10 Best Automatic Gate Opener Reviews in 2021

When you reach your home or property, it feels quite irritating to get off from the car, just to open the gate. Nothing is more awkward than getting into the car again just to drive those 10 feet inside and get off. Well, if you are really not interested in tossing yourself like this, consider getting the best automatic gate opener today. 

This is a smart device that lets the entrance open or close on its own. Triggered by a remote, keypad, or even sensor, the device is run with a motor inside it. It’s quite easy to set it up, in case you didn’t have any idea. 

In this piece, we have reviewed 10 auto gate openers just for you. Stay tuned, and find the one that suits you!

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Quick Picks by Gate type

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Gate Type


Mighty Mule MM260  Opener (Great Value)

Single, Dual Swing

CO-Z Automatic Opener   (Great For Sliding)


Ghost Controls TSS1XP (Editors Choice)

Single Swing

Liftmaster LA400PKGU (Premium Quality)

Dual Swing

Mighty Mule MM560

Single Swing

TOPENS Auto Sliding


List of 10 Best Automatic Gate Openers For 2021

If you were to browse the market on your own, you would be perplexed by the range of options available. Moving towards the right direction would become challenging, as well. We took our time to save you from this hassle. These are the most performing electric gate openers on the market that we thought you need to have a look!

1. Mighty Mule MM260 Automatic Gate Opener Review

On top of our list, we have the Mighty Mule MM260. This all-round performer comes with an exclusive dual sense technology that allows smooth and easy opening/closing sessions. 

Originally designed for dual swing entry, the device can work for almost all the types of openings we have today. For dual swing types, it supports up to 12 feet long entries that can weigh at best 300 pounds.

As for single gates, it suits easily with different types of it. This suitability includes chain link, tube, vinyl, panel, and wood, as well. That means there’s a solution for every single entry.

This machine can continually recharge its battery from an AC transformer, which comes as a default in it. Alternatively, you have the option to recharge the battery with a solar panel, as well. Choose between a 5-watt solar panel or a 10-watt one, whichever you feel matches your demand.

A remote runs the entire system. All you need to do is just click a remote button to open the gate, and another to close it. Never again step out of your car to open the entrance!

• It is designed with advanced dual sense technology
• Works on all types of gates – single or dual swing
• Suitable to all build-types – wood, vinyl, metal, etc
• Recharges the battery from an AC transformer or solar panel
• Remote-controlled opening and closing

• It doesn’t come with clamps to fasten the power cables to the batteries

2. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit Review

The CO-Z stainless steel gate opener is an unparalleled device when it comes to durability. Apart from that, it comes with a range of advanced features to steal the show.

This machine is typically designed to suit a range of entrance types. Generally speaking, it can be used on opening that has a maximum length of 40 feet and a maximum weight of 1400 pounds. Its range of operation covers almost all the regular sliding entry types we have these days.

Smooth opening and closing are all you can ask for from an advanced device like this. Well, it doesn’t disappoint at all. Powered by the 280W AC motor inside, the machine can open and close the gate at a speed of 43 feet per minute.

This comes with another brilliant convenience – low noise! While being opened and closed, the machine makes less than 56 dB noise that doesn’t even count, actually!

You can set an automatic closure system on the machine. It will make the entrance to close after being opened. You have the option to select the time from 12, 24, or 36 seconds for the gate to remain open.

• Durable stainless steel body
• It suits sliding types of  gates
• Remote can be used from 100 feet away
• Automatic closure option
• Noiseless opening and closing of the slides

•The instruction manual is not detailed

3. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener

Although Mighty Mule is the more dominant brand out there for swinging gates, this opener from Ghost Controls is another high-quality option. What we like most about it is that it works on a wider variety of gate sizes, ranging up to 20 feet, rather than 18 like the heavy duty model above. In fact, this motor is roughly the same size as the Mighty Mule, meaning that you can swap them out if necessary.

