Electrostatic Spray Painting

What on Earth is… Electrostatic Spray Painting? Quick Overview

While searching for the best paint treatment for your home, you might have heard of electrostatic spray painting. In this quick overview, we explain what is it and whether it’s a good option for you.

Electrostatic Spray Painting is a more futuristic means of painting that is becoming more popular as the years go on. It helps people get a very professional finish without having to put in too much work.

By using this method of painting, there is a lot of added benefits that can be enjoyed, such as getting the job done faster. It also does not require as many people for a professional job to be completed, which can save money on hiring people.

If you are already working in commercial painting or thinking of becoming a commercial painter, electrostatic painting is definitely something that should be on your radar.

As the name implies, this painting method uses electrostatic to make sure the paint sticks to the desired objects a lot easier. It also will help to prevent anything else from getting painted, but this is not always guaranteed. This great article from Ghaster Painting Inc. goes into detail about the science of electrostatic painting, and how it works. They explain the general principle as being similar to a battery, with the surface having a negative charge and the paint having a positive charge, which are thereby attracted to each other. Pretty neat, huh?

Now, there are some negatives that come with using this method, but the advantages outweigh them.

Electrostatic Spray Painting

Advantages of Electrostatic Spray Painting

Electrostatic Spray Painting Dries Fast

When a business has to repaint any part of its business, it can be a problem as it is time-consuming. One of the main things that make it time-consuming is the time it takes for the paint to dry. This method cuts down that time though, and it is usually completely dry the next day. The method uses electrostatic to make the paint stick to the items a lot easier.

A lot of people have trouble getting paint to cling to metal surfaces, but that is the reason this method was invented in the first place. As long as the surface is sanded down, the paint will cling to it easily. It helps it to dry as there is not a thick layer of paint.

Overspray is Minimum

One of the best things about this method for painting is that it really limits the amount of overspray, which can be very harmful. Not only can overspray cause things to be painted that does not need to be painted, but it releases a lot of toxins into the air.

The paint that is released from the spray gun during this method has a transfer rate of 98%, which means there is a lot less that will be just released into the air. The chemicals that are released into their air while spray painting is called volatile organic compounds, and they can cause health issues to anyone who breathes them in. While this produces less, that does not mean caution is not needed when spraying.

Finish Looks Factory-Like

When it comes to painting anything that is metal, it can be hard to get the right kind of finish that is wanted. The metal should look clean, crisp, and smooth after the painting process, but this can be very hard to accomplish. There have been many attempts to create a painting method that gets this finish, and the only one that does it properly is using electrostatic.

This method accomplishes this by making it where the paint particles will cling to the surface of the item a lot better than it will otherwise. One of the ways this is accomplished is through sanding down the surface first to help with creating the static that is needed for the paint to stick to it easily.

Electrostatic Spray Painting is More Durable

If the right process is used as well as the right products, then the paint that is applied will last a lot longer. By this, it means that the product will be able to withstand a lot more abuse from the elements as well as people. The wear and tear that an object is put through tend to be higher than what people expected.

Even a simple metal beam in a building takes a lot of abuse from the particles in the air and the sunlight it is exposed to during the day. The way this method is so successful is that there is usually a two-component epoxy used that makes it a lot more durable, being able to withstand scratches and other harsh abuse.

Lower Costs in Long Run

With how durable the paint finish is when this method is used, the costs, in the long run, will be a lot lower. This is because the item does not need a fresh paint job as often as it would through a different painting method. It also takes a lot less manpower to get the job done, which means a lot fewer people are needed to get everything painted. 

It is also a faster process, which means the workers can get the job done a whole lot faster. With all of these items add up, a person or business could save a whole lot of money when it comes to taking care of their items, especially their items that are made out of metal substances.

Easy to Use

A painting job, whether a person does it themselves or hires someone to do it for them, is a very quick process. It does not take a lot to get the paint solution ready, and it is easy to use the spray gun. As for getting everything prepared for painting, it is an easy process of covering items not being covered and giving the surface sanding to make it a surface the paint will cling to easier. 

The paint that is used during this method is one that means the items do not need to be stripped and primed as the prime is in the paint and will easily cover the existing paint. It releases less into the air, preventing other things from being hit.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, just a quick overview of electrostatic painting, as promised!

While a lot of people prefer to use the method of painting with a brush or roller, more people are moving into using a spray gun. Even still, a regular spray gun is quite different from the principles underlying electrostatic spray painting. Electrostatic spray painting is probably not something you will DIY, not in the near future anyway… but who knows, maybe someday you will. It is good to know about these different painting styles anyway, so if you ever decide to contract out your work, you know the options available to you.

Now, for something more back down to Earth, how about learning about the best spray guns for beginners? Check them out in this buying guide!


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