consumers should note that higher weight capacity will cost more than average beach lounge chairs.

Do All Beach Chairs Come With Drink Holders?

Most beach chairs manufactured today do have built-in cup holders. Some models can be purchased without them but have drink holder attachments that consumers can purchase to add on to the chair.

Chairs from eras gone by that people might have collected as souvenirs from family or friends most likely have no drink holders built into the chair itself.

What Is A Zero Gravity Lounge Chair?

A zero gravity chair locks the occupant into certain positions. People use them for additional health benefits. Those who suffer from extreme swelling issues are great candidates for this type of chair. This type of chair helps those who suffer from circulation problems.

The chair can be inclined to allow people to elevate their legs above their hearts to increase the circulatory benefits. NASA invented the chairs to allow Astronauts to remain in a comfortable position during takeoff from the launch pad. These types of chairs are considerably expensive so consumers need to keep that in mind.

Final Verdict

After looking at the some of the best beach chairs, its difficult to select one as the clear leader. Each model offers something unique and helpful depending on the intended purpose of the chair. Each also has its own unique drawbacks.

That being said, for us, we chose the Zero Gravity as the best option to take to the beach. While it may not have any accessories, the style of chair feels best suited for laying in the sun on a beautiful day near the water.

Of course we made our selection based on our own personal desires and plans for the beach, which they certainly may not line up with yours. Taking the time to look at each chair, evaluating the prices, and determining what you love most by clicking through the options will certainly provide you with the clearest picture of what is best for you to add to your home.

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