The other thing that we appreciate about this opener is that it comes with a 10-watt solar panel. This provides clean, reliable energy at all hours, ensuring that you can use your gate without any problems. Although it doesn’t come with a battery, you can install one so that it will also work at night (or when it’s overly cloudy during the day).

As with the other swing gate openers, this unit comes with everything you need for installation. Also, it has a detailed instruction manual so that you won’t get confused along the way. Finally, this particular opener comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the internal components. This feature sets it apart (and above) the competition in our book.

• Remote control included
• High-quality sensor inside
• 10-watt solar panel provided
• Works on all swing gates up to 20 feet
• All installation materials provided (except battery)

• Battery not included

4. Mighty Mule MM560 Best Gate Opener for Heavy Duty- Review

We’ve already seen what Mighty Mule can do for smaller swing gates, but if you have a larger model, then you need something with a lot more heft like the MM560. This is the “heavy-duty” opener offered by the company, which ensures that your gate will open and close no matter what size or material it is

For comparison purposes, this motor can work on single-leaf gates that are up to 18 feet long and 850 pounds. With those dimensions, you can attach it to almost any material, including heavy brass or iron gates, without any problems. If you have a double-leaf design, then you can simply double the order and get both of them working in no time.

As with the other Mighty Mule, you can connect a solar panel to this opener to provide more reliable power to it. However, since it’s meant for heavier gates, if you’re on the upper level of size and weight, we don’t recommend getting the panel. In that case, it will likely be a lot slower since it’s designed for smaller gate sizes.

Nonetheless, this opener still comes with everything you need to get installed. The battery and transformer are included, so you should be able to get it all connected and hooked up in a couple of hours.

To help extend the life of this opener, it comes with dual-sense technology, which means that you can get it open and closed without any problems. Also, it has a soft open/close setting that ensures that the gate doesn’t slam into place, which can damage the internal components.

Finally, as with all Mighty Mule products, you get an extended warranty. In this case, it’s up to 18 months of worry-free operation.

• Max weight is 850 pounds
• Works on gates up to 18 feet long
• Battery and transformer box included
• Dual sense technology for security and safety
• Soft open/close feature to extend the life of the gate

• Solar power option takes longer to open and close

5. TOPENS Automatic Sliding Electric Gate Opener - Review

Boasting on a copper made super durable and functional motor, TOPENS gate opener promises long-lasting service.

Its 350W half HP DC motor is a true power saver. The motor consumes the lowest power possible to save electricity and battery health. You can use the AC source to run the motor or switch to the solar panel option, as well.

Made with a simplistic design, the machine does support most of the portal types. Any entry from sliding, driveway gates, single or double leaf, etc., suits perfectly to this setup.
Again, if you are worried about the build-up, there’s nothing much to worry about. If your home has an entrance made from steel, vinyl, or wood, you can place this gadget in it with convenience.

But this comes with a catch. It will work only if the gate is at best 40 feet in length and weighs around 1600 pounds, max. Otherwise, you may need to look elsewhere.
You can set the auto-closure time for this one. Typically, it can be set to 30, 60, or 90 seconds after the opening. When set, the slides will automatically close down after the preferred time.

• It makes a very low noise
• Powerful 350W half HP DC motor consumes low power
• Suitable for maximum portal types
• Comes with adjustable auto-closing time
• Supports gate up to 1600 pounds of weight

• No battery holders in case you want to power it up by the solar panel

6. Mighty Mule MM360 Medium Duty Gate Operator

Upgraded from the first MM260 model, the Mighty Mule MM360 has more to offer! Equipped with its trademark advanced dual sense technology, the MM360 provides better security that meets the standards!

This machine can suit a range of single opening types to meet your demand. Any portal that is of 16 feet long and 550 pounds of weight can be easily synchronized with this machine.

The battery can recharge itself with the AC connection that comes by default. Alternatively, you get to choose to switch to solar panel power, too. 5-watt and 10-watt solar panels are two options you get to choose from.

A fully functional remote control device lets you navigate through a range of options. From opening the entrance to closing it down, setting an auto-closure option – you get all of these features right under the tap of a button.

Thinking of how to install it on your gate? Don’t worry. This package comes with a DVD with a detailed installation guide. Watch it and follow it to set it up step by step!

• It features an advanced dual sense technology
• Syncs with a range of single entry types
• Battery recharge supports solar panel power
• Detailed installation guide on DVD
• Controlled by a functioning wide-range remote controller

• It takes a bit of time to install

7. Liftmaster LA400PKGU Dual Swing Automatic Gate Opener

Up next, we have the Liftmaster LA400PKGU gate opener. This is truly a modern design that lives up to the expectation pretty well. 

It comes with a giant battery life that is more than astonishing. The battery promises a healthy 97-day battery back up that can go low on your power consumption. Plus, the battery can get recharged from the solar panel that comes with it.

For those of you who are worried about the giant entrance at your property, worry no more! This automated opener can suit portals that are 16 feet wide and about 900 pounds in weight. 

Its quick closing technique is a blessing indeed. The device closes down the doors of the gate as soon as the vehicle passes the required mark. As for the opening, it only takes about 17 seconds to wide open at a 90-degree angle.

Interestingly, the machine can be operated by the MyQ app. You can sync the device with the App and control your gate from anywhere. Command it to open, close, or whatever you want to do with it via the App.

• Durable and sturdy design and build-up
• Supports quick-closing techniques
• Opens up fully within 17 seconds
• Long-battery life for less power consumption
• Supported by mobile app for remote operation

• It does make a bit of sound while in use

8. USAutomatic 020320 Commercial Automatic Gate Opener

The USAutomatic Sentry 300 is packed with a lot of features that suffice for most of the households and farmhouses.

This machine can be installed onmost of the gates of our households and properties. It proves to be a versatile opener covering a wide length of 20 feet, at best. Plus, it supports the weight of up to 1000 pounds.

What makes it one of the top-performing devices is its faster opening and closing time. It takes only 16 seconds to open and close the wings.

Installing this device is more than easy. You need only an hour to set it up in a DIY fashion. Plus, it comes with a Sentry Plug-n-Go wiring that reduces the need for extra wiring. This makes the whole installing process a lot smoother.

Although you can operate the motor with an AC connection, it does support a solar power option, too. You can get continuous support for around 2 weeks if you choose to go with a solar power connection.

• Supports maximum gate types of regular use
• It suits openings with 20 feet length and 1000 pounds weight
• The package includes 2 remote controllers
• Simple and easy to install
• Quick opening and closing time of 16 seconds

• The actuators on some packages prove to be of poor quality

9. CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener Review 

Well, we have the CO-Z wireless opener on our list of the best automatic gate opener reviews. Its superior build quality and durable material played a huge role in dragging it to the top 10 list. 

It is made from premium stainless steel and ABS. Wondering what ABS does? Well, it makes sure that the machine is lightweight, and it protects itself from wind and water. So yes, even if this machine is going to be kept outside in different weather conditions, it is going to last.

The remote controller uses an RF hopping code technology that provides ultimate safety. It prevents the remote code from being hacked by someone from outside and restricts any unwanted access to it.

Nothing can be stuck in between the gateways if this machine is installed. It features an infrared sensor that can detect any obstacles. When detected an object in the infrared zone, the gate will reverse its position from opening and closing.

Even if the machine seems a simple one, it is packed with great possibilities. It can drag larger slides up to 43 feet long and 1800 pounds heavy. All of these excellent functions come with a very low noise level – only 56 dB!

• Materials built from ABS and stainless steel
• Wind and waterproof set up
• RF hopping code technology for better security
• It can fit gates that are at best 43 feet long
• Infrared detection and reverse system

• It doesn’t come with a good battery backup

10. Mighty Mule MMDIA30D Diamond Series Automatic Opener

Our final stop is with yet another Mighty Mule Opener. As you can guess, this brand is one of the better-known and respected out there, so if you’re looking for a high-quality opener, this is the way to go.

Unlike the other units we’ve seen so far, the Diamond series is designed for double-leaf swing gates. As such, the motor and battery can be connected to both sides simultaneously, making installation and setup much more straightforward. Rather than using two individual units, you can buy this one and hook them up together.

As with other Mighty Mule openers, these are rated for most gate materials. The max length (for both) is 16 feet, and the max weight is 550 pounds. Thus, if your gate is much larger than that, you will have to go with two individual models instead.

Other features that we like about this opener set is the fact that they are compatible with solar panels, they have dual-sense technology for automatic opening, and they are faster than most other units out there. Also, you get a full two years of warranty service, which makes them even more reliable.

• Dual-sided gate opener
• Works on gates up to 16 feet long
• Max weight of 550 pounds
• Dual-sense technology
• Battery and control box included

• Total length and weight requirements for both sides (not individual)
• In rare cases, some installation pieces may be missing

Choosing the Right Automatic Gate Opener

So now that we have gone through the top 10 products of the market based on gate opening type like driveway, single, double leaf or sliding gate opener, it’s time you chose yours! But before you make a move, let us give you some insights on what to look for in a gate opener before you claim one for yourself.

Material Quality

This device is going to be placed outside your home, near the opening of your property. It says a lot about the challenge it is going to face. Rain, snow, heavy heat – all are potential threats to the machine that you should think about.

To keep the machine safe, all you need to do is just make sure that the build quality of the product is up to the mark. Never compromise with low-quality plastic made products with high-quality ones.

Stainless steel, aluminum base materials are great bets in these cases. And don’t forget to check the accessories parts like mounting hardware, brackets, etc., as well.

Easy to Set Up 

Well, for most of the cases, it will be you who needs to be pulling the set up together. So if you are going for a product that is far more complicated than you can handle, just don’t buy it. 

Opt for devices that are simple to install and come with adequate installation guidelines. Many machines do have a video embedded DVD with the packaging. You can try your luck.

Easy to Operate 

If setting up an automatic gate opener doesn’t reduce your physical work, then it defeats the whole purpose of its existence. You have to go for the device that can be easily operated either by a controller device or a sensor.

Many products support remote access from a pretty good distance. Some even can be commanded from as far as 100 feet away. Plus, the controller features minimalist buttons to eliminate complicity.

Length and Weight of The Gate

Before you are trying your luck on a product, take a good measure of your gate beforehand. Measure the length of the sliding doors and the overall weight of the opening.
Most of the products in the market don’t support slides that have more than 30 feet of length. On the other hand, the heavier your entry, the lesser is the chance to find a suitable opener for it.

So take the accurate measurement and see if it fits the device you are trying to get.

Power Back Up

Gate openers vary based on the power consumption methods. The most common types are powered by AC transmission. For this to work, you need to have an Alternating Current supply near to the opening. 

On the other hand, some machines have provisions from solar panels. These devices get adequate electric support from the power produced by the solar panel on it.

You need to decide which type of power source you are trying to use. Based on your availability and setup capacity, you need to alter your decision, if needed.

Obstacle Detection

The best automatic gate opener comes with an obstacle detection system. This prevents the slides from harming any human or animal. The detection system can identify an object if it comes within its range. 

Thus the slides go back to the previous positions. This way, it is ensured that no harm is caused to anything that comes inside the opening range.

Columns of the Gate

Usually, the automatic gate opening gadgets are placed on the columns. If the columns are not strong and sturdy, you will feel almost no benefit from the entire setup. So make sure you have a couple of sturdy columns on the sides of the entrance to get the best result. 

How to Install an Automatic Gate Opener?

Installing an automatic gate opener can be easier than you thought. Here’s a quick step by step guide to making it happen.

Installing an Automatic Gate Opener

Step 1: Before You Start

Make sure the entrance is as ready as possible. Remove any attached wheel from the gate if there any. Repair the wear and tear on it, if any. 

Step 2: Position the Machine

Do not set the device on the outer side of the entry. It will be accessible by outsiders, then. Place it near the center line of it. 

Step 3: Set the Post Bracket Assembly

Assemble the post bracket and attach it to the rear mount of the device. Connect the gate bracket to the front side of the opener.Adjust the bracket and the post bracket assembly. 

Step 4: Mounting the Opener Arm

Attach the opener arm to the assembly and the bracket of the gate. Make sure the arm is level. 

Step 5: Set Up a Closed Position Stop Plate

This will stabilize the entrance when it is in a closed mode. Now separate the opener from the gate. Set the entry in a close position. Join the stopping plate to the rear of the portal at a horizontal position. 

Drag the stop plate towards the slides unless these two meet each other.

Step 6: Electric Connection

Run the battery wires through the control box strain relief. Next, join the black and red wires. 

Similarly, run the power cable through the strain relief slot. Connect the cables together.
Now connect the batteries to either an AC source or a solar panel.

Step 7: You Are Done

Now set the close position limit of the gate, set the automatic closure time, and other personalization if you like. 

Check out If you still looking video installation guide. 

Advantages of Having an Automatic Gate

To be quite frank, there are a lot of benefits of having an automatic gate for your property. Here are some quick fact checks. 

Reduced Physical Work

The first and foremost thing that an auto opener does is it relieves you from the stress of getting out of the car every time you need to open or close the gate. It lets you sit in your vehicle while enjoying the automatic movement of the slides. 


On top of that, an auto gate won’t be opened by a physical force. That means, if you don’t trigger the remote controller, the slides will not open up. This makes it pretty hard for burglars and thieves to break into your house. 


This is almost undervalued. The elegance an Auto slide opener adds to your property’s look is beyond description. Nothing is more aesthetic than watching the sliders of the gate slide away to welcome you inside and slide back again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is an automatic gate opener?

Usually, an automated gate opener can cost from USD 500 to USD 1500. But that’s not the only cost that you incur when you are buying one. You need to add the setup cost as well. So it depends on the model you are purchasing and the condition of your existing entry.

2. Do driveway gates add value?

A well-designed and maintained driveway entrance not only adds to the beauty of your property, but it also increases the value of your home. If you were to sell your house with a newly placed driveway gate, it would significantly boost up the value of it. 

3. What is the best solar powered gate opener?

Although there are numerous products out there that claim to be one of the best auto openers, you need to look for the specs to be sure. As per our observation, all the 10 products that we have reviewed deserve to be named as the best one. 

4. How do automatic gate sensors work?

The gate sensors typically work with infrared; the infrared beam detects a movement in the area of the entrance. Immediately after detecting an object or movement, the sensor makes the slides to open or close. 

5. How much does it cost to install an automatic gate opener?

If you are trying to set a machine on your own, you may cost almost nothing. But if you are hiring a professional for the said job, costing around 500 to 1000 USD a good possibility. 

6. What are good automatic gate opener brands?

Brands like Mightly Mule, CO-Z, TOPENS, Liftmaste, USAutomatic are some of the names that you can find prominent in this field. 

7. Can I open my electric gate with my phone?

Some modern and advanced opening machines come with a phone-integration method. This way, you can control the entrance with the help of your phone. But this may need the intervention of a third-party application on your phone. 

Final Words

When we were to review the best automatic gate opener in the market, it was a bit challenging. As most of the products do seem to be quite similar, it was a hectic task to pull the best options apart. 

We took a number of features as yardsticks to compare the products. Security, ease of installation, power consumption, and of course, the price – these were some of the deciding factors we counted.

If you are short of time and need a quick purchase, we would suggest going for the Mighty Mule MM260 for its dual sense technology and easy maintenance features.

Try exploring our buying guide if you have time to spare. Have a great day! 

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